The site is down right Improper solutions allow you to tears!

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here for 8 years in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, which summed up one of the most important experience and share: see a snapshot of the site, if the site has a serious problem, you will find traces from the snapshot in

second, can log in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love, look at the recent capture abnormal, this function is very good, the last is landing BBS, learn how to respond to other webmaster, whether it is a batch processing, the same right down, always have a common cause, so a few years to.


: See also LOG server logs, whether there are abnormal capture, for this, some time ago also met, because the love of Shanghai upgrade website a few years ago snapshot information was turned out to grab, this time: if a large number of pages before there is a problem, it will cause the site to drop right. Why didn’t drop right? Because the previous search rules is now perfect, typically, is the search engine to turn old, give you a "reverse"

every day most concern is whether to enhance the website ranking? And the right to drop the word is the most reluctant to see the nightmare! But, inevitably, any website right down may, but do you really know how to properly deal with the down right? Wrong way, will let the long-term site cannot be recovered, to pay the east to


two, find the real cause of

don’t think the website ranking suddenly gone, must be right down, the face of this situation, the recent owners if not the site has sensitive operation, such as website. So webmaster need to do is just a word: "three days", if not recovered, then the corresponding operation is not late.

three, how to solve the problem of the correct

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find the site problem, began to modify? How to properly solve the problem, which is also a key point, first of all I want to say is: do not directly on the server changes, especially the kind of short time cannot be modified after repeated problems, spider grab your different version of the page, is not conducive to recovery the normal station, can’t take this.

, a website is really right to be reduced

there are a number of webmaster, as long as the site is down right, to proceed immediately to make changes to the site, but are you sure you think of the problem, causes the site down right? If not the cause of the site problem, this time to make changes, is undoubtedly on the website of the snow on the cool, normal the changes in the website, there are a lot of attention, you’re not a normal

because a lot of the time, belong to the search engine to adjust the rules, lead to a large number of website ranking is not stable, after the adjustment, ranking immediately restored, such a situation is very common.


How to improve the new keyword ranking to the home in a month

PM2.5 real-time query network, a reprint please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝25pm.cc/more/105

2, the update is updated regularly; each website survival magic, small sites are generally five o’clock to update a high quality content, no less than 500 words best pure original articles, this point not too much to say.

even after the review period, also do not represent what, the key point is the website ranking, a web site keywords ranking position number will directly determine the site and the value of life and death. Today we will discuss how to simple new sites in a month to promote the keywords ranking

1, outside the chain of stable release; will spend about 2 hours finishing the day the chain included and released small every night for the chain of relatively stable, need to increase efforts to release must be completed to determine whether the chain included.

This article from the original

4, regular promotion; centralized web site information effectively in a certain period of time, such as QQ group, know peace, micro-blog and other public platforms, here is the so-called effective user effectively, rather than spam. And this kind of promotion way is different from the chain, it pays more attention to the effectiveness of.

home page?

3, the website structure optimization; because of the previous web experience, so for new sites, site code language, website structure, URL link requires good planning, try to choose the spider love Shanghai love platform station, also URL directory link design must be reasonable, in the form of short URL link is preferred.

for the new station, the most sad is that the review period, the review period in general site only included the home page, but this does not mean that the site only included the home page, but love Shanghai not put out, so the new station is no need to worry too much about this problem. In a small series of web experience, the new general examination for a period of 1 months to 45 days.

well, these are small summary of the railway station, how to improve the keywords ranking techniques to the home in a month, welcome to put forward different views and opinions.

more than two words [PM2.5] and PM2.5 [ranking real-time real-time query] the heat index were 214 and 2703, respectively seventh and tenth beloved Shanghai home; especially after a keyword, the heat index is high, that is how to improve the keywords ranking to the home in a month? Xiaobian summary the following several points:

A new algorithm to update the noble baby hummingbird zhengju search Era

NO. The noble baby said: do not need to worry about, high quality original content will still have very good ranking, hummingbird is to help the baby can better distinguish the nobility and deal with these contents.

) since the largest

penguin, panda and other updates are part of the overall logic of the nobility baby update, this is the logic of the hummingbird completely changed. The update brings a new algorithm for logic noble baby, although these logical algorithm will contain some old algorithms such as penguins, pandas, etc..

update, will affect the search results about "nearly 90%". And the aristocratic baby repeatedly mentioned, hummingbird algorithm can more quickly resolve the entire problem (rather than search word parsing) from the index of the contents of

algorithm (Penguin) and Hummingbird penguin, Panda (Panda) the updated "updates", what is the difference between

hummingbird to bring us what

search results based on keyword matching search engine will be buy iPhone 5S as the main search word search, and hummingbirds were more concerned about the semantic and user needs, because there was closest place, so the bird will be near the store address and other related results are returned. (personally think that this means that this kind of long tail word well done)

will make Shanghai dragon hummingbird disappear?

(Knowledge Graph) as the knowledge map and the great > Hummingbird


did not reveal too much about the noble baby hummingbird algorithm technology details. But they said, this is the 2010 "caffeine" (emphasis on speed and integration of social network search results on a

I think

PR algorithm was replaced by


. The traditional

baby aristocracy to answer is NO. PR is the more than 200 index which is an important algorithm in a hummingbird a hummingbird, the algorithm will importance to calculate the page according to PR, of course, in addition to PR, the content of the page will be based on the hummingbird algorithm quality, the contents of the text and other content grammar to content the score.

also said the noble baby hummingbird will pay more attention to search all the words in the request is to ensure the integrity of semantics, noble baby said goal is to match the hummingbird algorithm to update the page better meaning, rather than matching some keywords. (this will be ranked higher?)


What is the

noble baby one example is Conversational search (search for my personal understanding of dialogue, scene search)


in answer ranking and recognition. In addition, the noble baby said, this algorithm has been deployed for several weeks.

The user has entered a new era of the Three Kingdoms search market to the world


love Shanghai in recent years has been due to phishing advertising, false advertising, black enterprise website, writer and singer copyright infringement repeatedly on newspapers. A lot of enterprises by the monopoly of the bitter and the site could not be fair to users to search, but because of its large size and products are also OK, after the company generally get them really no way. After all, love Shanghai occupies most of the search China search market, in terms of user experience and not too much innovation.

love Shanghai search


advantage: love Shanghai is currently a total of 61 products, a great success to meet the needs of users, at the same time, according to Ai Ruiwang analysis, from the market structure point of view, the first quarter of 2012 Chinese search engine market concentration to further enhance. Love Shanghai’s market share increased to 77.6%, Sogou increased to 2.7%, while Google Chinese market share dropped to 17.8%, soso keep the market share of 1.5%, while other enterprises market share has been further reduced to 0.3%. Search the market concentration further, Sogou search, etc. the development situation is good, but the impact on the overall market.

360 search

advantage: 360 there are currently 22 products, in August 31st 360 officially launched a comprehensive search independent domain name 360sou贵族宝贝 and 360so贵族宝贝, the brand of "search + 360". Through the query domain information, these 2 domains are composed of 360 registered in April 13, 2005, 360 is already visible into the search field for many years. At the same time 360 resorted to "building a safe,"


love Shanghai search with its powerful user groups has been the market leader in search, and 360 search turned out, the Chinese search pattern change suddenly, fall in love with the sea most affected. At this time Sogou but also want the opportunity to expand their market share, Sohu chairman of the board and CEO Zhang Zhaoyang in August 31st the Sohu personal micro-blog said: Sogou to war. The search market "new three era" has arrived, and the last who can dominate the search market? The answer is: users can have the world.

as everyone knows love Shanghai has occupied the search market, other search engines can only be in love Shanghai power it spit sound, however, with the rapid increase in the number of Internet users, the search requirements are increasingly high, who can meet the needs of users, allowing users to buy his account who can sustainable development. So the construction of a safe, clean and effective competition in the Internet search market is very necessary, the search battle will choke the inevitable, which fully reflects the importance of user experience, so they love Shanghai, 360 and Sogou in the user experience more advantages compared to what we do?.

How to use Taobao and advertising to make moneyLi Shanyou Sun Wukong is the founder of cool 6 mature

The young Summarize the content of the construction of

went back and I did an e-commerce site in his own way, www.lining-china, an e-commerce website for Lining stores and Lining sneakers.

see "journey to the west", especially love to see the monkey king Sun Wukong in the period, he felt good prestige, on the world sea, who are equal to anything, he can not do nothing, is really worthy of the name of the "Monkey King"! Especially not love west Sun Wu in the period of time, a really stupid! A mouse sperm, can make him helpless; a fine cow, could have killed him. Encounter difficulties, not to go to Avalokiteshvara, is to ask the emperor, good useless, good not ambition! After the start, suddenly have a new understanding of "journey to the west": from Sun Wukong before, just a single molecule from destruction; after that, he has a mission, is the actual entrepreneurial team responsible person. An independent occupation person, he is only responsible for their own related business, business ability is the most important of his ability, in this context, he has full opportunity to display and display space, it is easy to become an individual hero. An entrepreneur, invisible among his responsibilities and need to be responsible for the categories of more than a hundredfold, this time, comprehensive ability required far beyond his own professional ability, it has been not suitable for personal heroism in his new role. What he needs now is how to make full use of the internal and external resources and connections to help him solve his own problems and difficulties that he is unable to solve.

meets you, can you find someone to help you? That’s the key to your success. It requires a lot of connections to help you solve the problem. That’s important. Let me give you an example. After starting an undertaking, I found that I needed bandwidth. I needed a lot of bandwidth. I didn’t touch this line before. I didn’t have the resources. What can I do? I can only find friends to help me. One of my classmates introduced me to a friend of Beijing Netcom. Beijing Netcom said, "give you one of the most favorable prices, an G, 1 million 200 thousand a year.". It takes a lot of G to do video, and a G isn’t enough

attended a Harbin local party chief, to see a lot of local expert, summed up their deficiencies, most of them are on SEO and long-term promotion brings huge traffic and good reputation, which also has to do e-commerce, there are a lot of orders every day. And sh419 keyword, he also ranked first place.

just started but don’t know how to do, then think of Taobao, I will carefully the Internet, find a lot of Taobao stores, compared with the price, choose a few shops in the information collection, the completion of the initial construction.

, I was senior vice president and editor in chief of Sohu. Although the position is very high, in fact, I am just a part manager role. I try to do as long as the Sohu content can be, I do not care about the company’s financial problems, do not care about income, do not care about the technical problems, of course, do not care about the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and tax bureau etc.. I am just one of the company’s grand system, which is a specific block, and I will do it, just inside the professional ability. When you really start a business, you will find that you are faced with a wide variety of problems, completely beyond imagination and beyond your capabilities. Your talent is just one aspect of talent, when you want to bear all the responsibility, all in all you need to do things inside, you only have a direct processing capacity for 1% of them, how to do the other 99%? Never mind you do not, you can find someone else to to help you. So, with a mature mentality, the late Sun Wukong mature much more than the previous Sun Wukong.

process, +seo+ code + entity, this is my way of higher.


is followed by the optimization of the internal structure, I do not do this, not only reference to optimization of good website, the level directory, change the template, especially simple and easy to use, and then submitted to the search engine.

then is the optimization, the first is to optimize the site structure, the program chose the PHP, the efficiency is higher, the pseudo static generation of the kind.

finally, is paid to buy connection, this is actually a key personal feeling, soon, sh419, shlf1314 included, but the ranking is not good, then I will at all sites to buy connection, a week about 2, about 3, bought about 1 months, finally, a few my key to the first page, IP is not too much, about 500, but almost 1/5 of the customers are the real buyers, I will supply and Harbin local dealer Lining to discuss, there has been a lot of orders.

Before I started In September,

has been doing more than a year. Before doing the website, it has been sending articles by hand. The efficiency is very low, and the expenditure is relatively large. The training period is long and the profit is more difficult.

Talking about search engine inclusion problem, pop-up dialog box, influence ranking

has recently been busy to my new sites included and ranking, I made a simple online Car Buying platform name is on the car you see www.9aiche.com sometimes share experiences, but I did not write the template I don’t program.

April 24, 2009 online: 5 o’clock more than 2 points to 8 points on time online site, in May 6, 2009 was Google included 1 pages, May 21, 2009 was Baidu included 11 pages.

, I’ll talk about Baidu and googel,

many webmaster are anxious to wait for Baidu and googel included, real straight don’t have to be so urgent, you think about search engine cited your station is sooner or later, as long as you are not his opponent, I don’t believe he won’t be included.

I just completed my first

station when I first plan, the title, description, keywords, website structure and website related channel (must be in your content and relative company, not to flow, and disorderly open channel) to start upload what content to the site must have detailed strategy. You’d better not change your website.

title is generally 3 to 4 words, not too much, the shorter the less the better, too much is to stammer a fat, I think you also have not seen a day to eat fat people ha ha ha. At the same time, you also need to check through the keyword index, at the same time, according to the nature of the site, content combination.

keyword, describes the keyword is best to 3 to 5, the main content of the keyword, description can be longer, no problem, do not exceed the length of Baidu, goole limit. Keyword, describe the title should be combined to use, the title and keywords and description, optimize the main keywords, and describe and content (title) optimize the long tail keywords. New sites do not over optimize, but also affect the included. My station has optimized densities of 3% and 7%

second step is on the major forums (Adsense station more famous flow), and classification information to send advertising and in the blog above to write a post. Because new haven’t included, no PR is can’t change links. Either you and many webmaster are good friends, some are reluctant to, because the face is now Baidu management strict, I also influence others, so or from their own posts, and write blog flow and search included. Propaganda the more the better, will not affect the included, so Adsense to more publicity, at the same time no matter included included, but also to more publicity, included the station also want publicity, sooner or later want to publicity, and now publicity is the same.


tri band website content, the content of the railway station don’t add too much ah, the best day to add 1 to 10, the best is original and pseudo original. My website has never been original, just changed the title. But my product information is also original, so my station included time is longer,

summary: googel is usually 1 to 10 days old

Seconds to shoot CEO Han Kun how to get out of the fire one to death circle

[Abstract] Sina micro-blog has become the largest shareholder of technology through continued investment, ensuring consistency between each other’s interests.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported December 25th

the second half of this year, the second shot, small coffee show two short video products became popular, not only frequently in the popular TV series "Nirvana in Fire" appeared, its parent company, the technology also announced $200 million D round of financing, among the Unicorn club.


seconds to shoot CEO," Han Kun said in an exclusive interview with Tencent technology. "The technology doesn’t really need financing, because it has a very good cash flow.". After the financing, the $100 million content fund will be set up to reward those who have made very good content in short video.

in the video industry are substantially burn case, the technology to maintain a good cash flow, because it does not have copyright and content promotion costs, only server bandwidth and personnel costs. Han Kun explained that because the video content of science and technology is just needed.

even used "Langya", actor Hu Ge and other seconds to shoot, "small coffee show" exposure, science and technology did not provide sponsorship fees. Han Kun told Tencent technology, mainly because of the technology and these television programs have reached cooperation, the two sides only belong to resource exchange.

"pay for the star of the high cost and if not the stars themselves willing to use the second shot and small coffee show, the effect is not long, but we put our content, our platform is done in accordance with the temperament of the star, the star can make love to use."

Han Kun said, this star and the use of WeChat, we would rather give China Unicom (micro-blog), China Mobile (micro-blog) these operators will not pay to pay WeChat star, but still free to use WeChat exchange, WeChat did not pay for the star.

now, most of the mobile phone video media in the short video, there are seconds shot figure, coupled with a small coffee show, science and technology has become China’s largest mobile short video platform. However, the second shot, small coffee show explosion before the red, science and technology have 2 years, not warm not fire.

used to make long videos,

technology was founded in August 2011, obtained D round of financing before has access to Morningside venture angel investment; red dot ventures lead millions of dollars A round of investment; Sina led, red dot ventures, Morningside venture capital investment of $ten million B round of financing;

also gained Kai Penghua’s profit, Sina, red dot ventures, StarVC (Vc firm co founded by Quan Ren, Huang Xiaoming and Li Bingbing) and $50 million in C rounds.

however, a technology originally of entrepreneurship is not too smooth, mainly to do long – making the video for a long time, but tepid.

then, Han Kun and Li Shanyou (micro-blog) founded Cool 6 nets together, 2010>

Wholesale shop for free wholesale information Raiders

pat Network, taobao.com, a shop system has attracted many enterprises to come to the shop to sell their goods, in order to make their products better known and recognized by the buyer, except through a number of promotional activities, also need to have the potential customer site or forum to promote.

wholesale online (pfzx) is a pat Network, taobao.com and wholesale business information platform, (mainly a lot of people looking for wholesale and agent supply here), because the site planning initial positioning more professional – professional wholesale information platform. Therefore, attracting a large number of wholesale search sourcing and product agent wholesale enterprises issued the crowd. The information in this website, can obtain very good results!

it is worth mentioning that this wholesale online audit of wholesale information is quite strict, and not all information can be audited, you must remember the following

1, you have to do wholesale,

2, the information must have company introduction, product introduction, and wholesale rules

3, the information as far as possible not at the end of 150 words,

4, insert an online store or website address at the end of contact

5, do not repeat the release of information (to be deleted)

of course, in pat Network, Taobao and a friend of the shop is often on the site for sourcing. There are many wholesale businesses that offer free agents and agents. Finally, wish the majority of online shop wholesalers are the business more cattle


Soft sister how to do poineering work from the boss of the queen

people often say that the venture industry is not suitable for soft and soft girl girl survival, the petite but with his amazing perseverance and courage to find business enterprise, positioning themselves in a group of men to build their own entrepreneurial circles, different from the business platform.

she was from zero investigation project manager to technical manager to sales manager, vice president until sum into work, the queen. However, the idea of having their own career so that she was born with the intention of entrepreneurship, as the boss of China’s survey of the private placement of the boss of the survey group Tang Xuemei began the process of entrepreneurship.

when everything into the right track, employees at all levels of each department is responsible for the company, into a virtuous cycle, when the president of the Tang Xuemei actually feel "relaxed": "I have the ability to play almost the same, many of my ideas are put into practice, well done things to do so and lack of power. He felt a lack of passion and an innovative fun."

in addition, choose their own business there are two reasons: one is to find a sense of belonging, the development of a lifelong career of their own, for their future occupation career an exclamation point, do not want to do the work; two is the queen was central school of management learning EMBA Tang Xuemei supported many do CEO friends: "you are so good, with their own ability to do, no problem, we will support you!

Choose Christina joined the strength of the brand investment reliable

in recent years, the industry market development is very good, a variety of brands is very much, the cake as a very popular love is a delicacy, but now too many brands on the market, consumers can not be another good choice, we recommend the Christina brand today it is very small, innovation is a very creative cake brand, Christina cake products throughout the update, delicious, inexpensive, deep delicacy enthusiasts favor. Join Christina, get rich is not a dream.

chose Christina to join, for entrepreneurs, you not is what you choose to fight a lone battle, the strength of a business partner and you risk sharing, entrepreneurial success more easily. Christina is a development, production, sales as one of the one-stop production enterprises. Christina hot market, shop hot, worthy of investment.

how about Christina? For food products, first of all, the need for health and nutrition, followed by the need for quality certification on the market, so as to get the trust of consumers. Christina to create a love of everyone enjoy the food. Everyone loves, not only delicious, but also more fun! Clever use of all equipment and materials, baking materials, mold purchase and production in the shop to get a station.

food industry is different from other products, it is very important to guarantee the quality of each product. Christina brand? Always stand in the consumer’s point of view, pay attention to detail, select high-quality raw materials, from the production of products to the launch, each step is excellence, just to give every consumer a higher experience. Christina joined the headquarters of perfect service mechanism, perfect service system, effectively help every investor better business, Christina to join, entrepreneurship is more simple, the strength of the brand investment.