How good ideas translate into market demand

innovation and entrepreneurship environment continues to improve, but entrepreneurship is definitely not a smooth sailing, in the wave of entrepreneurship, calm calm is very critical. So, how can the good idea into market demand? See expert weapon for you!

the mass innovation, entrepreneurship, inspired many students to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship to. However, some people questioned whether the rate of innovation and Entrepreneurship Project landing rate is low, whether it can really play a significant role in promoting the growth of college students? Many students said that the innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students as a kind of exercise, the accumulation of a good quality, not just to win. read more

How to join the top ten Kano Lin ice cream

people’s pockets more and more money, naturally no livelihood issues need to consume quality as a filler. At present, the domestic market environment, consumer demand for food taste is getting higher and higher, only a variety of flavors, creative unlimited, healthy and nutritious food types, it is possible to be recognized by consumers. Kano Lynn ice cream franchise headquarters is also well versed in this setting, professional market research and development team in the brand, grasp the market demand to make adjustments and changes, access to the vast number of franchisees praise. read more

College students in order to get advertising rebate in the online rental server do yellow site

A college student

Anqing, after graduating from college to work in a garment factory in Fujian Jinjiang, the leisure boring he rented a server, set up a yellow website on the Internet, just half of the upload 528 porn movie for free download, and it only took more than 200 yuan rebate advertising. Recently, the Jinjiang police arrested, suspected of copying, dissemination of pornographic material jingfangxingju.

university to generate yellow net webmaster

it is understood that the suspect named Zhu Mou, Department of Anqing people. After graduating from college in 2008, from Xiamen through the introduction of acquaintances came to work in Jinjiang gold clothing factory. Usually in the office to do a lot of free time leisure chores. Last December, he felt he was boring to rent a server on the Internet prompted by a sudden impulse, opened a movie website. read more

Diamond bird channel light brand very heavy

1 carat bare diamond, in the traditional jewelry store, priced at about $100 thousand, while the diamond bird, the price is about RMB 50 thousand yuan. Can be cheaper than the traditional jewelry brand 50%, but also a profit, the back of the diamond bird is the Internet this tree. And customers can choose their own right on the Internet, the concept of the bare diamond, and even their own design sketches, so that the design of the diamond bird will become a reality. If you feel that the service provided by the network is not real enough, customers can also choose to Beijing, Shanghai and other 10 cities in the country to open the experience of the diamond bird shop to personally choose money or try to wear. In each experience store, customers are able to get a one to one service provided by diamond bird jewelry consultant. read more

When cake meets E commerce

Combined with the traditional

industry and electronic commerce, is now a hot commercial society people talk, from books to clothes, from cosmetics to digital, even the traditional luxury diamond is now the electronic commerce new favorite. So, when the sweet cake meets the electronic commerce, can wipe out what kind of spark?

has the largest cake chain propaganda hollyland into the electronic commerce, the voice did not fall, the domestic well-known venture capital institutions Lenovo announced venture investment 20 million to an ordinary cake 21cake e-commerce platform. According to CNNIC’s latest report shows that Chinese Internet users has reached 384 million, e-commerce is in a booming trend, it seems that with the improvement of people’s living standard, the cake e-commerce may be a highlight of the development of the future. read more

Jingdong vs electricity supplier second echelon with the number 1 shop also started mobile Festival

April 9th, Jingdong mall and shop No. 1 also started the annual mobile Festival large-scale promotional activities, the cycle is from 9 to 19 days, ten days. Whether it is from the activities of the page style or product category settings are highly homogeneous of this big crash, then also caused a lot of concern in the industry.

some time ago and Le bee network beauty electricity supplier war were not scattered, mobile phone providers during the wave of war has started, but it is worth noting that the mobile phone business volume with rivals far more people to shop No. 1, is a challenger." An electricity supplier industry insiders pointed out. read more

From traffic to do after the brand network card has been to the development of Zen

in recent years with the "wheat bags" and "zocainone" and a series of network brand was born, gradually "net goods" has been quietly to the "net" brand gorgeous transformation. "Online retailing may be another retail revolution following the chain operation." China’s well-known retail expert Professor Gu Guojian’s remarks are caused by the boiling of the Taobao business. Open the Taobao home page is not difficult to find, in the original price, discounts, promotions for the advertising theme all the businesses are now spending billions of dollars, won the Taobao home focus map is "not only talk about commodity brand". read more

Hotel turned experience electronic business platform Still guest optimal cast more than one to do it

Lei Jun led the millet, why in just four years, walk out of a road in the thousand machine market was not optimistic about the industry, become a new force in the domestic mobile phone’s sister "on behalf of the brand, its core thinking is the mobile phone as a flow entrance, change the traditional ideas, instead of selling hardware" by selling services to open up the profit space, and then to profit feedback hardware, achieve top configuration, cost-effective low-end price. So if the hotel can follow this idea? The answer is yes, thankyou from its mid-range hotel brand – thankyou Hotel thinking of using the Internet to create "cast production", so that the industry has a new understanding of hotel service and profit model. read more