How to choose the right keywords website optimization


broad sense is through the search engine to search information on the user, and can find your website through these information is the key words. At the same time, key words can be a word, also can be a word, can also be a simple sentence. If the explanation from the code, a string of characters head file key is the web page code in general, we will use keywords to represent keywords.

For example: A lot of

since we want to choose effective keywords, so we need to know what is the keyword.

website, this is one of our core keywords industry. We can often see the construction sites in Dalian or Dalian website construction which is good what is this word or phrase? We often have a needle can be used for the core keywords, long tail keywords.

is not the more the better? Keywords

what is the long tail keywords? Long tail keywords is relative to the core keywords, character relative to the core keywords it may be a long, long phrases may also be a short sentence. As I mentioned above: Dalian website, Dalian website construction which is good.

made the website of the enterprise or for individual webmaster, choose effective keywords for the importance of a website is self-evident, but how to choose effective keywords is not an easy thing, we should not only understand the characteristics of their industry also need to know the keyword search engine algorithm love Shanghai, we also need to know the user in the input keyword search process.

long tail keywords for a web site and core keywords can play a role for drainage, and can enhance the core keyword ranking and web site overall weight function. Set the long tail keywords good than many competitive core keywords. Since the key words is very important, whether it is the core keywords or long tail keywords,

core keywords are generally written in the web page code, and the long tail keywords can be written in the web page from other pages, by sub page accumulated weight lifting weights of the home page, and thus enhance the core site keywords ranking. But for search engines, assessment keyword ranking is not because of your site added a lot of words will be your site keywords ranking top. Generally speaking, keywords web page set not more than 5 core keywords. Keywords set more overall weight of the site will disperse the corresponding, which could have ranked keywords because the weight of dispersion and reach the optimal effect. So, here, we suggest that when selecting the core keywords, try not to exceed 5, but can make the website weight very high increase of keywords.

relevant information we have learned, so the most important thing is how to choose effective keywords.


Determine the common misunderstandings of the weights of the website let you see light suddenly

website snapshot update can explain this website that within a certain period of time, the love of spiders in Shanghai back sites have formed regular update rules. And you will find a phenomenon that is the love of Shanghai in a few months before the snapshot, and keywords ranking it is in the home, in order to solve this problem, Shenyang Shanghai Dragon Red Army will in Shenyang Shanghai dragon forum to introduce. So the judge love Shanghai snapshot can’t update the weights on behalf of the absolute high, but the snapshot time with website weight still has great relationship. Before the Shenyang website optimization blog introduced to love Shanghai snapshot not update solution.

this is the most common problems, because several times a few sites to find my links, I find a book, really scared of tens of thousands, but included the weight is too low, most of these sites on the collection station, is through the collection of large amounts of selling links, such links who buy who suffer ah.

do not know if you have not found a lot of the PR value reached 4, 5 of the sites are not ranked, and search keywords found many sites than the low PR value of the PR value high site ranked higher, so that the PR value is not absolute but high PR value represents the weight, domain name half are older but not necessarily representative of domain name with the weight of the website.

common error two: the snapshot update is high weight

above is a common misunderstanding to determine the weights of the website, the next article will introduce to the method is more accurate to judge the weights of the website is very helpful to buy the rankings chain research has helped you. Please indicate the original articles reprinted from 贵族宝贝 of Shanghai Longfeng please keep the link oh.

common mistakes included more than three: page weight is high

is a common mistake: high PR value high weight

error four: love Shanghai domain and YAHOO chain is more weight high

out this article specifically for judging the weights of the website common mistake. The next article is to introduce more accurate method to determine the weight of the site, then straight to the point.

this is actually fairly ready, but this is not absolute, and not necessarily a website weight high website weight is the site’s overall score, the number of the chain of course is better, but more important is the quality of the chain, and this value does not reflect the quality of the chain. Here also recommends us a high quality the chain place as detailed introduction of the love to love Shanghai Shanghai liberal arts experience.

How to dry cargo from QQ space to obtain a large number of accurate flow

, why is the use of QQ space

: access to their space new visitors QQ, then do precision marketing. The following beautiful space new guest list, because it is too long, I just made a part of the map. Like they have millions of fans of the space, every second there will be hundreds of dozens of new visitors (compare right 3 a.m. screenshot, so a second new visitors >

certified spaceAfter

, many owners see the number of fans above the beautiful said, the first idea is to say beautiful space to stay inside advertising. This is completely mistaken. Because of their space messages and comments are very strict audit, almost no advertising may. Because they say QQ space traffic is large, even if you leave the ad, in a few minutes will be pressed down, there is no use.


answer: because the QQ space as the main product of QQ, the daily number of active half billion. We look at the number of fans of mogujie贵族宝贝, said the beautiful celebrities such as certification of space, we can know that it is a big piece of cake. QQ spatial data we use mogujie贵族宝贝 and beautiful to say compared with data now the most popular micro-blog, smart owners will soon have feeling.

the number of users is a feature of QQ space, more important is the QQ space users mostly 80, 90 and 00, respectively, corresponding to the white-collar workers, college students and middle school students, they are the main force in today’s network of consumer groups. Unlike micro-blog users, there are various groups. In contrast, the transformation rate of a stroke above QQ space.

now most papers discussed the Shanghai dragon, rarely appear dry cargo. In order to let more webmaster is no longer worry about traffic, I took out the new box treasure to share with you. In the sharing method, I want to talk to the webmaster to say a word, please don’t in Shanghai, hang on a tree. In A5, many webmaster Webmaster Station, outdated websites and forums, the webmaster seems to be caught in a vicious circle, 90% owners always talking about the Shanghai dragon, worried about the ranking, thinking about the chain. Is to Shanghai dragon and do stand, for the chain and the article. Can we have thought so hard every day, pseudo original chain, the top post for what? "This is not for the sake of two words flow"! Maybe you encountered such a website, they didn’t have a good ranking in the number of the chain fell in love with the sea, they are not much, but a large site traffic has been to earn money. As a channel of Shanghai dragon we just get traffic, there are so many channels, such as email, QQ group, QQ space, micro-blog, Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar know love love… Let me share with you how I use my QQ space, a large number of accurate flow for every day.

Methods we use

two, which many fans of what is the use of

The website of Shanghai Longfeng lay the foundation needs to be strictly structured


B, learning from competitors, learning from the industry leader. The competitors do well, must have his forte, we should through the data analysis to find competitors operating means, first after imitation innovation, finally achieve transcendence. Any one industry leader, as long as the Shanghai dragon, is absolutely do good, we find his winning secret can use to other industries, copy is sometimes very easy to succeed.

Shanghai, the knowledge structure is actually very good, one is to stand inside knowledge of Shanghai dragon, one is to stand outside the knowledge of Shanghai dragon. In the station optimization optimization, including code and label content optimization, URL optimization, keywords layout optimization, chain layout optimization, standing outside the chain optimization including construction, domain name host factors. These things can form a powerful knowledge network structure, each point is held very simple, use more simple. Here is a full map of Shanghai Longfeng solution we can refer to, is not comprehensive, you can add your own

Shanghai Dragon Figure

2, Shanghai dragon thinking structure

structure, node is a combination of meaning, structure is the structure of justice, we will all dynamic knowledge and events in the Shanghai dragon and search engine, web site together, this is the previous article I repeatedly mentioned. In Shanghai dragon, we should pay more attention to the structure of the construction, including the Shanghai Longfeng knowledge structure, Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng thinking structure and data analysis structure, we have to do is to let these structure solid integrity, do not let these basic things go wrong.

any Shanghai dragon needs to be thought control knowledge, make knowledge into effect, because only do a little to get rid of migrant workers in the state of Shanghai dragon, so Shanghai dragon thinking structure is very important. Here to introduce several classical methods of thinking:


Hello, I am virtual son rain. The article is written in front of seeing "McKinsey method" mentioned in the "based on the facts, strictly structured, with hypothesis oriented", people think this method is very suitable for our Shanghai dragon worker, in front of the "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon more needs to be done on the basis of facts" is derived from this method today, we need to do next to introduce about the Shanghai dragon second: strictly structured.

1, Shanghai dragon knowledge structure

C, right Shanghai Longfeng planning work. Shanghai dragon is a long process, for each stage of the.

A, Shanghai dragon first to grasp, the more easily ignored the foundation, we recommend the "love in front of Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", I believe that if we carefully study certainly can do Shanghai dragon.

The true value of the anchor text is to enhance the user experience and website ranking

third: do not hold the simulated user recommended thinking to do anchor text

: the first anchor text number is best not more than three

mentioned Scindapsus algorithm when browsing this article, believe that users will want to know the details of green ideas, so Zac is the anchor text of the word, and he pointed to a recent report on Scindapsus algorithm to blog, allowing users to learn more, it can effectively improve the the user of the site viscosity, Shanghai dragon Er should also learn Zac when adding anchor text, only to fully meet the needs of users of the anchor text is really meaningful.


Why can

in fact, I think, in today’s user experience is king of the times, the real value of the anchor text should be to enhance the user experience, rather than the so-called website ranking. Now I would like to think, discuss, the true value of the anchor text and how the anchor text will enhance the user experience.

When An article in

the Shanghai dragon theory tells us that there is a point to your site’s anchor text in the website of the other side, it is the website users push >

also refers to the anchor text has irreplaceable function to enhance the website ranking, but too much for the anchor text site failed to lay a curse, an article as the following website:

second: to meet the needs of users is the anchor text of valuable

as many as five or six anchor text, you call the user too much to handle so much! See bold font, riotous with colour, I believe that no user is willing to go on. Originally an article five hundred or six hundred words on the word, the anchor text number will distract attention, improve the bounce rate, so the number of websites, the anchor text the author suggests an article best not more than three, but not every article, pointing to a link should not only point to the home page, do the anchor text diversification, can not let the user feel disgusted.

in the past Shanghai dragon view, the anchor text is a quick tool to enhance the web site keywords ranking, whether the chain or do in the station, the anchor text is the first choice of Shanghai dragon er. With the new algorithm love Shanghai introduced, weight of the anchor text is much less than before, but still a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the station will use the text editor. When using the anchor text, you do not know Shanghai dragon Er have seriously thought about the true value of the anchor text is


anchor text to enhance the user experience? The main reason is that the anchor text can effectively meet the needs of users. It might be very abstract, on the Zac blog an article for example, please see below:


Personal blogging methods and ways to make money from sharing blogs

now, more and more people pay attention to how to use blog to make money, the arrival of Web2.0, user interaction is enhanced. And the blog has spread to each household, together in the eyes of small owners using blog marketing is a very good choice to make money, make money blogging? Some small owners have their own blog and the propaganda platform, some people do not know how blog marketing is useless. In general, the main ways to make money using blogs are the following:

one. Blogging’s way to make money:

write about what you’re good at, and then share some of your experiences. Maybe someone will see your blog. The content you like will naturally be your potential customer,.

constantly accumulates, writes in a form of interest, a form of recorded life,.

the following three kinds of blog money making two forms, I feel good,.

The first way to make money in

is to sell services (to promote your niche, such as SEO consultants, web planners, etc.)

‘s second ways of making money are: selling products. (using resources around you and promoting it at the same time. Building your familiar product or selling someone else’s product with a commission.

)The third way to make money in

is to put up an ad (this is the simplest and direct way to choose some good advertising alliances, such as Adsense, which sometimes matches a very high unit price)


blog in a natural language to record the things of life, but also can be extended to their products. To increase their visibility. You can see my previous article: how to do marketing blog (, not only the product than the official website of the official language. Good effect and interactive blog it is very effective in.


two. Blog writing and promotion

1., write articles, send logs, it’s better to be original and more popular with the audience.

2. hot spots, speculation, such as the recent hearts of QQ avatar (here, BS, split the motherland, and support the Beijing Olympics)

3. in the blog put soft Wen, in the article appear 1-3 times own web site, so that user acceptance is reasonable.

4. blog also has the circle of blogs, so make friends

Classification information network owners need to break through several directions

classification information station is now blossom everywhere, each city’s Web site, many have changed to a classified information station. People go to the market, reputation, and so on, 58 have found a team, to raise some money to start in the second fight Oh, but some bitter city! Just started fighting small webmaster! No technology, no money, no contacts, no media support, only warm! But the reality is cruel. Some of the content is collected, but the flow reaches a certain degree, there are thousands of traffic, it is difficult to go on! It is very difficult to do the individual stationmaster station! Have considerable strength and team, and eventually only spend a lot of energy, and no gain! Personal feeling is the personal webmaster do stand. To correct attitude. Some personal Adsense is full-time, and some are part-time, the need for profit is that we need to consider, after all, only sustained profitability, in order to provide follow-up impetus for the development of the site. No cash flow to support, and finally we can only fall,


classification information station development to the present, I feel the following aspects can be used as a breakthrough point, to break through. The ability of the webmaster can choose to try ah, if you can solve the following problems, then you can be innovative! I do not open here, it is worth throwing a brick!


1. can consider the generic interface of the classified information industry, which also has a platform like alliance. Info tag. This is mainly to solve the problem of repeated information release,

!The development of

2. mobile platform, this should cause enough attention! There are hundreds of millions of mobile phone users, the Internet is also fast one hundred million people! How to develop mobile platform similar to the QQ mobile phone, mobile phone terminal sharing classified information needs,

is very valuable!Integration of media

3. classification information and offline! Currently in high-end buildings, public sites, can use the wireless network mode, classified information query and release free! For example a train station to the hotel, released in the free information station by touching the screen area can easily find a hotel! Its brand promotion value is greater than the value of


4, the communication tool between users and users of classified information websites, is still relying on QQ, MSN or Ali Wangwang, so it needs the platform tool of PC platform for integrating information publishing and querying.

I do not stand for a long time, mainly in peacetime do not have any energy to take care of, the above is a classification of information station a little thinking. Use empty to see my station, QQ:766521686

releases 360 lines of information for free []

Station owners should be integrated into the entrepreneurial thinking

with the popularity of the Internet and computer knowledge, more and more Chinese Internet users. The popularity of the website, domain name service open source program, just download a website program, buy a space and a domain name, you can become a webmaster! The establishment of the environment and entrepreneurship is not very similar? Why not put the Webmaster Station as a business to do! The station with a similar business great place.

1, location

entrepreneurship should be positioned, and very important. Now all walks of life can be described as a hundred schools of thought contend, want to start business, we should consider what to do, in the face of what kind of crowd, how to increase repeat customers and so on. And the station is the same, to locate. Today’s Web sites are springing up. Maybe what you think has already existed on the internet. We have to consider what you want to do a website, what is the theme of the site is in the face of what kind of people, compared to the same site, your site has what characteristics, people with what come to your website, how to increase the rate of return… These are one of… Only by setting a good position will you be motivated to do so.

2, name

if you want to open a shop and start a company, of course, the name is very important. A good name is a good beginning. And the name has to do with the service and function of your store or company. The website domain name and website name will be the same! A good domain name and site name must be consistent with your own website localization, don’t be too complex, as simple as possible! As I want to build a forum, positioning in the webmaster learning exchanges, first thought to contain the word forum webmaster name, so the name "webmaster backyard", and the domain name ( means together! Webmaster, personally feel is still relatively easy to remember.

3, resources

To a great extent,

business success is not how much resources you have, but how much and what extent can you create resources or integrate resources so as to maximize the use of resources. Site is also the same, resources equivalent to the content of the site, high value of the original content, of course, most conducive to the development of the site, when not their own original content, how do we integrate this content?.

4, promotion

, if you want to promote your products, how to promote your website, and promote goods, you can use advertising, media, marketing personnel, network and so on. In fact, website promotion can also adopt these methods, but the promotion method is more commonly used web site network promotion, because through advertising media, marketing personnel, the cost is too high, but that is something that is not a good idea. There are many ways to promote the network, such as soft text, friendship links and so on.

5, innovation

, founder of Netscape, the most legendary technology innovator and entrepreneur on the Internet, said Anderson, "innovation is usually very simple, and any individual may inadvertently accomplish it."." Entrepreneurship needs innovation, but also innovation

The work of the word can never be out of work [was forwarded crazy]

a little story: "the fate of two workers"

two named Pavaro and Bruno the poor young man, is a village near the river water will be employed to pick up the water in the village square, the village by a penny a barrel price for them! At least 100 barrels a day to pick up the income of up to $1, which is already rich in the village level of income!

Bruno in get the job, excitedly, but more of a concern, watching the water bring the full hand Xuepao, he began to worry about the old age how to do? So, he came up with an idea: to build a pipeline to the village, so they don’t have water, but also enjoy the endless!

flash over the past ten years, Bruno successfully dug through the pipeline! The water in the river continued to flow into the water pipes of the village, and there was a steady stream of fresh water in the village. The villagers cheered, and the other villages were moved to the village.

Bruno no bucket, no matter whether he Everfount water inflow. He was eating, in the water inflow; while he was sleeping, in the water inflow; when he went to play at the weekend, in the water inflow; more water into the village, into Bruno’s pocket more money. And the pipeline forced Pavaro to lose his job!

one hundred million and a piece of money, which do you choose?

of course, how he chose the first, he can become a millionaire one-time billion yuan; if he chose the second?

We simply calculate:

Tianjin set up Chong Star College entrepreneurial training camp

this year, a significant increase in the rate of college students, despite the enthusiasm of young creative people have been mobilized, but still have to face a variety of difficulties and problems, the phenomenon of low success rate has not yet improved.

"Meng a 3D virtual mirror" project leader, Nankai University software engineering professional senior Zhao Fuli said that this technology is the camera connected to the computer, people stood in front of the equipment, make some dressing bag action, you can see after oneself wear these clothes look, realize the effect of virtual fitting room. As a technical leader in the project, Zhao Fuli hopes to participate in training camp to learn some technical experts. Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive ability test, although I joined the (Microsoft) club, but did not actually do anything in the user experience, image processing will still feel difficult. We need to find a very helpful "Daniel" for programming, and we also want to know some people in the clothing industry. We have been to Binjiang Road for research, but this is only superficial, for the real fashion designer is how to do, we are not very clear."

North entrepreneurial training camp co-founder Hang Yuan said, entrepreneurship has some obvious errors. First of all, the judgment of the market demand problems, many of them are out of their own. In real practice will be found in fact, the market has a lot of alternative products, or that their products have no advantage in terms of cost. Secondly, there are a lot of students start seriously underestimated the costs of running the company products to enter the market, from R & D to test pilot to the final product, packaging, brand promotion channels and subsequent maintenance and repair are not taken into account, the invisible cost, including tax, the financial cost of harvest is not heard said, they lack the basic knowledge of tax law. Some students asked, "I have not made money, also need to apply for tax returns?" Some people ask, "I am a legal person, I would like to pay their own wages, social security?"…… This often results in a very hasty venture, passion is quick, failure is faster. This may be particularly easy to make mistakes in College students. In addition, there are some entrepreneurs to consider the legal risks, the lack of protection of intellectual property rights and other issues.