To improve the user experience of the website optimization priority among priorities


said that if the structure of the site is on the facade, so is the core content of the construction of the website. The content as the foundation of a website, such as content is not high, unable to retain users. Then the high quality content from which a few aspects of it, only to the palletizing robot’s website, including the content of high quality construction: the preferred site content of the original share, the original article is in line with the user experience, search engine also strongly recommended; secondly the readability of the article, the readability of the article includes typesetting the rationality and the value of valuable articles is something users love.


Believe that the webmaster know the importance of the

site structure although only a superficial thing, but good website structure can improve the user experience, impressive. Take two do stacking machine 贵族宝贝fujiyusoki贵族宝贝.hk/ website, a website publishing links jumbled, perplexing, another website structure is simple and elegant, so users in this website, the residence time of many. Website optimization is a key to improve the user experience, first put the work, to further optimize the internal, the first impression is very important.

website no users, this is the other webmasters headache, users how to break the best stacking machine of my website, but this time I have been thinking about the problem. Therefore, I understand; the operations of some sites, many websites have their own users to share a circle, with the QQ group, micro-blog, WeChat and so on a variety of ways to build such a user share. The communication medium, users can share their thoughts and problems, thus further improve the user experience. Although such user share >

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people ignore this point, from the content of the construction of the website optimization, website construction, chain promotion focus is to optimize the webmaster friends, but if the server is not stable, directly affect the speed of opening the website. I do website optimization best stacking on the web server, this was also ignored me. A website open speed too slow, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, no users will be willing to wait for such a long time, the result is the direct closure of the site.

3, server

user experience of these four words, many people also used the four words on the lips, but the real meaning which is thought-provoking. The user experience is a site to be fundamentally healthy and long-term development, how to improve the user experience, this is the webmaster friends need to consider the issue. You may know the importance of user experience, but to get to know the real person is less and less. How to improve the user experience of the website optimization, following by Fuji palletisers website for everyone Xiaofeng simple analysis.

2, a high quality web content

1, optimize the structure of the website

4, the establishment of user sharing area

The stability of

The website of Shanghai Longfeng to build a search engine for the domain name

search engine operation in order to provide users with more accurate and useful information. The purpose of the corresponding variable for the ultimate goal of search engine optimization in the optimization work, in building a search engine love domain is divided into many levels, about the following:

two: the weight of links. The search engine based on link analysis technology is one of the core domain weighting technique, at least in the foreseeable future, the link of trust and authority transfer will continue on, unless one day the search engine industry fundamental algorithm change. So to build a line with the search engine like domain name will have the weight of good links to. In the range of operation, you can choose the following ways:

is too strong

· other related sites directory blog forum recommended links. In the site directory is not related to the contents of the blog forum on domain link promotion although there is a certain significance, but the meaning is very small. The search engine is considered more content relevance, rather than simply the number of links in the domain name, in the construction of more emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

· for the same industry-leading site links. The relative government educational institutions, the same industry good site links to be simple, also has the operation. For example, a local portal site can rely on their own content or connections with well-known portal site link exchange.

three: domain name registration time and history. By a user and search engine double love domain name should be the older the better, but not absolutely. Because not all of the old domain name is the good domain name. From the point of view of the following two points:

· domain name for government institutions of education link. The government and educational institutions and the need to optimize the site content itself if there is correlation between the weight of the link, this is very good, but the basic point to link the proposed weight does not have the maneuverability of

: a convenient memory and contains the keyword domain name. The search engine is designed to improve the user experience, in accordance with the needs of users on the same line with the search engine is the highest standard of preferences, search engine optimization. A convenient memory domain can quickly make user input when you want to query the relevant information, we all love such a domain name, domain name for this to consider how the middle name cleverly placed keywords.


· domain name was first included in the search engine is the time of the actual age decided the name. When a registered domain name for 10 years, has never been the site, when a page is not included, the domain name has no meaning to the user of the search engine, so when the line on the website, try to make the search engine website.

above all link weights are needed to the contents of a certain relevance, rather than blindly building garbage link group.

Yellow tail two principle and Application

more people search, it should try to allow users to click on the long tail of you. Because when you see the long tail of the user, are basically in the search engine. But users do not click in, you actually there are a number of rich content is meaningless. The traditional "sell themselves" in the present situation has not. So when the user search research must be focused attention, and some special symbols and will improve the user’s click rate etc.. And here, there are also small skills a long tail ranking Shanghai dragon. The search engine how to determine which information to help users, here is the judgment, which is the title of more people click on the title, which is more attractive, the search engine is every way to judge, can only determine which title clicked on more. However, your title design will be more people to click on, slowly, you will also be the long tail to the front rank. So, not only for the needs of users of information, you also reach the purpose of optimization.

We understand what the long tail will The long tail is


of course there are many methods, here I only give two more examples of usage. In fact, the use of the method, not necessarily can achieve the best.

life is beyond count, you do not know whether there is some long tail theory on life. For example, Internet cafes good machine accounted for 20%, 80% half machine. Many people came to the Internet in 20% machines, were found, do not want to go to other places and run in the other 80% machines. While the other 80% saves the fixed cost of investment. The fixed cost is early and important for an enterprise. There are a number of products sold. Why do I need to pay big bucks to buy some few people buy products. Because of those few people buy the products so products accounted for 80% of sales, while the mainstream products accounted for only 20%. You should know the truth. When do the long tail, what do we need

2. title is to enter the user fayan

?Research on user behavior

study of user behavior almost everybody said, the real research people not much, have to study, some experts are basically. The professional is often said let others know, he did not go to the application. When users search for a product, will search "GREE air-conditioning OK" or "GREE" or "GREE air conditioning air conditioning how quality"? The three long tail of the meaning is the same, three long tail is not conducive to the search engine, because the content is repeated. When will these problems, we will study the behavior of users. We need to think of yourself as the user, as the grass roots to analyze this problem, ask yourself what will search. Often the three long tail if used when can improve the search volume 50%, which is very impressive. So when you decide to need to do the long tail, we need to investigate a lot of people, when you have this problem, you can search what.

How to look at the face of Wangzhuan free of chargeHow do you make money from CPS ads

many webmaster may have tried to put CPS ads, but the delay can not be effective, so have to replace other advertising. Why does it work badly?. Knife, for example, your website is a movie site, and you put the CPS ad is to guide others to buy watches. Do you think someone in your website might need to buy a watch? Maybe, but the chances are very small. There may be tens of thousands of traffic on your site, but there may be no conversion at all. And the same ad for buying watches, I put on a blog with only 100 IP related themes, the conversion will be much better than your 10 thousand IP movie site,

wrote this because I didn’t want to see a friend reply to a post I sent today. Originally only with a vent to respond to some ideas written based on the lack of the textual research and comments, can calm down and think that it is not necessary. Just write a little superficial view of the project’s free and charging. For right or wrong, it represents my personal opinion.

Miracle always believed in one word: "there is no such thing as a free lunch.". Taobao guest website program is free? Unfortunately, that is to tamper with your PID, steal your income. Do you think it’s free to study first and pay later? Sorry, that’s to trick you into buying his space. Is it free of charge to offer you the shlf1314 bidding course? Sorry, that’s where you’re going to guide him to the Taobao store. A bunch of online part-time jobs are free? Unfortunately, that’s what you do for him to register with CPA. After so many years of Internet, I have seen too many things. But I firmly believe that one reason, in the absence of understanding of the premise, do not blindly affirm or deny others. You haven’t seen any of the items yet, but you don’t have to pay for a single one. Ha ha, I am speechless.

CPS Cost Per Sales: the actual amount of sales of products to convert advertising amount. That is, the charge according to each order / transaction. For each successful transaction, a site owner receives a commission.

is now a variety of websites and blogs to make money in many ways, China webmaster mostly to advertising as the main way of profit, but a lot of friends website or blog what, because there are no traffic, so the advertising effect is not good, even the hard domain space investment does not come back to earn, so here to talk about how to use a knife CPS advertising to make money, even if your website or blog not much traffic flow.

because the advantage of CPS advertising is that advertising revenue is not limited by traffic, >

CPS advertising in foreign countries have another name: Affiliate joint marketing plan, in the developed areas of the Internet advertising alliance, CPS type of advertising has become the most important form of advertising. Especially with the current financial crisis, many enterprises are beginning to tighten their advertising budgets. And in the advertising type, CPS is the most appropriate, effective to pay, in the face of advertisers sales pressure is not great. Therefore, CPS this way to pay the effect of advertising will become the best choice for advertisers, and now some of the larger advertising alliance also focus on the development of CPS. For example, more well-known Ali mom, the results of the net, foreign CB, CJ, and so on

I don’t know why some friends talk about charges as scared as. Do not read when you see the money. I know, in fact, for everyone, the best food, clothing, shelter, use the line, all free of charge. At that time, that sort of thing only existed in the ideal society. A person is always concerned about free things, doomed never to see the dross or trap.

thank the expert, please does. If you can come up with a project and can trade at Taobao, first see the item satisfaction and then confirm the payment, not satisfied with the direct refund. You can contact me immediately, no matter your project price geometry, I would like to be your first customer. Say no humility, not everyone can call it a genius. If you’re really a day

Miracle never asked anyone to recognize me, nor did you say you had to buy my project. But it’s not necessary to kill a man because of one’s opinion. Moreover, my project is a Taobao transaction each, we feel that the project is not satisfied, it is not feasible, you can not confirm the payment. I can do it on the basis of my steady, profitable and strong confidence in my project testing. I’m sure every friend who gets the project won’t give me a refund.

is not good?

CPS advertising is a type of advertising that leads users to consume commissions.

many of my friends all know that CPS advertising is going on, but most people choose love Click and pop category of advertising, because of the webmaster, effective immediately, it is best that day will be able to see the money is the best, so it is caused by the current spread of domestic advertising cheating environment. And CPS advertising relative to the actual transaction to get commission income, if not the right way, just throw in, then the effect is very bad, so very few people will choose it.

In fact,

first, let’s look at what the definition of CPS advertising is.

has always felt that I pay my wisdom, research projects, I pay my sweat, again and again on the project testing, I take a mature project out of sales, personal feel understandable. You told me I was looking for neither relative nor friend, no reason to put their hard test items free of charge? I just feel too lazy, operation too tired, so I want to guide you, change the profit model, to help others make money at the same time myself, I don’t think this is what

Taobao operations 40% positioning 40% products and pricing 20% marketing



this is Jia Zhen’s thinking about Taobao’s operation, based on his own practical experience to interpret the 442 law. Why Taobao’s best selling women’s clothing is actually a minority national wind? What is the location of success? What does the explosion mean? There are excellent answers in the article.

some time ago, someone asked: "can you find the generation of operators?" I replied: "good, very few, but if a generation of operators do not talk about positioning and the market, only deified their operating technology, and resolutely give up.".

Taobao search here, there is a saying: SEO can explain the search itself is imperfect, with the progress of the search engine, SEO can be less and less. Similarly, as Taobao matures, the online shopping market has become more and more commercial return, the need for pure Taobao operating technology in fact less and less.

perhaps in the past few years, we have little experience, Taobao rules are not perfect, the operation can even deified some of the "junk" low-priced products, the traditional industry then entered the electricity supplier, first learn to operate. But from this year, strong feelings like me these purely operational capabilities started Xiaonianqing who need to learn the real industry as the traditional commercial operation.

has a widely used 442 law in the marketing world:

direct marketing guru · +20% Mel (Ed Mayer) said: success 40% depends on positioning, +40% depends on the product and pricing, depending on marketing.

after so many years of Taobao experience, more and more feel that Taobao operations is no longer a simple technology, more of the market sentiment and understanding.

40% positioning

The first thing

does, it must be repositioning. This is just as important as the product itself. Why? Sometimes, we find that sellers who sell the same products, some evaluate products well, others evaluate products poorly. Because different shops, customers, ecological circle is not the same. Sometimes the product is not bad, but it is not sold to the right person.

many people think, the product must be quality is king, product quality must be the best. But ZARA managed to sell a bunch of quality clothes to a group of young people who wanted to be fresh, and did a great job.

speaking of positioning, we have to talk about the data. Today’s electricity providers are aware of the importance of data, they all know the benefits of data. But is there anyone who thinks about the fact that the data are poisonous?.

sellers are now easily positioning themselves in the market for some of the largest Taobao groups by analyzing which products are the most popular. At the end of the day, the likely outcome was that everyone was squeezed into a single log bridge. Present is the scene: the entire network of sellers are doing explosive money.

online shopping and traditional stores are very much

Website operation is not because of excessive persistent original content and lost direction

With the continuous change of the

search engine algorithm, especially after the introduction of Scindapsus pomegranate algorithm, we find that the importance of enhancing the user experience to a hitherto unknown level, more and more sites to the user experience, to give up the original acquisition of plagiarism, and start from the good, write their own original content.

this is a good trend, but things, we can also see many webmaster over attached to the so-called original content, original content that is all, resulting in site development was blocked.


defines the user experience, we can see that Baidu is from the aspects of its definition, and not as long as the original content accumulation can determine the user experience, improve the original just a branch of user experience. Of course we can find now have a good ranking site there are a lot of high quality original content, but this part of a successful website certainly not only original content that a factor, they rely on more aspects of web collaborative development.

to your site has a good and stable rankings, simply rely on the original content is not enough, excessive attached to the original content will only make us to SEO and SEO, instead of the real optimization, because we should not only optimize the original, we have correlation of the original, we also have a high quality of the user experience, we have to search engine crawling environment.

original content must be relevant, the original content of the horse is not worth the

has the original content of the site is a place in the competition weapon, but if the original content is irrelevant, and not related to our site content, that is a burden. For example, our site is a weight loss class site, but you are constantly in the machine related topics on the original content. So when the user comes to your site to look at the weight class information, see the article is some mechanical unrelated but, then I think the vast majority of users, this is a kind of deception, they will not hesitate to close your site, which are not related to the original site is cumbersome, visitors a high bounce rate and poor user experience degrees rankings will directly affect the site. In this regard, we can see that the original content is important, but not related to the original, not only no effect, but also counterproductive.

do a good job site visitor service, driving the user experience enhancement

to operate a good site, the subject of the problem is in all aspects, we need to pay attention to the overall design of the site, function, guidance, pictures and so on. Visitors to our site do not simply look at the original content, in addition to the original quality of the content, they want to be able to get a high quality reading environment. It’s like we’re reading a book in a library, and we’re going to throw it away in a cluttered and noisy environment. At the same time, visitors might want to be even more

Govany ice painting how the whole give you what you want –

now, the rapid development of science and technology, consumer demand for the living environment gradually increased, the basic requirements for life is gradually increasing. How about Govany’s ice painting? The choice of high-quality entrepreneurial projects, is the first step in the success of our business.

How much is the

Govany ice painting franchise?

business is to choose new products, others can not do the product, this is the entrepreneur needs to pay attention to the problem!

Many of the

glass ceramics manufacturers can Jiezhuang personality customization pattern, which is selling a big disadvantage, for example, some customers want to use their wedding photos into a large background wall hanging in the bedroom, a lot of technology on the market is not up to the standard, can not meet, and Govany painted on the ice discards the disadvantages, many customers say oneself in the process of operation, from the "customized" order is continuously.

with a size of 80× 200cm crystal carved decorative beauty effect of the ice sliding door to calculate the comprehensive cost (including the cost of raw materials and processing and production costs + cost) in about 150 yuan, more than the county-level city region market the lowest price of not less than 500 yuan, and only one device, you can make any pattern customers want, which can be seen in the huge profit space.

Govany ice painting research and technology strength, cooperation free technical upgrade services to ensure that customers of continuous production, maximize profits! According to the raw materials and the different region, there will be some differences in cost, but the cost is generally between 15-40 yuan, the market price fluctuate. Can be sold to hundreds of yuan, thousands of yuan, as our most pro a technology – ink ice painting (1060× 230cm), especially suitable for business premises, office and family study of the large plaque, comprehensive cost of 195 yuan / piece of advice, the market price of 1880 yuan / piece, a customer many sales: pieces of investment on the back of this. What are you waiting for in the huge profit space,


how about Govany’s ice painting? The choice of market development. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very strong brand to join the project. If, you are also very heart, so, still hesitate? Hurry up!

The second world Internet Conference opens in Wuzhen today

now belongs to the era of the Internet, the network to make people’s lives and work with a new change. Today, the second China Internet Conference held in Wuzhen. Global multinational leaders will attend the conference to explore the world of Internet development.

The first World Conference on the Internet than

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Clothing store named ten principles and the five taboo

although there are a lot of people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, but the lack of awareness of the name of the shop, the energy invested enough. In fact, a good name often indicates a good start, such as the name names, read catchy is more easy to remember, a good name can bring traffic to the store, the store Business Flourishes; on the contrary, a bad name may allow people to store produce resentment, unwilling to patronize. So the owner must be careful when naming. Below。 Xiaobian to introduce the clothing store is a principle and the five taboo.

clothing store name to remember these ten principles:

1. the owner must like the name.

2. clothing store name and operation of goods must be consistent, to give people the right impression.

3. should not have a negative impact.

4. clothing shop name shall be acceptable to the clerk and love.

5. try to avoid letters and numbers.

6. clothing store name should not be.

7. should be easy to read and write.

8. clothing store name must be novel, similar to other do not conform to no conventional pattern, clothing store shop.

9. don’t specialization.

10. clothing store name to fit to the target customer’s taste.

clothing store name need to remember the five taboos:

avoid partial word

brand name is for consumers to call, should take into account the popularity of the word, but it is regrettable that some trademarks in the name of the word also has some very serious problems. A soy protein flour mill for their soy protein powder, instant soybean dairy products brand named "Feng gang". Such a trademark do not say that the general farmers, the public do not know, I am afraid that even the university teachers may not be recognized. It is hard to imagine that such a trademark can become a brand name, it is difficult to imagine that the trademark goods can be sold in the market.

some people use unfamiliar words that can take a good name, name from the building to restore a good word to be elected. So, when it comes to naming names, the first thing you want to do is go to the Kangxi dictionary. As everyone knows, the actual situation is just the opposite. A good name is the same as a good article, in the flat to see the magic, rather than to unfamiliar words, words and characters of multi stroke. < >

Yang Xiaoxian joined the dessert shop details

market dessert investment brand many choose what brand is better? Xiao Bian think Yang Xiaoxian dessert shop is very good. "Yang Xiaoxian" brand highlights the "pure hand to create a healthy dessert," the characteristics, will be derived from the middle of the last century, Taiwan’s traditional dessert craft and the ingenious combination of modern technology to promote the market. Store brands adopt the fresh design style, warm home dining together with a scientific and reasonable way of sale counter, of young, happy, leisure mood, is dating couples, friends, places of choice leisure consumption, store image art fresh atmosphere, light and warm, let a person feel good to hear or see, from the visual psychology on.

Yang Xiaoxian dessert shop how to join? What are the advantages? See the following details:

Yang Xiaoxian dessert store to join the advantages of

"Yang Xiaoxian" has two core brand values: health and pure handmade. Adhere to the selection of superior, natural, healthy ingredients, flatly rejected additives, pigments, preservatives, plasticizers and other harmful substances.

"Yang Xiaoxian" to use the most fresh, the best raw materials, in the present day, cooking, sale.

"Yang Xiaoxian" adhere to the best product quality, continuous innovation and development, so that more diverse products, all ages, four seasons is not bad.

"Yang Xiaoxian" product

super mango ice

super mango Mein mein ice store is the flagship product, "Yang Xiaoxian" Mein mein ice with ice cream, is pure Handmade, to keep the fresh mango fresh, without any preservatives, zero pollution, zero added, to the unique planing system, the Mein mein ice delicate, soft dense, that is the entrance, taste great, on the surface with pure milk, with fresh mango and let the light Niu Naixiang perfect, into the mouth, cool and refreshing.

delicious grass

"Yang Xiaoxian" Immortality class dessert is also the main store, is also a manual Mesona boiled, Q shells tender, sweet grass will, joys, cool, play the most incisive.

Yang Xiaoxian dessert store process

1, to understand the Yang Xiaoxian join information

2, fill in the "Yang Xiaoxian dessert join application form"

3, Yang Xiaoxian, according to material audit, interview details

4, signed a franchise agreement, delivery to join gold