To complain. The snapshot is not true

pictured above is the four main words the main sites do, index are also quite high. The snapshot complaints after several keyword rankings are still. We can foresee the right site >

1: This is a kind of self deception


is the so-called forced love does not last, I think this is every webmaster all know the truth. But in real life, regardless of you and me, we often make the mistake of "strong twisted melon". For example, love Shanghai snapshots, many owners often entangled in their own site snapshot update not diligent, or stuck in a certain time. Although the authorities in Shanghai have made it clear that love does not exist and the site snapshot weight, but the snapshot of the reaction site health of this idea has been ingrained in the minds of the us. This will depend on many webmaster complaints to update the so-called snapshot. In this paper, the author want to express is: to the snapshot. The complaint is not true.


as the Shanghai dragon Er we complaint snapshot of the original intention is good, the development is undoubtedly want to make the site better, hope to be able to get a stable ranking site. But from the snapshot complaints experiments, the author’s views and love Shanghai’s official view, the snapshot will bring much impact to the weight, ranking will not. We also see a case. As shown below.

2: No, not conducive to ranking

above a test before I use the site to do, the picture is the snapshot of the author was heard about the latest snapshot complaints, a snapshot of the time point 22. After that I love Shanghai in the webmaster tools search engine crawling pressure diagram analysis it is a stage that. In the complaint snapshot of the No. 22 day search engine is not to our site, but the next day after the. Only the arrival of search engine can really generate snapshot information, that is to say the so-called snapshot No. 22 is purely fake a snapshot of self deception.

ER as Shanghai Longfeng we operate in any optimization means before will certainly consider the real significance. To assess whether to operate. So there is no substantive snapshot complaints? I think not, is a manifestation of self deception. Why? Because the snapshot complaints come just a representation, is not true. I have also tried to use snapshot complaints of this function, it can snapshot in a few hours to update. But the subsequent snapshot will continue to stagnation and even retrogression. We know that there is a relationship between the snapshot and search engine crawling. We can also say a snapshot update rule search engine crawling intensity is relatively high. So if the complaint can also let the snapshot search engine crawling more high? Let’s take a look at this case.

Senior Chief Instructor love Shanghai.

webmaster friends will have a common problem, used to be the Shanghai dragon, often very dependent on search engine. We were just born when the love of Shanghai, is not hype, media dissemination. We do the site should also pay attention to this point, brand publicity. Use >

Connectivity of

in Wikipedia input webmaster, to see entry page label, screenshots as below. We saw the titlle form for entry _ love Shanghai encyclopedia, but did not see the keyword and description we are familiar with the two labels. Obviously love Shanghai told us a message, tittle express form core keywords "_ + + site name, instead of the previous title keyword piles. There is a love of Shanghai has cut another two tag weight, and no less important the original algorithm to these two labels.

two, the link stationI personally love to

have to say, I’d prefer to go to Shanghai to click love to know what is the Encyclopedia of Shanghai dragon. Most people are not convinced Shanghai dragon love Shanghai encyclopedia ranking in front of Shanghai Longfeng forum, but did not consider the word search Shanghai Longfeng people want to learn more about Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of this entry is clearly more in line with the user experience. Love the Shanghai encyclopedia ranking effect not only in the sea fell in love with outstanding performance, but also in the noble baby is very good, this also reflects the love of Shanghai in the Shanghai dragon encyclopedia does optimization done very well. Then we have to learn from the Shanghai dragon masters:



Shanghai station link approach is very popular, at least I love Shanghai in view of Wikipedia feel very convenient. Love Shanghai Baike station link is like a bridge connected with a relevant page, look to a scattered fusion entry into a whole. Take this as an example, the author when browsing the webmaster of this entry, if not very understanding of the civil service, civil servants can click this link to jump to the civil service entry, this reduced the browsing time to a great extent. So I personally think that a good site should have a stand inside the anchor text link that makes stronger site connectivity.


three, not just for the search engine

used to love someone that Shanghai is to add their own products favor, granting special preferential treatment, but this is in fact with a deep sense of jealousy. Shanghai love and take care of their own products, rather than love, Shanghai know better their algorithm. If I as a novice, fell in love with the sea search Shanghai dragon as below:

, a label describing

Here we have

An old webmaster share Shanghai dragon Er future where

Art: in fact relating to art development is a good direction, but early as Shanghai dragon Er we have some resources, like a few high weight of the blog, the blog, ifeng贵族宝贝, Sina, Admin5, home owners, laggards and so on account high authority is also essential, there is these resources, later your workload is greatly reduced, just write the original article, the chain became in the early stage after not so difficult, most of the time can be used to learn another skill, then all kinds of mapping software, need artists like PS, AI, but can to achieve a high level of level still need more practice on the project.

began to contact Internet from the second half of the semester, have done a movie station, local portal game forum, forum and so on different types of websites, the intention is really real, it is hoped to real in the website optimization learning experience. Also really want to make money through the network, but unfortunately, the final one did not survive, now cooperate with friends in the movie station dying, which does give dying kicks it, there are many reasons, not to mention here.

is about er or a way out of the development of Shanghai dragon topic has been a lot of people mentioned, repeated again today, such a topic is because the first two nine still sat at the computer busy writing articles, the unconscious mind flashed this idea, I do not Shanghai, what can we what? I think first of all is the unemployment, online to see a lot of people that do is a kind of mixed Shanghai dragon IT the most bitter, I do not know this is the approved or denied, after all, in the IT industry more tiring thing, I haven’t done, maybe, like software engineer, project engineer and so on. For programmers to catch a project, sometimes overtime that is normal thing, so only experienced people are eligible to say

editor: edit in fact is also a good choice, after all, as the Shanghai dragon wrote so many original articles or >


along the way, the Internet was so long, painful experiences of failure, also had the joy of success is more short, with some views on many things, especially on a development direction of our Shanghai Longfeng Er future road, today posted to share with you, hoping to bring some give you inspiration.

operation: many articles have mentioned, the operation direction is the best destination of our Shanghai dragon er the future, after all, a website operator is a set of optimization and promotion, program, art and so on a post ability as a whole, although it is the set of different skills, but more still in the management ability, only good the team’s potential to play out, in order to achieve the desired results, and now with micro-blog, WeChat, mobile search and so on fast media was born, now the site optimization may not be the only way to learn this, how to marketing, will also allow yourself to become more powerful,

The website jump out rate is too high and how to deal with

user experience a word, looks very difficult, in fact it is in accordance with customer requirements and design of the website. But we are now a lot of enterprise network mall, are to "display" products and services, enterprise information and website design, many are not users want to see so many elements, hinder the user’s access level.

Please look at the example of

1. home. Banner images and advertising page should decide to holiday season, this time, what the customer needs, we will put what. Such a customer in website, you can see the current time to the product or service, then he is likely to click into the check. We have to do what is in place to highlight the most prominent web users want, or we can help users solve what.

this is the first issue to consider, you can imagine, if you go to visit a website, point into the loading for a long time did not fully open, you will also close the direct estimation of web page. So to improve the website access speed need in the first place.


, for example, if your website to sell products, so in the summer, you should put sunscreen, on the front page of the banner map of the oil skin care products; if the winter season, you need to place moisturizing skin care products.

business website and not as long as the keywords optimization up, bringing traffic so simple, with the flow, we need to pay attention to the website jump out rate. What is the website jump out rate? Online explanation: just visit the percentage of single page user accounts for all user access, is simply the only visited a number of page users accounted for all users. Many of the newly optimization of the website, the bounce rate is very high, so how to deal with this problem?

The The design of


two, user experience.

, a website access speed.

this is a website to sell gifts, we can look at the idea, to buy the gift of the people to enter the website, navigation will guide how he choose the gift (send what? For what?). This can guide the intangible customer consumption, we have to do is to navigate into a shopping guide.

related information to do. In the product page and the article page information be placed.

site speed: 1. server access speed, try to choose a stable and secure multi line server; 2. reduce page display of flash, there are pictures of the JS and the size of the external script; 3. site optimization code, delete the useless code.

2. navigation is especially important. Should be designed according to the needs of users, minimize the about us and brand to the customer information and so on useless.

improve the user experience:

Li Shanyou why don’t people in foreign enterprises dare start their own businessesThree types of new

itself in a team, or you have a lot of network master friends, then this way is suitable for you, is through the ground reality friendship operation, put these on the network master, the reality of the child operation to be your friend, usually on the phone to communicate about, ask they are what the project operation now, you can not look at the past, learn about their operation if he said project, what should be prepared to do some tools, what kind of.

therefore, people in foreign enterprises are itching to watch others start their business, but in the face of no system, platform, brand support, they are more timid and afraid. In the original place to be comfortable, and less willing to take out adventure. I met a lot of friends working in a foreign company, often deciding whether to start a business would take two or three years, and so on, the opportunity is gone. They are good at rational analysis, in fact, entrepreneurship is an impulse and passion, not by analysis can draw conclusions.

foreign companies are in a large system, even if it is very successful, but also part of the whole part, behind the brand, logistics, products and many other resources in support. Such a sense of achievement is really limited, and the more the end, the more a small part of the system. Some people have done statistics, airborne foreign private enterprises executives success rate of less than 10%, in addition to cultural factors, that is resilience.


personal webmaster, a very noble occupation, no one would say that he will be able to start a day to earn much money! Are slowly learning, slowly accumulated experience, coupled with their own hard work, one day grow up! This article is reproduced here, hope to have to help novice and master! Don’t scold me

1, the cycle is too long, generally need more than half a year.

2, a friend with perseverance and determination, who decides to do a career.

two, looking for teachers and friends.

1, a friend without financial pressure, can afford long periods without income.

second, entrepreneurs tend to have a special advantage, while there are many shortcomings of people. The most important thing about starting a business is putting your long board to the top, and I made it clear in the 5 monthly column, "the 7 traits of a successful entrepreneur.". However, the ways and objectives of cultivating foreign companies are not quite consistent with this. By the end of the year, >

for crowds:

2 can be famous.

vase phenomenon is the primary factor. From a psychological point of view, when you make a special effort to accomplish something, it will become a limit to your next step. It is as if you have carefully molded a vase. The vase has a very nice exterior, which holds your position, your money, your family, etc.. But your heart and potential are also bound inside the vase, lonely and insecure.


for example, we download a master tutorial lectures, then we put these tutorials are arranged in order according to the simple to the complex, then an article carefully study, in the learning process, and then according to their actual situation, the inside should learn knowledge and complement as well as examples to write is to write a study notes, is through this tutorial to learn what, what has been mentioned, "a sample of what is, you have to do it yourself, to what extend themselves to the new, what advice.

one, while learning to organize their own tutorials.

1 has a lot of knowledge.

If you

2, most people suffer from long periods of no income, light learning, so those who stick to it don’t even have 1/1000.

angel investor Tan Chi also spoke at the angel Congress, 20 years ago, people are most proud of foreign enterprises, entrepreneurship means not find a job. On the contrary, you have to say that you work in a foreign company and you will be laughed at. The exciting thing is to start a business.

for foreign enterprises, these two words are a bit extreme, a bit harsh; but the survey of the current Internet leader, the proportion of foreign companies is not high. So lately I’ve been thinking, what causes foreign executives and occupation managers do not dare to venture out, or entrepreneurial success rate is not too high? Logically speaking, foreign executives entrepreneurial success rate should be higher, they are educated, English, knowledge management. However, I found that there are three major factors that lead to foreign entrepreneurs do not dare to start a business.

is through to write this review, then this article is particularly suitable for newcomers to read, usually do not publish their own articles, but the accumulation, when accumulated to more than 500 articles, can be printed, and then as a training course for bidding promotion, announced some sections of authenticity let others know you care and tutorial, so this is equal to your own fame and profit has laid a solid foundation, the more you order, the more difficult is beyond you.

3, famous for making a profit at the same time.

Sun Taoran mentioned in the "36 rules" in business, the most ideal occupation road for young people, is the first big company after graduation to work for a few years, you can learn a lot of knowledge management, will enhance the realm. Then you can go to the start-up company to work, and finally start your own business. Don’t start a business or stay in a big company for too long. In the company of not more than 5 years, or basic is a waste, a mouse in the greenhouse, the survival ability of degradation, but also very tall.


Network e-commerce + emerald + network =

"e-commerce world": in 2007, China’s operational capacity of the industry reached 2300 sites, with a total operating income of 14 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 47% compared to 2006. Some traditional retail industry and B2C e-commerce integration increasingly close, maternal and child products, mobile phones, jewelry, flowers, gifts, home building materials, a large number of traditional industry segments, the most profitable.

iResearch survey: 08 years of rapid growth Chinese e-commerce scale will achieve 125.1%, reached 126 billion 300 million yuan, a few years e-commerce market will maintain rapid growth trend for the future, 2011 is expected to reach 569 billion yuan.

mobile + network = wealth – Beidou mobile phone (

, the largest mobile e-commerce site in Asia, is dedicated to mobile B2C and B2B services and provides comprehensive e-commerce services. As early as 2005, the B2C business of Beidou mobile phone network has sold fifty thousand units in one month, and B2B transactions amounted to tens of billions of transactions in a year. is one of the first credit union China e-commerce sponsors, topped the 2004 and 2005 China commercial websites 100, the authority of the organization’s annual competitions have won the "most popular Chinese website", "the most potential site" and so on.

= wealth – flowers + network ( network)

Salala flowers

was founded in April 2000 in a small office building in Xi’an hi tech Industrial Development zone. In February 2005 more and the world’s largest online florist 1-800 flower house set up the only two-way cooperation between the March 2005 China Merchants Bank card brand become more service providers. Congratulations on the eighth April 2005 Shalala e-commerce conference held successfully, more become e-commerce conference service providers only designated flowers. November 2005 Chinese Flower Association become more. In 2007, the annual sales of up to 800 million yuan more.

shirt + network = wealth – PPG (

PPG was founded in October 2005 at the end of 2007, which has a staff of 500 people, the number of daily sales of more than 10 thousand pieces of clothing, and the domestic market share of the first YOUNGOR shirt last year sales of 13 thousand pieces per day not much difference between. Venture capitalists TDF and JAFCO Asia jointly invested in PPG in 2006, and the US KPCB Vc firm joined the second round of investment in April 2007. These two rounds of investment are close to $50 million. Entered in 2008, PPG sold more than 30 thousand shirts over the network average day.

diamond + network = wealth – nine diamond nets (

2006, the nine diamond jewelry network was established

Share personal independent blog Research Report

today (September 26, 2008) finished the last work of the independent blog research report. From the questionnaire to the final report that sporadic lasted 20 days, with 52 users involved, the final questionnaire summary of the total number of words is 30 thousand and 4 words, considerable, here I would like to thank you for bloggers, thank you for your attention to this matter you spectators, thanks to zblog, thanks to the World Wide Web…

in September 6, 2008, was named in the blog and asked to answer the problem, problem is nonsense, such as your love is basically meaningless what colors like, or what is happiness, no answer to the question. In fact, what color I did not love and not love, if a wretched joke, I may say I love yellow, but if the girl asked, I would like to say I love to blue, blue told her, I always in blue. Digress: -). Finish this writing a series of suddenly a lot of things, why, I don’t do a blog about the independent research, this is a very meaningful thing, not only can let those who are outside our understanding of these money blogging guys, can also let us have a more profound understanding of your this group. Very good, very powerful ideas, so hot headed immediately wrote a questionnaire, and then spread out like small ads everywhere.

finally, I’ll do my best to send the final research report to every blogger involved and thank you for your participation,


1. Why would you choose to be an independent blogger in the presence of many free hosting blogs?

Keywords: freedom, personality, fashion, speed, interaction, copyright,

two, the original issue of blog, do you think it is not an independent blog to reprint too many articles?


Keywords: blog; excessive; copyright; soul

three, to the independent blog links question, you will link what kind of blog


keyword: relevance; update frequency; pr+ included; interactive; template; original

, this is the fourth part of independent blog research. What we want to know is how independent bloggers treat advertising and how to control advertising revenue. Through the questionnaire, the problem of advertising, bloggers differences are actually quite large.

has 23 bloggers simply said his blog, no ads, no future advertising plan, all kinds of reasons, said extreme points: despise advertising, real doubt advertising can bring the income, as well as bloggers said with advertising too much trouble, too lazy to do. Of course, more bloggers who choose not to make ads do not have much interest in talking about it. Just leave three words in this questionnaire without advertising.

‘s nearly 30 bloggers placed ads and did not exclude advertising revenue and put ads in the original

Li Jincheng opened a shop fire business

for any of the current entrepreneurs, the most concerned about nothing more than to master more business skills, the successful opening of a shop. For Li Jincheng, it’s not a problem! Li City Mall is located in Shandong Yantai tobacco Haihe road in Haiyang City, surrounding the downtown business district, the competition is very fierce. After several years of hard work, the owner Li Jincheng will be a recession of the traditional store developed into a profitable modern terminal, so many colleagues admire. After visits and exchanges, I learned that Li Jincheng’s unique business.

store layout clever intentions

seems to Li Jincheng, in order to attract the attention of consumers and stand out in a number of cigarette retail stores, it should be in store layout and cigarette display efforts. Only to create specialty stores, in order to impress consumers.

in store appearance layout, Licheng cigarette market overall with red tone, with big gold signs, striking and atmosphere. Store display of tobacco varieties, the number of feet, placed in an orderly manner, a single pack of cigarettes using the font display, and the color with a reasonable, give people a visual enjoyment. Best-selling brands, new cigarettes are placed in a prominent position to stimulate consumer desire to buy.

Li Jincheng said: if the store is too ordinary, consumers look at the past is not easy to remember. In order to improve the rate of entry into the store, the store must have characteristics." Licheng smoke Mall features from modern electronic equipment: LED screen door always playing the latest cigarette market information; store large LCD display is connected with the cashier. As long as there are cigarettes sold, the number of sales, the amount will be displayed on the screen, consumers can see clearly, buy a clear.

pay attention to detail clever propaganda

"details determine success or failure, to the store business is good, we must proceed from the small details, pay attention to important points, by strengthening propaganda, to attract customers." Li Jincheng said.

shopping bag is not humble, but it is one of the most frequently used consumables in the shopping process. If you make good use of this, you can make a big article. Prior to the store customers shopping bags too thin, but the quality is hard, easy to break. Li Jincheng began to ponder: shopping bag is small, but it can reflect on the customer’s intentions, but also to strengthen the store propaganda, even in the shopping bag to spend more money, as long as it is worth keeping customers. So he contacted an advertising company and made a new shopping bag. Shopping bags are not only good quality, but also with the store’s information and service purposes.

details of the changes, reflecting the intentions of Li Jincheng management, but also won the praise of many customers. Small shopping bags not only increase the thickness, but more importantly, its "component".

16 year old girl quit doing electricity supplier

16 years old children are generally in the third year, a variety of cultural knowledge, for the college entrance examination, a good university. There is a 16 year old girl is not the case, she embarked on the road to the electricity supplier entrepreneurship, and many big brother big sister and aunt aunt compete in the market. Now, let’s take a look at her experience,

this was born in 1998, 16 year old girl, in the second semester of high school to drop out, founded the magic department store – the first home for the future after the youth of the platform and 00 of the electricity supplier platform for the age of 95. In the magic department, student party can find suitable for the young people of goods, such as the star with a trendy clothing, adorable cute pillow and Hello Kitty charging treasure. And most of the magic department store products are very difficult to buy goods online under the unique.

electricity supplier magic department after 90 entrepreneurship

created magic department store, for Wang Kaixin is a natural thing. Entering high school, she found the clothes into a dilemma: in Taobao, and other electronic business platform, the majority is over more than and 20 years old "people" clothes, or even if you want to find the children’s clothing, clothing, then have to search for a long time, which makes looking for "two dimension", "Meng cartoon wind" Wang Kaixin very helpless. Then she observed that not only themselves, in fact, the students are basically facing the same problem.

why not to sell their classmates love goods, reduce their cost of decision? So, Wang Kai Xin began to side of the class in high school, while looking for some of the production of clothing goods suppliers love peers, and through social network marketing. I did not expect this approach is very popular, her platform in the best performance of the monthly sales of several hundred thousand dollars, she also earned his first pot of gold in a few months.

in May this year, the Wang Kaixin school the next semester, she made a decision in the ordinary people can not seem to understand: direct suspension entrepreneurship, wholeheartedly do a special party for young students of the electronic business platform, and then the birth of magic store.

electricity supplier magic department after 90 entrepreneurship

can imagine that her decision to leave school has not been supported by the family. Wang Kaixin’s parents want her to be a literate person rather than an entrepreneur, especially at this age. So, and her parents quarrel also became commonplace, the most fierce one, she was also a mother with a stick to serve.

but none of this changed the girl’s determination to start a business. In Wang Kaixin opinion, if the ordinary people sprint college entrance examination, to accept the four years of social education is likely to be out of touch with the University, after graduating from the crowded subway nine to five life, it is finished

Small warning can also play a big role

a lot of time, just because of a small warning, but it can help the owner a big favor, so that the owner of the business can be hot development. Some time ago, a friend brought two cigarette let me help to sell, and full tone said, according to our relationship, let alone two cigarettes, is ten, also leave her, leisurely, sure. I really feel shy, very embarrassed, she refused to disappoint her.

but I do not think the perfect way, I stammered that my local traffic is little, low consumption, I can help you sell, God knows how long, besides, the company does not allow marked regional code cigarette in the local retail store sales, the busy I could really help. Said this time, I lower the head to see the supermarket packaging bags auspicious smoke superscript name, and it also with auspicious supermarket shopping small ticket.

suggested a friend went to the supermarket auspicious luck, told her only transfer goods or sell, can not be returned, after listening to friends, show displeasure, but still took two cigarettes to the auspicious supermarket, no more will be called to tell me that the supermarket to help her adjust several cheap cigarettes, is good to keep her father-in-law and lover of smoke, to hear her talk was in a good mood, knew she wasn’t angry with me, my heart was down.


, I think, if a friend brought the smoke, no other supermarket packaging, no small ticket, how can I cope with the regulations of the company, to convince her, a little highfalutin, will let her get me won’t help, I really do not know after the encounter this kind of situation, how to end.

thought for a long time, suddenly to decorate the shop to print a brain wave, the scarlet letter several distinct: cigarette sold are not returnable, Xie Marie sold.

not to mention, the effect is obvious, since there is a warning that the store did not appear in the phenomenon of the return of cigarettes, the situation is gradually reduced on behalf of the sale.

comments: due to the social environment factors, the Chinese people generally good face, some words even if the heart is very unhappy, but do not want to open face to face. However, some words, if it is not convenient to say in person, write a few words of the effect is good, after all, the current social situation, human influence is generally greater than the rules.