Ministry of culture to regulate the network music investigate 68 music sites

news July 15th, the Ministry of culture announced on the tenth batch of illegal online music website lists 07 month 14 days, announced the "DJ music network" 68 online music website without permission, to provide network music products and services without authorization, in violation of the "Internet culture management Interim Provisions" and other relevant laws and regulations, the Ministry of culture decided to the alleged illegal websites to be dealt with according to law. Illegal music website administrative department of culture and the cultural market administrative law enforcement agencies shall order within the jurisdiction of the ICP filing, stop all Internet cultural products including network music, (ICP not filing website, access to the area by investigating), they shall be investigated in accordance with the "Interim Provisions on Administration of Internet culture. The following is the original announcement:               the following referenced content:
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Entrepreneurial experience sharing do video sites a narrow point on a deep

      Google after the acquisition of a happy video originator Youtube once brought the domestic video industry had been silent for a long time. VC’s cash, so many people in the industry for the development of local video website concerns.

"first echelon" video website contention of a hundred schools of thought

06 years known as the first year of Chinese video website, there are so many video sites, some people say there are two hundred or three hundred, also said there is investment risk investment, a more than one. In fact, frankly speaking, China’s Internet industry does not have a home to get so much money, this is the first step; the second step you want to develop their own way. So I say 07 years is very fun for a year, you go your way, I go my way, to show everyone the The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, development and utilization of their resources, will be very fun. I think the first echelon will finally All flowers bloom together., contention of a hundred schools of thought. read more

PHPWind and Discuz financing competition strategy of burn

these days in the IT media, see the most, are talking about PW and Dz, Dz may be the second round of financing to spend money, the technique is relatively high, techweb on several manuscripts, and then began the media quickly reproduced, but also hard to them. So, a big weekend, have to ask people to edit the work post to find out from the anonymous ruins, linked to the home page, is dedicated. But think carefully, this may be the Dz’s strategy, the simple truth:

1 first hearsay to say is being sold, these messages are mostly scattered out from behind the techweb and read more

Actual case how to combine the wine shop and WeChat


as an excellent social software, has been favored by more and more people, not only in domestic has been very popular, even when I travel in Southeast Asia and other places, also from time to time to see the local people play this software, we can use this phenomenon to understand a bit — WeChat’s influence can not be ignored. So as a red wine store business, how can you use this software to promote their services?

1, WeChat to promote the preparation of

want to use WeChat to set a group of useful active fans, many believe this is the wine store owner want to achieve the most things, but the micro signal and the number of public promotion stores (hereinafter referred to as double), is not an overnight thing, there must be a series of preparations. read more

The promotion of local soft gifts industry website promotion plan

  Web site goals and positioning:

gift industry website construction of the preliminary positioning is: to create a local gift industry portal, traditional physical gift companies and craft gift manufacturers interactive e-commerce trading platform.

initial goal: the use of 6 months, the site will become the same type of site in the most professional, most comprehensive and most promising site.

: the medium-term target of 6 months, the e-commerce platform website to professional gift online business transformation, and nationwide gift source manufacturers to carry out various forms of cooperation, to attract more resources into the platform of gifts. read more

Do stand or practical point good

mixed in the webmaster network for half a year, every day, whether it is soft Wen, or the industry consulting, I have insisted on watching.. on the network has almost become a habit…

I am a student webmaster, do stand for two years. Just started doing some dumpster, also brought a few $GG, stimulation of interest. Now do station classification of campus information station, there is no income, not every day watching GG income, not in the observed daily traffic, not in the daily observation of Baidu revenues, but more practical. read more

Fight the goods to complete the B round of financing valuation of nearly 480 million

(original title: extra! Together goods completed B round of financing, valuation of nearly 480 million dollars)

[Shanghai] hunting cloud network reported on December 23rd (by Su Qi)

today, market rumors spell good goods completed a $50 million B round of financing, this hunting cloud network (WeChat: ilieyun) to verify the good fight Wu mei. The other confirmed together goods has recently completed B round of financing, the investor is Gao Rong capital and IDG, the current valuation of nearly $480 million. But for the specific amount of financing, Wu Mei said it did not disclose. read more

Rather than care about Wang Feng how to do the event marketing

yesterday morning, Wang Feng pulled into the so-called and China’s new song, students Xu Xu Yan pornographic video event, was a headline.

soon, the program producers Canxing stand out of the rumor that this video heroine looks, arm tattoo position and pattern are quite distinct from Xu Geyang. For this suspected organized malicious attacks, the program group said it had reported to the police.

Zhang Ziyi micro-blog screenshot


who is currently not found rumors, but this incident, there is no doubt that in fact let Canxing "new song" and Chinese hot up again. read more

Depth interpretation M layout after the acquisition of millet company MSNLite

in a new generation of millet mobile phone will be released when the millet company, on another important product, m chat recently to frequent high-profile appearance, yesterday evening, Lei Jun through micro-blog revealed that in late August 8th 22, m chat online at the same time more than 1 million, accumulated more than 17 million registered users who created a new record.

Another message

but before the release, is caused by the extensive discussion of the industry, that is the millet company announced a high-profile industry famous MSNLite team to join millet company, become an important member of the team under the command of M chat. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast 51 criticized net cash back rebate Sina adultury and fined 5 million 100

1.51 net cash back rebate was criticized for 790 thousand full conversion to 12 years  

last July, the newspaper had "rebate network overlord terms blamed precipitation funds or millions" reported the existence of the rebate website industry unspoken rule and irregularities. However, more than half a year has passed, this phenomenon has not been fundamentally improved, but there is a growing trend.

yesterday (May 4th), Mr. Chen Hangzhou people to the "daily economic news" reporter reported, in February this year, 51 rebate network officially launched a campaign through the official Apple store shopping, including iPhone, iPad full range of products returned 10 times F coins (51 return enabling network virtual currency, 100F the coin worth 1 yuan). read more