Several K Station Detected Shanghai Longfeng practitioners immature

8.25 over the past several days, but there are still many webmaster complaining in the webmaster, said his website in half, in the fall of such words, small static and not cold, just feel when K storm comes, we should seek the solutions more effectively, this is we should have the attitude, from June to August, several large-scale K station, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have a lot to the progress of local.

then you will see, when K station storm comes, there will always be some emotional.

two: the existence of dependence, always hope the Savior of

Mature The transaction?

site was K for who, who do not feel comfortable, this is inevitable, just like a small quiet before Taobao off site one day there are hundreds of pieces of income, in July the K station directly to the site to be plucked, everything back to the liberation. From a money making tool to nothing, I think this gap must let people have the heart to die, but small static know again sad no use, now is the most important to look at other sites right hand, do not let their losses doubled. But some other webmaster behavior is not so rational, a pick a vulnerable, especially the novice webmaster, stand in love with Shanghai several times for no reason K station, can be said to be suffered, hard to adhere to the original, the chain was eventually released K station, is to have to wash my hands, because the more efforts are not to return, even with some sad words. This is our practitioners in the face of adversity is not mature, as the saying goes, often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes, besides love Shanghai vexatious is not a day for two days, when your website is K, you have to do is to calm the network construction process analysis, find out the suspected murderer. May be you outside of the chain is not stable enough, you may also be the original content is not enough, there may even be love Shanghai fire, this time we have to make a certain degree of recovery according to the analysis results, but then back even if can not find the reason and how, we are not lost no coward, as long as we can make a careful analysis, every failure into the next way, then success would not have to stand on our side.

is not a mature: there is no strong heart, once the K station is unable to resist sustain the blows

sometimes small static just think, if one day the Shanghai website K us out, that we are not dead? May be outside the industry friends will think that we will not die, because after all, there are other search products, we can still get traffic with other products, but the actual situation is if we the site was sealed so we love Shanghai, is to be sentenced to death. So there must be a small static reason, because now the love in Shanghai China search field champion, can be said that every webmaster more than half of the flow is given by love Shanghai, love if Shanghai doesn’t give us traffic, so we rely on what to propagate in the

The solution of be included in a few hours after being removed

second: the old station is down right after the audit period again still love Shanghai, love Shanghai website article has a more cautious attitude.

according to my personal situation, whether new or old station, mainly uses the following methods to solve the problem:

many webmaster friends have experienced such a tragedy, is his own "article was collected a few hours after being removed, even if it is written in the original article. This makes many novice webmaster feel remain perplexed despite much thought, I have met many such cases, in practice there are a little of his own feeling, now to solve this problem, mainly put forward their own views.

: the first day update fixed number of original articles, and updates for several fixed time, develop a good update law.

second: find a few high quality Links, including through cross links, let the other weight high weight link driven website, this time also need to control the quality of the connection of friendship, would rather not change, will only change the right.

third: the construction of the chain to keep the law, we need to find a good forum, or already have formed using the weights of the blog, every day of the construction of the chain, the quantity and quality of the chain to control well, we need to accumulate for a long time, and the individual is using has raised long forum account, and the high weight of the blog, the chain to drive, the number of the chain better control, and the quality is reliable, will not be deleted. This is to attract the spider climb to the site, to speed up the snapshot of the site and weight is there are obvious benefits.

: first the new weight is not enough, still love Shanghai sandbox too few new or original articles, to love Shanghai has not recognized.

fourth: Published by soft in some good websites, such as home owners, such as A5, published the soft can not only get high quality links in these places, sometimes also can get some is reproduced, "

general, the web page is collected a few hours after being removed of nothing more than two kinds of cases:

for new sites, if the weight is not enough, it is prone to the above situation, although Shanghai is now more tolerant to new love, but if the original station is too small, or the new update frequency is not stable, it will appear this kind of circumstance, and according to the old station down the right, on the one hand is to find out the reason right down for example, the problem of the chain, such as server instability problems, based on solving the website down right, in the construction site, if the right is not very serious, then page deleted phenomenon will soon disappear, and delete the article will soon be back, but if the site is down right. So, once again the site entered the review period, "deleted it will take some time to fully recover, this needs the webmaster hard to solve.

Thank you for talking about my experience

is not a computer major, but he has an emotional feeling about computers.

2007 graduated from college two years, mastered the basic knowledge of some dynamic web programming in school, the graduation also had to rely on this knowledge to find a computer work, the result is a software company, as can be imagined, the production company website euphemism rejected. Under the rogue, from the University of professional, looking for a person, the government departments to do up, but also the beginning of my website road. Unit of things very little, then germination make personal site.

started looking at other people’s site was always filled with a thousand regrets individual owners are feeling, some programming master, but with all kinds of free code contact, found some fur while their learning are not need to use it can build a website of your own. At first, the forum is still the main, want to attract some popularity, make up for their lack of manpower, and then understand the collector, and found a good way to post the article. Also began to have a good sense of accomplishment, but also think of Google invoices sent from afar. I found Baidu, but good times don’t last long, Google on my website and no high interest in other webmaster’s advice, I started in the online search to understand what is SEO, what is the key word, what is the website ranking, until now, these things for me is also very strange, from the heart to the lowest deep is didn’t realize this is a what kind of thing. Every day, only through the input box, enter site: my website to check whether the site included increase, ranking is up front, this time over a year, 8 months.

‘s been here for 09 years, and it’s nice to find a job on computers. Also very easy, the previous site is also sold for work reasons, a year of hard luck got 3000RMB, and Google can not get out of the 14$. The information about setting up websites has also fallen to the extreme. In February, I was thinking about rebuilding a web site for computer learning. Applying for domain names, buying space, and modifying templates, by April, the site was barely able to meet with you. This time the site, with the previous site experience, the whole process of building is very smooth. In April, the website was submitted to Baidu and Google, and so far the site is not very high, baidu 60, Google 80.

              because my site without friendship and high PR, front 3 station friendship PR3 and PR4 and a PR1, of course, PR3 and PR4 are doing friendship pages of my website has little effect. A few days ago, Google, baidu update, I accidentally found that my website’s PR value has reached 3, which is entirely out of my expectation. But all of these are due to the selfless sharing of the webmaster. Because I know the importance of the site’s originality in their sharing

Virtual host selection small details affect large results


website after registering the domain name, the next step is to select web applications, CMS is very hot now in the case, the general demand on the website should be able to meet the demand, so the last step the virtual host choice. For many small and medium-sized webmaster, I believe that the use of the virtual host, but its choice is very difficult, choose a cost-effective virtual host is really not so easy. Today, we sum up a few points, are their own personal experience, I hope we can make some gains.

filing or not, choose different

if your website is on record, then things are no longer so cumbersome, at least the domestic virtual host can choose. So it is recommended that you can try to record the record, because the domestic space has obvious advantages in access speed, foreign and speed, but the same price is still relatively cost-effective abroad. But if a lot of domain name is just apply, too late to record, want to do promotion, so the overseas virtual host is the first choice. Generally choose more free record host, Hongkong host and American host.

speed affects user experience

speed is, of course, the most important factor to consider when choosing a virtual host. The speed of some expensive virtual host factors is fast, we in the choice, of course, also want to choose faster, because the speed of the site directly affect the user experience, is usually a street stalls, stalls in front of a very large if people swarm or something in front of the block, so the masses will in the passing of time automatically around the card, so the booth is less a lot of things. The same is true of the website, especially to a certain extent, we must not lose customers because of the speed problem.

cost-effective is the good choice,

The price of the

virtual host is also an important factor that affects the user’s choice. Everyone likes cheap and fine things, so in the choice of the first sight is the price, if the price is no longer within their own ability, then the quality of good things will not consider. This is the habit of most people, I myself is the same, but within the scope of capacity, or will choose a cost-effective virtual host. Although some of the speed is similar, but the service is better, the problem can be solved for the first time, so the price is a little more expensive, when we choose, we must know more about the evaluation of users.

stability assurance customer base

many hosts are also very fast, and the service attitude is good, and the price is reasonable, but the host is not stable enough. First, stability is not enough to affect the user’s access, we developed a user has the cost, so the waste of a customer is equivalent to waste their time and material costs; on the other hand, instability will affect the search engine grab and included, especially Google, is very strict on the site stability requirements if only, "

Chibi hotline Zheng Shaofang 4 keys to good local communities

recently, by Kang Sheng company (Comsenz), Chinese club owners and Tencent big Chu, 265G jointly launched the "Discuz! Tour WuHan Railway Station activities" 10th anniversary National Open and Hubei stationmaster Congress fifth in Wuhan University teaching building hall was held successfully. More than 500 Hubei owners from Wuhan, Jingzhou, Jingmen and Yichang gathered at the meeting and showed considerable activity in the interactive sessions at the scene. It is worth mentioning that the meeting also invited many local Hubei more important place in the webmaster, roundtable discussions in the afternoon on the "local community website operation and pregnant full of experience sharing", Chibi hotline webmaster Zheng on speech views clear, concise and incisive, and have strong operability. The presence of stationmaster must win. The author intends to will have some value and important point out, for more stationmaster, discuss and study.

experience a: pay attention to people’s livelihood, and do a good job of public opinion guidance, and strive for the support of the relevant government departments.

Zheng Shaofang: we are from the second half of last year to do the work on public opinion, this forum was "turn the world upside down" changes: the daily post volume increased from 3000 to the current more than 6000, PV rose from 120 thousand to 180 thousand, the site’s social influence has been greatly enhanced.

I think there are two important factors that play a key role. Because we have local newspapers, local TV too few people, there is little media, our website should be the largest local media platform, basically everything is through our website to pay attention to the common people, this is a feature of our local. Another point, I would like to stress, is that our local government attaches great importance to network opinion, in fact, only on our own, it is difficult to do a good job of people’s livelihood, but the pressure will be very large. So, what we are feeling more deeply is that local communities need to work closely with the government to get their support.

specific to the operational level, here I share a case of ours. For example on the bus rejection, users will organize a post, our editor will do a practical survey a public opinion feedback to the superior departments and competent leadership, through public opinion feedback sent to the relevant departments, the relevant departments or responsibility will need to come forward to reply to solve, so earnest effort to help users solve the problem, see the Department then pay attention to network public opinion, the ordinary people more love on our website.

experience two: to adhere to do more offline activities, and enhance online and offline interaction users.

Zheng Shaofang: since its establishment, we have always attached great importance to the development of offline activities. In 2007, we established the first characteristic club, ancient road bike club, which gradually opened more than 10 special clubs, and the offline activities were very frequent, so the popularity of the websites increased greatly.


Analyze the history of several big websites in recent years

in this network is called "me" era, not the traditional understanding of the "I as the center of the times", but "I can change the world’s times.". There are so many things that can be done, without success, or just because they haven’t started yet.

every time I see rags to riches, from scratch, entrepreneurial stories always make my blood boil, especially my predecessors called "after 80".

xiangshu.com temperature luxury world grassroots entrepreneurs, typical 80, from the title 100 days, read sophomore dropped out and worked in a number of network software company, personal feeling some of the problems in the whole development strategy, but can not deny that his efforts, from the ‘Gunners’ website to oak photography net. But his opponent was poco, hummingbird photography, and so on for tens of millions of dollars. If you can’t do something special, something that is difficult to get beyond imitation is suspended.. (looks like an oak tree. Net users interact well.)

, when it comes to photography sites, I prefer Liu Pingyang’s yupoo,

, 51.com, Pang Shengdong, 77 years old. Have to admit his strategic vision and the opportunities of the times. It was a little more to civil servants, with idle on their website, then put in the online advertising, flow is money! And that the advertising company is trustworthy, this website made 1W more advertising for his knife… Then take the 2000 at the beginning of the domestic securities industry thriving and securities website but few (like now MACD unreal shares a grasp of a lot of ideal sea breeze and so on), built a stock forum, a day at the time 5000ip a lot, there are other, cattle, O. Then start selling ads, using the user groups accumulated before the website, mail ads, and then on ip1w, pv6w.. The operation is too Niubi, no wonder the red shirts, Jiqianwanjiqianwan hit Heiner venture. In 2001, ~2004, he made millions of money on the site.

then, the stock market is down and the property market is coming. He bought the house in 2001, 2001, I was still in junior high school students! And then began to play CS, online games. Alas, this man, very cow


98W bought 51.com domain name, 51.com line less than half a year to get the first phase of the red shirt 400W investment. Have to say a detail — the fifth China venture capital annual forum, Xinghua Pang Shengdong and his chief operating officer Wang came early to the venue, the first thing they do is to put a simple plan (9 pages) on the front row of the VC table, and one morning only their family do this business…

zhubajie.com.cn Zhu Mingyue. Have good ideas and do your best. But not everyone can do it. Maybe some people work very hard, but they are still a little bit different…

he quit before he started his full-time job

How to open a fashionable car maintenance shop

now there are more and more car owners in social life, at the same time, now operating a stylish car maintenance shop, is a very popular practice, and we share the following car maintenance shop where the most likely to succeed.

as car maintenance shop franchisee should be very clear, want to open a good car maintenance shop then there must be a lot of attention. So, in the process of running car maintenance shop in the end need to pay attention to what details? Today, we look at the car maintenance shop what is the note, understand how to open a good car maintenance shop. I believe that this knowledge is very useful for car maintenance shop franchisee.


The nearby large

In fact, it is almost


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The story of college graduates to resign from white-collar workers and shoes

      2000 there, I walked out of the hearts of the people of the "ivory tower" which means that I am not a student, go out to face the society, a top priority for the most important work of each graduating students, they say graduation equals unemployment, good, in my face when looking for a job the man met a lot of disrespectful things, then want to find a decent white-collar work. In my own business before I have done two stable jobs, one is the company staff, the other is the work of the information desk, wages of 5000, less than the ratio of more than. If not that afternoon to meet a lady, maybe my life will continue the immutable and frozen orbit.

Why big brands prefer single product strategy

before investors often say "the egg cannot be put in a basket", promote the diversification of investment, and now more and more brands are favored in a single product strategy, Coca-Cola, apple, millet and other brands is a typical example of a product oriented, form a distinctive impression on consumers.

this is out of the point of view analysis of victory free media person, he is completely understanding of brand development based on. So how does a start-up enterprise do a single product strategy? Mainly rely on innovation, product strength, cost-effective and brand strength to work together.

These practices can help you increase the source of dessert

small person think this thing is really a dessert saved thousands chowhound with pain, dessert can give us happiness in imperceptibly, so if you open a dessert shop, chowhound compatriots must love you. Now the dessert to join the project has become a lot of investors choose, choose good, better business management more efficient, entrepreneurs need to know if you want to better profit, comprehensive and specific, in the operation time, should identify suitable methods and techniques. Today is to talk to you about the dessert shop location skills.

It is necessary for

to analyze the results of human traffic survey. It is true that the flow of people is an important factor in determining the store, but to understand the customer’s consumption goals, is the more important work.

location is the need for everyone to consider. In the customer shopping because the convenience store address always choose the reason, so when identify competitors, proximity sites is an important factor in the store location. To correctly judge the shopping habits of customers walking route, the first occupation of a favorable position, ready for the success of the store.

cost accounting is crucial for the success of the chain stores, is to use the marginal benefit of economies of scale, and some stores location away from the central warehouse far away, especially just over a day trip truck. If the distance between the stores is very close, you can save a considerable amount of money, such as two stores can share a manager, goods distribution is more convenient, etc..

traffic is good, it is necessary to everyone to pay attention to, for dessert stores for entrepreneurs, when operating the project, entrepreneurs to master the correct location of the project, the project is a development in the market, is easy to obtain wealth.