Some MPs are warning the parliamentary work load is going to kill

first_imgOTTAWA — Some MPs are warning the high-stress, high-stakes environment of politics coupled with relentless work schedules are one day going to kill someone.Winnipeg MP Kevin Lamoureux, who has been the Liberals’ deputy house leader since the last election, says he is particularly concerned about the marathon, overnight voting sessions that are one of the few ways opposition parties have to interfere with a majority government’s ability to pass legislation.Three such marathons took place in the last Parliament and Lamoureux says he thinks it’s only a matter of time before someone dies after being forced to stay awake for 30 hours or more.Outgoing MP Tony Clement, who was a high-ranking Conservative until he got caught emailing and texting explicit images of himself last fall, says nobody knows better than he does how the pressures of political life can contribute to making horrible personal decisions.For him it’s more than just all-night voting, it’s also the constant online bullying and harassment MPs now face that are driving depression and risking suicide and premature deaths.Both say if all-night voting is banned opposition parties have to be given new ways to stage protests.Mia Rabson, The Canadian Presslast_img