New opportunities for Internet giants to open up to entrepreneurs!The little red book Qie Tiger befo

dropped out of school to shlf1314: hindsight is an experience, looking ahead to intuition,

Asimov’s masterpiece "base", in addition to the prophet sheidow throughout all other characters are his disciples. They are driven by intuition and are pushed by the times. Their appearance in history has no sign of it, but they are at ease in the trend. You wonder why he is,

May 6th, Sogou CEO, the company’s independent director Wang Xiaochuan revealed by micro-blog, as the traditional dating site Jiayuan will be involved in the field of intelligent equipment, push wearable products! Even dating sites are a smart Wearable air turned technology enterprises visible how strong the wind is

xinhuanet November 30 Beijing Xinhua reporter Zhou Lin Ye Jian on 2003 at the Princeton computer Dr. Xi qiè IBM the tigers refused, companies such as Microsoft Offer, give up the Ivy League doctorate, joined a start-up company. Before he set off for Silicon Valley, he didn’t even know what he was going to do.

? A number of manufacturers

from this point of view, Xi tigers in the research of China Mobile Internet field after three years, did not join the BAT, but in the thousands of start-ups, chose the "little red book", the fledgling gene has not yet been completely finalized, it is not difficult to explain.

is so high, how to pick Qie tiger is shlf1314


Original title: If the

– shlf1314’s "fair and supreme" principle coincides with the original intention of little red book to realize the efficient matching between people and information. This choice also confirms the tiger in the technology of Qie ideal: make fair rules of play to the game player.

if the official answer, the tigers will summarize Xi two points: one is the attraction of the product.


Samsung, SONY, Tuman, shell electron, reflecting interest in science and technology, have launched smart watches products, sh419 has launched 360 bracelet, breath launched dulife-TCL BoomBand dulife-picooc health bracelet, Latin intelligent body fat tester and a variety of intelligent wearable products, wearable devices on the market is pushed in the teeth of the storm.

holding IBM Research Institute, Microsoft Research Institute and other big Offer, and succeed in the interview 3, 4 companies, and now look back, then the option in Xi tiger, or death or withdrawal, half is gone.

The probability of death

home three disciples of the little red book Qie heart: through the mists of

CES of the United States in 2014 known as the wearable exhibition, the major manufacturers are the priority among priorities of wearable products as the layout, in addition to SONY, Samsung, LG and other consumer electronics manufacturers, including Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek and other chip manufacturers, the company involved in the scale product line covers a wide range of first-line manufacturers to focus on wearable devices segments of the start-up companies such as Pebble and Fitbit smart Bracelet manufacturers.

Chinese announced its withdrawal from the market in 2010 in the company, is the global tiger Xi technical director. Tencent, former vice president Peng Zhijian said: Tiger Wu Jun and Xi famous Silicon Valley investor, "top of the wave" author, Zhu Huican served as the company Research Institute of engineering technology China responsible person and known as the "three engineer domestic Internet companies want to dig from the company".


the wind will not take care of a person. Because of history will not be silent "Daguai upgrade" possessed, it only to see the results.

wearable device is a hot spot for investment, according to the statistics of capital laboratory, cutting-edge and hot areas of investment transactions 2013 annual hardware innovation since 123, to disclose the transaction amount of $1 billion 440 million, can be used as a wearable device hardware innovation the biggest hot spots, trading volume reached 64, the transaction amounted to $560 million; among them, focusing on health / medical the function of wearable technology financing amounted to $188 million, the general wearable technology in the amount of $372 million financing. Smart UP wristband manufacturer Jawbone get $250 million investment in February, Fitbit also received a $43 million investment in March 11th, the domestic plump Bracelet successfully the 60 million B round of financing.


Apple Corp is also conducting smart watches iWatch research and development, multi prediction may be available by the end of 2014. And once the introduction of wearable devices apple, will be expected to move the entire wearable market to new heights, which led to explosive growth in the industry as a whole. According to Business insider latest forecast, the current global wearable market size of about 3 billion to 5 billion U.S. dollars, the next two to three years will grow into a huge market of 30 billion to 50 billion U.S. dollars.


Abstract: Internet giants have entered the field of intelligent wearable, and launched an open platform, on the one hand can help hardware manufacturers to accelerate the combination of hardware and software product development speed, can achieve sales "through-train" commitment, on the other hand the product is still in development, but also greatly reduced the market pressure. In this environment, who can first get the Internet giant open platform technology, market or even financial support, become the key to the success of intelligent wearable manufacturers.

left shlf1314, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Ali, sh419, bid farewell to all of their past glory, re embarked on the road to entrepreneurship, advocating technology moat. Why is he, the opening of the "exodus disciples" series, about such a group of scientific and technological idealists realistic path?.

, this start-up company is called shlf1314.

Taobao guest website how to improve the weight of love Shanghai


passenger, has been the pursuit of small owners. In fact, no matter what sites are to be paid, if Taobao customers, but also to adhere to, you persist, you will be fruitful. Have a Taobao customer who believe that such a big competition, certainly not earn money. I think competition is big, show big gains, stationmaster is a wise man who otherwise wouldn’t have to do. Taobao guest webmaster all know, Taobao customer success is not in the program, and in love Shanghai, love Shanghai, one can determine the Taobao off site of life and death, this is a well recognized fact that! Now many webmaster use API website, in fact, the use of API is not friendly to optimize, but I advocate small Adsense or use the API site well, if you love Shanghai included, there will be a certain income. If you do a single page, more competition, if you strong can consider (I had a single page, but because of my limited ability, ha ha results miserably) you think, 10 people do Taobao customers, real down only 3-4. Others give up, we continue to adhere to, this is success.

! Since the Taobao

second connection to the old station easily especially high PR, on the new station is difficult because many new haven’t what weight, all the webmaster friends all know that friendship connection can make the weight transfer, such as you and a lot of PR> high weight =5 site do friendship connection, so it can make your station you take the PR value to 3 or higher in a very short period of time. Do Links keyword is not the name of your site, but you pushed the main keywords, such as the foreign Links keyword is "Taobao" website to do the link check to see each other in the is correct. The webmaster do Links rely on the public relation ability you have contacts, this here is not to say, a lot of Links methods, can love Shanghai! But in a few do the connection, "

first site structure design, program design, internal and external connection site construction, and the module of their best. Now Taobao API station is data directly call taobao贵族宝贝. In fact, the structure is not suitable for Shanghai dragon, but there are a lot of API website Baidu included volume is very good, as long as the structure of the site to Amoy Shanghai Longfeng line. But the best in the guest website to increase the system module, the module can be original and pseudo original, to increase the weight of love Shanghai certainly has improved. Amoy website article is not more better, more important is to pay attention to the quality of the article, if to collect the article I think nothing, do some original articles or false original article by the time to collect. The result is a good original article may collect 100 articles is more effective than you spend time. This section with original article summarized to improve the weight of Amoy API website

the following summary I do Taobao off site experience, do is to carry out the

to fall in love with the sea

The webmaster do not update the snapshot of the misunderstanding of love Shanghai

said the following necessary conditions that Shanghai snapshot update, love Shanghai snapshot update is updated according to the importance of website content and timeliness, many owners also met the love of Shanghai snapshot not updated for a long time, the love of spiders in Shanghai to build a new website does not consider the value of the index, so if you want to make your site updated snapshot or, from the importance of the content of the website and the timeliness of improvement.

written in the last

through the two paragraph above description, the author emphasizes the website access frequency and website snapshot is without any direct relationship. As a webmaster should correctly understand the difference between love and love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot grab frequency, which will give Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon late ER plays the role of the enemy awareness. No longer because of love "

love Shanghai why want to update

love and love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot grab frequency difference

some people will ask my site every day but has not included the snapshot update, in fact, this is also part of the above mentioned Shanghai, love the spider crawling website basically is the frequency of update frequency and keep the content of the web site. In Shanghai love love Shanghai algorithm, the spider will more website update frequency to calculate the best crawl the website frequency, which is why Shanghai dragon often referred to the rules to update the site, regular update website is the result of love Shanghai spiders crawl the website regularly, to ensure a reasonable interaction of the spider, which website the content included fast. Although the spider regular visit sites, but because the website content love Shanghai spider that has not enough importance and timeliness, so there is no order to set up a website to update the snapshot index.


love Shanghai snapshot is actually love Shanghai spiders in the site of a time the contents of the record and establish the corresponding time index, the time of the establishment of the index is the love of Shanghai snapshot. In fact, in the love of Shanghai search engine database will establish the index, some owners sometimes encounter love Shanghai sometimes backwards, in some extreme cases, the search engine may select the snapshot version is different from the current search results, resulting in the snapshot back time. This has no effect on the web site in the search engine’s performance, does not represent the search engine to the site down the right treatment. So as a webmaster, or there is a need to know some love Shanghai snapshot of commonsense knowledge, lest some owners encounter these problems, blindly vote.

recently in the group, and the webmaster exchange, there are many owners complain about their website snapshot not update, update that is in love with the sea many sites down the right, in fact, this is a completely wrong understanding, such as the Xi’an website construction sites also encountered this kind of problem and a love of Shanghai official the document, we finally realize the true value of love there is not enough to understand Shanghai, today I love Shanghai and the rest of the snapshot.

love Shanghai snapshot not update

Novice webmaster about doing the actual effect brought by the chain

Hello, I am 90 novice webmaster. Has published several articles in the A5 response is also ok. When love is in search of Shanghai, we can also find a lot of websites to my article, a little sense of achievement, but I know the road to do stand long, I would like to search up and down.

long ago heard to do website, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So, there is much role growth visible outside the chain of a website. But although I heard many people say that, but they have never experienced the effects of the chain. Before I was rich in the content of the website, although the website article is Google and can also love Shanghai included, but the daily traffic website is still not much, most of which are attracted by the long tail words flow. So, I think it should be in the chain link, so I crammed outside the chain of knowledge, and to the practical application.

first, I have several blogs, because my spare time is not much, the number of blog is not much, I can say that to ensure the quality of blog updates, practice is only followed in the blog link to my website. But after love Shanghai update, I searched the reverse link, and found that the chain blog do but part of it is included. In the excitement at the same time, I also to cheer myself up, I thought I should update some high quality original blog, after all keep is very useful.

There is more to find some PR>

then, I realized that the love of Shanghai know, Search ask questions page importance, know this chain received good results. So, I love Shanghai registered account, in Shanghai by way of answering the question that left a link. Of course, now love Shanghai review is very strict, so the link is not an easy thing. My suggestion is that the first update the article in Shanghai love space, where I suggest that you should pay attention to space to love Shanghai. Because here the article was collected a great chance of being included, and very quickly, but the best is the original article, here to write many good results than blog. When the numbers of your space to the more, you can answer the Questions page space to stay your links in Shanghai know this love, the spider will follow the link through your site in the article link up to your site, increase traffic to your spider site. I use this method to increase traffic to the website’s times, the effect is really very obvious.

is now the mainstream of the chain, is nothing more than the chain blog, BBS signature of the chain, the chain of the soft law forum post outside the chain, the chain Links method, method of answering the "know love Shanghai. These methods is probably right, specific methods to meet the eye everywhere in the webmaster online, want to have specific knowledge of friends can go and see, I will not specifically how each method should operate. I just want to say that I have been using these methods what effect.

Beautiful picture station for my view and experience

Hello, I am a junior webmaster, self-employed, ha ha, with everyone as hot as loyalty and site construction and operation, will continue to study every day, and update your own website, along the way is very hard, but very substantial, often in the Admin5, the laggards, Tianya, whiteness other places to see what can be learned, can adopt to what, see a lot of new webmaster friends wrote his voice, to write his own history, I have many feelings, it is hope to know more master can guide one or two, is also very want to recognize the primary stationmaster friends come together to help each other to study hard. I rarely post and write articles for this, because I really is not that good, but a lot of the experience of their own ideas, I stand up and say a few words, really have to exercise myself Share with you the experience of my picture station and my understanding of the picture station.

picture stand, in fact we will say the garbage station, by common consent, vulgar station, and other unhealthy information in there, in fact a lot of pictures of the station friend is just a reflection for reality and hobbies, a visual impact, an enhanced content, we pay attention to the original personal webmaster and, while the picture is our new Adsense station under a good way, after all, we still haven’t many primary webmaster to others, we need to learn and can do so quickly included and flow up the site, do picture station is a good choice, of course, is the primary webmaster.

I’m not what forum, but also have a bunch of friends to work together and do a picture of the forum, beautiful pictures, art photos, beautiful leg pictures, these pictures no matter how others think, reality is such, who does not love to see beauty, who does not love to see human nature and beautiful appearance, it is a the visual enjoyment, a kind of inner self reflected only, so this site to the current point of view, although not very hot top, but we are still very love to go to the station to browse through pictures, for our new webmaster do this station should be a good choice, as long as you adhere to the update the original words, we will learn a lot, but technically relatively requires no more.

I have always felt that

, I absolutely support the national legal support of the laws of People’s Republic of China, not all national laws prohibited content, absolutely free of vulgar content, this is a picture of a fundamental and long-term development of the station, I hope everyone can do this, modern scientific research shows that every few minutes staring at beautiful women contribute to men’s health and longevity! Researchers were observed for a period of 5 years to 200 men, found that compared with the other people who look every day "with" beautiful man, relatively low blood pressure, pulse beat slow, and less heart disease. A man’s gentle gaze at a beautiful woman is like admiring a beautiful view which helps the health of body and mind. Gazing at a beautiful woman for 10 minutes is about as much aerobic exercise as 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Do these eyes every day

How can you continue to force the tourism website eyeball

in the just past may day, due to the warmer weather, so that the number of tourists all over the spring break, golden week and Qingming small holiday, which means that the arrival of the tourist season in May. In this sunny day, not like the spring, spring, did not imagine the summer scorching heat, is together with family and friends to travel, swim season of flowers. And the travel website of all places at this time should seize the opportunity that this tourist goes out, take an active part in finding tourist source, this ability is aimed at below this kind of travel situation this year, develop to the purpose of profit. Today, let’s talk about how tourism websites should act in May when the tourist season is on the way.

, first of all, as a local tourism website, the most important thing is to have a clear goal, the tourism website only set a clear goal, to make a difference. Travel website should make clear the website that does a spot or a website that includes all attractions, if it is former, so the title of its website and keyword should use this travel place. If it is the latter, then the title of the tourist website should be the location of the tour plus the travel information network. If you want to develop your own travel website and attract the attention of tourists, you must master some marketing methods and techniques.

as a local tourism website, first of all to show what the local tourist attractions and characteristics of what. The tour site can be directly named after the local tourist site name, so that it can attract more tourists’ attention. Visitors can enter their own tourist attractions according to their own needs, and then click on the content inside, so that more convenient for consumers to provide services to increase the popularity of the site. In addition, this approach can also make tourism sites maintain a certain integrity. Visitors to your website, see the site navigation column, you will be able to know at a glance the site of the tourist attractions and the dynamic information of these attractions. This is very beneficial to the conversion rate of the website. In addition to the website, column content, we can also gradually introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these tourist attractions and remind visitors of the contents of the tourist attractions from the landscape pictures, ticket prices, scenic features. Tourism website design style must be fresh, not too complicated, avoid visitors can not find the North feeling. Only in this way can you catch the eye of the tourist from the beginning.

secondly, as a tourist website, it is necessary to have a domain name suitable for its website. A good name and a domain name in accordance with the tourist attractions can attract tourists. These domain names not only play the role of advertising for themselves, but also build their own brands of powerful weapons. After making the content and pictures of the website, we can contact the local media and advertisers to promote our travel website. You can hang advertisements at bus stops, billboards and some intersections, and invest a certain amount of money in the TV station as advertising expenses. So finding the dealer is the key, reaching a good agreement with them and building a long-term relationship. The cost of these ads should be calculated according to the number of people in their own cities

Virus marketing and Internet business model are similar to each other

viral marketing and the so-called Internet business model is complementary to each other, on the Internet, the mouth is more convenient, you can quickly spread like a virus, therefore, almost do not need network marketing costs.

what is a good business model of the Internet, in simple terms, the Internet business model is a long-term, income is greater than the pay, and steady and can clearly foresee the development of down mode is a good mode. Conversely, if the long-term development is an unknown pattern, it is not a good Internet business model.

example: your Internet enterprise website can adapt to the current development needs of the network, such as you need to lock the current customer group is SMS service, or just to communicate with the platform, you should go to study this group of people can enjoy the service, examples of this in the past. Many mainstream sites can be seen on. But at present, there are many companies want to subvert this idea, to do some customer groups to re adapt to its project, and some people only in twenty-second Century can understand the idea.

innovation is a good idea, but to innovate, we need to create the needs of our customers. For example, you will own the Internet on local enterprises, it is easy to be successful.

look, there are a lot of door type website, match type website, search type website, online shopping type website, game type website, all conform to the demand of this aspect. And we can also see, there are many enterprise website, we don’t know what they want to do, feeling is to do for yourself to watch a website.

recently, many people have been promoting viral marketing. In simple terms, the basic concept of this marketing approach is to allow customers to interact with each other and be willing to introduce services and websites.

to play out the power of this virus, that is, must have to identify customers with services, product content. Allow customers to continue to enjoy the relevant services and brought convenience. This pattern can be steady. Instead of making a campaign, the website that brings customers starts selling them all the time, sending emails to them, projecting a large number of related and irrelevant ads. The customer finished the good and left.

Internet business model is not a fixed model, as long as it can provide long-term value to customers, it is a good model.

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What issues should I pay attention to when making a blog theme

WP provides today read the official theme, actually didn’t get into, occasionally and feel not meet their needs, or some themes installed and combined with its own WP Its loopholes appeared one after another., the theme of the experience, I think as a theme for the blog release, especially want to get a good user support the theme, need to pay attention to the details of the summary can be roughly said to be compatibility, usability, aesthetics and function diversification.


personally think that a good theme, the first consideration is the device compatibility, in the process of making the theme of the moment, should be considered compatible with different browsers, so as to avoid the professional feel to the user in different compatible browser, IE browser is mainly to do the work, for the other standard browser in general, in accordance with the W3C specification attributes are able to explain.

However, for a

to meet the tastes of the public, especially for the production of WordPress such as frequently updated program theme, if you want to be the theme of most of the user’s favorite, for a compatible program version of history is needed to consider, sometimes need to take into account the historical version support for some special functions, at least should not be installed after the theme page cannot be displayed.

ease of use

first, we can not choose their own how the users, can not require all users to have many HTML or even CSS such as PHP, ASP and other knowledge, so the theme also need to use, you should try to ensure that users after installation you have produced the theme does not need how many settings that can be easily used. Of course, the needs of advanced users also need to be taken care of, and this part of the personalized work should be able to be independent, you need to give a default value to facilitate the use of low-level users.


I believe that most of the installation of the theme of the

friends in time to choose a theme, the first reason is that the appearance of the theme, because this is the most intuitive judgment, and as for its specific function is secondary consideration.

The diversity of


takes into account the different needs of users who use the theme, so you need to add some commonly used functional modules to the topic. For example, disk operating system now, although many people including me tend to choose the pure version, but can not stop the majority of people love covering almost all commonly used procedures using the Ghost version of the trend of a fool, for the work of computer city people, the second is the best choice. For the same topic, if you want your WP theme to go into the Yo2 library, I’m sure you’ll need to turn the most frequently used pages and search functions into the subject.

How to change the way you want to be successful

we all know, entrepreneurship is a hard work, even if it doesn’t return. Business people must have good luck and need to contribute time and effort, the risk to bear the corresponding financial, spiritual and social, only do these can get money, achieve personal satisfaction and economic independent.  


1. from closed to open in the CEO position, the higher the position, Jim had been unwittingly put themselves isolated with people; as more and more busy, he asked the Secretary to filter incoming calls, save time for him, not disturbed. After all, he can’t even finish his work, how can he answer every call? His assistant will manage his e-mail inbox, only to deal with the most important mail. He would ignore any "not worth it" email.

2. from opportunism to helpful in its early venture, Jim found himself eating a lot of cold-shoulder treatment. He found that those who had done his business executives who had chased him, and now do not answer his phone. His initial anger finally gave way to humility, and Jim realized that he had to help others as much as possible without considering whether the man was useful. Now, as the CEO of the company, he often told his senior team, "you must try to really help as many people as possible, even if you are not clear about their possible use – this is good for."

3. from talking about the former executives of the company as a senior executive, Jim often tell you how important his work. When someone asks him questions, he is happy to tell them everything they know. After all, Jim is an expert in his field, and it is normal that people want to learn as much as possible from him. Everyone is so afraid of him, which makes Jim feel very good. It’s normal for him to come back after a few hours at a party, but don’t know how to meet people. Most of the time he’s talking.


How can we operate a car jewelry store

a variety of jewelry on the market, the choice of jewelry shop is also a lot of people, many people are interested in car accessories shop, in fact, if you want to run a good car jewelry store, it is necessary to pay attention to many aspects.

Must carefully analyze the area or the area is suitable for car accessories shop

there is consumer characteristics, if these people have a lot of people consume more conservative, or don’t care spending it, investors should consider repeatedly, will only invest in the most of the circumstances. In general, the car accessories shop will generally choose in convenient transportation, crossroads and more sections and regions.

How to manage