Google Adsense account how to change the name of the payee

in the Admin5 trading forum inside, there are a lot of people to sell Adsense account. Many friends may have hung up the Adsense ad, probably because of some reasons, do not want to practice the adsnese, so chose to sell.

in accordance with GG regulations, Adsense account is not allowed to transfer or sell. However, GG is now allowed to modify the name of the payee, although a little trouble, but at least feasible. Many people do not know how to change the name of the payee of the Google Adsense account. I had to use this website for an account with my brother’s name, but my brother is now working in the field, did not have his passport is to get money. I am writing to Adsense consult. Here is the answer. After understanding I finally succeeded in changing the name, although the process is somewhat complicated but. The result is quite satisfactory. read more