Multi picture less text website home page how to do the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


we are in a home to put a lot of pictures is to increase the user experience, to meet the user’s senses, for example, we need to show the meaning sometimes have to use some pictures to show, and even the use of no ordinary user computer font description, also generally use the words written on the picture. Here I am from several aspects in more detail about some of my personal views.

, ALT, and other conventional optimization methods that. You know this, because the search engine can’t grab pictures on the content, but can identify pictures of ALT information, and we need to see the text search engine written in ALT information have become a common practice, it is because I don’t have much to say here. The map is in order to affect the overall visual conditions reduce the total number of requests "volume and improve website loading speed, and whether it is on the user or search engine is very good. In addition to the use of more high-quality server is also a good way to optimize Shanghai dragon.

The first

is a unified trend in the current web site, is in the visual impression has great impact, in fact, to achieve this purpose are often use high quality pictures to help the. Websites such as games and art service enterprises and other types of official website can often be seen by a lot of pictures to decorate the home page. And we all know the search engine is not to recognize the picture above, of course may have the same ability in the future, but at least now haven’t done; you know love is search engine load quickly and let yourself successfully grab the data at the same time, increase the user experience more advocate.

second, for different search engines and users. This way I get from an open source web application in inspiration, we all know that enable pseudo static is to let the search engine better included, of course now, the search engine has solved the dynamic URL problem and the program included; a built-in function is the division of search engine and user, if it is a search engine the use of pseudo static URL, and if the user is using the default natural dynamic URL, thereby reducing the server load. Here we are the same, such as some of our special appearance of the font can only write in the picture above, of course, to support the font in the CSS3 server, but it will not only allow users to the client when the first visit to download the corresponding font file, so as to influence the speed, more important is that many users browser the new property does not support. But the picture of the text is to the user, the search engine is invisible; so we need to get a search engine to see users do not see the good. That is the position in the picture, add a DIV, and in which we want to write on the search engine to see the contents, and then put the height set to 0. This can avoid the ALT information is suspected of cheating, because it does not affect the user experience also.

Practical comparison tells you love Shanghai station closed protection is good

in contrast to the above, many people may feel for close station protected sites rather than not close station protection site recovery slower. But it’s important here to tell you, do not apply for the protection of the index closed station although restored, ranking has not recovered, and the site was completely removed in the index though, but for recovery after crawling ranking recovered very quickly.

applied in December 3rd through the recovery after the crawl, the site after about three days, included start slowly, until completely restored to the rankings with included with the same protection station before closing in 9 days.

site, from the beginning of November 24th to love Shanghai station closed for protection, the first day to reply that my application was not passed, the reason is: the system detects your site there are more accessible pages, that is your site not completely shut love Shanghai spider crawling is also no way to apply closed station protection. Love in Shanghai station closed protection audit is still quite efficient (1~2 days).


then I apply for the second time, the time is November 27th. We look at the following data:

domain name is stop parsing all the time: November 23rd



1. if you need long time off the site, it is best to choose love Shanghai station close protection, can better protect their weight. (such as filing station need long time to shut off station)


site two, no application for closed station protection, site index quantity and weight is not high site, so I do not apply for closed protection, we can see the change of my index chart. During this period I shut down, the index has declined in Shanghai love has not been completely removed, and the site is restored, included or recovered faster.

some time ago was stolen because of his two domain name GODADDY above, have the opportunity to experience the love of Shanghai station closed protection, two DNS close station is just at the same time, so the comparative data is relatively accurate, hope to those who had no friends and want to try some suggestions. (and here also remind you webmaster to do domain name protection, domain management account will not bear their own password and other websites)

here for everyone to be a summary of recommendations.

love Shanghai approved second days after the station closed protection, the index I began to plummet! When do not apply for the protection of our close station can keep a normal snapshot 45 days. But after the application by the search results were immediately removed, index drop slowly.

2. if you are temporarily closed.


Rookie share Taobao monthly earn 3000 experienceGolden Wangzhuan eight of the most common network pr

search engine promotion method is divided into many different forms, we compare the main common: search engine optimization, keyword advertising, login free catalogue, login pay categories, keywords PPC, web content targeted advertising etc.. sh419 search can log in sh419 search "website submission".

as a webmaster, if we want to get long-term survival, promotion methods is the most important site. To do the promotion of the website is not an easy thing. He has to spend much of our time, we also spend a lot of energy. Following the golden Wangzhuan few years popular promotion methods summarized 8 kinds of share:

fourth, the blog promotion method


this method is mainly used when your site has a certain scale of time, you can submit it to the navigation. General navigation station good, requirements in more than pr3. So they collected as long as you stand, to bring you the very good flow.

in sh419 know, Sina asked the quiz website, choose some hot topic to answer a question. Or you can take the way of question and answer. Here you have to remember to take your website in response to the content of external links, this is more conducive to the user in the search for these topics, easily find a link to your site. Related reading "promotion Tsuburi 08: inquiry platform promotion techniques"

on the way Taobao money off, I was through their own ideas, not to communicate with people to reach the actual monthly income, earning 3000 I just do Taobao off third months of the year, but still the level there has been no progress, I feel like maybe communicate with me because fewer.

, the first search engine promotion method

tells the story:

I always think I am a food is food rookie, do Taobao customers a day to earn 100020005000 or 1W There are plenty of people who have a lot of friends around me, this level is around me, so I make a month is just a day or half a day to earn others, often because this is not that they did not find what is the secret anguish direction.

do Amoy >

was very upset, but decided to write this article, before countless times in the A5 article, all want to put their own feelings or experience to write down, also to try, but finally finished removing all time. More and more could not write.

fifth, Q & a website promotion method

portal blog are basically free to apply to, popularity is also high. Such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, sh419, personal space and so on. You can add some circles and groups in your blog, then you write original articles, and blog group tool, easily forwarded to each big blog. So you will publish articles to let more people know.

so, first I found there are about 4-5 words to do a few stations, because buy a record meter to about 60, he has been very save, first bought 2, over a period of time to buy a few, from September to the end of my hand only about 5 names. I do a few stops, when sh419’s algorithm is friendly to new sites, new sites do lead spider basic seconds, and then ranked within a day to the top three, and then slowly down. I do not understand SEO, but also very puzzled about this situation, but also to seowhy post consultation. Then I will use two meters directly to the original station to use the same data, or data, rice is not the same, sh419 included, as for ranking, so the two meters I did about more than 10 stations, the 4-5 key words, after a period of time will become key words unstable. Occasionally a word in the top three, occasionally 2 words in the first three. My income came from these words, reaching 20 a day, then 50, then 70, then 100.

some wonderful content page or site is added to the bookmarks, drawer, and then share. This allows more users to see your collection. At the same time, they will also appear in the search engine, you can and what >

favorites promotion methodYou can

third, soft Wen promotion method

did not say more, I believe that some see the friends is fragrant and find some way to tell the truth, this article may let you down, because more like talking about my mind, from 0 to the present guest experience. But friends who have similar experiences may find what you want.

second, navigation website promotion method

previous experience will not say, I knew all the Wangzhuan behavior on the network, but because of their no funds college money out, can not afford to buy space has been no station operating state, in September last year, in half a month after I decided to try to do Taobao guest. In the hands of eating and drinking, with a little spare money, the direct purchase of VPS, station group management software. My idea is to find the word "competition" in 1. 2.z-blog stands. 3. station group software update. Using station group software is just for updating convenience, because I am too lazy and don’t want to do it by hand.

this method is very useful, I also compare the value of. I want to introduce key. The first is what is the promotion of soft paper? What is its main function? Promotion and publicity is through advertising in the form of text on their own soft Wen promotion means, to achieve the desired effect, their technology, products, services, culture, etc., through newspapers, radio, television, Internet advertising, let more people and organizations to understand, accept, and achieve the effect of publicity and popularization.

Now the

Five AdSense tools to increase webmaster revenue

: according to the translation. I spent a lot of time, not translated into what is difficult, but no time and no energy, introduces five AdSense tools, may like me to have the chance of small website is not great, but if your site has a certain flow and scale. But advertising revenue has been unsatisfactory, the following tools and advice is worth to reference.

straight to the point, the intention of this article is to introduce a few best tools can help you master the Goolge Adsense. However, I started with my personal preference and ranked the tools in line with their actual usage (because it wasn’t so easy – it depends on how you used it).

first bit

, AdWords, Bidding, Tool/Traffic, Estimator

this is probably the most useful tool. The only drawback is that you have to have an AdWords account to get the information. I’d recommend getting a AdWords account anyway, so that you can get to know the publisher and the options they’re setting up for the ad.


Bidding Tool tool is used to master the highest paid keywords in AdSense advertising. It’s possible that some of the top, most paid AdSense keywords listed on websites or blogs are using AdWords or Overture information. As the owner of a website / blog, it’s important to know the key words you should emphasize in your content.

and Traffic Estimator estimates the average CPC for a set of keywords based on the payment statistics of the current publisher. After learning that my keyword CPC could reach an average of $3 to $8, I was confident that I would earn the money. Although these CPC are only average, and I’m sure Google will show them only on well performing websites, it will at least give me the number I can expect after a certain traffic base.

second bit


, an ad for $0.01 a click, shows in your web page that it’s absolutely unhelpful for your earnings. Here is a method which can be low-cost advertising and is completely excluded, without violating the Google rules of Adsense, that is the use of competitive advertising filters, these low-cost sites excluded, do not let their ads displayed in the advertisement in your group. Although competitive ad filters primarily exclude ads from rival websites, there is no rule that you can’t rule out ads that you don’t like, because you need to rule out what advertising sites are publishing

The congregation to help you escape North Canton

is the "golden" for a lot of ideas, but no funds for friends, raise public appearance as timely assistance. Raise the public, that is, the masses of public funds or fund-raising, the public means to raise funds through the Internet to raise funds and raise funds.

A in order to pursue their dream of a programmer, decided to quit high paying stable work, with their savings for 5 years to raise the network launched a "ant story" theme T-shirt project to raise the public in public, to start their own entrepreneurial path.


raised pattern appears to intend to flee North Canton to two or three line city business provides an opportunity for people. On the one hand it can help project sponsors to raise the necessary funds, on the other hand can also help entrepreneurs access to network resources, business advice and support for entrepreneurs, these are the snow to send carbon help.

if you initiate the project successfully raised the public, Congratulations, you can quickly use your congregation to raise money to implement the business plan, the official opening of your escape North Canton in the two or three line of the city business process. If luck is good, it is also possible to get the attention of VC, and then give you a lot of money. It is reported that the United States each year nearly half of the entrepreneurial projects are on the platform to get out of the herd.

Home textile shop how to display more reasonable

many entrepreneurs choose to operate Home Furnishing textile shop, in fact business Home Furnishing textile shop also want to pay attention to certain methods and techniques, a method of the store is very important, so if you choose to run the textile shop Home Furnishing words, Home Furnishing textile shop show how reasonable?


entrepreneurs in the shop to grasp these stores display method. For home textile chain stores how to arrange the display of the problem, and now investors have read this article, has been understood. The next is to open the home textile chain when the actual use of the.

Introduction of the six maternal and child shop sales

will do a sales shop, the results will certainly not do a lot higher than the sales shop, so investors need to shop in advance to learn more about some sales methods. Here will introduce the six maternal and child store sales methods to everyone, there are investment needs of entrepreneurs in this area can learn from reference.

1. is one of two methods: the customers want to buy a product, in her shilly-shally, do not ask you to do? If you ask whether she is, do not answer the probability of 50%; such as underwear, you may be asked to do? She said directly: no! If you ask: if red is yellow? Regardless of the choice of color. But the results are purchased, unless she does not want it, or she will be guided by you. Choose one of the colors.

2.: the customer came in, to know her real intention is very important, but she won’t tell you this, you need to get the answer by asking questions. The customer came in, she began to look at the product, you must take the initiative to ask: how much the baby? Customers to give you an answer after you ask: who is which brand? Then ask: what to buy today? The three question, the salesperson has a clear will to customers understand, then sell the goods: when it is very targeted.

3. in the business do not talk about business rule: true master does not sell sell goods to customers, and customers just chat, but like the prose, casual God, chat is the theme of parenting and product knowledge, let the customer to trust you imperceptibly, once you have the customer trust, it will take the initiative ask you, like her baby should use what products, this time to start selling goods, it is very natural, but this requires a professional product knowledge and nursing knowledge, and have a certain ability to express.

4.’s rule: customer is alert to the clerk, because the salesperson is introduced from the perspective of the business, if you can introduce goods from the customer’s point of view, it will be particularly easy to accept, because if you are sincere, the customer will feel.

5. membership sales law: the use of computer software to strengthen the management of membership and membership card recharge, such as: points, discounts, returns, gifts and so on to attract members of the consumer. Can be installed under the use of butterfly mother and child supplies store management software, let the computer to help you manage, not only error prone, but also save labor costs. Butterfly baby products store software support bar code scanning, a small ticket printer, cash box, membership card integral, discount, pre recharge and payment etc.. Can be a key to check any specified time (for example: daily, monthly, annual) to specify the sales of goods, profits, inventory, inventory, the total amount of the Commission, the commodity is expired information, etc.. Also gave the mother and child shop special merchandise barcode and price Library (more than 10 thousand kinds of commodity information), you do not have to enter, direct import.

6. body language with legal: each person’s speed, volume, facial expressions are not the same, some fast, some slow, some say

2015 new global financial and business incubator forum Saturday landing in Hangzhou

at present, China’s economic growth continues to face downward pressure, how to find new economic growth momentum is particularly important. In the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Internet and the traditional financial industry collision gave birth to the new finance, the word, to provide a strong driving force for economic growth.

10 24, a gathering of the global business community, the investment community, the big coffee heavyweight Forum – "the new global financial and business incubator forum" is about to land in Hangzhou, the future of science and Technology City, 2015.

the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area has the most abundant and most active private capital investment consciousness, correct guidance, source of private capital can become the power of innovation, the forum will be a fad for the innovation of financial storm.

early in March this year, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the "public business in the government work report, the innovation"; in October 19th, Li Keqiang stressed again at the start of national innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples week ceremony, as long as you are talented, if interested in innovation, no matter what color, what nationality, leading to the Chinese door forever is a Easy Access, to gather the wisdom of the world for me.

< recommend

How to open a toy store – the whole

for children, they are very love toy products, is also a great market demand in the industry, at present, the market of the toy store, the competition is very fierce, to their store business is hot, need to master the operating skills and marketing methods, how to do? Friends who are interested to go with a small bar to see it.

children’s toy stores also often carry out some preferential activities, so that customers feel a heartfelt benefits and comfort. Children’s toy stores to make its own characteristics, and characteristics is not only reflected in the products, business model itself There is much fineness in it. For example, some shopkeepers put forward the concept of customized children’s toys, it is worth learning from.

a successful children’s toy store, not only to provide inexpensive products, but also to provide quality services. The customer is always children’s toy stores Yisifumu, especially the old customers, they can not only bring the subsequent consumption continues, the more important is that they can bring a good reputation for you.

in addition, the quality of children’s toy store service, as well as the environment also has an important impact on the formation of children’s toy store features. Store address is very important. The choice of the store according to the children’s toy store to determine the operating position, according to the crowd you choose the most appropriate address, in order to occupy as much as possible market.

is currently on the market, the toy brand is many, want a better business, I hope everyone can operate properly, open a toy store, not only have a good product, but also to have good management methods, so as to allow you to better shop, realize the dream of wealth faster. In this paper, the toy store business skills to make a detailed analysis, I hope to help you.

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The small mirror can also become a business assistant

in the course of the operation of our store, a lot of products so that we can not imagine, but it is really playing a role in helping countless operators. Due to the shelf itself, causing the store to a distance, the corner of the wall to form a line of sight, there is a visual angle, it is easy to steal.

for this I am very distressed, many times to find ways to solve this problem. Just imagine, if not easy to steal supplies in this position, with the surrounding commodity dissonant unobtrusive; if the display smaller leisure food, but also easy to cause a situation. Vigilance can not rest assured that when the theft of the formation of the people are all pirates of the situation, it is not appropriate.

what should we do? Later, the son of a word, inspired the author to find a solution.

that day, just under the rain, I just go home with the son of school on the road. I walked, while answering the phone, the child ran in front, have been turned invisible. Son suddenly heard shouting: "Mom, don’t tread water!" At that time the author wondered: "how do you see me on the water?" "From the mirror!" Is the original property in the area in the new crossroads a convex mirror. According to the principle of refraction, the convex mirror can broaden our horizon, can make the driver on the left and right sides of the intersection distance, so as to avoid the occurrence of the accident. Similarly, the author in the corner of the store installed a convex lens, but also did not eliminate the sight of the dead.

want to do good, the position immediately in the shop in the corner with a convex mirror. Immediate effect, the original vision can not reach the place, now becomes clear. There are consulting goods customers, holding the goods directly to the mirror shook, I saw the introduction of the need to do not like the same as the counter to ask.

Theft to no

installed on the convex mirror for more than a month, the heart has become many fun. More unexpectedly, even Amy went out into the shop, look in the mirror, check whether the clothing docile, look at hair is neat, of course, they are likely to buy something shundaizhao.

such a mirror can really help the store business? If you are a shopkeeper, you may also be able to understand the installation after the small series of words. In short, the store installed a convex lens to bring a lot of benefits, not only lifted the blind spot, but also boosted the popularity of a business, the most important is that it also helps the author to make the heart shadow, along with the customer becomes natural harmony.