How to write a decoration company in Fuzhou to optimize the title

I wrote (for reference only): Fuzhou decoration company manufacturers provide _ decoration company in Fuzhou construction project _ decoration company in Fuzhou to install renderings – ring on environmental protection.

is provided by the Fuzhou decoration company, Shanghai dragon ink 贵族宝贝cslvdi贵族宝贝/! What is the title? When we open a search engine search keywords, search results page presented in front of us the above title is "a row of characters; the two row (some small, 3 rows) is the description of the web page, search for" Putian Lanyun network company ", as shown in figure

, partial matching is the search results contained only a part of our keyword input;

understand this, let us look at how to write a title, what road. A good website title is not only conducive to ranking can also attract users attention, increase the click, bring on a post transformation; we say how to analyze user needs, after we analyzed the needs of users, we put the user demand for the most of these words are listed, out of our core keywords, taking it as the website to write the title, can write like this: the core word word word – _ _ traffic flow brand

The 3. part:

1.: the search results perfectly matched sequence and text with keywords appear are as like as two peas;

The following

such as "Fuzhou decoration company" of the word, then I analyze user needs, I know that the user is primarily concerned with: Fuzhou decoration company, Fuzhou decoration company decoration decoration company, Fuzhou price ranking, decoration company in Fuzhou which is better, the best Fuzhou decoration company, since users are hot search words are certainly the flow of words, then we need to consider the transformation, if I do not intend to do the words "Fuzhou decoration company" price ", but I Fuzhou decoration company price" in the title above, then search the word to the user will not leave our site? Not only conversion will increase website jump loss rate. Do 301 redirect zhiliaomt贵族宝贝 jump to 贵族宝贝zhiliaomt贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

we can see that some words are red, some words are black, red is rosy, so why is red? Because the search results contain the keywords we search, also called matching, matching several models, a look at:

summary: a good website title can have ranking opportunities and brings users, write a title at the same time, we have to consider the site has no flow transformation, transformation is not that we do business station to write the title of the site is a science, not all of the key words in the title of one by one the < >!

2.: all the matching search results contains keywords, but the middle order or keywords interval;

Webmaster Alert Shanghai dragon is easy to search engine optimization improper.

website internal links we mentioned here and the depth of the problem of dead catenary. Although the link depth does not make the web site search engines by manslaughter, but the link is too deep is not good, do not want to be lost spider layer clear link, this is many webmaster advocate view. As for the site of the internal links easy to cause the search engine is the main factor of manslaughter "death" caused the death in light to search engine drop right, is likely to be blocked is likely, unless you are a high weight website can not care about manslaughter. Many webmaster easy to ignore the problem, that is up to be right down, as it may not. But sometimes in the webmaster website template replacement time are often easy to overlook the part of the link, delete some pages, lead to the spider can’t climb to the last page.

Why do some


Shanghai Longfeng optimized content, also be right down by manslaughter are caused by the improper optimization, mainly includes: content, internal and external links, server, domain name, web design.

many owners in the station at the beginning because of a lack of resources a large collection of web resource information to fill the website, the content rich, then further development. But the duplicate content often creates redundant search engine index, even as a webmaster you’re not ready to do a dumpster, however you will search engines have been blacklisted, which is why some new sites not included the reason. So for small and medium sized construction site would prefer to keep the "patient" principle, do not blindly fill the content of the website caused the decline of friendliness to avoid last dead end. Said the highly repetitive content easy to cause the search engine manslaughter, what makes the correlation? Website content and theme are not consistent, like gossip. Example: "to send about real estate information in a cosmetics website." This is a good website search engine judgment is good or bad, or a standard garbage station, so avoid search engine manslaughter, owners in the choice of web content to make adjustments, close to the theme of the site to publish content, not only can improve the site correlation to the search engine more optimistic, easy to retain users. After all, the search engine index your website is to give users see.

internal and external link factors

: a duplicate content correlation with

website ranking high, and some sites do not search search? Shanghai dragon optimization, has become a circle recognized king, so sooer in the resulting contention of a hundred schools of thought. Shanghai dragon can rapidly improve the site optimization is to bring high return flow in the industry the right to speak, even brings high benefits for enterprises. But I have to say things that, although Shanghai Longfeng optimization is to the success of the web site by, but improper optimization light is right down, serious mistakes or even directly by the search engines manslaughter, led efforts to cast to waste. So, what factors cause the search engine manslaughter? How to avoid the manslaughter is today we will discuss the topic.

What are the

Why don’t you website ranking stable whether know the reason

believes the real do optimization webmaster all know the importance of a stable and rapid development of the web server for a long time. If we can’t go into the server is not stable enough, or often, so when we meet the site spider feeding condition, when the spider encounter isn’t open, so naturally will not give you a good impression, if in the long way, it is not included the content of the website and slow snapshot K, or plucking station (especially new station). So if you want your website to have a good development, good rankings, don’t buckle cable on the server or space above, otherwise you will regret it.

(a), fast and stable server space.

"content is king, the chain for emperor" is the Shanghai dragon circles the truth will never change, so we under the premise of good content, the chain work is also very important, and we can be found in every time I love Shanghai update the chain will be.

(two) arrange the layout of the site.

we all know, the search engine spiders are very popular in the original content, so we want to attract spiders, the quality of the original content is undoubtedly the best method, so that the original quality content as much as we can to release some correlation, of course for those lazy webmaster, original is false desirable, but must do a little is certain to the persistence, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, it can never succeed.

a good love Shanghai by highlighting the favored site naturally can not be ignored to the layout of the site layout, then to what elements as a reference, it is a reasonable layout? The author simple and we explain, because a variety of different industries, the layout of the structure is also different, but the only change is to use HTML code to build reasonable, easy to use pictures, flash and some spiders can’t grab content. So in the end what according to the layout, the author suggested that we can do a survey according to the user’s preference to construct, of course can also refer to the authoritative industry site to imitate, so that we can build the website naturally good layout.

today is Friday, as usual, will observe the site keywords ranking and some other day, love Shanghai update yesterday, I believe that many owners with the author experience each update will be less nervous, because the keyword ranking always falls up instability. But after observation found that some sites is very stable, no matter how the search engine update, keywords ranking has stabilized. Then the author today for these unstable factors to share with you, hope to help you master.

(four) outside the chain of stable and high quality.

(three) whether the original content, quality.

Site operations from 6000 to 36000


, I wrote an article on "traffic breakthrough method", and some readers say that screenshots have false, then today I will give the author of a few months of operation of the full month traffic map. Of course, today’s content is not about these, but on the operation of a web site. First confirmed that the author’s flow is orthodox, not false:


The reason why

started in June 9th is because I was hired at this time to take over the operation of this website. This is a start-up company, perhaps the bosses have figured out the four problems: 1. cake is? 2.. What are the external opportunities available to eat cake? 3. each cake number can be transformed into water? 4. inner level, you can provide what customers? But I still have need to put it inside the second points and fourth points as the key object to study a. The second point is to analyze the competitors clearly. The fourth point is to provide users with what value, target positioning and user experience above.

‘s analysis of competitors requires a good job: 1., what are their strengths?. 2., their inadequacies. 3., we need to improve where. 4., where do we start as a breakthrough point?. The first is to let our website start out of competition where they are in advantage, simply to avoid it. And the 234 point is that we need to site for the user experience and subdivision to the ultimate pursuit, and then identify each other vulnerable places to promote operations. Because a lot of times, a large website in the details above often fear, or they disdain, this is where we climb up the line.

the author is not a good optimization personnel, but for the specific steps of the website operation can still share a few points, as for doubt or believe that depends on readers, friends themselves. The following simple to say a few key promotional content:

one, catch the 28 law,


understands the 28 law, few people use it well in operations. The 28 law here mainly refers to the long tail keywords of the website. This starting point is because, first of all, the long tail of competition is generally content pages, competition is small, and the chain is often inadequate, often rely on the weight of the site’s home page pass. Therefore, the primary task of promotion is to optimize and popularize the weakness of others and the small competition.

two, investment news source and station

In fact, a lot of

station is to provide soft release or service submission. Like webmaster network is Baidu news source, they have to provide soft Wen contribution, here is our website promotion is an important place. Or, like Sina and NetEase, who need to pay for their articles, here we need to write our own articles and pay for contributions (which is a small investment).

three, enough content and provide more spider entrance

How to reduce the pressure to open shop

online platform shop is the choice of many businesses, as long as you have entrepreneurial ideas, you can try. Open shop is now very competitive, want to take the road of development, then need to pay attention to what issues? Hurry to learn about it, I hope to help you.

1, select less competitive products.

The rapid development of

2, careful to do the transformation of personality products, choose a unified product specifications.

I want to do when

3, do not wait for businesses to find you, you have to take the initiative to find businesses.

The above said to choose competitive

4, the product does not ask for much, but specifically.

if you wear 1000 pieces of products, not only their own maintenance is very tired, but it is difficult for buyers to believe you, so many products, so little credibility is questionable. More products, the product number is more, you are also prone to error. Don’t assume that the more products, the more opportunities, they are not proportional.

5, the preferred large scale, reputable businesses.

scale is not easy to collapse, bad credit be fraud, this is not anti wolf wolf eats. Select businesses must remember to fully understand the business, do not be the terms of the merchant discount to the oh.

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How to join the popularity of specialty snacks

now the whole domestic catering industry development, especially with the characteristics of personalized food restaurants, in the industry are welcomed by people, so in the usual operators, need to pay attention to what?

two, even if it is really special snack, the introduction of the future is to adapt to local tastes for public consumption, can keep fresh for long. Specialty snacks in the introduction of different places is difficult to maintain a longer consumption period. Unless you can use a phase change for a long time to maintain a stable profit.

four, now the state process of the food industry is more and more strict, if you want to introduce special snack must consider that the industry policy and related local regulations. In addition, many of the characteristics of snacks are often successful in the introduction, profit for a period of time, to recover the investment, the project itself is also a recession, the result may be only a pile of equipment, raw materials, no benefit at all. Good budget for the return cycle.

five, special snack is small, but the distribution of energy than other projects to be more time consuming, because it is a small project, like our surrounding Baozipu, tea and congee, the same is very hard and exhausting. To do this, we must have the psychological preparation, not the introduction of production to make money so simple. Summary of the above requires investors to join the specialty snacks to identify the true and false characteristics, do a good job in the local market survey, the introduction of the project to be careful, do a good job in the investment budget and be prepared to work hard.

In fact, some of the characteristics of the


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How to be a good entrepreneur

people often say that to be a good entrepreneur is more likely to succeed, then how to be a good entrepreneur? The following six characteristics need to have. As long as entrepreneurs can do in these six points to improve, then there is the potential to become outstanding entrepreneurs.

1, target

2, where is the magic?

3, to be hard enough

if you enough innovative magic and also exciting, but if everyone keyword/keyword keyword/keyword can copy it, then she will lose the magic. As an entrepreneur, you have to choose the hardest thing to do, others may not be able to do. It’s that we’re doing something very difficult.

4, perception VS truth

5, analytical power and creativity

How much profit space is a small frame mirror

people with vision problems become increasingly serious, gradually increase with air pollution, more and more people choose to wear glasses, sunglasses, mirror frame can be seen everywhere in the high streets and back lanes so small glasses, whether profitable?

Image and real data,

Jiaqing years glasses has gained popularity, Zhang Ziqiu continued in "all doors Zhuzhici" cloud: "everyone myopia wear glasses, with distinct depth system. Rao Yangmu light and clever, to buy by the genus epigenetic." Li Guangting said "a Qing Xiang Yi" records, ancient Chinese glasses twelve to divide according to the underlying reasons depth scaling.

Since the

An engineer

1954 in France Essilor inspired by the production of the aircraft cockpit material, thus the invention of resin lenses, since then, this lens will become the kingdom of the world extreme lens is still used today.

for visual problems, we should combine prevention with control, but if there is no mirror box, people’s life will not be carried out smoothly, this market with huge profits, making it has become a rare good project!


Small ideas create great wealth

in this society, have their own ideas is very important, a parrot, no man is difficult to have a big act. So the two chowhound little girl, because there is a small idea, with efforts to create wealth!

two delicious mouth college opened a shop selling snacks, did not expect bigger: brilliant day more than 1 thousand list, ask 30 students to help, 5 logistics company staff dedicated to their service, a week fetched 750 thousand yuan! Now, they even got 5 million yuan of investment, reserve the formation of the company, develop national chain.

money startups

At the time of the

they have no source of funds, have set their sights on parents. Yuan Lan’s home in the Daba Mountains, parents are farmers, and do not have much money to them, each borrowed 5000 yuan".

have money, they buy a web site. Everything is ready, the two began to shop location Chengdu office workers, "the rich have the time to eat snacks, afraid of wind and rain the sun". Yuan LAN and Wang Juyuan thought to earn hard money, rural out, not afraid of suffering".

on dating sites hanging fake link

Entrepreneurship shop to improve the popularity of the store

business is sure to be sure to get the benefits, so we know how to get more benefits? For each entrepreneur, after the choice of entrepreneurship shop, are hoping to improve the popularity of their stores, business hot, to bring more revenue. On this issue, we have to clear their own market position, and then in the specific consideration of how to do. Here to tell you how to start a business shop to improve the popularity of the store.

a, customer

products have the positioning of the product, the store should have a store location. For example, location of star hotels is the leadership of the government, enterprises and institutions, the CEOs and successful people, and the general public is the restaurant location, the main face of wage earners, students, both enhance the popularity of the measures will naturally have a world of difference.

two, convenient

principle of convenience in the marketing theory of 4C to occupy a place, the so-called convenience principle is to speak of everything to facilitate customer shopping, improve store popularity, this can not be considered.

1, optimize the store environment, convenient customer shopping

related theoretical research shows that more than 70% of the customer purchase behavior is in the store temporary decision. Optimize the shopping environment can not only attract more customers, but also can stimulate the customer to buy, is an effective way to enhance popularity.

2, put the goods to be reasonable

to arrange the transfer of a comfortable shopping environment, the overall style and layout of the entire business hall, small to each kind of goods placed, must meet customer shopping psychology. In the choice of shops some common consumer products such as shampoo, soap, beverage, placed in the middle reach of the shelves, and some kids love biscuits, jelly, toys etc. should be placed on the shelf at the bottom, in order to select children. Many people believe that the price of goods that the mall will be because of the price of goods of unknown trouble experience, so every piece of merchandise stores must be clearly marked, the best is marked in the top left of the goods, so that customers at a glance, do " " budget;.

store location is also very important, you want to start a business, you can choose a good address, can improve the popularity of the store, but also affect the income of everyone, so this must be done. Many places, will bring more market and consumption, if in a very remote place, it is difficult to have customers come to spend. Also hope that the above business shop on the rise to improve the popularity of the store, you can bring help.

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