Seminar organized by Xining public security organs for emancipating the mind

7 on 29 May, the city’s public security organs held a seminar on emancipating the minds of seminars, continue to emancipate the mind, accelerate scientific development, in-depth discussion. Xining Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Public Security Bureau Lv Benqian mobilization speech.

Lv Benqian pointed out that we should improve our understanding, unify our thinking, deeply understand the great significance of emancipating the mind, and enhance the awareness and initiative of doing a good job in the discussion. Emancipating the mind is a practical measure to improve the ability of the public security organs to serve the city’s economic and social development.

Lv Benqian stressed the need to closely linked to the theme, highlighting the importance of careful planning of emancipating the mind to discuss the activities of specific initiatives to effectively enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the discussion activities. According to the reality of our city public security work, we must base on learning and thinking, and strive to break through in the liberation of thought; based on continuous improvement, and strive to break through in the rectification of the problem; based on the investigation and research, and strive to breakthrough in reform and innovation. Be sure to focus on local economic growth, the development in the service, let the party and the government felt the public security organs new measures to serve the local economic and social development; the focus of attention of ordinary people, the police in a harmonious relationship, to make people feel close to the public security organs and the breakthrough in the convenience of the people the police; around difficulties concern, in all the police involved in the transfer, let the police feel the new ideas in the construction of the team.

Lv Benqian requirements, to strengthen leadership, responsibility, grasp every link of emancipating the mind big discussion activities strictly, and to discuss the activities carried out full of sound and colour. The city’s public security organs at all levels should take the important schedule to discuss the activities before, give full play to the leading role in discussion activities, grasp the correct direction to discuss the activities of the firm, and always adhere to the distinction between different levels, different principles, actively create a good atmosphere to discuss the activities of the.


Xining City, industry and commerce, the Ministry of Health jointly check the dyed medlar

June 12th, according to reports from the Xining wolfberry dyeing, wells Xiang, the business of law enforcement officers who will work in the city health authority to jointly sell well lane market area dry cargo medlar sampling.

in the inspection, law enforcement officers found some stalls sell medlar not only the price difference, color difference. The reporter casually in the goods area within the grasp of two different colors of medlar on chewing in the mouth, found the color of dark hair and no sweet taste not only wolfberry decolorization, reddish color and sour taste wolfberry red and yellow decoloration reflect. Health supervision staff of various quality levels of the market for the sale of Chinese wolfberry were carried out sampling and registration, sampling results will be within 7 days to inform the business households, the dyeing wolfberry operating households will be punished. (author: convective cloud)


Qingming Festival, how to look at the road map

In April 4th, the city traffic police detachment released a special map to the public figure, a red punctuation, that Tomb-sweeping Day during the city road traffic easy road congestion, to remind the public in advance selected route, this is the city traffic police detachment for the first time in the Baidu map making travel route map to remind the public.

Urban areas to carry out a large tourism environment inspection

Xining tourist season is coming, starting in mid April, the city of Xining city tourism environment inspection activities kicked off.

inspection, inspection staff of the Wenfeng monument area and Kekexili industrial tourism toilets, licensing and related signage for A-level scenic area distribution, the use of statistics to carry out the investigation on the area of scenic spots and tourist attractions tourist road signs. As of now, has set up a road for the Nanshan Park 3A level scenic spots, Lilac Garden, Shanshan hall and other tourist attractions signs 11, scenic guide sign 65, tourism commodity business guide signs 4, other signs 2. Next, the city will increase the intensity of tourism infrastructure construction, tourism services to enhance the ability to receive. (author: Wu Yachun)

Retailers don’t talk about customers

shop can do this business will say, not to mention or chat with people, many shopkeepers do not pay attention to customers will chat when chatting to other customers. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that retailers do not talk to other customers in the customer, or they will leave a very bad impression on the customer, thereby affecting the store business.

that day, because our supermarket salt shortage, so I went to a supermarket near the pour point, I went to the door. Hear a customer seems to be very angry appearance, his mouth said to himself: "this is what the boss ah, how can we talk about how the customer? Later on his home to buy goods!" Those who said no, the listener interested. After entered the supermarket, just talking about the boss. I see, is open to talking. He said: "there is a customer pick for a long time, his vegetables upside down, finally did not buy……" I had time to listen to him, and after a few bags of salt, I left.


returned to the supermarket, in what he said, I am filled with a thousand regrets. In fact, the customer what he said, I have encountered, but nonetheless, as the boss cannot when other customers face grumble people ah. These customers are not thinking about how to understand the boss, but how can your boss? You are now said to pay attention to others, and so on their own, you will not pay attention to their own? Therefore, the customer’s mood has been affected. Will you come to his house later?

in fact, when we talk about other people are very normal thing, whether it is daily life, or in the shop operation, which can be used as a chat content. Think of yourself, there have been such a time before, but what is the point? In addition to grumble, but also how? However, after listening to the customer, will be a twenty hundred, to the end of their business. So, to remind you, do not pay attention to another customer in a customer!

Since mid April rainfall in the Yellow River on tour to poor water

The reporter learned from the provincial meteorological observatory professional meteorological service center to understand, since mid April, the upper reaches of the Yellow River large areas of rainfall, causing Tang Naihai to enter the state of low water hydrological station, which has certain effect on the Yellow River river reservoir and downstream power plant.

since mid April, the upper reaches of the Yellow River Tangnaihai station average water into the dry state, in mid April average to 280 cubic metres of water per second, compared with the same period of history less than 19.5%; in late April average consumption of 283 cubic meters per second, compared with the same period of history less than 32.9%; in May, the average Tang Naihai the water is still low, average monthly inflow of 339 cubic meters per second, compared with the same period of history is 39.2% less. It is understood from our province hydropower sector, since mid April due to continued low water in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, which has certain effect on Longyangxia reservoir water and the downstream power plant.

Qinghai Armed Police Corps Command announced the meeting held Lu mitsunaga Ren Qinghai Armed Police

7 on the morning of 31 July, the Armed Police Corps of Qinghai held a grand meeting of the order announced. Kong Cheng, Minister of the Ministry of public security of the armed forces, announced that the State Council and the Central Military Commission appointed the political department director of Hunan Armed Police Corps,, as the political commissar of the Armed Police Corps of Qinghai. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Wang Xiaoyong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Qinghai Armed Police Corps commander Yang Xiongai chaired, Lu mitsunaga speak.

hole sincerely hope that the Qinghai Armed Police Corps to fully understand the situation facing the task of the President Xi series of important speech as a guide, to further promote the reform of the army political army military law, focused mission, focus on innovation and development, continue to lay a solid foundation, efforts to promote comprehensive military construction to improve the development of strong, faithfully fulfill their mission responsibilities.

Wang Xiaoyong fully affirmed the Qinghai Armed Police Corps in Qinghai to maintain social stability, to achieve leapfrog development in Qinghai have made outstanding contributions and pointed out that the Qinghai Armed Police Corps as an important force in maintaining social stability in Qinghai, in Qinghai to promote the rapid development of heavy responsibility and long period of stability, glorious mission. The new leadership should conscientiously implement the democratic centralism, and effectively put the team of the Party committee team to build a strong core of the overall construction and completion of the task force. To unite and lead the soldiers with high morale and confidence, a new spirit, solid work style, first-class performance, with excellent results of military construction to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the Central Military Commission, the provincial government and the people of all ethnic groups submitted a satisfactory answer.


Xining City West District will arrange 3 million yuan special fund

September 17th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of the West District of Xining City, this year, the west district will establish a stable funding mechanism to help arrange a special fund of not less than 3 million yuan each year. Help and support college students entrepreneurs, to solve the problem of funding for the initial venture. (author: Wu Yachun)

The necessary survival path for start-up companies

now, start-up companies are no longer a minority, then, as a start-up company should be how to survive? Insiders said, first of all, should not hesitate to stifle creativity, and then should recruit some crazy employees, but also to ignore competitors.

except those remaining creative. This is a cruel process, but also exciting. As long as an idea can persist and survive in the most difficult tests, the results will be fantastic.

Xining Writers Association

April 19th, the Fifth Congress of the Xining writers association. Wang Shengjing, chairman of the Qinghai Writers Association, Xining Federation of literary and art circles, such as chairman, was invited to attend the meeting. The meeting examined and adopted the fourth session of the Xining Writers Association report on the work of the Council, Congress voted and elected a new session of the Council and the presidency, Dong Dehong was elected the new president of the association.

in the past 5 years, the Xining Writers Association has a membership of 125, the team has expanded over the past. In the prosperity of creation reflects a pragmatic, "three close" style, the creation of a group to reflect the Hehuang area characteristics of literary works. Membership: Changyue fruitful creative song published "a man of Qinghai" "the previous song" "wild west", selected works of "Chinese 2008 (2010, 2012) annual prose poem" twenty-first Century "China independent poet poems" ten poems, his poetry attracted the attention of domestic poetry review Dong Dehong; published collection of essays, "walking in the Heyuan River" "Heyuan River" picked up; Wang Wenzhong published "the traces of the years" "remote village"; Chen Yuankui published the novel "Minsheng Street", another novel "flowers resentment" forthcoming; Jia Wenqing published the novel "Zhang Zhen" in the silver hairpins; "he published a Book of poetry how small", and won the 2012 Qinghai Youth Literature Award; published "shallow blue fragrance" fragrance "in memory"; Xining City Writers Association actively planning, organization, carry out major folk songs Theme creation, completed the "summer getaway" editing and publishing work. (author: Zhang Yan)