Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce cross border electricity supplier projects up to 4 million

sina science and technology news on August 9th morning news, recently issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce on the 2016 year to support the development of cross-border e-commerce in Beijing notice (hereinafter referred to as notice). Informed that the Beijing region will strongly support the development of cross-border e-commerce companies, logistics companies, third party payment institutions and other related business units, in 2016 each project can be up to 4 million yuan of funds to support. read more

ncrease the exposure rate of Taobao baby

on the Internet and also have several years, what is learned? In retrospect, in addition to learn some skills and experience in the promotion of Taobao Taobao shop outside, but also learned how to behave. After the first person to do. People often ask how their goods in the shop are in the front row, and our products are in the back row, some even could not find their goods. Today on this issue, four points to do we talk about Taobao:

first, baby release to timely

their products, their baby, could you hurry every day in the release of their products, they will think their products store more buyers to find more chances, you can instead released hundreds of products, but often come home to ask Tianjin too few people, why in fact, publishing products also have certain knowledge, I saw many community on the release time of the baby, everyone is very clear, is that baby on time can be divided into three periods: morning 9 points to 11 points, 2 points to 5 points, 8 points to 11 points this afternoon, evening, I release the baby a bit out with them, my habit is more to the late again, because you are due next time to use the wrong method, of course I do not oppose the front, actually in front of the party Law is also very good, vary from person to person, oh, only with the end to find their own. read more

Gorgeous behind the novice must Wangzhuan five questions clear

The rapid development of Internet industry, now

, derived from money making opportunities are also very much, as in shop brush drill, business writer, pig, website and so on, in all kinds of industries as well as the number of Wangzhuan are constantly increasing. As the leisure time more college students and other groups, and the leisure industry is very convenient Wangzhuan cater to their tastes. So ready but in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan entrepreneurship, the wind prevails but we see the other side: many newcomers to Wangzhuan as fast ways to build up the family fortunes, like Zhao Yingguang and Zuckerberg, they are using the Internet to make a difference at a very young age, in order to start a business venture, but this attitude for college students as Wangzhuan? FN Wangzhuan industry, do not put Wangzhuan industry excessive packaging, in the beginning to understand some problems before their entrepreneurial career. read more

Wanda business determined to join hands with GREE seek Transformation 17 or announced

according to the "First Financial Daily" reported, GREE electric chairman Dong Mingzhu in January 9th afternoon in an interview with the newspaper confirmed that GREE at the end of 2014 in Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the cornerstone of Wanda Commercial Investment).

Dong Mingzhu said that GREE and Wan Da have reached a strategic cooperation, on the basis of cooperation between the two sides, it is possible that it will be all the electrical products are provided by us." read more