Keywords judge competition coup

is a site of the highest weight is the home page, so ranking the strongest is home. Just so, webmaster always put the most important words in the home page, so the search results returned by the first five pages or ten pages in the website homepage to occupy the position number >

through bidding

since the emphasis is the number of results then of course is how much more quantitative, but comparison of this method is a good non natural ranking results obtained by keyword bidding number, since these words can make businesses rushing to love Shanghai money to get a more forward position, they can help these businesses to obtain greater benefits, so these words are very commercial value, since it is so, so that more businesses through bidding, on behalf of the more competitive keywords.



A number of search results from

this method is compared with the first method and improved a little, because we all know that a web page is the most important key words often appear in the title, so the title page contains keywords is the main competitors and we compete, we can use this number of results were compared to determine the degree of competition in the key words.

the number of query keywords instruction

four, five or ten page page number

the number of search results that we through the search engine search keywords in the results returned by the first page display lines such as: "love Shanghai to find relevant results for you about XXX, is the sum of all the keywords of the page. Obviously, the number of search results more representative of the degree of competition is, in general, the number of search results in 100 thousand the following, the key competition is very small, the number is in 100 thousand to 1 million, so the key to have a good ranking there is a certain degree of difficulty, as a result of more than one million, the the word of the competition even more fierce, and once the number of results of more than ten million, so the word competition can only be used to describe the tragic, this is not our webmaster can touch the word.

for the web site optimization before Shanghai Longfeng usually prepare a lot of words, and then these words were screened, and the screening process we will inevitably encounter this kind of situation: Several keyword search index is similar, the meaning is similar, in order to avoid keywords duplication, we must have a choice in the end, that how to choose? Can use a lottery to go. Because the choice of keywords is a very important criterion is to choose those search index is relatively high, the degree of competition should be relatively small, in view of this, so this time we will be judged by the degree of competition for their choice. How should we judge the competition degree of keywords? I through study and practice at the following summary judgment method:

three, the number of

two, intitle

On the now Shanghai dragon Forum deteriorating

about the Shanghai dragon knowledge forum is mixed and disorderly, so what is the best forum above we refer to the problem, do Shanghai dragon must have a set of methods of their own, if you are in accordance with the above knowledge forum to do, the effect is not good. I hope you can help to.

like Shanghai Longfeng novice often go to some Shanghai dragon forum to learn some knowledge, some people will Shanghai Longfeng answer post your questions and so on, but this forum is really very little, but also will answer is not so correct, misleading a lot of novice, because the main purpose of those not reply your problem, but outside the chain, or really like you just pretend to be a scholar, but also powerful way to mislead you, now generally good platform, such as the CHINAZ article, has A5 articles, the bar is not a forum, said is some more practical.

forum, the forum also has a lot of quality in the post, but very few, most people are to go outside the chain of quality, resulting in a serious decline in the contents of the forum, so that the individual A5 webmaster to cancel the signature, should be related to this.

online is a lot of Relationship Learning Forum Shanghai dragon, every day there are a lot of people in the above post, ask questions, answer questions, exchange of experience. Does learning forum role is very large, but now many Shanghai Longfeng forums have been some Adsense advertising, slowly cover the learning and communication function.

also has a lot of new Shanghai dragon friends will say, can find the information you want in the forum, but when you are familiar with the Shanghai dragon, you will find that the things you want is very fuzzy, even there is no answer, yesterday to search for a thing, I love Shanghai in the first place, is a well-known forum. But the contents of lead in this article Baba Shanghai dragon Lin Jianhui written today, really is all for the chain to reply, do people respond, not a reply with answers.

In 3,

, 4 years ago, at that time if you want to have something to the forum has been issued, many answers, there are various answers you want, and you want to achieve the search engine to search your problem in you, there will be very many forums have asked, and have to solve. Look at now, all is for the chain to the forum today, Lin Jianhui about today’s Shanghai dragon forum.


Why not say the


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A small sense of theory and practice of Shanghai Dragon

theory and practice itself is closely related to knowledge, every time to see the theory, every time I heard lectures, every time I think of those searched books can always see the word, every time I see is fried rice posts on the forum, you feel ya pear? Theory is always others, practice always be yourself, someone else’s article is always someone else, you need to do is to use the others to write their own theory, those are your own.

: see a lot of people say, we have to change Links, we are looking for high quality Links, high quality Links well, and so on various things, but how to specific operation, how do the process mentioned, we share the experience instead of some of the most basic try.

two: we have to analyze the structure of the site, see a lot of people are saying that it is important to do well in the station optimization, website structure, good keyword density, good keyword distribution, and we should look for yourself, how to do in the station optimization, H tags, tag tags, site maps, page 404, web log analysis, etc. is specific to the part of the investigation, how to do optimization in practical work, how to maximize the spider index, how to use nofollow and so are we should practice work.

on the theory, have been naive to think that after reading many books that Shanghai dragon is very simple, had a Book continuous reading N times, but found that when you are actually in the face of a website or when the feeling by don’t know where to start, here is the empty talk; that time I read a book on the Shanghai dragon, go to the forum, blog, and so on, we go to the chain, already know the forum, already know the blog, but only book knowledge, do you know how to go to the forum? Do you know how to maintain the blog? These, perhaps only reading is absolutely unable to grasp and, you can say, the book says is right, I know what is the Shanghai dragon, I know how to do the optimization, is nothing more than the content and the chain; these seemingly is Shanghai dragon know Or, say, the book is that the principle of search engine? How do you know some rules up? The book is also unable to get the theory is always theory, not practice is always talking.

learned about the practice, Shanghai dragon knows the importance of practice, not practice, Everything is nothing, every practice, is the feeling of theory and ideas, the most simple, we should know that under the guidance of the theory, do what we should do, then simply said next, let’s discuss the mode of practice.

I bought 2 books, but learn down, do not feel a thing, no matter how strong theoretical knowledge, even if you can memorize all the knowledge, but if you do not take out personally, you still do not know what, this is practical and not do something small, gap. Also do it well again, and in the theory of practice, also can.

From the website by K analysis of some factors affecting the search engine

contact for a long time, will naturally understand a word, keyword and not the more the better, no matter what the key.


here to add, is to check your site have their own issues, such as a horse, this is the most troublesome. Now a lot of horse are quite advanced technique, for example, you only write a JS website, and then make your site from a search engine landing, will jump directly to the illegal websites, this is secret. The best solution is to set up the website core directory permissions, don’t let hackers easily implanted trojan. Very hateful, some small host, itself is the dry son has no * * things, beware of


on this server stability, I put it in the first row. It is easy to understand, if your server is itself a lot of questions, will have a direct impact on your website, or even a fatal impact! There is a phenomenon that many webmaster friends love to use free space or choose some very cheap host, not greedy urination if appropriate, often at the expense of the myself. In fact, this kind of host itself has many problems, may put hundreds of sites under a IP, these sites do not rule out a lot of body similar to even the website is K, a word can explain the seriousness of the problem: a mouse droppings, so bad a pot of porridge! This part of the webmaster friends to think twice if you want to run your own website! So, when buying a host, must choose well-known and reputable service providers, like foreign host GoDaddy can also be considered; if you have the server, it will maintain the good standing of the relationship, or increase the number of IP can also be. In short, we must ensure the stability of all servers in your website, this is a must! Sites are often not open, talk about how to optimize the

1) web server instability


Shanghai dragon involves something very wide, the head of the comprehensive ability requirements are relatively high. Many just contact Shanghai dragon friends, and no systematic to study Shanghai Longfeng, may be here today to see some optimization techniques, there tomorrow to see some, though some concepts are not quite understand, blindly try, although the spirit is very good, but it is prone to Mo wonderful operation errors, finally lead to site K, can only go to each big BBS or inquiry platform to go for help. How to effectively avoid risks, reduce our website is the possibility of K, we should from the following points to analysis.

) keyword changesShanghai dragon

webmaster friends to come to the site, K is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue, this is not an exaggeration. Look at your station step by step up, as their own children. Can one not careful, is search engine in limbo. In grief, we need more analysis by K, to find out the reasons, relative to the adjustment, the search engine will be re approved. So how to do the K site? Site is K for many reasons, is probably caused by our own problems.

The natural ranking and bidding who hits high

said on summing up the above arguments! So we can summarize some results:

can you have considered, when the search search for a keyword, the search results will he point keyword advertising, why not point keyword advertising? Or some more general, what specific people will select the keyword advertising, which does not have such ideas? Write this article is mainly due to have the customer asked to inform us, they think that if there will be some keyword advertising business needs, the reason is due to know those vendors, but to find the report, looking for material, will choose the natural search results.

users would click the keyword advertising, which will select the natural search results; will select the keyword advertising is not necessarily people have decided to purchase the product people will purchase goods; people may also select the keyword advertising and natural search results. However, the natural search results read than keyword advertising high several times, then you choose

but we want to turn a good material to find people won’t click keyword advertising? Now that is to find the materials or report, carpet search must ultimately, certainly deny the answer. This application will certainly choose keyword advertising. The other is the needs of the business people will not choose the natural search results

?This article from the

We cannot tell what

customers by this argument to question Shanghai Longfeng effect? Okay, this argument seems to have its rationality, but ignore an important factor, that is a lot of "select the keyword advertising people did not realize that advertising is fierce". Do not choose love by advertising, which is a common phenomenon, which is why even read at first very high keyword advertising now also dropped to only about 5% of the number.


we say, in a business or demand before purchase behavior constitutes the practice process of this product must be SURVEY, process the purchase decision is not find the goods, and then purchase, so simple, and also must understand this product, furthermore, if the natural search results is presented about the business needs the site, do you think he will point? The answer is yes. For example, people who want to travel to Guam, when he was in search of "Guam" is the keyword search results, showing the "Guam tourism network -XX travel agency", you said he will choose whether high? The customer concerns, in addition to our arguments, they are also a phenomenon of coercion the. Because of their own purchase "Sabah" of the word "Sabah" is the keyword advertising, this keyword suddenly appear in the YAHOO page "demand", which formed the number of selected suddenly soared, but there is no corresponding increase call volume. This represents what kind of phenomenon? "Will select the keyword advertising person is not necessarily the purchase of goods directly to the people".

Dongguan www.t Shanghai: Shanghai dragon >

The specific steps of the small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization Shanghai Dragon

this is the most important step you plan to do better, then right, not to execute according to the plan, all in vain. Do well in the station optimization, keywords layout, title and meta writing, links and the structure of the website, and then make the content of the website and the.

fourth, set the site optimization

sixth, the execution of

do anything to set a performance goal, website optimization is the same, is mainly set goals, to carry out strict. Target the short-term goal of long-term goals, how to quantify how to do is to refine the segmentation, every day, it will be more easy to see the effect.

When the website optimization

every enterprise has its own target customer groups, of course website different target customer groups but different, because the enterprise stand not in order to make the flow, not to sell advertising, but mainly to promote their products, so targeted customers to make in-depth and accurate analysis.

Analysis of analysis

want to do network marketing business website will be troubled by the website optimization scheme, it should start from where, should do what will be missing a lot of content, is your company to arrange for specialized personnel to do or find a professional Shanghai dragon company to do, for these, it is a difficult problem for most small and medium-sized enterprises, under the Weifang website [/url] to introduce Shanghai Longfeng ideas, according to the plan to do, the efficiency will be greatly improved, it twice. The following main points for reference:

first, choose the keyword of the website

The status of

analysis of the web site, 1 basic data, including age, PR, web site collected snapshot, time. 2, website optimization, keyword writing, Title Description, paragraph (H1H2 tag), the optimization of processing and directory page and inside pages url. 3, external links, the chain quantity and quality, Links, station links. According to the analysis of these aspects, do their own website solution.

second, combined with the competitor’s website

fifth, mainly to promote customer

keyword to distinguish target keywords or long tail keywords, this selection is mainly based on the user’s search intention based, to think of what the customer search in Shanghai. Keywords analysis of enterprise website optimization is the most important step, be sure to make analysis.

third, enterprise websiteThe status quo of the website

only know, before have done optimization, or maintenance of the case, of course, recorded better, can also through some Shanghai Longfeng detection software, on the site down analysis, this website in their business more objective understanding.

Good customer maintenance, doubling store sales

no matter what business will have customers, will be involved in customer maintenance problems, in a shop, regardless of the site or line shop, whether can have the good operation and development, the most important is to see the two indicators, the first is the number of old customers, is back second people, is the person’s ability, ability of new customers is to bring the old customers. Summed up, mainly the following three indicators: flow, conversion, satisfaction.

1, traffic we all know, the more I flow, the better, of course, this is correct, but traffic will also have different sources, different sources of traffic quality will vary greatly. For example, how to come through the network advertisement flow, the general conversion rate is low, reaching five percent on the good, how is the old customers to introduce, the conversion rate is several times higher, so the key traffic is not running, the key is the quality of traffic sources. Flow need to do analysis, we can do a table as follows, analysis of our traffic from where, each of the total flow ratio, the conversion rate of each total flow is how, how to improve conversion rate.


accounting for

conversion rate

promotion method


conversion rate

station search






through train












promotion outside













two, conversion rate

To improve the conversion rate of

involves a shop comprehensive operation ability, shooting, from the most basic picture of the product design, copywriting, page setup, all from the user physical perspective, and the effect of different settings are used to analyze the data, such as an advertisement word with no words the expression, to attract >

WeChat large era local Internet, to survive, we must strengthen industry professionalism

Abstract: the Regional Internet sites are mostly from the portal, the transformation of community and, like many portals, the face of micro-blog, WeChat, 58 city, the United States and other groups to sink into the impact products and business models of local, a very strong sense of crisis.


Most of the

Regional Internet sites are transformed from portals and communities. It can be said that many regional Internet Co has experienced more than 10 years of groundless talk, like many portals, the face of micro-blog, WeChat, 58 city, the United States and other groups to sink into the impact products and business models of local, a very strong sense of crisis.

Regional Internet transformation into confusion

seems to be the biggest crisis from WeChat, the impact of the public, in 14 years, the rise of all "Adorable treasure vote", and in the initial setting, requires all the polling frequency increased, and the market to do bad, this logic is: due to low barriers to entry, to prevent competitors from using this increased activity of fans with plenty of opportunities, so simply vote for user fatigue.

the final result is: now all we see is difficult to rise in a similar poll, even the last two days of the official WeChat voting function and strict supervision before the third party vote, in fact, has been difficult to localize their large influence, because the user groups have been formed.

, another concern is the localization of APP universal type products, like discuz, phpwind products, BAT has to realize regional value of the website, Ma once in a few years ago PHPwind hosted Qiandao Lake Regional Internet webmaster event that local sites may exist with Ali’s competition in the future, so we cooperate…… Of course, the final result is also seen.

so, the mobile Internet era, universal APPS products, ignited the hope of Regional Internet practitioners, but also brings despair. APPS products currently on the market share of the top two are APP and APP vest sails, similar to discuz phpwind, the competition in the product, did not have a special difference.

theoretically, currently, regional Internet practitioners have built: 1. local community BBS. 2. WeChat public number (matrix). 3. local classification information. 4., the vertical operation of the industry in the embryonic stage. This business structure. From the income point of view, the industry, advertising, activities revenue has become the main source of income. The primary revenue of the localized WeChat public is also derived from advertising and activities.

trapped in the plight of prisoners is the status quo: the Regional Internet to the public number operator as a competitor, but there is no special quality business model between the two tests. More into the cycle of product operations.

: for example, the recent localization of the WeChat public number is often pushed by the United States

What are the conditions of steaming package

steamed stuffed bun to join the brand in the steamed package, how to join the advantage? What are the conditions?

steam bag join advantage:

easy to operate, quickly set up shop: a few days to master the core technology, the short-term easy to open a shop, quick profit to make money, from technology to formula, from marketing to management, headquarters to help partners quickly set up shop!

investment is small, make money fast: small investment, big return, technology is good to master, taste more change, distinctive, any combination.

easy to operate, low risk: shop without large equipment, do not cook, raw materials procurement is simple, no entrepreneurial experience,

steam bag join conditions:

1, I am in good health and have the confidence and enthusiasm to engage in steaming and steaming;

2, recognize and accept the development strategy of the steaming bag, interested in venture capital;

3, to provide a legal ID card, in order to steam package headquarters to establish a true file;

4, implement and comply with the management system of the steam package;

5, with independent legal personality or strong economic strength of natural persons;

6, with good sense of cooperation, good business reputation;

7, with a certain degree of market sensitivity, and be able to devote themselves to the steaming package management;

8, to be able to independently invest all costs, and can bear certain operational risks.

Reproduction of a high price menu! Leek dish incredibly 150 yuan

Qingdao shortly before the emergence of a lobster has received 38 yuan, as can be imagined, sitting for phenomenon is terrible. Now reproduction of a high price menu, so go on, do the food and beverage industry franchisee how to grasp the consumer point of view? Let’s see what happens.

1 10, a media reporter contacted the The Thatched House Hotel Pizhou. Hotel staff said that the price of the ticket is a system error. Fried leek as originally as long as 15 yuan, the dish fried leek, paid $12." Hotel staff said that when the guests are ready to find the total price is high, to the hotel to a list and found this mistake. That night the guests drank, and for this reason unhappy. The hotel was an apology to the guests, while reducing some of the costs. "Even if the guest was paying the bill, we found out later, and would find a way to get the money back to him.

the hands or try to avoid the error does not appear as well, when it comes to the big point, directly related to the sustainable development of the catering industry in relation to the shopkeeper said little, doing business in good faith, both consumers and franchisees should be cautious as well.


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