From the blog to talk about the user experience how to do


user experience for the site of the importance of nature is self-evident, there may be many novice webmaster to user experience do not understand, but do not know how to do, in fact, to make the user experience is to consider the issue from the user’s point of view, the best way is in the web browsing, to see where the bad change look, of course, it is not so easy, because each user’s behavior and habits are not the same, so the website demand is not the same, so webmaster need to take care of the main user, because the user experience to do is to let the majority of customer satisfaction, so you need more investigation the user needs and habits, so that we can know what users need, what you want to achieve the purpose of user experience, then Chengdu to Shanghai Dragon Blog as an example to talk about the user experience to do

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: the first site access speed of

second: the theme of the page

page is full of advertisements

saw some articles in this blog is short just a hundred words, probably because the blogger is busy, no time to write a blog, but this article users will love? Do some bloggers updated daily several lengthy blog, you can update only a hundred words about how users will love the blog? Do blog need is attitude, attitude is not good blog

fifth: blog without contact

for the blog, the theme can’t do very fancy. Concise, beautiful and generous, can, and put up some blog pages out of order, here where pop, loaded, looked very unhappy, but the theme of users will click repeatedly? The home page is not to display content, display interface

site access speed is critical, because the site can not be a long time user access to your open, nature will stop to visit, see some blog, click on the page for a long time, haven’t loaded this blog, even if the content is good, no one will access it, because the speed is too slow, no this patient, so the first to make the blog access speed, if the blog access speed is very slow, so please replace the

virtual space!


third: the quality of


saw many blogs everywhere advertising, advertising content is very few, but a lot of, ask your blog a lot? Hang so many ads, believe that views is very small, since the traffic is very small, hanging so many ads can earn money? If you even in order to make money, so please put the user experience well, don’t do too much advertising, because users dislike advertising

may have some bloggers do not want to disclose contact, because a lot of questions that trouble, but, if you think there are users to advertise or cooperate with you do? So the left contact is very necessary, if you want to avoid the ordinary users can contact us in the next.

Smart is not beyond the excavation of Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Longfeng have overlooked an important problem, that is we don’t have to go beyond the others, competition is expensive, and become the first person to eat crabs would be easy to run clean gold. How to become the first person to eat crabs in the Shanghai dragon, is very simple, as long as you can continue to explore.

three, appropriate watch tv. Although the rapid development of Internet China, but television is still the most important media for people to obtain information. For example, which TV show fire, which actor red, which companies to launch a massive advertising, will eventually be reflected in the network. Especially popular in recent years, TV shopping, in fact, can be extended to online.

respect for intellectual property rights owners civilization, "

, take part in some social activities. People are from the reality of people, most of them also needs and the reality life. Therefore, many people and chat with you will have a lot of harvest.

Shanghai Longfeng for what I’ve been asking myself this question. The traditional Shanghai dragon is to optimize a keyword and beyond the competitors, to get a better ranking. But the development of the Internet today, it can be said that each make people understand the importance of Shanghai dragon, so those popular keywords very fierce competition, here to become extremely difficult to gold. For because of personal webmaster, and the very wealthy company grab business in the face of tough easier said than done, we only have a ranking, heave great sighs.

Shanghai dragon competition is the need to pay the price, sometimes the price even The loss outweighs the gain. If we choose according to the ability is still shallow, not beyond may be a good strategy.

As for how to identify high-quality

two, read more books, more reading. Although not see many loopholes in the shadow of the Internet industry, but must be able to find in the bookstore. As the saying goes, read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles. Reading can not only edify sentiment, the growth of knowledge, may also allow us to discover a new world. And for the newspaper, I suggest you look at the advertisement plate, from the dense in the box you will have unexpected harvest.

mixed network friends are mostly Indoorsman family, these friends of well aware of the dynamic network, but for a lot of things in reality but do not quite understand. For example, we all know that the teacher’s work is teaching, so many people do education website will always to the teaching method, teaching design, teaching courseware for keywords, and as a teacher, in addition to the daily teaching, there are many forms of work to do. For example, to write political study notes, unit test paper analysis, report and so on. In order to reduce the workload, they will always be the first time to think of the Internet, the disappointment is very little of the resources on the network. So you want to get good rankings in an easy job to do this gap in the market.

keywords, the author summarizes the following methods.

In fact, many friends do

Shanghai dragon core elements Optimization how to analyze competitor


Shanghai Longfeng optimization mainly is to make your website ranking beyond their competitors, but many people do not realize this core point, just to do outside the chain, to update the site for a long time, but the effect is not obvious, it is otherwise the consequence, if we can analyze the ranking in front of the site, analyze their site, they found traces of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we will be able to find a way to beat the competitors, in fact, the analysis methods of competitors, our ancestors had told us, it is necessary to know

two: analysis of the domain name


three: Web site structure analysis

how can we analyze competitors? We have the following five aspects are briefly introduced, hope to the Webmaster Help

domain names are a website code, but for search engines, short domain name domain name by the old love, so we have to analyze competitors at their website domain name, domain name registration time has long, there is a site operation how many years, the domain name is not very short for memory etc. of course! These are hard indicators, as long as we take notes, and then find a way through other means to transcend this

analysis of course is the first step, this is the core of the website, how to weight the site keywords so we should analysis the competitors, if the strength is very strong, so we’ll have to settle for second, not confrontation, for example, you want to be a portal website, and want to challenge the Sina name and to show your strength, this is the nature through the analysis of a mantis trying to stop a chariot, so competitors can evasive words, beat him and we can also be taken by surprise! Look at the key words in the search engine results page position, if the home is a domain control, so we have to retreat second, if most of the row in front of some of the two level domain name, so as to make money or deserve to compete! Analyze competitors from the keyword layout For example, title, keywords and description of the three, there is the keyword density and the location of

! Keywords website! and so on!

we know the structure of the site is of great help for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng effect, some sites because of unreasonable structure, causing the site has not been included, even included, has been ranked by, and we can through the website structure analysis of competitors, so as to optimize the structure of the website themselves. Usually the analysis includes the whole architecture of Web site, two columns, page design, website internal structure, including the directory structure, URL settings, use H1, H2, strong and other labels, internal links structure! We analyze the content of future is not to imitate, but to transcend.

How can continue to write articles related to Shanghai Dragon

is found some small secret search engines, or some small articles sharing algorithm. For example, "exploring the mysteries that teach you how to make search engine website snapshot every day", this article is very short, the content is relatively simple, but easily passed the audit, and really let the webmaster friends and learn knowledge, and "using the robots file to enhance the page crawl rate" in this article is the same, dapper, effective and practical. If you have found such a point, why not share it, to write articles to promote your site


want to write more articles, these types can be first released the article understand. Good type analysis of these articles, I believe you can write more articles.

According to the current

A5 search Shanghai dragon column, a day to review 30 papers about Shanghai dragon related articles. The substance of these articles, many of which are repeated. Just a same content or is subdivided, or by another person to the original, or is related to the content contrast. Although there is a certain degree of high repetition, but every article has one or two knowledge is worth learning. Since we see so many articles published, consistently as individuals, how can continue to write articles related to the promotion of Shanghai, one or more of your

1This does not mean that the

discovery. ?

is copied, there is a part of copying others. Summary, is to share, more or less will not so perfect, and then he saw the others, and through their own understanding to summarize a new article. For example, in 2012 "quality chain construction" and "channel chain free: the history of the strongest chain acquisition method" content is similar. Or is the sort of name changed, or is released outside the chain changed the way. And then through their own thinking, wrote the article. This can not be said, only.

The so-called

3 replication type


current affairs, national affairs. But we Shanghai Longfeng community affairs. For example, a few days ago in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love prompted language news search. It can be said that A5 posted more than 10 articles to discuss some of the love of Shanghai next action, such as "love the sea sea dragon incident in the end is up?"; some review of our own, such as "Shanghai dragon industry whether can regulate the love Shanghai artificial intervention moves"; some news release, for example "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon appeared search tips: do not believe the Shanghai dragon’s theory and case". When we see these articles, we can also put forward different views, that is for example, this article from the "I love Shanghai from Shanghai dragon tips on love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" not artificial intervention. In this way, we can also write this article related to the current affairs.

To pay attention to the webmaster site inside and outside the chain of golden ratio

In fact, the

like I do this station of Zhengzhou leaves clothing is van sickle, clothing mall site within the chain is fixed, not too many words, the product description description in a little less, the chain is relatively small, so you need to do a lot of optimization in the station, each page should have the home page and the inside pages link to increase page links, to increase the link in the station, in order to meet this ratio.

chain can be divided into three types:

3 reprint chain: the chain of the chain reprint is made outside the chain of the most obvious effect of the three kinds of the chain, can do the chain selection in the search engine has been included, and the ranking of articles, these articles were included that love Shanghai, the weight is relatively high, we can use this.

2 guide spider chain: I said the spider guide chain, is to be included in the spider when we, at the same time can crawl to our site articles, or to update our website snapshot, at the time of the operation, it is best to choose a blog or micro-blog, go to the station or has been released similar to our website. But one thing is very important, you must leave your release after the source address and our website weight page address, such as writing after leaving from www.xxx贵族宝贝, reproduced please indicate the source of the chain effect probability "and included deleted is almost 0.

1: the chain ranking can also be called to increase the number of the chain, the chain is actually don’t require more high quality, but have a certain quality. For example, in the comments, Add URL replies, hyperlinks or join our web site keywords Zhengzhou clothing sale network so that you can, or add to your signature, it is hidden, and will not be a moderator deletes, you send after the signature naturally added to the back of your reply post however, we choose the chain platform, to choose the kind of high weight website to publish, or your pay will be greatly reduced.

, do the chain is actually in order to attract the spider crawling your original articles, in order to crawl to our left in the article of our website address, in order to achieve our station outside of the original article included the results, so that our keyword ranking will go up, so we in this together absolutely can not be sloppy, in this together we have their own ideas, then I’m on my website as an example, it said the chain is going on:

construction site, although the chain and chain should pay attention to, but you do according to the different main station, inside and outside the chain is not the same, but one thing is for sure, it is the site of the inside and outside the chain is not the more the better, a professional analysis, to achieve a perfect station optimization between within the chain and the chain has a golden ratio is 1:0.8, the proportion of the most suitable for the spider crawling. It is more suitable for optimization.

In fact, we all know

The new period less fat content and the chain in the end do not reliable

we know that the chain is the optimization of a necessary step, can improve the ranking and transmission weights of keywords, and can improve the optimization target station on the Internet exposure, is conducive to the website optimization. There is a new observation period in love in Shanghai, although the official did not do more to explain, if the structure, contents and new chain do well enough, but also can make the website in advance of the assessment period, we (from the content and the chain), the two aspects of structure analysis, the content of the railway station and the chain number reliable


two: the structure of the website


when there is a lack of information, publish information on the Internet portal is the most valuable, this is the era of Web1.0, and as more and more companies have joined the tide of the Internet, the information spread to every corner of the search engine and portal has charm, Web2.0 tide came into being, people look up to meet their needs things in different nodes; but when the information becomes more and more serious and growth in geometry class, and aggregation of information screening was the most vital, because people start to face massive information of the Internet feel helpless, also began to dispute the efficiency and effect of use, so Web3.0 came into being. Web3.0 will be 2 on the basis of the Internet, let more personalized, precise and intelligent. Then, the polymerization of the Internet era in the Web3.0 personality, uniqueness and richness of information can surely get the favor of search engine; then the chain of the new and original content how many? Most of us hear the new long assessment period in Shanghai, its content and the chain is not much hair, just steadily dozens of can, therefore, most of the owners generally choose the domain name age is old, so the chain of new and original content is not suitable for a large number of

: the content and the chain

at this stage, a large number of repeat and full of spam on the Internet, so please believe that search engine is love little meat, because there is love, go to Shanghai algorithm algorithm, so we can collect and pseudo original content in the original content, Different people, different views., most of us in ten or even five. So, I can not help but ask: why do you think ten or less are safe? And more than a little higher or not? We know when publishing content, adhere to a principle: daily / weekly update; similarly, we are steadily at the same time, send a the quantity and quality of the content, then, what is not? We can combine the chain point of view, I mentioned above to optimize the role of the chain, the exposure and the transmission weight is more important, In the hair of the chain or less exchange under the condition of the chain, how can we improve the target optimization of exposure station and its corresponding weight?, not enough support, the chain is not multiple. So let’s website structure node;

site structure, we must first URL structure simplification, and try to.

Gentleman, ashamed of the words. Website profit secretTencent developer Sharon Chengdu Railway Stati

WeChat registration:

forum registration: bbs.open./thread-5462683-1-1.html


on July 4th afternoon, Tencent developer salon Chengdu Railway Station and TFC Chengdu tour will be held in Chengdu hi tech Zone Tianfu Software Park inspired coffee. As we have learned, this activity is organized jointly by Tencent open platform, above net, Sharon’s theme is "the fine game that I see in the eye" focus game, especially mobile game domain. At that time, the Tencent will distribute open platform leading advantage of Chengdu Tencent in the field of Mobile Games interpretation of developer support policies and the application treasure, there are a number of local high-quality game team together to share their stories, to share with you the secret of success.


in order to help Chengdu developers for better Internet innovation and entrepreneurship, Tencent entrepreneurship base Chengdu Railway Station was held at the end of the opening ceremony, for Chengdu developers and entrepreneurs open application. Starting in 2014, the Tencent base will take a broad view of the country, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and beyond

, one of the organizers of the event, Tencent’s open platform in the game developers support and distribution of the game has a good strength. Through the organic combination of a variety of modes of cooperation and different marketing channels, the Tencent open platform in the country have helped a large number of game team made a lot of money on record: "six circles Fairy", "fire dragon", "dream Xian", "Q" Fantian, Webpage Game 50% NEW users from the task bazaar. Among them, "six immortals Xian Zun" on-line a year, the monthly water breakthrough 40 million yuan. Tencent entrepreneurial base incubator quality Mobile Games "crazy money to come" to obtain 310 thousand downloads during the application of the Tencent exclusive debut treasure, "do not step on the white pieces of the first" new users broken million, the installed capacity of more than 100 million.

    network chat with a gangster, after talking about career and fame, he light sentence: gentleman, ashamed of the words. From my years of confused heart. Lenovo gangster years ago predicament and now know this meaningful successful in the official career.
      he did ten years of hard work. Conscientious corporate culture, fame, but as pour as a church mouse. Ten years later, he realized this, took 3 years to earn ten million. Today, he is a light sentence, straight to all my failure to solve the crux of the problem of earnings.
      the Internet is making money. A tired, variety, can not earn money, everything is white.
      life can mean, a man can do good. But doing business, doing web sites must be ambitious. First consideration must be given to profits. For the people can not be greedy, for the business can not be raped, to do good, the hands of the first money, and earn reasonable profits.
        this text is very short, but may be read a very thick book can not learn. The site as a cause of friends to share together.

currently, the Tencent developer salon Chengdu Railway Station has been fully open registration, deadline for July 3rd. Interested developers can sign up through the developer’s open forum or WeChat.

Chengdu game tour industry base, the speed of fast development in recent years, game development team hi tech Zone has gathered more than 600 play based mobile Internet business team and nearly 30 thousand people, has a "Mobile Games fourth city" reputation in the industry. A large number of game developers and entrepreneurial teams converge in Chengdu, making Chengdu the birth of a number of outstanding boutique hand travel masterpiece. In the formation of a good game entrepreneurial atmosphere, local game development competition is more intense. In order to give more Chengdu local game developers to provide business experience and reference of the Tencent, such as joint developers salon dkmgame, prism, palm entertainment world and interact with other well-known local team game, for the participants to share their views on the quality of the game.

The growth experience of a student webmaster

03, 04 years, I am one or two, indulge in penetration, penetration of many sites, do a lot of wild things

!By the end of 04,

suddenly felt that what had been done was immoral, decided not to do it, to do something practical, and then set up * * student network (the specific name is not mentioned, has been closed.

has just started, so excited, came home from school every day the first thing is to see how the site, his boot, began to engage in a plurality of irrigation N, vest, started advertising (the so-called publicity is in Q group, pull their friends, classmates in irrigation, ~) now think about it, really good alone. Very, very original propaganda, but it’s also the most effective. There are hundreds of Posts posted on the forum every day. The excitement is beyond expression.

months later, the number of registered forum thousands, hundreds of people online at the same time, the moderator, lawyer support…… The others have

, with an air of importance!

, however, always feels that the data is too small to satisfy……

one night, when visiting the forum found a local portal sites have vulnerabilities, see they have tens of thousands of the forum theme of the forum, evil came, thinking that if their data is not easy to take over the

a lot?The rest of

‘s business is to infiltrate, retrieve, leave the back door, take data, and import its own database.

that night, insomnia, too excited, and constantly refresh the forum, see tens of thousands of forums, themes cooked, excited ah.

then things can be imagined, the other webmaster found after contact the lawyer, ready to sue.

lucky, even contact the webmaster, apologize for a long time, solved the matter.

has been on the newspaper and TV station for 2 years……

was pretty good then. From Baidu, Google to the thousands of IP greatly, the server hard disk hanging good times don’t last long every day, all the data was lost, no backup consciousness, lead to recovery, repair the hard disk.

the whole person fell to the bottom of the valley, very sad, 3 months later, the hard disk data came out, but it has been so long, nothing, and finally decided to give up.

entrance exam was very bad, casually entered a college, it seems that 07 years, shared a server, 20 people sharing, began to do mobile stations.

has done for several months, encountered during the crackdown, a user on the server of a forum careless management, and some sensitive words. As a result, the server was taken away by Uncle JC, and the server administrator was called to record his confession.

once again a serious blow to my young mind! The entire server’s data to go through hard hitting to get back, and that one is more than 1 months……


Experience of early 80 webmaster site

I was born in 88 years of a small webmaster, married last year, only to contact the site began to lag behind in life, although contact the site of the time is not long, but the bitterness can be understood.

has been in the last year, then after several friends from UU1001 for an account and get a free forum space to start their own website for the first time, the first station is complex, the excited mood, feel what is new, so go when the hot QQ resources began to develop then give up halfway.

about 1 and a half months, no longer touch station related things, until one day, a good brother run, want to build a novel station, again into the outdated life. This is the first time to have their own space, is no longer in the UU hundred of the restrictions on the platform, the station, the mood more naturally excited, but also more confused.

first bought a 6G double space, then what also do not understand, think 6G is very large on the web site for the program, also chose the current mainstream Jackie, found that after a week, the original 6G station in the novel what has not, even if not only can generate HTML this book about almost 800, and then return the space, buy a bigger.

and many new webmaster friends, it is very naive to think of now, at the time that the site will be able to build a day into the 1800, full of excitement. In real contact with later understand: the original site is not dry (the later days and the webmaster exchange you like). Because it is the first station, what all don’t understand what all want to get a little light, is the site procedures to get at least about 2 weeks before squeaked and began to endless acquisition (don’t despise me, who do not collect novel station built? Do you want to say that I have money starting point?), is easy to gather for a week before the official start promotion, promotion is relatively depressed people, Baidu, QQ, Taobao on the infinite mass, does not stop the virus is said to be the helpless is really as can be imagined.

so, when like a headless flies almost through the head, only to find Admin5, if you know it, you will probably take a lot less detours, to tell the truth, I didn’t register Admin5 until today, before has been acting as a spectator role.

like Adsense this profession, previously heard a senior said, is the most not to understand, especially family, so far, my wife is not very agree with me site. Especially in the face of my daughter, I feel guilty, daughter was born to now, I rarely go to embrace her. Because of this, in the backward world, I’m almost out of touch with real life. Of course, I do not regret it, although I did not make any money, but in this world, but when you built a small station for the first time by people praise, that feeling is self-evident. It sounds like too much talk. Well, it’s almost over.


Tencent B2C farewell patron dignity fall fast and easy network path

about 4 months ago, Tencent announced that about $215 million stake in Jingdong, Jingdong to get about 15% of the equity, and listed 5% stake. Jingdong will acquire Tencent’s QQ online shopping and pat Network and a minority stake in the fast and fast network and the right to buy the remaining shares of the fast and easy network. And Jingdong and Yi Xun because business overlap, integration or adjustment is inevitable, but the pace of development seems to exceed everyone’s expectations.

, fast and easy to be outgoing internal unrest, multiple categories of goods on the site clearance, was accused of orders being canceled is not a reason for various reasons can not be served, but in the major social networking sites, fast and easy for the complaint is followed, and its founder has left. Insiders pointed out that Yi Xun seems to have been difficult to exist as an independent brand.

but the puzzle is a home at the end of last year, Tmall and Jingdong also dare to challenge the B2C giants, how would collapse in the second half of this year


difficult smooth transition

once aspiring B2C business, but now come to the end.

on July 7th, hang out a notice on Yi Xun website, say, "thank you for your support to Yi Xun network.". Easy fast network in the future will focus on communication, IT digital (including smart Home Furnishing and wearable devices), the field of home appliances, automotive supplies, provide more professional service and experience for you in the near future, we will gradually be revised to adjust. Please look forward to it! "

although 3C proprietary business was originally the core of fast and easy network, but Yi Xun once held high the banner of integrated electricity supplier, trying to capture daily goods, video snacks and other categories of electricity supplier market. But this announcement not only declared the rapid and comprehensive expansion of the failure of the electricity supplier, but also means that after being placed under the Jingdong, Yi Xun may be hopeless, continue to exist as an independent brand.

because on the surface, easy fast revision aims to recover the original simplicity, return to the road of professional vertical business platform of the original play, previously accumulated in the self-service advantage, focus on communication, home appliances, IT digital, automotive and other categories.

, however, insiders believe that Jingdong in digital 3C, home appliances and other categories in the electricity supplier industry has an absolute advantage, easy and fast revision, the market and Jingdong is more overlap. On the one hand, the supplier may put more focus on Jingdong; on the other hand, the Jingdong or Tencent, certainly will not be distributed to the traffic and other resources on the two platforms, otherwise it will appear right hand each stroke of the problem. In other words, the fast and fast brand has no need to exist, shrinking the category and then closing may be the final result.

in fact, the current fast not only for daily necessities and other brands clearance, there are many consumers reflect, its digital 3C and other core categories have also been a substantial price reduction and serious shortage of sales problems. For example, a Kingston 32GB storage card, easy to play fast low-cost 69 yuan, but shows temporarily sales.