Everyone says, who can be smarter in doing business

This is the first time

KrLass third class share content arrangement, this lesson is to share China Science and technology director Yang Fan, worked at sina (responsible for content class operation), Baidu (responsible for PC end search optimization, product operation) and Lenovo (for online operation).

first of all, the common way of operation can be divided into 3 categories, content operations, product operations and user operations, the number of segments of the three increased in turn. This sharing focuses on the details of content operations, as well as some key points for product operations and user operations.

The content of

operation in the three persons in the most basic, mainly related to the following three points: external platform content: social media, from the media platform, Baidu Post Bar: the contents of this website need high cost (station, CMS) starting media reports: how to attract media reports with self content


companies in the initial stage, usually with a APP or a WeChat subscription number started, based on the construction cost consumption, the use of social media to increase the influence is relatively low cost way. Ordinary companies often have the following problem when considering social media operations:


need special human input,

?Some companies think that

operation micro-blog, WeChat is a product manager just can do. But Yang Fan believes that doing so will not only distract the product manager, but also make it difficult to guarantee the effectiveness of the product.


need to invest money,


sometimes, social media may cost more than other forms of publicity.

How does

see the importance of operations in the company?

from the company began pushing product that day, it should not be regarded as just the marketing department, but a whole company to do together.

Is it necessary for

executives to participate,


for example is millet, Lei Jun millet from the company hasn’t established began in micro-blog’s influence to the later construction, millet found in cooperation with sina micro-blog with this platform, which is further detailed content. The influence of top or key people in the social media can also play a big role in attracting media coverage of the company itself.

is followed by targeted business advice for different social media platforms.

micro-blog platform, keywords: Fan number, VS, interactive amount,

micro-blog exposure costs less than WeChat, and easy to operate, but many people for micro-blog’s key indicators there is a big misunderstanding. The pursuit of fans, for start-up companies, the significance is very limited, whether there is a real user interaction is the most important. The best trick is to look at the content of the industry in Sina hot search list, and pick them out to see, two weeks later will feel some.


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Vertical class B2C electronic business platform, product operations, how to plan activities, promoti

Each of the

vertical B2C electronic business platform products operating activities or operators are faced with annual or monthly promotional activities of special planning, first of all, we should always goal oriented planning activities, the specific direction:

one, the purpose of activities

1, order conversion

business platform profit model is the order flow into, access to post profits through the sale of goods, import electricity providers also need to be responsible for the supply of the goods or services provided, for B terminal operators are also called the category of operators, duties is responsible for communication with the supplier to ensure goods supply chain and commodity classification, and the traditional retail industry procurement section consistent function. Platform class electricity providers such as Taobao is through the sale of advertising or to provide value-added services to businesses, and each order of the Commission obtained profits, so the order transformation is a major business platform is the main goal of the KPI, all operations are attributed to the number of orders and GMV.

2, user active

regular shopping at the supermarket will certainly find that every time there are so many products in the promotion, even if not festivals, but more festive promotional products more powerful. Then, the online business platform is the same, need to maintain the user through the activity, when the user enters the platform is a desire for consumption, but is still the same commodity content platform, is to provide consumer goods for the user, allowing users here do not feel boring, in fact just a few discount package products, but in different the skin and not the same name, but sometimes not too far, part of the electricity supplier platform page content and the color is too rich, let users in and around without this desire, but straight to the goal after buying to leave, so the user experience is not good. More and more electricity providers not only take the traditional promotion route, but the content of route, like reading stories into the plot, such as the Taobao one thousand and one nights, timely user consumption, but also earned enough users to stay long.

3, get traffic

Tmall annual double 11 will put a lot of advertising, from the line on the line, from the form to the WeChat micro-blog live large, has become a marketing event, the pre event and the loud volume preheat publicity, page 11 price double identity, is to gather huge amounts of traffic in the sprint order the amount of peak flow to * conversion = orders, so the flow of laying is also very important, large-scale activities need well in advance to inform the preheating.

4, brand promotion,

big promotion activities in addition to the year’s orders outside of KPI, but also can bring the brand publicity, by laying a lot of advertising accounted for the user’s mental, let users remember 517 comments on section 618 on Jingdong chowhound, buy appliances, double 11 cat heaven grab special purchases for the Spring Festival. Electricity supplier Shopping Festival is such a national Carnival Carnival was created.

two, theme


The importance of changing your mind as a webmaster

Hello everyone, I’m unlimited traffic Federation, Xiao Hei, I’m glad to see you again, today and brothers talk about the transformation of ideas.

transformation of the first publicity method. I believe that the webmaster has deep experience, in order to improve the quality of website publicity is also a variety of ways, I am here for example: is doing friendship connection, some of our webmaster is really not day and night in the link group crazy hair connection, only to a person, other webmaster all the really spectacular stampede in that scene!! I had a few QQ directly dropped, I really admire these stationmaster at that time! In fact, we don’t need so many webmaster is just a direct connection with that person, and then directly disappear! Just waiting for someone to find him do! We cannot in the group to exchange our feelings first, a little progress every day! I think the effect will be better, so I came to


second exchange attitudes with other webmaster. Speaking of this, I take myself as an example, in a communication with the webmaster, the webmaster began to simply ignore, and later I said a few reluctantly sent a few messages. I really wonder, what I thought this webmaster so much pride. I talked on the basis of communication, so I didn’t say much, but it was a bit depressing afterwards. You are not to do my website, website is not worse than him, but the attitude is so different! As a webmaster, we should not be arrogant, but can not have the characters, sometimes really need to have the same spirit as schurrle.

there are several aspects, such as flow, optimization, the Internet too much, you can go and see! When we change an angle to see the webmaster, a change of thinking to think, what do we get? I hope the webmaster to ponder! By www.tudouwebsite.cn webmaster feeds, while welcoming the webmaster to join the unlimited traffic alliance QQ group number: 6585336 new people our common development and common progress! Thank you for the support!!

Wheat Huake Hamburg joined details

catering business people focus on where? Fast food, snacks, hot pot and other hot food and beverage industry, fast food is the most popular Chinese fast food, but western fast food is no worse. Some western fast food in the well-known brands in many hot selling brands, wheat Huake Hamburg is one of them, this is a very popular brand, has captured the heart of many consumers, so how to join


to join Mai Huake Hamburg? Wheat Huake Hamburg joined details:

Mai Huake Hamburg joined:

1, brand and culture of recognized headquarters

2, accept headquarters management

3, with certain management ability

4, with a certain amount of funds

Mai Huake Hamburg joining fee:

signed an agreement to join the alliance and pay 3 to $80 thousand to join the operating margin of $1 to $30 thousand

joined the life for the first time to join the validity period of 5 years, 5 years after joining

to you

management service fee collection headquarters monthly turnover of 3% of the cost of the headquarters for the franchisee’s daily management costs

Mai Huake Hamburg joined process:

intention to contact by telephone, fax or interview preliminary contact

joined the negotiations to enter substantive negotiations and join the signing of the agreement

field visit to fill in the application form and pay the inspection fee

basic conditions to assess the store area, height, advertising, parking, rent and water, electricity, gas, smoke, sewage and telephone, television computer network facilities and other basic conditions

market environment to assess the regional market, location and surrounding environment and consumption of the Chinese market to evaluate

What needs to be prepared in English training

open their own English training classes, we need to pay close attention to, then set up shop, you need to pay attention to what preparation? Next, we talk about the opening of the English language education to master how to prepare

prepare a: English education stores to a reasonable budget funds. Saving investment funds equal to reduce the risk, the odds will be more than 10%. What needs to be prepared for the English training? For example, do a lot of early childhood friends began to understand the industry does not understand, it is a large amount of money to invest blindly, in fact, such a big risk. For the novice to find investment projects in education, if not very sure, then might as well start from the product, through product sales to understand the industry trend, and then gradually over to school..

preparation two: English education stores have a professional knowledge of the industry. Education investment projects, first of all must be scientific and rigorous and professional. In particular, early childhood education investment projects, parents in this area is very strict requirements, and even can be said to be picky. So you have to have a certain professional knowledge, open English training stores need to prepare? Be professional and customer as far as possible in the chat, so as to obtain the trust of consumers and the purchase, which requires the education investment projects selected to provide knowledge and skills training, must therefore, before investing in the need for manufacturers to join to support a thorough understanding, see manufacturers are available in Follow-Up Services.

ready three: English education franchise must choose the right to join the brand. The choice of brand plays an important role in the success of an educational investment project. What needs to be prepared for the English training? But how to find the formal, there is potential for development of the brand is learning, which requires entrepreneurs before investment related knowledge on the industry, the brand market visibility, consumer evaluation of a know as much as possible. Through the network, newspapers and magazines, as well as a direct call to consult the way to understand.

is about more than the need to pay attention to English training class preparation, I believe we already have a detailed understanding, only a clear understanding of joining in order to get a good income, want to join the shop, to consult!

Join venture carefully cheated margin back

recently, franchise business provides a convenient way to get rich quick more investors, but everything has two sides, the franchise business is to be successful, if not carefully to join with the investigation, careful analysis of the market chain, for some people, is likely to be nightmare. How to avoid risks, bypassing the trap, I am afraid that is the first thing to be done before the entry of a course. In the following cases, there will be no franchise stores, the problem is not to join the margin.

franchise business can not go down

join margin or back to

days ago, Mr. Nanchang complained to the newspaper, he joined the "Changsha bear drinks" in May 2008, opened a small cafe in Nanchang, spent 15 thousand and 800 yuan fee, and spent 15 thousand yuan to buy equipment, spend 14 thousand yuan to purchase, payment of 5000 yuan initial margin. The deposit agreement is not to change the taste of the drinks, and agreed that if you do not drink, you can refund. Mr. Gan spent 10 thousand Yuan decoration stores, beverage shop opened. However, after opening 5 months, due to poor management, can not go on, the beverage shop had closed. Mr. Gan then to a bear drinks to ask for 5000 yuan to join the margin, the results call more than 30 times, the other side said back, but has been dragging back. Mr. Gan said: "at that time to join ‘O bear drinks’,’ O bear drinks’ said the staff of the daily turnover can reach 1600 yuan to 1800 yuan, more than half of the cost can be recovered, but his own shop every day after only 200 to 300 yuan turnover, the highest 400 yuan a day. I spent 60 thousand yuan is such a result, do not do now, to join the deposit will not come back."

telephone interview with reporters "Xiong is responsible for a bear drinks," Xiong said that the reason they don’t back Gan join margin, because he only entered a batch of goods in the company, and then improve the other company’s goods, so this join margin is not refundable. But Mr. Gan said: "I really only into a batch of goods, because the business is not good, some goods to close the door when not yet sold out. I spent so expensive join fee, what is necessary to purchase from other places? I have never been to the goods in any place, the company now is to make irresponsible remarks, defaulton the pen to join margin." Mr. Gan now regret joining then on impulse, 60 thousand yuan savings boondoggle.

difficult to join the rights of

at present, many people like mr.. Open the network search join merchants 4 words, you will find the merchandise to join the investment from clothing shoes and hats to roast duck, from bedding to fireworks, and even gas stations to beauty detoxification, etc.. Franchisee’s investment promotion is very low cost, profit

The more we need how many money pot to join blackfish

eat the things inside of health is good, and to join the project of health food market is very limited, I can’t find a good Never mind, Xiaobian to recommend a city – the snakehead pot.

health of the city is more fish pot, food and beverage market innovation on the market selling seasons, delicious, hot, and want to invest in the catering industry friends preferred million shop. Low investment, high profit, more flexible operation location in fish pot, back, turn sets the rate is high, profitable, quick profit project


catering industry has developed rapidly, there are many characteristics. Catering business for the family, private consumption business continues to increase, becoming the main body of business management. At the same time, holiday consumption and leisure consumption from family, food and beverage finished and semi-finished products, frozen convenience food, become more momentum enhancement, development and production of a wider range, further to meet the market needs of the consumer, the formation and development of the new economic growth point of the industry. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the industry, expanding the scope of business, service is becoming more and more abundant, so that China’s food and beverage market is becoming more prosperous, the industry has become an important force for rapid development and maintain a high growth momentum. Chain development.

is in the management of city snakehead pot, stressed that no matter in the company or store every link of "standardization" of research and practice. "The standard of efficiency, management performance, the more we pot snakehead to" standard "positioning management, continuous innovation, pursuit and development of fast food specific mode of operation, the more we will burn in snakehead successful operation experience, excellent creative and rich products to investors, architecture beautiful dream, realize their business the

value of life!

is in jiamengfei snakehead cooker how much money? The city snakehead pot small investment, 30 thousand will be able to start, the 4 series, dozens of pots, not heavy like every day. Without experience, 7 days will be able to learn, without the chef, according to the instructions on the package instructions on the line. The whole process of standardized operation, process management, take the whole store output. The more we fish pot, fashion decoration, high rate of over taiwan.

is always hold high the "green city fish pot, health, nutrition, characteristics of the banner, is committed to the research and development. The city with a unique innovative snakehead pot, and pure, delicious taste and nutrition and health food, won the unanimous praise of customers.

if you have more ideas to join in fish pot, please message in our website below, we will contact you after the first time to see the message.

Stone fish pond water steam investment continues to characteristic delicacy

catering industry has been very hot development, almost all franchisees, are very like to join the food and beverage industry. How to join the steam pot? Market opportunities are unlimited, containing a huge business opportunities. Trusted to join the brand, the water pot steam stone pot fish to join the project!

water pot steam stone pot fish food both from the five star hotel executives of the industry elite, but also a special study of folk snacks top chef. They have a wealth of practical experience, and food and beverage research and development of the project has a persistent belief that many of the unique formula of the mysterious taste has been so far less than peers. Headquarters with a strong franchise service support system, our experts for you to solve a variety of problems, so you have no worries. Water pot steam steam pot fish food profit model is diverse, to join the business or store to build a diversified profit model. It is an excellent model for the selection of food chain enterprises.

How much is the

water lotus pond fish?

water pot steam stone pot fish food fish healthy and nutritious, delicious and more fashionable, so many people love to eat fish. Modern pursuit of health, so the market is increasingly hot fish hot pot. Original ecology, more healthy, natural selection, delicious nutrition, fire all over the market, causing investment boom. In the "stone", "hat" for the pot cover, "steam" wood, with the characteristics of Yunnan vegetables and rare mushroom, Yunnan secret sauce and wine, supplemented by the dining environment and customs of ethnic minorities in Yunnan, to bring customers a supreme taste and enjoyment. Water pond steam stone pot fish food authentic, back to nature, both nourishing nutrition, and novel and unique.

first-class quality, characteristics of food, always very attractive to consumers. Health and health food, with a high popularity, worry about entrepreneurship to choose to join the water pot steam steam pot project is good?

Park to promote the development of environmental protection

Recently, the mayor, the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Director Wang Yubo, municipal committee, deputy director of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Yao Lin, deputy mayor Xu Guocheng led the relevant departments responsible comrades, into the Gan River Industrial Park in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the investigation of the production and operation of enterprises. Wang Yubo stressed that the Gan River Industrial Park plays an important role in the industrial development of the city, according to the provincial government to build the national circular economy pilot area development and construction of "resource-saving and environment-friendly" Park, do the transformation and upgrading, saving energy and increasing efficiency of the article, and guide enterprises to build on the downstream industry, production and marketing docking for the long-term cooperation mechanism, environmental protection, energy saving, and strive to build eco industrial park.

at the site, the beauty of Qinghai coal coal polygeneration project phase Wang Yubo requirements, enterprises inverted good plan period, guarantee funds, equipment in place, start construction as soon as possible, to ensure the completion of the annual investment plan. When the target positioning heard Qinghai Jihua Industrial Co. Ltd. to create a high level of circular economy demonstration area, he encouraged to increase investment in science and technology innovation enterprise, enhance innovation drive capability, the factory into a resource-saving and environment-friendly demonstration plant. In the Saline Lake Haina company, Wang Yubo hope that enterprises with advanced environmental protection production technology, scientific management processes, and constantly lead the technological innovation, management innovation to achieve new breakthroughs. In the Yellow River Xin Industry Co. Ltd., he encouraged enterprises in technology support, process optimization, bold practice, take effective measures to reverse the production difficulties, the formation of a new industrial scale and the growth point as soon as possible. He pointed out that the Qinghai baolihua energy technology company, Aluminum Alloy profiles and auto parts Industrial Park, enterprises should be good ideas, good planning, good morning to sunset on the ground, start from the automobile hub, to win credibility, quality to win the market, early Auto Parts Industrial Park bigger and stronger.

Wang Yubo, Gan River Industrial Park to support the park enterprises to speed up the construction of the project and put into operation, support enterprises do bigger and stronger. To fully implement the provinces and cities to introduce a series of policies to help enterprises steady growth, strengthen the monitoring and analysis of economic operation and comprehensive coordination, to help enterprises do a good job of production factor protection, market development, tapping the potential transformation. To properly handle the relationship between environmental protection and development, accelerate the development of environmental protection, promote the development of environmental protection, to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the park.


The Public Security Bureau of Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection Organization to carry

City Public Security Bureau Discipline Inspection Commission in accordance with the wind work arrangements, combined with the city’s public security organs disciplined style of education and rectification and the "three visits three assessment activities, with" pilot first, to advance the overall train of thought, in the city has established six pilot units, pay close attention to the effectiveness of the construction of the political popularity

Municipal Public Security Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection in accordance with the wind work arrangements, combined with the city’s public security organs disciplined style of education and rectification and the "three visits three assessment activities, with" pilot first, to advance the overall train of thought, in the city has established six pilot units, the effectiveness of pay close attention to the political morals construction. Recently, the provincial and municipal people’s Congress, the CPPCC National Committee, specially invited inspectors and the news media lasted six days, conducted a comprehensive inspection of the pilot units and open review activities.

leaders attach great importance to carefully prepared, in the organization to promote efforts . is a grasp of the pilot, the first . City Public Security Bureau Discipline Inspection Commission to grasp the political popularity of wind construction the city’s public security organs, formulated and issued the "opinions" of the implementation of the Public Security Bureau of the political popularity of wind construction in Xining City, issued a notice to "open the door" evaluation activities. Established in Datong County North of the City Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau, immigration office, Gan River Industrial Park Branch, traffic police detachment, plainclothes detachment of the pilot unit for wind construction, and to promote the global wind construction; two is well organized, responsible . Party committees and Party branches at all levels attach great importance to the meeting held, elaborate organization, layers of research and deployment, implement the responsibility of leadership, responsible departments and work requirements, pay close attention to the implementation of the work; three is multi linkage, strengthen the supervision of . Municipal Public Security Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection initiative with the provincial people’s Congress, the CPPCC, organized by the 8 NPC deputies and CPPCC members, special inspectors and news media for the review and evaluation of the review team members, strengthen supervision and evaluation work.

innovative methods to find problems in the evaluation of the effectiveness of . is an innovative approach, pragmatic . In the examination of the way, take the group, and the key, check out and unannounced visits to cross examination, from shouwenzeren system, window service, house health, morale, serving the masses, law enforcement and other aspects, the 21 grassroots team conducted a thorough investigation, there are carefully to find the wind problems in the construction of ; two is combined with the review, find the problem . Carry out the "open comments" activities, by the review unit reporting the political popularity of wind construction, and rectification measures of the objective analysis of problems in the work. According to the inspection and inspection team report, a comprehensive comment on the political popularity of wind construction situation of the unit; three is humbly accept, timely rectification . The units being inspected after carefully listening to the deputies and CPPCC members and specially invited opinions and proposals, the unit leaders immediately said, sincerely accept, for belonging to the unit to be able to solve problems immediately resolved, for the time being can not solve the problem, opinions and suggestions will be summed up limit settlement.

update ideas, innovation, in the service side;