Boss not paid attention to leave the network administrator black 69 computers

recently, Danleng Danleng County Public Security Bureau police station in the daily inspection of the county in a cafe, catch a suspicious personnel suspected of using the Internet server network failure, let the police know is the man, the only motivation is not affected by the old board attaches great importance to Internet cafes.

According to

police, Danleng County Yang Chang wish of a person, in the cafe as a network administrator, because of not being the boss attention and resigned in July. Since then, unwilling to make a wish to make the Internet cafe boss know their own powerful, easy for the evening of August 5th ordered Liu to the Internet cafes. Oneself with QQ remote assistance function and Liu’s computer connection, and then through the technical means to invade the Internet cafe server, delete a large number of documents above, resulting in the Internet cafe 69 computers can not run. read more

n the first quarter of this year the world’s top 210 million total domain name

the number of top-level domain names and changes in the composition of the last year

Beijing time on May 31st morning news, the United States IT infrastructure service provider VeriSign report released on Monday, at the end of the first quarter of 2011, the world’s top domain name registration volume reached 209 million 800 thousand, compared with the fourth quarter of last year growth of 4 million 500 thousand, an increase of 2.2%; compared to the same period last year growth of 15 million 300 thousand, an increase of 7.9%. read more

Ministry of culture to regulate the network music investigate 68 music sites

news July 15th, the Ministry of culture announced on the tenth batch of illegal online music website lists 07 month 14 days, announced the "DJ music network" 68 online music website without permission, to provide network music products and services without authorization, in violation of the "Internet culture management Interim Provisions" and other relevant laws and regulations, the Ministry of culture decided to the alleged illegal websites to be dealt with according to law. Illegal music website administrative department of culture and the cultural market administrative law enforcement agencies shall order within the jurisdiction of the ICP filing, stop all Internet cultural products including network music, (ICP not filing website, access to the area by investigating), they shall be investigated in accordance with the "Interim Provisions on Administration of Internet culture. The following is the original announcement:               the following referenced content:
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Biography Foursquare plans to launch a new payment media platform in June

NetEase Francisco April 22nd message, according to foreign media reports, according to sources, Foursquare plans to launch in mid June a paid media platform, and is looking to launch brand become partners.

the product will allow businesses in a given area, through the existing business platform to sign promotion. Existing business platform, allowing merchants to enter the list of Foursquare. When users search for local special things, through the Foursquare paid ads, they can see the products of the business. Those targeted advertising is the use of Foursquare to explore the same algorithm, according to the user’s past attendance, friends and a wider range of Foursquare user groups to sign up to recommend the establishment. read more

Rookie forum to do want to have popularity please start from the details

The first

statement I person is also a rookie webmaster, two years ago, very love website, this year the job is busy, I haven’t done, but I still see the web every day, here is my forum should pay attention to some details of the views of the novice, which would like to write what, oh ~

first registration from the start, beginning not what popular forum, registered all simple line, like what sex, address, verification code, there are some problems, province to province, after all, many of the new people can be from search over, probably to see an article, or download something to leave, the first impression is very important, said this about the verification code, now a lot of forum registration have a verification code, this is nothing to say, but I have seen the most abnormal one, I once went to a not what popular forum download things, see when registered I really halo verification code, that does not stop in the verification code, lost several times is wrong, MD, Lao Tzu not have not yet, you say he can do this popular forum. read more

Small flow website profit model

now there are a lot of online SEO optimization, website ranking, the provision of Web site traffic. However, if you have done some work, but is not included, site traffic, whether you have discouraged? But if you although the website flow is small, but still see some income, you are not able to cheer up? This is the purpose of this paper, the flow of small, we have the same income. This is our reason to go on. As long as we stick to it, the flow will always come up slowly, the flow up, and your income will come rolling. The following experience does not involve any cheating! read more

Tencent QQ online shopping for Jingdong vest Million domain names are reused

in March this year, to turn to overtake the United States listed Alibaba Jingdong, at the cost of "marry" Tencent. "Penguin" also generous will do bad business C2C pat Network and QQ online shopping, as the marriage dowry goods package sent to Jingdong. At present, Tencent QQ online shopping has been replaced with the Jingdong vest, renamed Jingdong and Tencent and online shopping, online shopping to say goodbye to QQ, the official domain name has experienced what changes? read more