How to shorten the period to change the meta site is down right

Li Yang Shanghai dragon blog once again by the love of Shanghai down the right, domain and site. The love of Shanghai were not in the home page. This is all I change the site meta to blame, because I do not consider the line on the website before the keyword site is set up, occurred yesterday, I set the opinion of a lot of people in the QQ group, everyone says my website the original meta is not reasonable. Keywords setting is not reasonable, originally the keyword of the website is a Guangzhou website design, the word, taking into account the conversion of words, there are too professional, to find the real website customer service may not be too much. So I took all of the site’s meta made a change in yesterday, today the site is love Shanghai by reducing the power to deal with. The website frequently more annoying meta, will certainly bring the website is put in the study period. Today, I want to say is, the website meta brings down the right to how we handle it? To minimize the cycle to restore the site.

through the above four work, I believe that this blog will be updated at the next love Shanghai, "


, the search engine is very love content, no matter how to change the quality of the search engine algorithm, it is very necessary to establish. Try to update the original articles on the site every day, a few false original article, a day of work to do. In order to increase the number of search engine spiders to our site, let our website through early study period.

4, the website Links work, this time we need to look for high quality Links, find some snapshots, included frequency fast, powerful outside chain, ranking good, weight high site Links. Through Links work, let the spider to visit our website again, increase website crawl frequency.

!The quality and quantity of 2, increase the content of

site external optimization is ongoing work, since the site has been love Shanghai in the study period, this time, we do not give up the optimization of the site work. This time more need to increase the workload, try to go to some high quality, high weight website, forum, blog site outside the chain, to attract maximum spider crawling. By this method, the spider to our site, increase the site is the chance to grab a spider, so as to shorten the period of study website.

1, after the website can not arbitrarily change the meta of the website, if not to doing so, try not to big changes to the site of the whole meta, may be appropriate to make adjustments, can add keywords, reduce some of the words. If new words, I suggest site stability after considering to modify the meta of the website, the old station, a little weight than the new, can modify the. We have rules to amend, modify a little like this week, next week, a little modification, do not like the ocean Shanghai dragon blog, today revised once, tomorrow is revised once, try to grasp the "degree" to modify the

Taobao keyword quality novice to do small to pick off competition


is the first site survey before the first keyword

Ali mother products where the input shrink pores! Screening can pick out a product! Ha ha basic to about 20-35 many can choose

! !

shrink pores of the skin care products

there are so many long tail keywords

There are 2 kinds of a Taobao !

shrink pores

Mao Kongda how to do

! method


said today that if chosen those high quality keyword! Let you short time can earn money. This is the most important

my website is 贵族宝贝maokong520贵族宝贝/ time to shrink pores pores theme site around November 2010! Has achieved profitability! Although not much power. But oh for a beginner this is to encourage this is to work on! At this site is currently stable for a day have hundreds of IP together at that time! Do a weight loss. The same kind of site maintenance operation as there is no IP ranking 10-20 page outside! So this will prove a problem! Pick a little competition in the theme is a key to fast money

large flow a few keywords as long as these a few key words can make up some of the long tail + flow I believe one day traffic thousands of

we know that this type of product must not those 50% of the profits of products! But there are many 20-25% products! So long as the flow can still make money Oh


the next step is to learn to choose the product the crucial! I have some ideas I choose products

Shanghai dragon skills I did not say! I think you are in my effort Oh! Just stick to content with the construction of the chain of

passenger earning money is the long-term (risk) is a copy path to make quick money! (low risk)

! is no problem!

Taobao customers I believe should be clear. The monthly income of 10000 yuan is the legend for the novice, this is a distant dream! Now the profits of many products, but the right competition is great! After my research shows. A huge product is a popular station. A marginal product of Taobao will reduce the risk of station actually more than 3/4! It is recommended Taobao keyword quality novice friend to choose some little competition profit is not low to do! In fact, this type of key words are very much. But you can also find no


! how to do coarse pores

Analysis of those you have not seen the chain

H1 label.

web page super link

Add the chain



there is no thought, our own website can do anchor text links, also can do the hyperlink oh. If shown, leave your website link on your website content page (hyperlink). This link has become the premise effective link is the current page indexed by search engines. If you want to link to query this link is valid, please read the examples of how to identify the chain is the chain of

now the chain work is really more difficult, not easy to find the hyperlink, or invalid link, or nofollow. Leaving only pure text links. Even the most love love love Shanghai Shanghai know, Wikipedia has become even more difficult. Remember to love Shanghai know to add a chain is easy. Now 6 love Shanghai but also know the account is a love, Shanghai seems to know set up a mechanism, an account of the same chain can be added only once, second times by adding the rate is very low (day, hard upgrade can only get a chain). In a few days and share what we have not done from the chain.


compared to pure text links do not seem to.




title is not on the label link link, I can responsibly tell you that is. This is the method of few webmaster to do, we can do this together can also set the B2B and some blogs on sites like in their website, I once tried on the B2B website registered accounts using title tag set, left site link, after Shanghai included love. This link is indeed effective link. As the weight of the link, I think at least than in the article to be high, because of the weight of > title; H1 > the label.

on his website title tags add links is definitely a very crazy things, but to add their own website on the H1 tag of link seems to be so crazy, because we can see these H1 tags add link sample. And along with the increased weight of their own website, the weights of these links have gone up. Of course, our thinking can not be confined to their own website, similar to B2B, video website, website information release etc.. As long as can appear pure text links, text links we can use this method to make weight slightly higher, since we can do, Why not??

Title add link label

Positioning and development of Yangzhou Forum

according to statistics, China now has more than 300 million Internet users. What’s the concept? This figure is only a fraction of 1 billion 300 million, but it means a ratio of nearly 1/4. About more than 4 million 600 thousand people in Yangzhou, 1/4, is close to 1 million Internet users. If Yangzhou were higher than the national average, it could still be more. It’s only local. What about foreign users? With Yangzhou, they have all kinds of origins or hope to know more about Yangzhou’s Internet users through the Internet. They can not count. How many members are registered in the forum now? 800 people (as of December 20, 2009), and this is not a proud number except for malicious registration and repeated registration.

(1) about forum name and domain name

1, forum name: Yangzhou forum

2, forum slogan: to create a famous city culture model, leading Yang city quality life


explained: www.mcyz001.com domain

domain name easy to remember!

(two) about forum positioning

aim: to create a cultural model of Yang City, leading Yang city quality life

1, negation of the original position

throughout the Internet, most popular forums tend to focus on leisure. Such as Tianya, NetEase BBS, mop and so on. Taking leisure is the only way for a website (community) to grow. Because friends online (or to the community) itself is leisure. Qiandao Lake forum is currently set up most of the plate is a kind of entertainment, such as: the quest for world, and so on. Leisure plates bloom everywhere in Yangzhou forum. However, after many considerations by the administrator, combined with the people’s feelings in Yangzhou, the following conclusions are drawn: the city of Yangzhou forum is different from other places. The people of the city have leisure conditions and traditions, such as Xiamen, like Hefei. Yangzhou, unlike Yangzhou, is a city with leisure conditions and atmosphere, although short-sighted leaders are deliberately cultivating a relaxed lifestyle. On the contrary, Yangzhou is more sedate, heavy, and even depressed, and some sad. Therefore, the overall positioning of the city of Yangzhou forum and Yangzhou’s history and culture, and Yangzhou people’s temperament, lifestyle some dislocation. The Yangzhou Forum (mcyz001.com) needs to change its original position and change is imminent.

2, the new location of the famous city of Yangzhou forum

Yangzhou, as a tourist city, seems very casual. But we have to polish our eyes and come to Yangzhou. The basic of leisure is not our Yangzhou natives. Our forum is not the main object for them to serve. The local people’s congresses in Yangzhou are on the road to well-off society. If we want to develop the forum, we should start from the root. We should carefully study the characteristics of Yangzhou, the history and culture of Yangzhou, and the temperament and life style of Yangzhou people. On this basis, to determine the positioning and direction of the forum, so that the road can become wider and wider.

The real development of

does not depend on the street station

Electricity supplier business model dismantling from closed loop to the ecosystem

Internet any product success is not only hot, still in a system, first meet the seller profits, then get directly involved in the network, manufacturers, delivery and so on various aspects of the benefit, and the downstream linkage of industrial chain, to achieve benefit. At the same time, improve and improve the user experience, and solve problems related to reality. It’s not just a simple closed loop, but a living ecosystem.


is a true hero with a new journey to meet the scars that are not to be bypassed.

from the Internet into the mobile Internet, just a dozen years, numerous subversion and innovation encountered by the sinister and opportunities, so I often sigh so. Classic such as water does not rot, it is a door-hinge is never worm-eaten for decades. Facing the difficult situation, the unknown dangerous, the misfortune, the misfortune, only then persisted, advances bravely, explores, perseveres, opens up a new journey, is really the hero, only then truly reveals a new page history.

closed loop (closed loop structure) is a kind of automatic control system based on feedback principle in industry. It is the core of intelligent control theory, which started in the early twentieth Century and swept into the world. Mainly refers to the signal from the input to output prior to the pathway also contains from the output to the signal input end of the feedback path, the two form a closed loop, a closed loop (loop), a closed-loop information flow. Today, this theory has been learned and applied to the e-business model of PC and mobile internet.

closed loop electricity supplier

closed loop in the electricity supplier, generally refers to the realization of closed loop in O2O. Online passenger flow is equivalent to input, offline consumption is output, and user feedback is the path from output to input, forming a closed loop.

Xu Lei, founder of

pudding mobile, once admitted: "


, "closed loops are a concern for all O2O companies.". Whether it is a member of the WeChat two-dimensional code conversion, or Passbook notes or integration, we are now beginning to do the follow-up verification of ultrasonic, NFC – we are trying to verify the closed-loop operation, if not closed, the future in this field is very difficult to achieve precision marketing. It’s no use just having a user scale. You can really value it only if you understand the user’s spending. It’s like Taobao, why is it better to recommend users, and Amazon is the best?. This is really big data, based on user behavior."

this closed loop, in fact, adhering to the "consumer dominated everything" concept. The product is the front line. In certain circumstances, the old and new competition, mainly in new ways and channels of change, achieve success, thus leading the trend of customer training, to compete for customers, in addition, can also be through the cultivation of potential new customers, with the increase in the total social market mode of promoting the industry expansion.

in fact, the more developed the network, the more valuable the O2O model is

Nantong City Finance Bureau committed suicide Chen Zhaodong

Although many people live in the

position, but due to various reasons and depression can not take off, many people even pay their own lives. The fast pace of life, the living standard has improved, but people’s life pressure is increasing, the spirit of sub-health phenomenon is serious. Here and small together to understand, the Nantong Municipal Finance Bureau Chen Zhaodong suicide event.

52 year old Jiangsu City Finance Bureau Chen Zhaodong, in July 19th, committed suicide in. Police informed that, according to their families, Chen Zhaodong recently depressed mood, depression symptoms.

7 on the evening of 19 August 11:30, Jiangsu Nantong, Rugao City Public Security Bureau official micro-blog issued alarm notification, 14 July 19th 09, the Rugao Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report that the Yangtze River town of Rugao port island ecological park on the north side of Yangtze River bank side in the forest, there is a man hanging on a tree.

Rugao police said 120 rushed to the scene to confirm that the man had no vital signs.

after preliminary investigation, the deceased Chen Zhaodong, Department of Nantong Municipal Finance Bureau, has ruled out homicide. Informed that, according to their families to reflect, the recent depression, depression.

died more than 20 years in Rugao

Nantong Municipal Finance Bureau, a staff member told Xinhua newspaper "intersection revealed that before the incident did not find what Chen Zhaodong unusual, 18 days in the office meeting, the 19 day (the day) at noon and in the unit to see him.

Reporters from the

map to see, Chen Zhaodong island ecological park near the river Dutch act, located in the southern suburbs of Rugao, about 35 kilometers away from the straight-line distance of about 25 km east of downtown Rugao, can arrive at Nantong city.

Rugao can be called the second hometown of Chen Zhaodong, he served for more than 20 years.

public information, Chen Zhaodong was born in September 1964, Jiangsu, Taixing. 1984 graduated from the Department of Finance and economics, Soochow University, Chen Zhaodong entered the Rugao county (now Rugao) finance bureau.

1995, the 31 year old Chen Zhaodong served as director of the Rugao Municipal Finance Bureau, deputy secretary of the CPC Rugao Municipal Committee, after two years. 2001, 37 year old Chen Zhaodong as Rugao Municipal Committee, deputy mayor of the municipal government.

search HowNet found in the Rugao Municipal Finance Bureau during the work, Chen Zhaodong had in the friends of the magazine and other magazines published on the improvement of the principal of the state owned assets of a few suggestions and so on.


Inner Mongolia Arong Qi entrepreneurship usher in a new development

Although the business

business in the current era is very common, but for many people is still very curious, but if you have the support of the government, can certainly let the local electricity supplier industry ushered in very hot development. Before, I always feel the electricity supplier is very mysterious, very far away from us. Through this training, I can start a business at home." Recently, Inner Mongolia, Arong Qi is doing cosmetics sales Li Xiaoyan said.

"Internet plus" e-commerce training is Arong Qi new measures for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. People club bureau from Zhejiang specially invited national entrepreneurship training instructor, Professor of electronic commerce basic flow, shop location and management, sharing real case analysis and successful business experience, so that students master the shop process, shop management, promotions and other professional skills.

mobile micro mall, membership sales , online and offline business sales, Arong Qi entrepreneurs is no longer something that can not be expected. Electricity supplier training so that the remote town of the region and the economic development of the southern cities closer. As the operation of the "do not shop," Zhang Jun said: "although I do not have the advantage of the storefront shop, but I have a lot of customers, because I am stationed in the online one Ming Guangzhou e-commerce platform."

in order to promote the development of the local electricity supplier business, the Arong Qi government has developed a lot of favorable policies. Since this year, Arong Qi people club departments to create a new town business park, Dingxin electronic business incubation base, at the same time, through tax relief, entrepreneurship training, loan support, housing subsidies and other measures to help in the personnel to reduce business risk and improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneurship 2 trick

venture on the road, more and more difficult, more and more difficult to go, today Xiaobian for you to take the business of 2 unique skills, so that your entrepreneurial road is no longer difficult to simplify your entrepreneurial path! All walks of life are making money, others can make money, why can’t I? Analysis and summary, continuous adjustment and improvement, through unremitting efforts, success must belong to us. After all, when we sum up the successful experience of others, often say? D D God helps those who help themselves?. Did we do it? Must do!

to start their own business to pay attention to what? To grasp the opportunity to make money business as soon as possible

always hear people say, now what is not good to do, earn good money. In ten years, it must be the same. This shows that the market is constantly standardized, the overall level of the industry is the trend of declining profits, want to get rich overnight, easy to get rich is unrealistic. So, start to early.

may be ready to also is not particularly good, but as long as the direction is good, just do it to throw off the arm. Perhaps the initial cost will be bigger, nothing, just when the intersection tuition. Time cost, in exchange for the opportunity to make money.

to start their own business to pay attention to what? Full of confidence, indomitable entrepreneurial mentality.

2 entrepreneurial trick, you bring the wealth of life, a golden future wealth, entrepreneurial 2 trick, you nirvana! Money is not so good, we tend to look at other people make money seems to be very relaxed, until their own time, how difficult it? Oh, in fact, very normal, you only see the surface, behind the hard and difficult people will not be exposed to you. So, the future is bright, the road is tortuous.


Volunteers in action

Xining will usher in the city civilized degree index, even to the Xining evening news on a city to change my attention, bring these beautiful scenery, civilization cannot do without all of the relevant departments, more cannot do without the enthusiastic public participation portrait. To set off all the people in the whole society to participate in the new climax of the creation of the national civilized city, a city office decided to carry out mass work, clean the family circle, to create a civilized "volunteer service activities within the city, the reporter also focused on the stick in a city of front-line volunteers.

"master Hello, now light is red, for your safety, please wait for a few minutes before crossing the road." In August 30th, the Yangtze River Road, West Road, civilized traffic volunteers wearing several eye-catching ribbon. The crowded roads became clear, and fewer and fewer people ran through the red light.

in the Xining West Railway Station, has been active in such a group of people, they wore a small red hat, wearing a green T-shirt to provide the necessary assistance for passengers. In order to allow passengers to travel smoothly, the Xining West Railway Station by the provincial Party Committee for the city to recruit 30 college students, organizing them to participate in railway youth volunteer activities. The volunteers were praised by the passengers.  

Xining air quality in July is the best month of the year

China environmental monitoring station recently announced in 2013 in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta region and municipalities, provincial capital cities and cities in the air quality situation of the city of 74. July, Xining excellent days for 27 days, air quality excellent rate of 87.09%, is the best month of air quality this year.

"list" shows that compared with June, 74 city July compliance days proportion increased by 6.3 percentage points, the number of days of severe pollution and severe pollution days ratio decreased by 3.2 percentage points and 0.4 percentage points, the concentration of major pollutants PM2.5, PM10 decreased. According to the comprehensive evaluation of urban air quality index, Xining ranked fifty-second in the northwest region of the 5 cities in Yinchuan, Urumqi, ranked in the top third. It is worth mentioning that, in July the Xining ambient air composite index was 3.29, the lowest since this year the air environment composite index.

it is understood that, in July, Xining air quality is good, good days to 27 days, but in contrast to the national air quality of the 74 cities is poor. Members of the public can not help but ask: in July, the temperature is not high in Xining is not low, the weather is good, why is the air quality rankings? This is because after the fog and haze of the beginning of the year, the overall improvement of the overall air quality in large and medium cities in most cities in the case of good weather, the air quality based on the natural. (author: Zhao Junjie)