A new RP value chain and improve the release

on the other hand, we will choose to buy links in the A5 platform to purchase the appropriate link, when we first consider the purchase link is the site of the PR value, we choose between PR3-6 and our website relatively high correlation, the snapshot is best in two days, the number of the best friends of the chain 50, so the search engine will be included in a short period of time, the equivalent of the industry within the scope of a good web site for you cast an important vote, the weight will naturally come up.

as a Shanghai dragon, the chain can be said to be the first step in the optimization to go out, is also a crucial part, everyone knows that it is heavily weighted in the weight distribution of search engine. How to send the chain has been the promotion workers the most headache is the problem? Where is


then we’ll talk about the chain of work:

also is the site of the original. For the old station weight high, the original is not the original importance is not great, it basically will be included in the search engine, but for a new station in terms of words that we, the original is very important, a good example, our web page article we use is the collection tools if we put the collected articles directly copy and paste it, the probability of either Google or love Shanghai included will be very low, but if we had the depth of the pseudo original (written here we are talking about is our editorial staff for the event), two search engines will be included very good.

through the summary of long-term work, and Google update time love of Shanghai should be in the end of the month, about 20. But a renewal after, indeed several happy few worries. It makes you engaged in the site optimization is very trouble, how to improve the site PR and the chain included data to catch up with the pace of updating

on the one hand, for the new station, because the site itself PR is low, so in exchange for high PR link is not easy, despite efforts to exchange to some very good website, but the efficiency is very low. So we reduced our site requirements, no longer simply look at each other web site the PR value, more attention is paid to the relevance of the website and snapshot collected. Because a website PR even if high, a few months for a trip, we even do the link, the search engine is also very difficult to crawl, let alone give us the weight.

1, the chain of hair to the chain is derived, which must be the chain anchor text format. Some owners sent a bunch of did not find the weight increases, the reason is that the links are not the chain, basically he is.


Shanghai dragon has become the trend of today’s network, search engine has become a people’s love. Today to share new experiences to improve the PR value. I hope to a lot of advice.

first is the chain how to send the problem:

Love the sea will not carry out the rumor Shanghai dragon paid service

said in a statement, stressed that the Shanghai sea love, love search natural result collection and sorting, a set of strict program automatic calculation and arrangement, without any third party effect. Love Shanghai to encourage developers and website webmaster optimize and improve the user experience of web search, but firmly opposed to the malicious behavior of Shanghai dragon.

(Search engine optimization) Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, which in order to enhance web search engine natural search results (non commercial promotion results) included the number and ranking position and do optimization behavior, its purpose is to get more free traffic from search engines, and better display image. With the rapid popularization in recent years, the search engine on the Internet, malicious cheating Shanghai dragon is also growing, part of the content is not high quality website, in order to obtain the flow, to earn income, often resort to various means of cheating, to improve their ranking in the search engine. This "bad money out good money" approach, not only seriously squeezed the high-quality original website ranking space, because of the poor quality of content, even mixed with a lot of fraudulent information, often easy to mislead users, even cause the loss of property security of Internet users, for the healthy development of the normal user search experience and Internet industry caused serious damage.

recently on the Internet about the "love for sea and the third party payment service launched in Shanghai dragon" rumors, in May 30th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform issued a statement on its official micro-blog denied: "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon does not provide any services, not to launch the so-called pay Shanghai dragon service. For some of the rumors, rumors have an ulterior motive, we retain rights through legal means to safeguard their own rights."

In the

so, for a long time, love Shanghai in strengthening technological innovation, constantly optimize the search results at the same time, has also been continuously through the anti cheating algorithms upgrade, to increase efforts to combat malicious behavior of Shanghai dragon, lower quality of the site in the search results show.

statement, love Shanghai also reminded the majority of owners to remain vigilant, do not believe the so-called commitment of some third party companies, to avoid unnecessary losses, any website and scheduling problems, can be linked to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform feedback center 贵族宝贝 zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback, also can report complaints by 贵族宝贝help.baidu贵族宝贝.


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform statement:

love Shanghai search natural result collection and sorting, a set of strict program automatic calculation and arrangement, not subject to any third party, love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng will not provide any services, more.

recently, there are rumors that "love Shanghai and third party payment services launched in Shanghai dragon", in this regard, we solemnly declare as follows:

For new construction of the chain bottleneck of Shanghai dragon er

principle of the chain is very simple, no one place for your own web site is on the Internet, let the search robot program can use this link to find your website and collected this link in the web page, so even if you are successfully set up in a chain (PS: in the search box enter the domain:+ web site, can detect the chain is indexed by search engines). Know how to do the principle is very simple, the Internet is not lack of such experience to share, I was not described in detail here, because the share of today is: in the face of a let you pay the time, when the outside chain no what the growth of the web, we change how to do


two, second to is "do you really want to do, why? Because the chain is a very frustrating process, especially when there is no hand on what resources people just started, sometimes no >

introduction: everything is hard in the beginning, this is the ancients gave us a very philosophical words. The site also is such, especially a Shanghai dragon Er, this sentence is deeper feelings, when you get a new job, the internal structure, code cleanup, set the key words, these can be said to be doing Shanghai Longfeng start, but these are one-time work done it may never go back to do, with Shanghai dragon only duplicate content + chain construction, the content being not considered, because there is a standard that is original, the higher the better, outsiders can’t teach you the skills, all by themselves, today just outside the chain construction how to break through bottleneck on my understanding.

, the first is to "do you really do," although you do all day outside the chain, but now the chain is not used to simply send a link to the first, not to mention the ability to send up a success, even if the hair up, can not only included is the biggest problem. It is said to a review of the problem, when you do the chain in one place, second days that simply do not have to be included, this time you have to analyze what reasons, their operational problems, or the place would not be included, consider these, for the next place the change, change the method of replacing method, be sure to make your hair every chain has effect, not a waste of time doing. This is really done.

a lot of people in the chain, feeling a lot of pain, the reason is a busy day, second days a chain, looking at data basic and same day. Now the exclamation side chain is really not easy, while continuing to work yesterday, while suffering a long time people become depressed, like a bitch, in the blues, such work efficiency can be high? Never stop to think the reason for this, or is there a better way to do this thing. In this scene, for example, in the face of this situation.

To observe the semiotic significance of millet pineal gland processorThe analysis of 36 new board Ch

the 36 "Chen Junsheng" and "marriage", is very interesting, "mistress" is the company’s "wife", is also a potential crisis these companies "".

but is it true? Reputation,

started out time and again! Catch the last day of February, millet finally released its first own brand S1 chip the surging. On the rivers and lakes, long rumored millet 5C also equipped with this processor together debut.

chip is the highest point of mobile phone technology, millet to become a great company, we must master the core technology." Lei Jun said at the press conference.

is a business too, like the original main business income, operating income as mistress. Those who have large operating income of the enterprise, although "nianhuarecao" was cool, but let investors worry about "backyard fire".

Korea semiconductor giant LG has tried to develop their own mobile phone chip, and successfully developed a brand called Nuclun 2 chip, using TSMC 16nm process, with dual core A57 quad core A53 architecture.

statistics read Jun, operating income and the proportion of main business income of more than 50% of only 3, respectively, Fuyuan Technology 834315.OC, nine 837302.OC and the East heavy Lutong precision 832119.OC; more than 20% less than 50% 6, respectively 430139.OC, Hua Ling shares are the letter of guarantee 430558.OC, in the micro sense 835399.OC and Conbit 833429.OC, huash Industrial 871179.OC, cloud macro information 832135.OC; the remaining 27 were less than 20%.

millet is easier said than done, "great" dream

, but later LG found that they spent a lot of money and effort to develop the processor, and its running performance is not as good as the similar architecture Xiaolong 808. Subsequently, LG decisively abandoned the mobile phone processor independent research and development, and publicly said that in the future will not develop their own cell phone processor.

because the main business is strong, there are >

is hard to live!

read Jun on the new board found a number of such enterprises, in 2016 net profit of more than 30 million, and operating income accounted for more than 50% of the proportion of net profit enterprises, a total of 36.

of net profit of the 36 companies was 43 million 750 thousand yuan, if the operating income minus the profits left median net profit of only 14 million 60 thousand yuan, equivalent to the original net profit ratio 1/3, three new board business overall net profit median 11 million 10 thousand yuan, only more than millions of dollars.

The median

said it might make you wonder about life. The 36 Chen Junsheng marriages are: red flags at home and flags floating outside.

shows that mobile phone manufacturers to develop their own mobile phone chip is difficult, for no foundation for millet, it has to face setbacks and difficulties can not imagine.

but even so, why Lei still choose self-developed mobile phone chip? To talk about and talk about "Lei Jun millet to become a great company", the reality of the plight and long-term interests can explain why.

however, it is well known that chip technology is a complex and top technology that requires very strong technical and capital strength. There are not many chip makers around the world who can develop mobile phone chips, let alone mobile phone manufacturers.

from this sentence, how much can see the reason that Lei Lei wants to make mobile phone chip and determination.

so far, millet officially became the next apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, fourth of the world’s own brand chip mobile phone manufacturers. And what this brings is the revelry of domestic netizens. Similar to "national pride", "domestic strength" and so on, the evaluation and praise are common.

36 enterprises small three "upper", the government subsidies are the largest source of

, that is to say, this 36 enterprises, 75% enterprises, the main business income is 5 times the operating income, they very stable status.

to consider the long-term, independent research and development of chip will help alleviate and resolve the situation and difficulties facing the millet mobile phone, especially in the supply chain of the right to speak to the master, no longer heteronomy. But because the research and development needs a long time cycle, the supply chain problem will not be well solved in the short term.

these 36 enterprises are typical of "rich handsome + life winner", the net profit of more than 30 million, the main business is relatively stable, but also has a huge amount of non operating income. Like "my former life in Chen Junsheng, is a beautiful young wife and good housekeeping, met a gentle and considerate confidante.

millet has been by the supply chain problems, millet mobile phone was because of supply chain problems and appeared repeatedly bounced and stock issues. Coupled with the recent decline in Millet Internet model, suffered shipments and brand crisis, making millet have to seek more powerful competition elements to save the situation.

"the mistress" and "original counter attack" and "robbing bestie boyfriend", "my first half" tell male compatriots with destroyed three concept plot, we cannot deal with the relationship between "original" and "mistress", a man’s life will become so cold.

of the 36 enterprises, while operating income amount is large, but the main business income was not.

According to

Owners used the blog comments type promotion can prosper long

two: mutual evaluation opportunities in


: a review with hyperlinks

what kind of website search engines love? Even in a blog, the article is most people from the top, also affect the web site in the search engine’s weight, and longer residence time when IP and a variety of user easier access to search engine reliability. The popularity of the flourishing of itself up, even the search engine doesn’t love? So to improve the weight of blog in the search engine, but also one of the reasons for the PHEI blog. But if only so, if not every change IP, saving time is.

message with connection can be included in search engines, many owners think so, because in the past the traditional blog these practices are proven. But when the environment changes today will also benefit? In the independent blog comment, understand the rules of the Shanghai dragon er know all mainstream blog programs, such as: Z-blog and WordPress are added "nofollow" in the message, even if the spider climb over to not to grab the link. So on the first point, the only links with the comment, or forget it, to end the blogger delete tiring, the message is zero return

a blog, even if you write to stick the actual combat experience, technology is superb, but write after seeing no one, even if the customer see also will find you? Peer review blog >

three: won the search engine weight

manufacturing illusion of prosperity

when customers access to a blog to cooperate in the of time, suddenly see blog has a number of related blog can provide service, should be multiple choice? So many bloggers PHEI also completely with this purpose. But the user doesn’t have time looking at hundreds of messages will pick, not to mention the search engine results more right. On the other hand, there are some message in order to promote their commodity turnover. As in the blog comment on some of the life and information and so on, but such irrelevant content, to the last is also will be blogger deleted. What’s more, now independent blog, which is not a few brush? Even if shopping will not go to your customers preferred to Taobao.


network marketing, has emerged in the Internet more hot today, even if the money to do the search engine promotion also meet the eye everywhere. It is because of its value, in the Shanghai dragon Er world is there a lot to the network marketing and the actual blog group. By sharing the experience of its own, won popularity in the network, the customer recognition, able to accomplish marketing. However, the blog is what to rely on to promote their own? Compared with the traditional site is more than a "comment" promotion that said, even overnight bring hundreds of messages in a blog is not impossible. However, comment on the promotion of the seemingly thriving prosperity but also how long? This is from the "peer review" the significance of speaking:

How to do poineering failure Maybe 3 years as a bumAfter 90 days to make millions of players see onl

"I’ve decided to end this stupid business and go into a big business myself."."

I have a habit of "do what you believe is best."". At that time, I played games, others spent money, I do not spend money, but I can also rank the top ten of the server. Later, I started working in the studio and told my partners that only a lot of work could pay off great returns. I have no idea of money itself, but friendship is different. These brothers followed me, dry day and night, too tired, too hard. When I make money, I give them more, at least 1.5 times as much as other studios do.


movie social network

after consulting with my friend, I opened my first online game studio, "wolf wood".

reading: after most of the 90 is still studying in the school, or just entered the society, there is a 90 million Guangzhou has been worth millions. How did this humble young man reach this height? Let’s walk into his life today.

but at that time, I couldn’t do anything. One does not understand programming, two do not understand art, three professional courses are not good. To put it plainly, it’s a waste. But I find friends who can make money in the game. I wonder if I can do that,

"it’s just an adventure game through text input, but I’m completely hooked.". The development of the game has been the pursuit of my life."

Zehm’s life changing day in November 2007, Ryan, is still quite clear to this day. At that time he ended up in Costa Rica for several months assignments, jubilant back to home in Boise idaho. But when once worked into the Hewlett-Packard Co office, but found that has been deserted.

Abstract: when planning to start a business, Ryan is actually a young man of 23 or 4 years old. The lack of experience, coupled with the economic crisis, was not a surprise for Ryan IT consulting. The business failure caused economic embarrassment his house was repossessed.

in most of the 90 is still studying in the school, or just entered the society, there is a Guangzhou after 90 million has been worth millions. How did this humble young man reach this height? Let’s walk into his life today.

later, she sent me a message saying, "I just play games and feel insecure with me.".

, 18, saw his girlfriend in someone else’s car on 2010,

"I found my former station, but the table was empty.". I asked people what the matter was, and where were the things I had left on the table, when they handed me a full box. I got fired."


although the brothers were happy, it did me a lot of trouble. Because some studio bosses prefer money and profit. Their staff will take me to

however, as highlighted by Ryan, during this time, he never asked who borrowed money, to live in shelters is an active choice, but at the time that he wanted to do only eat and play games".

Ryan once love this server and other information technology is responsible for the task in the Hewlett-Packard Co, but the layoffs but dampened the enthusiasm of his heart. However, the most important task before Ryan at that time is how to earn the future income,


looked at the text, and I began to reflect on my life. Indeed, I have accomplished nothing.


, 2012, 20 years old, I opened the studio became the largest studio in the local

but I said to myself, "well, I’ll do something."."

? When

game development is a Ryan crazy love in childhood. When he was about 5 years old, he bought a 286 computer at home and two years later, he made his first game.

yes, that’s right. Very consistent with the plot on tv. After I finished class, I went to her dormitory building to wait for her, but I saw her on someone else’s car. When I saw the scene, I never contacted the girl again. I knew she had a bad family, and I couldn’t give her any help at that time. At that time, it was sad and helpless.

studio only me, I do not have the night, no night to do "legend" this game, earn money after the rapid investment. Has experienced a "dream swims on the west", "fairy legend", "eternal tower" game etc.. Slowly credibility up, reputation also up, and manpower began to increase, the business finally in a year on the right track.

was planning to start his business, Ryan was just a young man of 23 or 4. The lack of experience, coupled with the economic crisis, was not a surprise for Ryan IT consulting. The business failure caused economic embarrassment his house was repossessed, so he was forced to live in the car, followed by a tent on the side of the road, and finally a shelter.

Ryan briefly considered, like his who was fired from HP’s old colleagues for memory chip company Micron America Meiguang to work, but this time he chose a more difficult path.

China microfinance network I just got on the road

first one thing worthy of thanks, more network reporter Qian to fall, she is really a good reporter, I casually say a word to write my story, she urged me from time to time, I again and again, she repeatedly urged, really feel shy. Now, calm down, sit down and talk about my story. Another day to wake up in the middle of the night, the night is deep, very dark, very quiet. Only at this time can I be isolated from the world, and only at this time can I truly calm down and remember the past and plan for the future.

on a cup of coffee, not yet open, the aroma of coffee is refreshing. Take out treasure N long MD, put on the market is the most expensive earplugs, so I’m isolated. A person’s late at night, a person’s coffee, a person’s music, wow, for a long time did not enter the world of their own, such an artistic conception for me now is so luxurious. Music is really a good thing. I always set a particular period with a particular song, so every song goes back to that special occasion.

China microfinance Union website has been born for three months. Oh, in fact, it is not difficult to make a website, put together some code, buy a space, send a domain name, the website was born. Oddly enough, the Chinese microfinance union was a complete coincidence. At first, it was speculation that it would try to run a small loan company in Zhejiang in September. But I found out that it was a lucrative career for me.

05 years, I graduated, as "the year", Lao Tzu Sichuan University graduation, Qifeng miserable rain. Compared with classmates or a bear Beihu waist backer: go to the bank, when the teacher; or the strength to the world’s top 500; or money to go abroad……

when you wander aimlessly around West Lake, you will really understand that the impact of family life on life is almost decisive. It was also in that year that I had a job that seemed perfect, sounded promising, and hopeless. It was one of the most painful memories, confused, wandering, hopeless, and without money. I always felt that my most humiliating moment was to reach for the money my mother had given me.

was the most difficult, one hundred dollars, I can live a month: 50 yuan to buy 30 pounds of rice, rice is pickled tofu, mustard, really can not stand to buy a piece of fat meat boiled a pot of soup. After dinner, I was lying to see e-books at the table, Li Jiacheng, Bao Yugang, Henry Fok, Li Zhaoji and other celebrities biography was then read, then, what books are read, English, computer, graphic design, management, economy, and even accounting, what want to learn, but what are school is not good.

do not know from what time, start the brand has been deeply engraved in mind, each exposed to something, I asked myself here will there be opportunities? Frankly, now if not to talk about the matter of money, I have no interest in. Don’t laugh at me, if you’ve ever felt alive

How does the county supply and demand information website resist the impact of DM advertising

DM advertising is omitted as everyone knows, English Direct Mail advertising expression, literally translated as "direct mail advertising", namely by mail, gifts and other forms of publicity materials will be sent to the hands of consumers, home or company. Admittedly, there are several advantages to DM advertising:

1.DM is different from other traditional advertising media, it can select target objects, have a definite object in view, and reduce waste.

2.DM is the direct selection of the object of direct implementation of advertising, advertising recipients tend to produce other traditional media can not be compared to the sense of superiority, so that more independent attention to its products.

3., one to one direct transmission, can reduce the information transfer process of objective evaporation, so that the advertising effect to maximize.

now the famous DM DM media advertising company A new force suddenly rises., space news, media, news, Jiuding Tianjiao Ho advertising. With the most prominent time and space newsletter, it has joined ten companies throughout the country. DM advertising company is to supply information website of the impact of the traditional oppression of momentum unprecedented. Especially, it has a great impact on local information. The main reason is that the current popularity of most county-level cities is not high, or that the Internet has not become the main channel for ordinary people to obtain supply and demand information. Its main channels are television, newspapers and DM advertising and other visual and efficient traditional media. Take the county where the author is now, for example, there are already 5 local DM advertising bombing, which is full of DM advertisements. I carefully observed, these DM ads to weekly publication, after many investigations, estimation of the layout of advertisement utilization rate is about 70%, which is published in tabloid 70% advertising by the merchant payment, the remaining 30% is filled up to full version. Advertising positions in general, one page, more than 500 yuan. As for its profitability, the author has not made a thorough investigation. The above simple analysis of the current basic situation of DM advertising, you are not difficult to see its local classification of information sites impact on it. This means that the original operation of the difficulties of local information station owners are facing a mountain. Local owners want to get a slice of the advertising costs. It is not that small webmaster fight it, No. The following is entered, with thousands on thousands of fighting in the front line of the local small owners to share how to change strategy, blaze a new trail to resolve DM advertising impact.

I operated the small station "Hepu 360" station operation, 2 months since smooth progress, traffic continued to rise steadily. Baidu, GG included in the good, many keywords remain in the search results home page. So, Hepu 360 is how to defuse the impact of DM advertising it?. To sum up, there are several main strategies:

one, meet the challenge, take the initiative,

the early days of the establishment, the whole county has only one or two DM advertising companies operating, and then there are other companies

Let electricity providers start from Jiangyou

in the past, many young people choose to go out to Sichuan, Guangzhou and other cities in the eastern part of entrepreneurship. With the development of the local economy in Sichuan and entrepreneurship policies to follow up, more and more young people fancy home entrepreneurial prospects, choose to stay round their career dreams.

to attract and guide the youth to return home and college students in Jiangyou innovation and entrepreneurship, January 19th morning, Jiangyou city held a "2016 Jiangyou city youth to return home in the EGO business hall of Jiangyou (students) entrepreneurship policy will preach". About 200 representatives of young entrepreneurs, young people and college students to participate in the meeting, the Municipal Bureau of commerce actively participated in the event.

development in the area of Sichuan electricity supplier, can fully make up for the disadvantages of Bashu region, that is no longer difficult roads of shu. Fully tap the potential development of local entrepreneurs, so that electricity providers in the Jiangyou area.

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How to open fishing gear shop

more and more people to join the ranks of fishing, this casual way for people to bring a lot of fun. Therefore, the market demand for fishing gear is growing, fishing gear shop to become a good choice. How to shop? If you want to make a profit, you can look at.

all fishing tackle shop owner is fishing in the shop before the game player. It is because of this experience, so these bosses are very keen on fishing activities, has a strong dedication, while familiar with the various equipment and needs of fishing activities, so it seems handy in business.

due to fishing activities quite professional, so for a fishing shop, professional is the first requirement. If the boss is not a professional player, then ask the boss to hire a professional fishing player to help operate. There is no expert in fishing activities, fishing gear shop can not do it – this is the circle of people to do things inside.

The momentum of development of

in the previous two years, there is very little special fishing shop. Some began to do fishing shop operators can be a bit of money, from the fishing gear exhibition into a number of goods to support a good store. After a few years, especially from the beginning of 2004, fundamental changes have taken place in the fishing tackle market, on the one hand, the market is more active than ever, to get rid of the business day, the seller’s market into a buyer’s market completely; on the other hand, some after several years of hard exploration fishing tackle company brand appeal, talent shows itself, in the business area turnover, other aspects of a breakthrough. Fishing gear shop began to show a vibrant situation.

The development of

the fine line, the first is the product of a good brand, good quality assurance. In the fishing gear, there are high and low points, generally in the middle and low, but also some high-end products, but the quality requirements are consistent. In addition to product quality, sales and service must follow up. Because the fishing shop service staff, they are not only sales staff, but also a variety of products recommended