Barça advocates a general reduction of salaries

first_imgThe idea that it takes place generally is one of the priorities that the Barça board is marked to have a stronger position regarding the players, who for their part, it doesn’t seem like they’re going to oppose tailored, as reported in Sport Joan Vehils, who stressed that the captains of the team are perfectly aware of the situation and they have made themselves available to the President to assist as necessary.Another front in Barcelona is that of possible ERTE, as in most companies that have seen their activity ceased, glide over the landscape. Keep in mind that esome areas is it so unemployed. We talk about academy coaches, marketing people or employees of the Museum or shops. Barça will try not to get to the situation that has occurred in French teams such as Olympique de Lyon or the Montpellier who have never decreed what would be the equivalent to an ERTE in Spain.For this, the meeting on Monday via telematics is fundamental. Club management aspires to a general discount in the face of the crisis that is taking place on a planetary level. Just like reported this newspaper last Thursday March, 19 where it was pointed out that the Board of Directors Barcelona considered reformulate the budget facing this season (1,047 million) due to “unrecoverable losses” due to the fhigh income In television rights, museum, stores, sponsorships, box offices, schools worldwide, VIP tickets, advertising and hospitality it is time to act accordingly. In this sense, one of the scenarios that the economic technicians of the club are drawing is that of propose a reduction in staff wages facing this course, a quantity that supposes 61% of expenses of the entire budget. A fundamental measure for avoid a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) among some employees of the entity.The Barça believes that he problem what affects you it’s general and therefore advocates a shared decision by most LaLiga and European teams. That is why the meeting next monday of the executive of the ECA, The association of European clubs is essential. In this sense, Mirko Calemme reports from Italy that the Inter would have put in touch with the Barça and Real Madrid on their own initiative for the same purpose.last_img