The stop of the Covid-19 stopped the best Saúl of the season

first_imgSaul had a hard time finding his point in the last year and a half. Fundamental for Simeone, there are the numbers to prove it, his player with the most minutes (3,420), ahead of Oblak and Thomas, the most versatile. But that ability to play as a left back, a midfielder, in the band and even as a central defender has been exploited by the Argentine coach in this period.: Saúl was able to play four different positions in the same match. His conditions seemed off under this ‘hotel syndrome’: waking up in the middle of a game and wondering where am I ?. That’s how he played. His decisive goals were missing, or his ‘opener’ goals simply, his stride, his kicks from outside the area. Until now. The forced stop in the world due to the crisis and the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 slows down Saúl’s best moment of the season. Since the party in Mestalla, February 14, he had not gone through that position again, to see it as torture., the left back, is read in his gestures every time it touches him, although he never shouts, he always goes and meets, goes and surrenders, and seated in his position, midfielder, Saúl appeared again. Lodi’s growth behind is his own growth and, again, here are the numbers: two goals in three games, against Liverpool and Espanyol, the first being ‘so Saul’. Four goals as a midfielderWhy if anything reminded Saul of the great nights, of the great events, was his appearance in the Wanda Metropolitano match, first leg against Liverpool, knockout stages of the Champions League, that’s why his boots don’t know about normal goals (the Chilean against Madrid in the 4-0 of Calderón, the one that made Bayern in the 2015-16 semifinals). He put his head in a corner and kissed his wrist. Goal. The tie had just started and the reigning champion was already behind on the scoreboard. But it is that Saúl in that match started from his place, the midfielder, where he lurks with his arrival from the second line, often lethal. There is a curious fact in the season: in the four positions that he has had to play at the beginning (midfielder, left inside, left side and right inside) only from one came the goals: the first, his, in which he never feels the ‘hotel syndrome’ when you see her in the middle of a game. Four has done. The four from there arrived.last_img