Honey bud Ecological Marketing from the beginning of cross border integration of resources

introduction: the present era is the best of times, the leader of the capital is not absolute single skill, casting, but comprehensive core barriers seems to play cross that the ecological, does not matter, because all of it, they had no boundaries.

April 2016, the first pure honey bud exclusive title variety "Cui Shen" to parenting network.

May 18, 2016, honey bud & music as the joint break the world, win-win ecology, ecological cooperation mode.

May 20, 2016, honey bud combined together to create "Shenzhou car, in the name of love, honey bud that the original" read more

Alibaba and the CGA cooperation to build a second hand car trading platform O2O

Alibaba and CGA cooperation: the two sides will build a second-hand car trading platform O2O

[TechWeb] August 19th News reported today, the Alibaba Group officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou and CGA, together to create a second-hand car trading platform O2O. The two sides will be in the field of second-hand car O2O trading platform for in-depth cooperation, and jointly create a second-hand car O2O trading norms and standards.

taobao.com president epilepsy row, said: "the Internet auction is the most effective second-hand car sales pattern in the global scope, the Alibaba and the CGA will work together to put the credit system into a new era of second-hand car market, build a new commercial civilization." read more

From traffic to do after the brand network card has been to the development of Zen

in recent years with the "wheat bags" and "zocainone" and a series of network brand was born, gradually "net goods" has been quietly to the "net" brand gorgeous transformation. "Online retailing may be another retail revolution following the chain operation." China’s well-known retail expert Professor Gu Guojian’s remarks are caused by the boiling of the Taobao business. Open the Taobao home page is not difficult to find, in the original price, discounts, promotions for the advertising theme all the businesses are now spending billions of dollars, won the Taobao home focus map is "not only talk about commodity brand". read more

Gome quit electricity supplier platform last year the supply chain breakthrough

original title: the United States and the United States to continue to repurchase shares to withdraw from the electronic business platform

Gome (00493.HK, hereinafter referred to as the United States) this month has been three repurchase, stock prices have also been improved.

last year, the United States has realized losses, but the integration of online and offline "answer" to be further expanded, which can make the United States gain momentum long-term support prices.

repurchase to convey confidence read more

On behalf of the operators conservative choice net of the traditional retailers


is a whole industry chain brand like Metro or COFCO, such entities super, electronic commerce have become the focus of their new strategy in recent years. But on the one hand, the traditional business electricity supplier experience is relatively insufficient; on the other hand, the cost of all independent operations too large. These companies have turned to a more conservative "net" – generation operation.

overcome bottlenecks

generation of operations, that is, a professional third party company to build a platform for e-commerce projects, daily management agency. The operator is generally Tmall, Jingdong and three party platform on the official flagship store, or corporate website and vertical online shopping mall. read more

Google Adsense account how to change the name of the payee

in the Admin5 trading forum inside, there are a lot of people to sell Adsense account. Many friends may have hung up the Adsense ad, probably because of some reasons, do not want to practice the adsnese, so chose to sell.

in accordance with GG regulations, Adsense account is not allowed to transfer or sell. However, GG is now allowed to modify the name of the payee, although a little trouble, but at least feasible. Many people do not know how to change the name of the payee of the Google Adsense account. I had to use www.cc144.cn this website for an account with my brother’s name, but my brother is now working in the field, did not have his passport is to get money. I am writing to Adsense consult. Here is the answer. After understanding I finally succeeded in changing the name, although the process is somewhat complicated but. The result is quite satisfactory. read more

January 29th the first successful Asia domain auction

  in January 29th, the first.Asia (Asia) domain name "sunrise" (specifically for the trademark holders of the priority registration period) successfully completed the auction, the auction is designed for the trademark holders will continue for 3 days. So far, the promotion of.Asia domain name has been exceptionally smooth, many companies are willing to retain the desired domain name. This time to deal with the domain name auction situation, which is the first time in the history of the international top-level domain name. In the past, companies want to register the domain name, the process is very confusing, to auction the domain name to allocate more fair, more rational, more robust. read more

Wang Jianlin Suning Wanda signed binding development agreement with three points


technology news September 6th morning news, Suning and Wanda held a press conference in Beijing announced strategic cooperation, Suning stores will be stationed in the Wanda plaza. Wanda will also provide resources for the development of Suning custom.

Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin said at a strategic cooperation conference speech, the two sides have three main points of cooperation, one is the powerful combination, the two is complementary, and the other is mutually beneficial mutual benefit. Any future projects on both sides have the right to choose, two or more China billion level leading enterprises to sign close agreement, binding agreement, is not common, signed this agreement, fully shows that the two sides of each trust. (Warriors) read more

Hu Yibo on the network to make money online marketing

network in recent years money is not what big secret, do not know who those who engage in Wangzhuan forum is how to think. Open VIP service, resource sharing, teach others what is SEO, what is, what is the Wangzhuan Baidu bid, what is the electronic commerce can collect hundreds of thousands and even some VIP cost.

In fact,

is divided into several simple Wangzhuan only, such as e-commerce, selling goods, money, the membership, advertising agency, money, money, surfing game download software to make money, make money gambling etc.. But now the domestic and foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan not so many money, do Wangzhuan are for foreign markets to do. Common such as: foreign trade, foreign click Union, foreign CPS, etc.. read more

Biography Taobao continue to spin off Juhuasuan third party independent introduction

according to sources, Juhuasuan will not only be independent of the introduction of the Taobao market sellers, but also for the domestic third party buy site open. (TechWeb with


Tencent science and technology news (Zhao Nan) October 18th news, Taobao is brewing another spin off, will be stripped of the formation of an independent Juhuasuan company. The independent out of the Juhuasuan will also be transformed into a third party to buy the domestic group to buy open polymerization site. read more