There is meaning of love in the chain of Shanghai products

Now a lot of

website chain in Shanghai say sex outside the chain, the chain like love, love Shanghai, Shanghai know that Wikipedia love Shanghai library, Shanghai did not share love what weight at all, do these love Shanghai outside the chain is not worth doing. But heaven is a way to say is since Shanghai ranked love search out these words show love Shanghai chain is up in the promotion, natural search. You have a certain role in.

webmaster don’t love Shanghai and the weight of the chain, we all know the perfect combination of a web site outside of the chain was diversified, the. We should imagine where these love Shanghai the meaning of the chain. Today let us know related products where the real meaning of love Shanghai website optimization.

third products: love Shanghai love Shanghai library

Love Shanghai know all know 3 love Shanghai products inside know is released the strict

fourth products: love love Shanghai Shanghai share

Shanghai 2012 sea products, intended to allow users to share web content to third party websites, third party website users click on proprietary share links to bring social flow from the third party website. Web page grab speed using the share of "love Shanghai love Shanghai can quickly be included. This is the chain of love Shanghai four products which do the most love, many webmaster use various means malicious brush hands, the hands of the Shanghai increase the love I want to say "and soft

Love is love to share


second products: love Shanghai love Shanghai know

love Shanghai three products inside the Shanghai library should review the most love is sent, love the Shanghai liberal arts enterprises can put some of the company’s product introduction, webmaster website optimization articles to the Shanghai library at the end of love under the enterprises on the RUL link through upload your article is, as long as there is someone will go to see someone, download, will naturally bring a very good quality chain.

done, the slightest mistake is the title. The chain of love Shanghai know I play directly face the user’s question answer, his chain effect is far greater than the top 10 of the search engine search page.

is the first product: love Shanghai love Shanghai Encyclopedia

love Shanghai encyclopedia is actually a lot of enterprises regardless of brand and product showed good place, if we put the enterprise brand, enterprise culture, enterprise products, enterprise characters can good display in the encyclopedia, I think advertising does not less news chain. Many have said encyclopedia encyclopedia passing rate is very low, I want to say is that we love Shanghai encyclopedia to hold exhibition was not marketing mentality, love Shanghai Wikipedia is the Encyclopedia of knowledge is not news source.


Qualified Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai Longfeng optimization always just perfect

The first search engine

we know that it is not a short duration of time and a lot of website optimization, Shanghai dragon Er why more optimal weight and website ranking more on the lower, regardless of tenure development but will make the weight and site rankings have been improved, which in my view is not the key to the problem is not in love with the sea site is Shanghai dragon Er optimization method and the optimization strategy, the author has been considered qualified Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai Longfeng optimization always just perfect.

, whether the content and information provided there is a deviation. Search engine optimization we must make clear search engine optimization is based on the principle of what grasp three key points, crawling, indexing and ranking, but this is only the foundation, not for the optimization of search engine service but your content can effectively provide the user generated content value, the search engine will be of great advantage for the user, through its own algorithm according to the user in the quality of your site to access the data to the final judgment of your website, in fact users and search engines they are with certain to a certain extent, we must find ways to put content appeal and search engine you need to fit together, such as search engines love website content fresh, users also love the content that is both common, when we update the content as far as possible to the common needs of both Something posted to the site, the content form of search engine users also love love with such content, when updating the content must know whether the information you can meet the similarities between the two.

second, why your site is optimized but weight decreased. In fact, the reason is very simple in optimizing your site suspected of cheating, I always thought that the optimization is to improve our website whether it is website structure, website content, the user experience is the user centered in constant refinement and adjustment, but a lot of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Er is wrong, that is to optimize a search engine, in order to optimize the keywords stack, article is not to add some keywords, the number of the pursuit of the chain blindly adopt various methods to increase the chain for the website, the end result is in the optimization over the cycle, the reason is very simple, need a healthy person’s daily nutrition is fixed, but in order to meet the needs of their mouth, crazy to eat a lot of fried food, greasy food, high sugar foods was a real treat, but The subsequent obesity or even three symptoms, we emphasize in the diet of the eight full, then why not the website optimization of daily life together? You will have to grasp the scale of cognitive optimization.

third, what is the formal optimization techniques? These two is mainly about how to optimize the site optimization errors, jump moment as a webmaster we pay more attention to the formal optimization method is very simple, remember two words " " optimization, all you do should focus on these two words the start value >

Site day IP more than 16 thousand, but earn less money

from the beginning of the station to do now, from a webmaster who do not understand anything, I have been in the sea for three years more difficult swim.

in 2005, learning HTML, very hard to learn, made a web site. No income at all.

in 2006, started to learn asp, and find some thief procedures, integration released a set of "network station" program. Slowly become familiar with programming. Very hard publicity, very hard SEO, very hard to upgrade procedures. Finally fell ill, hospitalized, and later appeared on the Internet a "high Chen, a marketing method using dead stationmaster" article. I don’t want to explain any more about that article. I like to study my people and think it over myself. In short, the biggest memory I remember in 2006 was the day of hospital stay. Later, the site has a little income, but very little, very little. But there are a lot of people who support me and use my program. At that time, my vanity was full, and perhaps that was called "achievement"".

2007, I am tired, for such a low income, I can not sit still, I want to give up the web site. My girlfriend encouraged me at the time and kept on holding on for the past two years. After listening to her encouragement, I am more grateful, a woman can be so supportive of my career, I have to back it up, and then put all of the former domain name abandoned, bought a CN domain name of a dollar. Started to do my content station. Do not have any technology, installed a DZ, desperately update. Coincides with the girlfriend of a prostate cancer surgery, she stopped for some time to accompany her. After coming back, begin to update, side propaganda. Girlfriend after discharge, spare no pains to help me, help me help me to do publicity design. It worked out, and from 2000ip to 7000ip, it took us only one month. At that time, with GG’s Picasa and Firefox downloads, you could earn some dollars a day. Then, during the summer vacation, IP passed, and the income was abnormally high. Those were the days when I felt most fulfilled. Slowly, Google, Adsense also began to deteriorate, the unit price is getting lower and lower, advertising content more and more garbage, and even fraudulent advertising. In order to improve the quality and access experience of the website, I cancelled the content advertisement in the GG ad, and made the recommendation ad only. Then encounter Google adjustment of the recommended advertising, income gradually lost ground.

then started trying to be an Asian dating Union in early 2008. Hang up the ad for a few days, and find more than 100 knives a day, and make yourself happy. By the end of the second month settlement, $more than 1000 suddenly changed $more than 80. Asked the outdated MJJ, they said it was being adjusted to low performance users. In this way, my income from making friends in Asia has shrunk dramatically. All right, go ahead and do it for a month. Another month, $more than 500, plus $more than 80 a month, a total of more than 600 knives. By the end of the month to pay.

GG ads click on reading books for beginners

GG, the most important thing is not to greed, this is the most important. Referring to cheating.

like our Google cheating, generally receive the success rate of money is about 60-70%, many people say that one cheating is easy to K, this is they do not know, even cheating is also necessary to pay attention to many places.

Google is English advertising and advertising Chinese, see, what, we are generally the first to use a Chinese station to apply for a, and then do a few pages are usually 10 pages, just put some bags containing English keyword articles. In this way, GG will show English advertisements. The price of English advertisements is relatively high. I used to have a record of clicking three dollars.

a lot of people on the Internet to see a click tens of dollars keywords, such as cancer and the like, I told you, do not use this keyword, go to some unit price, not too high, general, one click 0. About 5 dollars will be OK, it will be a lot safer.

because we are cheating, so to control the display and click rate, you can not be an advertising display only ten times, but four or five times, one is a problem, some people say that the click rate below 1% is better, I feel safe in 0. 2% below, I was kept at 0. 17%.

are some of the English high advertising, general domestic users no one will go to the point? How to do, some people called the group "or QQ friends to the point, I feel so bad, because GG will record each click the IP, COOKIES, ordinary users not to remove COOKIES, and browser record, and not the end point of advertising for IP. It’s dangerous.

the best way is to organize a dozen similar, are doing GG, in turn, a clear time COOKIES and browsing records, the end point of a dozen advertisement for a IP, so the security is relatively high, and we are doing GG, remember to clear browsing history.

landing in the background, the background is GG all advertisers most NB, a lot of things, will record your computer including IP, COOKIES, or MAC address will be recorded! So when you point the IP end point of advertising do not change IP into the background, after the Qing finished browsing again.

The most important thing about

is that you don’t have to click your own ads and use your software to click on your ads. These two things are the premise of your money.

Google said to K rules who can’t do Google, my first Google is their own advertising, to $fifty for K, then apply an advertisement, be careful to do, it received hundreds of dollars. Went on again.

clicks are very elegant. I’ll tell you how to click.


The implementation process of viral marketing (serial one)

, viral marketing is the core of the "virus" manufacturing. No matter what form the virus eventually performs, it must have a basic infection gene. "Viruses" must be unique, convenient, fast, and must be "cool", and allow the audience to accept voluntarily and feel the benefits are not shallow. "Viral marketing" must be "permissive" rather than "compulsive", so that the audience can voluntarily accept and voluntarily spread.

1, manufacturing viruses,

first look at Gmail, it has the Google brand as a support, and as the world’s first 1G free mailbox, its "cool" has formed. Then, the mysterious invitation model is enough to satisfy the user’s appetite. On the surface, not a large-scale Gmail users open face, instead of using a limited invitation, but this is the state of the banzhebanyan get users like a flock of ducks all to get an invitation, thus successfully registered for joy, more will be limited to invite a baby permission to send out to the table and. The whole process was a game of brilliant fun. Even more expensive auctions on eBay, and for a while, Gmail evolved into a hot underground trading commodity.

may be a coincidence, and perhaps it is part of the marketing strategy, and the privacy infringement case has contributed to the Gmail campaign. Google to the 1G mailbox put keyword advertising, robot scanning mail content, it is in violation of user privacy on the court, sensation, not you don’t know Gmail a great reputation.

The Gmail in the

test is a bit unstable, but it’s actively developing more services. Gmail do this stage, even if they don’t do any marketing activities, what wind sways grass has its own media, and Internet users to "report".

2, selection method,

Killerstandup.com also has a way of using e-books. If it is an ordinary email, users are often deleted after reading, and may even be considered spam at the very beginning. Relatively speaking, the circulation and storage time of e-books can be more lasting, so the marketing effect is more obvious.

3, identify the "low immunity" crowd

has to find a vulnerable group of "low immunity" people who spread pathogens everywhere. Tencent in doing QQ promotion, it is very focused on the "low immunity" crowd search and lock. The average age of their users is about 20.6 years old. This is part of the fashion and a keen awareness of the new flu. This part is absolutely "low immunity" crowd, they have no resistance to QQ virus, can quickly accept and actively spread.

4, virus activation program

in order to prevent the "virus" in the flow of Self Hypnosis

The establishment of a music Fang said the original old stick

Le Fang a year! October 14th, Le Fang a birthday. Everyone has his own interests and hobbies, which lead to different strengths. How can we maximize our understanding of our talents and our strengths? That’s what we’ve been trying to do. Many a man seeks for the end of his life, and still finds nothing. The creation of Le Fang, is largely influenced by this idea.

A review of the

a year ago today, looking for a way of life unsuspectingly. The background music on the line Fang, shouldering the sacred and irresistible task. As a sustenance of dreams, it is not only the core of life at that time, but also the spiritual pillar of the inner world.

Le Fang, these 3 words, I have to give it the meaning of every 1 words. In a nutshell, the workshop in Lechang is devoted to the introduction of outlandish things". Why don’t you call the net? In my opinion, the square also contains the meaning of the shop, it can express my original intention more. Yue Fang profit model for AD + sales ", the future, it will be a e-commerce trading platform, through the vivid description of the site, take the initiative to introduce visitors to reach a purchase guide. It is understood that this profit model has been widely used, successful cases too numerous to mention. Le Fang on the line so far, visits aside, I harvest very much, familiar with the operation process of website. Thank those who have helped me, which is the most complete, more. The rise of the Internet, so that a group of fighters with a common aspiration brings together, in the major online, their figures frequently appeared, happy talk, a variety of views exchange surge. I was impressed by the "content is king, the chain for emperor", this is the industry’s widely respected golden laws and precious rules, it is self-evident importance of the original.

Le Fang to report the wonders, strange people, strange and eccentric odd things, the original it really is not easy. The scope of our personal life is limited. How can we collect so much material? The difficulty of originality causes us to think about another problem. What is original, unique?. So what is unique? What is Baidu’s explanation is that there is no or no comparison?. Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said: "people can not step into the same river two times.". That is to say, everything in the world is changing. You just need a little embellishment, used alone, can oneself. This approach, we call "pseudo original."". Now, we are trying to prove the beginning of a new era in our own way. Incomplete statistics, 90% of the sites are currently pseudo original faithful fans. Of course, I am no exception.

Le Fang flow 90% comes from the major search engines, according to the development strategy of the originally envisaged, Le Fang inserted Google Advertising in September. To this day, little success has been achieved. Once in the Baidu Post Bar, various forums, web posting publicity, can not persist, it is a pity that. Today, it can only maintain its basic updates after work. < >

Small jewelry store to teach you how to make money crazy woman

women’s spending power has been obvious to all things, so long as the project is around the female consumers, are generally very easy to make money. So for investors to open a jewelry store is also a very good choice. The vast majority of female consumers of space. So small jewelry store market? How to open a small jewelry store? The following Xiaobian take you to understand it.

What women make money

"mass innovation, people’s business," the slogan is to mobilize the enthusiasm of all China’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, which, of course, including female entrepreneurs. However, there are still a lot of voices in the community questioned the entrepreneurial ability of women, then women make money on what?

A woman by

women do not put themselves as flowers, flowers always wither; women should regard themselves as the tree, can withstand wind and rain, and. Knowledge is the best tonic for a woman. She can not only keep the charm of women, but also teach them how to make money. Therefore, a woman must invest more internally, so that knowledge to bring you endless opportunities to make money.

as the perception is stronger than the rational group, sixth women’s innate sense than the rational man is more sensitive than emotional. Women are often able to rely on their own and do not know that the intuition is not clear grasp the opportunity to grasp the opportunity to achieve great things, earn a bowl of funds. Want to make a lot of money for women, must develop and make full use of their own intuition, let those men go with dull dull.

five, women rely on positive thinking and innovation to make money

thrifty is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. The old saying goes: "rich in days, rich in small jian. Recommended

The development of New Energy Automotive Industry Innovation Forum opened in Fujian

with the improvement of living standards, people travel more and more pursuit of convenience, so in the car on the market gradually gained popularity, but the traditional automobile greater energy consumption, but also for the environment there is a serious damage, so the demand for new energy vehicles is very large. 7 pm, 2016 Fujian new energy automobile industry Financial Innovation Forum opened in Fuzhou, people from all walks of life to cross-border, integration, sharing, innovation "as the theme, focus on national policies, market trends, new energy vehicles and other advantages and future issues in-depth exchanges.

State Council Development Research Center, doctor of management, researcher Wang Guohua pointed out in his speech, "13th Five-Year" during the period of China’s new energy vehicles will be the initial stage into the acceleration phase, the three aspects of the government or from the research of dynamic adjustment mechanism, set up a subsidy standards into the new energy vehicles recommended directory conditions, the establishment of corporate average fuel consumption with the new energy policy adjustments linked system.

The Private Economy Research Institute of Peking University

value center for economic research group deputy director Yu Xilin think, should be based on the "Oriental wisdom is the root of Western science and technology as" eclectic, many long, the formation of social innovation system integration industry development mode, leading the development of the industry, promote industrial upgrading the system, actively participate in the development of new industry standard.

Space for development of new energy vehicles

, Fujian financial innovation forum, can be effective for the further development of new energy vehicles in the negotiation to promote the popularization of new energy vehicles is a matter of great significance. At the same time, the forum is organized by the Provincial Department of Commerce, Fujian Province Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese Investment Enterprises Association guidance, sponsored by the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce in South America, Southeast network, Southeast of Fujian Province Overseas Media Limited, Fujian energy Huimin new energy automobile co..

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2016 rural entrepreneurial hedgehog promising prospects

have you ever heard of porcupine farming? At present, the rural breeding industry has become a popular trend. In addition to traditional livestock, there are a lot of money to make more money farming venture. The whole network editorial recommendation porcupine breeding project for you, is very promising.

The prospect of >