Web site Chain Optimization Extreme five

is the so-called, everyone is really good, so Web page popular is of no use, we want to make every page of the website to let more people love, this can really make a website is more visitors really love, so how to let these not welcome page by welcome page is not popular up? It is because the page is not seen by more people, so we will page and other popular page link, then the final, not welcome page will gradually popular.


four, not trying to use the inside pages to do some high

, to adhere to the implementation!The three

what is the word of Gao Pan? Sina NetEase are doing, why are we going to do such a word? And do not realize the word, so as we find some feasible word, so that we can better play the advantages of our website.

why let the popular page more popular? Is very simple, because users love the page is the search engine love page, when a page has been users love, so we do not enjoy this page to bring visitors to the website, but should consider how to make the page more the love, so that this page has been maintained by more people love to visit.

, let the popular page more popular

three, the welcome page link

two, let not welcome page popular

how to make popular page more popular? How to make unpopular pages popular? It is so simple, so that all visitors love pages are linked, in some is not very popular in the page link it up, then ultimately it will make our page will be users love, at the same time, it will give the love to our website search engine.

are not put, even if your strategy in good, if you can’t stick to it, if you can’t work hard will you strategy to do, not to execute him mercilessly, then finally still do not have much effect, you know

, five,

of course, no matter in the chain strategy we are good, but there is always a point is the same, it is the site of the contents of the article, the quality will directly.

webmaster line has not unfamiliar, whether personal or business, has been gradually step into the website optimization industry, more and more people into the means of Shanghai dragon line of competition will be more and more, how to in many competition and talent shows itself? Adhere to is necessary, but we must be one point to the extreme, how, if each influence factor of website ranking we have done, then why not the website ranking? As in the chain, you have to do it? If not, then look at how to do a website in Hefei Shanghai dragon chain


How to through effective propaganda Wangzhuan Wangzhuan ForumQi Rui Chen Lu four entrepreneurship is

"stationmaster": what do you do before you start your business?

‘s departure from the top 500 companies for 6 years of entrepreneurship is, to me, like a return to nature, a response to curiosity.

is the first to have a good Wangzhuan project, through some Wangzhuan forum to find, how to judge whether a project is really false, we must have a detailed verification, for example; view the project’s web interface layout is regular, usually those false deceptive project website are just upload page, write this looks quite a mess up point, whether the site for the record, but also from the search engines to see other people’s evaluation of this program, this is not to say with.

Chen Lu: what do you mean? Working in a big company with a good salary and a steady job and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in the beginning. But in the course of time, step-by-step, regular work has become a shackle, bound imagination. For example, before reading, I was full of curiosity, every little new things, very excited; can work with immutable and frozen curiosity, covered with a layer of dust, as if between self and nature slowly comb.

make a lot of friends in order to achieve the effect of publicity, repeat posting continuously, feel better, this kind of idea is wrong, don’t you repeat this post not to effect, and soon by the administrator to delete your post, to finally waste their labor and didn’t get results, you can.

"webmaster": first of all, please briefly introduce your entrepreneurial team.


"stationmaster": do poineering work these years, have maintained small-sized team size all the time? Have you ever wanted to expand?

in Wangzhuan world, 70% novice, 20% is just to get started soon, but this kind of people can persist in the Wangzhuan industry is only 10% probability of continuous development, so that only 10% of the protracted war in Wangzhuan in this industry, there are only these people can earn a lot of money in Wangzhuan is really people need to quit Wangzhuan, cannot get profit for this in Wangzhuan

Chen Lu: in one of the world’s top 500 central enterprises work, served as IT information manager, is responsible for ERP project.

Chen Lu has been in business for 6 years. Once he is a God’s favored one, after graduation directly into the world top 500 enterprises, after struggling to sit on the seat of the middle-level cadres. But just 2 years later, he resolutely gave up stable work and generous treatment, and put into the entrepreneurial army, this walk is six years.

Chen Lu: at present, there are 6 people in our team. They are divided into three categories, "R & D", "customer service" and "administration" according to their responsibilities. Starting from 2005, we have been engaged in the development of Discuz and its peripheral plug-ins and applications. It belongs to a typical small development team, or you call us a "small start-up workshop".

in foreign countries, due to the development of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan industry is relatively early, relative to the size of. The domestic development of the industry, Wangzhuan also started slowly forming, Wangzhuan the way more and more, if you want to make money, you need to have two conditions:

said here by way of sticky propaganda, do not ask you to buy forum paste of course, if you have the money to support it, you can also buy directly paste, the effect is better but you always pay attention to some of the more popular popularity of the forum, the forum people often buy sticky advertising if you meet, just top posts quickly in the post back to a paste, don’t start thinking about how to reply, reply what content, reply, just to support the project, for example, good things, the first objective is to reply to you first occupy the floor, usually the first page casually a floor can, it is best to sofa, bench, ha ha, after the success of your reply, then slowly edit the contents of the reply, under your reply content has a Edit button, a The forum this button at the top, so you can not spend money, but also can get very good publicity

 : a way of publicity; with the forum sticky propaganda

Chen Lu: I thought, between the big and the deep, we chose the latter. The core values of our team are trust and responsibility. Trust is given by the customer, and the responsibility is borne by him. 2 simple words are not so easy to achieve – to get the customer’s approval, we >

the 21 good projects need to have a good propaganda way, today is to talk about how to get the hang of Wangzhuan forum in publicity, Wangzhuan industry fans know Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum is propaganda an important place, the premise, first you collect some popular Wangzhuan at the forum, sh419 search, or Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum can generally be found.


recalls these years of entrepreneurial feelings, Chen Lu think and enterprise work is completely different feeling. Working in an enterprise, stable, comfortable, but mechanized, self starting, working overtime, lonely, but fulfilling and satisfying, and self value is reflected. Chen Lu’s vision of entrepreneurship is not success, not A wheel, B wheel and IPO, he believes that entrepreneurship is a curiosity, self access means, but also the only way to achieve self-worth. Recalling 6 years of entrepreneurial experience, he said with emotion: "the pursuit of dreams is a very luxury thing, but the value."."

"stationmaster": this should belong to a good job at that time. Why would you choose to leave your business?

propaganda two: to create a flourishing post

is a reporter for the Xi’an Qi Rui founder Chen Lu interview abstract excerpt:

We can be really tired, I have always insisted

my site is actually a blog, when considering a person himself, technically not, not doing too full, a blog that heart space can also meet their own webmaster addiction. Blog on-line to now there are more than three months, today looked at the statistics of the site, yesterday’s traffic is more than 300 IP, PV is more than 700, this is the normal traffic recently. This is the effort to do stand so long, which directly into the input and bookmark traffic is 100, there are more than 30 search traffic, several station traffic to the more than 50, Baidu Post Bar traffic to dozens, and is rather baffling to flow, some flying beans may be what website. I turn my article links to the station.


brought in several of his entertainment articles Baidu hair Post Bar flow, a few posted a day can bring tens of hundreds of IP, then think again, do not go out in such a way that the risk is too big, the consequences will be grievous by Baidu K, besides, you send entertainment articles, and your site theme is not to bring traffic is just garbage flows, is not long in support of my site. Now, you can only do some good stuff.


website with more than 10 articles, we want to send an entertainment content, now the Internet "Golden Lotus" video search, the most popular hot or one of the actor Hikaru Wakana in the play of the nuns, in order to play the role, the hair shaved. Although it is an actress, and may be devoted to art, I appreciate it from this point of view. Now the movies, there are few willing to art off, and had to find a Japanese actress, somebody else for you off! Write a Hikaru Wakana in the online postings, pictures are downloaded, then a few photo, think of this article, from the search can bring some click, suddenly thought, if taking seriously, don’t stop your space just strange, so The loss outweighs the gain.. I also remember the experience of my first garbage station being shut.

found a compromise, and found a few Hikaru Wakana in "Jin Ping Mei" in the stills passed up, even if Hu Nong is under the browser, and I hope that a few keywords, can draw some traffic. Personal webmaster can really not easy! The Japanese actress. Mooning pictures are everywhere, look at Baidu, "pornographic" photos are all together. Others can have these, but our website can not tolerate the slightest bit of sand. What is the name of this in


my blog, more than a hundred articles, in order to cater to Baidu’s "original", in order to cater for space providers clean, and make themselves very tired. I have to work full-time, and I can only get my website in front of my computer on Saturday and Sunday, and sometimes I have to do chores on the Saturday night. At this time, all the people have been working, entertainment, falling asleep, I am still racking my brains for their own web site development efforts.

, I know, I’m just a million people

From the bicycle racing, Mercedes Benz talk about the views of the site

comes home from work today. I ride a bike, the webmaster to do this is considered shabby,


see from me flashed a Benz, chilling, I think this is not the owner of the car owners, even if it is not my webmaster such a webmaster! Maybe we are the owners, but our starting point is different, as I was driving a bicycle, and Robin Li are driving a Mercedes no, depending on what the relationship.

has nothing to do with a lot of webmaster, to me, it’s different, because I learned air-conditioning, and I just looked at the news before, QQ. Only last ditch, I boarded the ship is very simple, make money! Perhaps somebody feels very vulgar, but for me it is important, though I have yet to earn money. For a construction site without any bike, my advantage is diligent, just contact Wangzhuan simply pull off the assembly line, point contact mail, later to travel. It was a liar, of course, just know later, I cheated 10 days of meals, want to be damned so, now I also tired to pull off the assembly line from the understanding of the results! However, the first video, know that you can make money in them, of course, just know! I started looking for a very simple and you can have a website, very occasionally know 5D6D, I set up his first experience as a forum administrator to publicity, there is joy, so a little achievement, not worth mentioning, is not able to earn money, but they know, others go to the forum post, they will email you ID.

is not satisfied with this, know a little more, start looking for a popular gathering forum, so I thought of my alma mater, this forum is pretty good, but a domain name for the record of these, I still didn’t understand! Do PR 2, Baidu included more than 2000 time, also don’t know traffic statistics, included in the query. With these knowledge, I began to build a more perfect forum, of course, is not very good, but relatively speaking, I am the best, at least with a full forum like.

slowly is also a small webmaster, also pretended to start browsing admin5., began to learn that others are out of date, followed by others to fight Baidu. Such a process took a year and a half, I began to know that free will never belong to you! I began to search for free space, I began to look for the source code, I began to build the website, thank each Internet friend, help me learn these! Two days ago bought a space that is someone cheated in a complete mess, but finally get a lesson ah


wrote here, write a mess, but I believe that the efforts will continue Biao speeding bike Benz! Grassroots refueling, as solid as I encourage grassroots. Write a mess, write for the first time, we forgive you,


write the original for the first time, bad also forgive www.521w>

Micro business circle to stop friends, just a move


every day advertising situation, but also let friends do not pull you black? Some children’s shoes in order to cover up the very heart of the panic, often send some illogical posts, such as what you pull the black me, in a few years I was successful, you should try to come back with me. The obvious thing about this kind of post is the self conceit of neurosis. How do you advertise every day? Your friend won’t pull you black,


      the first method is "one does not do two". Simply positioned himself as the "occupation of micro business" is a sellers. Honestly tell others, your current career is micro business, by selling products to make money. Once you will position itself as a derivative, is not always the same kind of product advertising, no one can endure the same advertisement, see 8 times a day, for a month, how will you pull the black.

, you have to expand your category and sell all kinds of things, because you are not a brand maker, so you don’t need to focus on it. You are the channel, the channel should be diversified, morning selling clothes, sell fruit at noon, afternoon, evening selling skin care products, in this way, your friend will even take the initiative to pay attention to you, because you have something more selective, fresh, and is an artifact for some 100 disease. Is always curious, right?

second ways, engage in subtle points, to create personal brands. For example, you hit the skin care products, you have to continue in the circle of friends to show your professional skills and experience in skin care, in order to obtain the trust of friends, then sellers. As for how to build a personal brand, not here argue, because this topic has been countless WeChat Masters said. In the future, when recruiting 17 core distributors, I will say, "I will only torture myself.".

third methods are purchasing: we first look at purchasing current situation. Because purchasing demand is relatively large, so the current wave of domestic electricity suppliers are speeding up the fight for "sea purchase" this lump of fat.

1, Jingdong opened the "sea outsourcing" channel;

2, Ali launched the "Tmall international" website;

3, SF line "sea purchase abundance shipped";

4, Suning also launched a global purchase.

5, not long ago, also engaged in the sea Amoy business, category includes clothing and accessories, household goods and cosmetics.

data, according to the Shanghai customs data show that at present there are 24 domestic appliances business in the customs filing is completed, the overseas sales of goods including food, bags, cosmetics, clothing, baby supplies, Home Furnishing. Speaking of this, we must feel that in the circle of friends to do the purchasing fast, can not go on, but in fact is not. Purchasing and small merchant has a different nature, small and micro business is selling a strange brand suddenly jumped out, they guarantee personal brand reputation, product is not good, there will be second transactions, you are not friends. But just buy purchasing channels, as long as you sold is genuine, the price.

How to find a good project

entrepreneurship is not only on the effort, you want to start a business to get rich, the election of the project is the key! So how to choose a good project? Do you have any tips? Let Xiaobian this is a skill to teach!

Step four: select

see profit

Step five:

access is necessary

What are the techniques of selling underwear

hot summer has gone far away from us to the cold winter, this season, how little a warm pants? Leggings are countless girls are the most favorite kind of clothing, put the stall selling pants are also very much. Thus, they formed a fierce competition in the industry, want a good business, nature also need relevant skills. So, put a stall selling Leggings can have what skills?

when I sell Leggings half earned, business is really good, but now want to sell Leggings at the suggestion of a friend to sell that can wear that, but in fact it was cold, the kind of backing backing me sell better skirt shorts, leggings that would be me in the 10-15 are good money is much better, but I didn’t take it, and then sell high on price, and pressure goods, the cost is much higher, 25-35 sell very fire, one night are busy busy.

but I just said that the purchase price seems to wear I reckon it more than and 10 dollars a bar, our wholesale market outside sell only 19, how they should earn five dollars that sell 30, we sell the business is good, a lot of people buy.

sell things you have to learn a skill, that is, no matter what, you have to say thin! Good-looking! Well done! Even if the opposite is a big fat man! You have to say for sure! Yes! You are beautiful! I’m a good fit for you! Would you! Oh dear! This thing finally found the owner! Like all the things that made her laugh at her and make her laugh when she saw her smile! This is a big deal! It’s a bad deal!

We said that

marketing model is very simple, you remember a bit, as long as you are not ugly to go out the door, fat a heap of meat, the best is to sell you something to a customer of your own things, you want to make a dress version, you will have to wear jewelry the scarf, you will have to send at least five, anyway, people feel you are eating this professional meal!

flicker does not matter, said his shop opened here where it does not matter! The key is that you have to give people the feeling that your stuff is good stuff, you will not put out today do not put aside and come back tomorrow, this Leggings because my legs are not very fine, I was dressed in black only a small company or a kind of floral knee leggings, melon all know that thin baby.

why don’t wear leggings Le Nan, very simple, his thick legs also wore flowers in ancient Shao you don’t crush your own business? These clothes sell like most of the problems is that fat, not wear, not appropriate, do not know how to dress collocation, no, this is the most basic problem, only these, say what quality is not good, the gossip is to find a reason to call you five dollars, when faced with these problems is recommended

Dental health detonated beauty industry

with the unlimited pursuit of beauty, the beauty of the growing demand for dental care, dental beauty is more and more popular, more and more keen and sought after. Dental health business, more and more become the new darling of the beauty industry, becoming a new star in the beauty market!

care after scaling is beauty, massage, Pedicure, a new similar industry appeared. A person lying on the couch right, enjoy cleaning frequency of cleaning teeth 30 thousand times per minute, external factors quickly remove dental calculus, plaque and soot etc. These easily lead to pulpitis, gingivitis, dental caries, and to become more beautiful white teeth.

scaling shop for health condition is crucial, the staff need to have special work clothes, the environment must be clean and pleasant, charges can be slightly higher, generally every 60 to 200 yuan, the specific standard according to local consumption level and.

Xiaobian from the market starting from the interests of consumers, for consumers with the latest beauty market, hoping to provide more information to your business, to provide more services!


The main business the best choice Boiled dumplings dumplings mountain

delicious Boiled dumplings to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. Quality projects, the success of entrepreneurship is also very trustworthy. First the main Boiled dumplings dumplings? High quality projects, the success of entrepreneurship is worth choosing!

Chinese dumplings from ancient times, has been a favorite traditional food, popular throughout the country. Boiled dumplings soup, Tang Su’s modified products and to support the family, "said the main mountain dumplings". Zhang Feng Pu enterprise will upgrade the main dumpling in soup, Zungu law into a modern restaurant well. Category increases, but do not cook, consumption is not high, gratifying income. Food and staple food are traditional food, both men and women love.

Boiled dumplings store, choose the main Boiled dumplings dumplings first joined the skin thin and reliable, good reputation bar, business selling point is enough. Thin skinned, high gluten flour and egg noodles, dumplings and special equipment for the production of Boiled dumplings first thickness < 2mm. Large aggregate, the core of the ratio of gold to the home, gently stirring into a filling. The main mountain dumplings Boiled dumplings shaped like a gold ingot hand pinch, guide some simple steps, easy to learn

on the other Boiled dumplings stores may have a variety of concerns, choose the main concerns not to join Boiled dumplings dumplings mountain. Location services provide at least three high-quality stores, the main service is very attentive Boiled dumplings dumplings mountain. In order to "Fu" as the title of the store wind, warm warm drink. The door of teaching, first from the main raw materials Boiled dumplings dumplings to buy technology counseling, all don’t bother. Headquarters to protect the interests of partners to ensure their interests.

joined the first main Boiled dumplings dumplings? Public food, join the choice, the advantage is obvious. If you join the project of the main mountain Boiled dumplings dumplings, is also very interested in. So, don’t hesitate, hurry up! Come and join us!

Entrepreneurship should stay away from the Red Sea

a lot of time, we think it is difficult to start a business, probably because of the early stages of the election of an inappropriate project. If you want to start a business, business is far away from the Red Sea, and some projects are very crowded, competitive, natural risk is also large, we can not blindly follow the trend.

today, people are trying to start or ready to start to say, if you have already or ready to plunge into the noisy wave of entrepreneurship, some advice Xintian venture partner Jiang Yujie, may give entrepreneurs to enlightenment.

track "into" crowded, cautious

may originally market volume can support several companies coexist, live well, but to the large number of competitors, we can only get a small part of the cake, the final outcome is die together. So at this stage fitness, freight, driving and other projects in the field of relatively concentrated I do not touch.

to entrepreneurs

1.  entrepreneurs don’t just look at the problem from their own point of view. If you think they have a different way of playing with others, there is a bright background and rich social resources, it is easy to reach the battlefield, it is very dangerous. But to focus on the whole market, the rational evaluation of the possibility of winning. Because even a recognized market, once the field of travel thousands of war field, and the group purchase takeaway, several oligarchs finally only very few, most startups are finally gone. For investors is the loss of money, but entrepreneurs but wasted valuable time.

2. away from the Red Sea, embrace blue ocean. In fact, so many blue ocean, why join the fun? Discover new areas, tap new models, and increase opportunities in saturated markets. For example, we believe the investment "is" is the entry enterprise legal services through the high frequency electronic contract and signature, "green orange technology" in the fierce competition in the field of fitness through the Internet to redefine the fitness management, and fight bean supper is recommended to avoid the Japanese competition