See the presence of micro-blog Shanghai Longfeng value analysis topic

from this topic, the author give users as four habits: dependence, knowledge, convenient and entrepreneurship.

its interface is ugly, it UI it is rough, the server is not stable, the user experience is rotten to the pole. But it is the history.

Internet network, in the aspects of affecting people’s life. Recently, a survey showed that 89.8% of respondents admitted to "search dependent disorder", 20% of them feel "very serious", 48.6% of people worried about dependency search will create opportunities for the spread of rumors, and another 44.8% of the people think that "PPC" and "search marketing".

in the local dialect that is actually dependent? Lazy! Most of the Chinese really lazy, naturally hope that life came to eat a ready-cooked meal.

two, the tip of the iceberg miracle

, a Chinese habit contributed to Shanghai dragon

With the rapid development of


What is the

is now online shopping has become fashionable, as long as the country related policies to improve the system of online shopping, so this industry will be more and more let the public to accept, because each person as long as at home with the click of a mouse, to the article basically will be delivered to your door, as long as the reduction to a lot of trouble, such as the basic home the products of TV, computer, bed, office supplies, snacks and so on are all on the network to buy, it is convenient and affordable, is mainly on the Internet bubble for a long time, where can buy high-quality and affordable things has entered into the daily record.

last night at micro-blog, found that there are two topics good, go back, and also look at users with interactive comments. The author combines the micro-blog talk about network marketing, you can extract two and the Shanghai dragon together to talk about the topic, because our research on Shanghai Longfeng development have a certain relationship, write a personal point of view.

speaking of business, network is the most simple of our grassroots entrepreneurial base generation! Said culture, none of us; we also said the asset, not two rich generation; said power, some words do not rely on this business. We can only rely on learning the information industry, such as the use of search engines to make money, Shanghai dragon is a good industry. The Shanghai dragon, good grasp of user habits, so that the relevant keywords appear in the needs of users in the line of sight, then it could be transformed into consumer customers, so business is so simple.

for knowledge, I believe that basically "love Shanghai You’ll see.", has gone beyond the dictionary, network culture has been in rapid development, all conducive to the development of national knowledge, have entered into the network. Each person will go to the social network search want, and school students can also be used to search the related knowledge, for different industries who want to understand another industry, but also from the network to find the relevant knowledge, so the network can not desire.

Love hospital Shanghai promotion how to improve the performance and reduce the cost

1. as more competitors to join, the same keywords to get past the same ranking need to pay more costs, which led to the hospital of Shanghai sex promotion costs more and more high.

4. if competitors poor promotion (except for site problems and questions), he can think of is the first keyword ranking problem, then the other will try to raise the price of keywords to get better ranking results, so you rob me who is unwilling to lag behind the behavior is the final result of the promotion costs continue to increase.

2. more advertising to let customers have more choices, leading to the hospital in Shanghai to promote the appointment rate was significantly lower in love.

Keywords: access to

first layerKeywords


I have PPC sales funnel is divided into six layers, respectively is: 1. get 2. keywords; keywords classification grouping; 3. creative writing; 4. pages to undertake production; 5. trigger conversion time; 6. consultation appointment, then I bring you a detailed analysis.

looks like a PPC promotion sales funnel in the most simple, we can use keywords love Shanghai background recommended tools easily get a lot of keyword resources, or directly to the work off to love Shanghai.


3. we cannot exclude other peer monitoring no keywords ranking habits, their ranking in monitoring keywords at the same time as long as there is a little out of responsibility for work, we cannot guarantee that their mouse will not move to our own hospital advertising, and click on the trigger. So every day, how much money we have such invalid points off real can’t guess.

even in the fierce competition this case, although the hospital may choose to quit, but could not prevent a new hospital to join the ranks of Shanghai to promote love, how in the fierce competition in the love of Shanghai effectively reduce the promotion cost, this is Yu Bo to share with home today.

said the hospital network marketing love Shanghai keyword promotion is bound to say, his importance and effectiveness it is self-evident, because of this, love Shanghai into a hospital doing the promotion of network marketing choice, through sex with more and more benefit to promote Shanghai hospital, more hospitals have also joined the ranks of network marketing. At least we have chosen to love Shanghai keyword promotion, so

will directly lead to such problems

in the analysis of how to reduce the cost of promotion of Shanghai love before I take you to become acquainted with the PPC network promotion sales funnel. The sales funnel through the PPC promotion (love Shanghai promotion) the whole process, we are familiar with in it can clear to control each link, make each link to minimize the loss, so as to effectively reduce the cost of promotion in the promotion achievement at the same time.

Internet entrepreneurs for webmasters, how to seeSeveral ways of making money online

Internet business is like in real life, the first consideration is the need of investors’ money, not to say that the Internet is not money, it also needs to recruit people, personal world is difficult to become bigger and stronger, the capital operation is the key, but this time, in fact, many things are not an excuse to stop our money business, actually this is only one of the reasons, can not be said to be too absolute, many things make us think of contacts.

one, open shop

must have a lot of school students would like to have a part-time effort, especially that time the school first entered university, Yi Gunao better idea of it. In order to increase social experience, or to improve life, in short, the future is full of wonderful vision.

connections are what, contacts are friends, that is, popularity, Internet business not only need to go and people in all walks of life to make friends, deal with. So a team and a group of partners are important.

The word

so everyone in the choice of intermediary must be cautious. Talking about so many traditions, let’s talk about part-time jobs on the internet. I think students would choose part-time on-line is a good choice, no way out of school, sometimes without skipping out; and a lot of time on the Internet bubble, but most of the time are idle, even do not know what the Internet to open computer. Here are some of the online part-time jobs I know.

"Internet" is a familiar word, is also a hot air into the society in twenty-first Century of the word, know that a new species will promote the development of all industries, especially a powerful information platform, people say "the Internet era, the Internet brings opportunities to the grassroots also, facing fierce challenges, also achieved a number of dreams, similarly in the Internet industry, the recent study, also think how to venture on the Internet, the Internet entrepreneurs need what, and what I have a dream, I have" ambition ", little tangled, where to find my business objectives.

part-time tutor, distribute leaflets, supermarket promotions, questionnaires, waiters, selling phone cards, a newspaper, the congenital condition is also good to go to the bar as a singer, when etiquette, have proficiency in a particular line also have to do a part-time teacher, website design. When I was in school, I did several kinds of things. I felt that I could not learn anything, and it was persecuted by unscrupulous intermediary. Now students part-time mostly through intermediaries, but this year the swindlers intermediary is really too much, so if students should go to an intermediary registered you should know more about the situation, ask the familiar people have not done in this intermediary. I remember the most is the one thing in a newspaper to see a copy of the text, excitedly ran. Or at a very high-end office, the boss also cheat the first with an air of importance allow you to write a paragraph of text, see what you write, and then will shuadiao were not well written; and put out the business license for you, said the reason for the pen instead of print because these are an invitation to more serious, at the time that this should be true. Speaking of the end, the boss said to pay 200 dollars in order to take the data back, at that time on the hot headed, the money paid. Back to school copy of the overtime, when to make things a few days have been left vacant.. I remember this time, the TV station also reported, because a lot of students cheated.

summed up the above several, the Internet for webmasters, or the opportunity for entrepreneurs is a lot, but we need to go to control, in order to better success. I hope everyone in this amazing Internet under the blue sky.

business products, what are your products, what to do, you have this product, too many, not one by one example, but the need for innovation, innovation of a product, a new plan, will let our webmaster in talent shows itself. Good location, identify the target, you personally feel that the mass is the best product, because for most people, this is a kind of explanation.

The traditional way of

now shop everywhere, in addition to Taobao, eBay pat, sh419’s C2C platform is also on the line, and some other small C2C platform on more, so many people shop, money will be difficult to earn. Personally feel that if you want to shop online, must have new products, cheap purchase channels, but also familiar with some rules brush credit. Some people have seen the school badge on-line sales, selling roses made of underwear, do not lose a good idea.

two, Witkey network

I tried to do a few sites, is a small information portal, there is some enterprise website, although now very competitive, not yet when entering the Internet industry, competition is so small, now in the Internet as their predecessors, positioning direction, or you like most people to think that the Internet has great potential, what is the difference between developing and developed countries? A lot of reasons, but reasonable cognitive point, productivity, and our personal webmaster or the Internet in terms of occupation, the potential of the Internet is only for our back is just started, has just entered a new stage, a computer from twentieth Century to start a "evolution" at this stage, we must have a clear direction, firmly believe that hard work will be rewarded It’s normal to have no returns in the short term. Who has just started a business and will flourish? There’s a hard time. It’s time for you to be tested.

Witkey also appeared to have several years, more well-known sites also have the pig, the task Chinese task design, class technical requirements, programming, documentation like the name ah, planning, creative, marketing high registered post, etc.. If you have good skills, please

Internet companies are born in innovation, died in comfort

to the development of the Internet now during this period, the threshold is getting higher and higher, as long as 10 years ago to come up with a good idea, despite the bold to do a website can be, but not now, now more and more Internet users, Internet users demand on the Internet is more and more, people on the website of the net appreciation level continuously the increase, so the Internet enterprises only continuous innovation to survive.

The reasons for the success of an enterprise

is unable to explain clearly, but if the company after the successful holding of the existing value, these companies is how fragile they are not adapt to changing Internet market. Feel the ancients’s vision is very long term: born in misery, died in peace. This is absolutely eternal truth. Mixed on the Internet is not easy, we need to have a keen eye and deep thinking, consider the development steps in the future, we are required to identify and seize the opportunity, instead of maintaining the existing achievements. Successful companies seize opportunities, innovate, and act decisively.

we often reflect on our creativity and actions. For example, the initial instant messaging system, QQ is relatively early, but Zhang Zhaoyang regret Sohu did not launch its own instant messaging system, otherwise Sohu will now be more powerful. Why Alibaba will succeed? From the early B2B to Taobao C2C and Taobao B2C mall, every step of the development is to adapt to the Internet environment, this series of actions that the Alibaba is not successful. Imagine, if Alibaba did not launch B2C platform, Ali’s B2B and C2C is only part of e-commerce, Alibaba how to make themselves in China’s e-commerce market is to lay the boss’s position,


never met, although we often say that contentment, but each of us is self-motivated, can not lie on your achievements to sleep, just before the achievement of a witness, not what other significance. Only our constant creation of brilliance is the most meaningful thing. Anything on the Internet can happen, as long as the efforts, innovation, just fine.

Waterproof building materials stores open here easier to catch gold

waterproof building materials market demand, profit margins, is a good investment projects. To open a profitable building materials stores, you have to consider many aspects, one of the most critical point is the site. In the opening of waterproof building materials stores, on the site in this regard, entrepreneurs who want to consider? Next, we’ll talk about it in detail.

waterproof building materials stores in the market to survive, the correct choice of address, the correct choice is the need to store is caused by the attention of entrepreneurs! So entrepreneurs as long as it is done in this area, then the store will be much easier to make money in the market!

waterproof building materials stores location of course to near the traffic trunk street is better, or is selected in the main city bustling commercial street. Because the area is worth, not only popular and conditions are relatively superior, ground flat, clean, no water and debris. Because of the prominent position, it is easy to be found and found by customers.

The location of

Whether you are a shop in


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How to make money in the vicinity of the school jewelry shop

improve the standard of living, people continue to increase demand for small accessories, so home accessories in the vicinity of the school to open stores can also gain a good business, and want to get considerable income to master certain skills to make money.

Next to the

is the second decoration shop area of only 20 square meters, but the overall effect is to make people feel very fresh and chic, so as to cater to the young people’s psychological.

finally cost according to the actual consumption ability, the students’ consumption level is not high, so the jewelry cost is relatively low, it is important to enough new styles.



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How to face the pressure of College Students

with the proportion of college students to increase year by year, suffering from the pressure of entrepreneurship entrepreneurs are increasing. Young entrepreneurs have no temper, in the face of setbacks easy to fail. And adult entrepreneurs may also face family pressure. How to face the pressure of entrepreneurship is a problem.

1, overcome inertia to increase their confidence

to overcome inertia, don’t think you can start from the workplace has become the leader of leaders. Entrepreneurs need to develop clear CYE goals and short-term plans, and strictly in accordance with the plan, the completion of the regular audit plan, timely adjustment plan. In addition, strengthen physical exercise, but also a kind of external force to urge their own way.

don’t excessive pressure to know the conditions and needs of each stage of entrepreneurial goals. Treat the pressure, can find and eliminate the pressure source, or to "mountain does not come my way past, find someone to talk to, to participate in some outdoor activities are usually relatively simple emotional transfer, psychological decompression method.

2, actively do some constructive work

Nine reasons for business failure

now is the era of entrepreneurship, but the venture on the road a lot of people still fail, some people succeed, what is the cause of what failure? Understanding the cause of entrepreneurial failure to re start the next draw experience and lessons. Here are the reasons for the small sum up for the nine business failures.

flashy without substance which line has provisions which dry line, which returns the line. Capital may not be able to do a small business, small capital may not be able to do big business. More investment, high profits, but the risk is also large, low investment in filial piety, earn a stable money. So investors should not have.

The development of the automotive industry brings huge business opportunities


many business opportunities are emerging in the mainstream of the industry, as the car maintenance industry and the automotive industry, the development of the automotive industry, incidentally, also with the fire of the automotive maintenance industry, and is synchronized growth. If investors feel that the automotive industry is too large, then why not consider investing in car maintenance?

The latter is

The development of


College students should pay attention to what problems

now has a lot of college students are often more blind in the entrepreneurial process, there are also many problems, so in the business when they need to pay attention to many problems, the need to pay attention to what the problem?

1, learn more ask, humbly ask

learning has been the essential quality of successful people. Especially for the lack of social experience of college students entrepreneurial groups, learning can not be put down, and should be multifaceted and effective. Things can not be arbitrary, to ask a lot of people, not only limited to the success of the pioneering predecessors, or your target consumers, they are also your business mentor.

2, endurance, not impulsive

3, the courage to take responsibility for the end of

4, to recognize and accept human nature

5, to have a sense of the overall situation, can not just look at the

6, learn from competitors


7, do careful analysis before going to work, ask senior

8, can not be squandered, reasonable financial