Thunderbolt exclusive to Apple until 2012 Will anyone care by then

first_imgJust like clockwork Apple released a string of updates to their MacBook Pro line today. The big news surrounding these updates wasn’t the faster, more powerful processors, improved switching between graphic cards, or a surprising lack of Blu-ray support in this refresh. The big news was Apple’s collaboration with Intel to include a new type of device communication connector into their line up.Originally dubbed Light Peak, and inexplicably renamed to Thunderbolt, the technology has the ability to really change the way that we connect things to our computers. While it was originally believed that the connector Apple was using for Thunderbolt would be exclusive to them, it seems Intel’s relationship with Apple will make all of Thunderbolt exclusive  until 2012.During Intel’s Thunderbolt press conference this morning, while showing off some of the great new features of this technology including its Swiss Army like functionality with other types of I/O devices, it was revealed that Apple would be the only computer manufacturer with this technology until 2012. According to Intel, Thunderbolt boards will not be added to existing computers by an expansion card as Thunderbolt chips need direct access to both the systems video and PCI express architectures.AdChoices广告How long will it be before Thunderbolt is really a daily use technology? Thunderbolt can’t be added to existing computers and for the next year new Thunderbolt users will only belong to a relatively small portion of the PC market comparatively. Intel announced third-party support from a dozen or so companies today, will that really be enough to cause a change in the market? Will this exclusivity cause excitement and anticipation, or will Thunderbolt miss most of the market like FireWire before it?Read more at AppleInsiderlast_img