April 2017

Free warm service to store customers more

is now due to fierce competition, if one wants to store business booming, in addition to the normal service of the purchase of goods, but also need to provide more free services enthusiasm, this will make the store has a huge customer base. In our village, a total of more than one thousand people, can be large and small retail stores have four fierce market competition, as can be imagined, this requires us retailers not only have the genuine goods at a fair price of commodities, warm and thoughtful service, my husband gathered popularity also quite hard.

a few days ago, a local fishing village to our brother reservoir, close to noon, the motorcycle tyre was sinister sun burst, the eldest brother helpless when he was with the husband to inquire whether there is fishing in the river near the garage, the husband told him enthusiastically: "we have left the garage here is estimated to be three or four miles, pushed the car there, the tires have been crushed, we go home, let me help you mend it tires." The eldest brother thanks, even the sound.

returned home, find the tire tool for the husband, made great efforts to put off the tires, find the leak, rub flat, glue, patch…… Hot summer, sweat dropping down along the cheek, clothes were drenched with sweat, brother sorry, to throw twenty yuan as a reward to the husband, the husband is determined not to accept, and put the money into his pocket, eldest brother said: "everyone has difficulties, little things, not hanging in the heart on." Big brother to see her husband is a real person, and I was in the store to pick up a lot of daily necessities with fishing gear. Since then, he has become a frequent visitor to my shop, but also introduce other fishing friends to my store consumption

‘s husband for decoration, for electrical knowledge knows a lot, is also half an electrician in the neighborhood, whose circuit is out of order, as long as the husband at home, and say hello to him, he would soon be to solve the problem. Her husband moved with the enthusiasm of the villagers in the village, naturally, they have become a loyal customer of my shop.

now, her husband bought power line, for afar fishing enthusiasts free of charge. I was in the shop put a pneumatic cylinder for customers urgently. There are some customers in other stores to buy not I give them free of odds and ends of sewing……

a lot of times, if from our own standpoint, these services do not need to spend anything, but for those who help, is undoubtedly a very big favor. In fact, to help others is to help themselves. Fierce competition in the market, we will be able to produce upward strength and wisdom, will enable us to continue to look for innovative skills and business philosophy. These extra services bring me more repeat customers.

Good prospects for investment in decorative glass industry

to join Home Furnishing decoration industry businesses, in the choice of product management must pay attention to find the product market space, brand investment, in order to lock more target customers, to achieve the fundamental purpose of the smooth shop, sustained profitability. Now decorated glass is a lot of people choose to decorate the home, there is a huge demand for investment prospects are optimistic.

with the improvement of family decoration, people have begun to pay attention to environmental art. In order to reasonably allocate space, many families use decorative glass partition. Compared with the previous two years, the decorative glass market, the current product grades have been significantly improved, a variety of stained glass, embossed glass, water glass. According to experts, the use of modern science and technology to produce three-dimensional art glass pattern rich, after a special process, both resistant to scrub, and feel comfortable, and affordable. It can be said that the superb processing technology, decorative glass to give a new style and strong vitality, and gradually replace the trend of traditional decorative glass.

it is understood that the market praised the three-dimensional Art Deco glass, the selection of 5 to 19 mm thickness of glass processing molding, it does not need sandblasting, also can not be used as a separate partition and decoration. If combined with the needs of environmental art design, the heating of the glass after the use of advanced equipment into a variety of transparent or translucent abstract patterns, it can make room brightness. A diamond, square, circular and polygon etc. currently on the market supply of three-dimensional art decorative glass, the pattern of convex combination of decoration in the room, all blend into one harmonious whole, hall, corridor, bedroom and bathroom and shower doors and windows, the light diffusing more artistic sense.

senior designer believes that decorative glass is a new "transparent decoration", it has the natural color of myopia and hyperopia feeling, is an effective way to get rid of the dull walls. In addition, decorative glass art design and color can promote people’s mood, contrasting decorative glass can produce dynamic, soft and delicate decorative glass to distant feeling, and can add artistic charm and delight of life.

decorative glass has utility, appearance and other advantages, so it is very popular in the field of Home Furnishing decoration gradually occupy an important position, wide consumer groups, large profit margins, the prospects for the development of the whole industry is optimistic, more and more brands continue to appear. Would like to open a good home decoration glass stores, multi master shop skills, can more easily start.

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Dig for 12 years for his family to build a noise free underground luxury

old man digging for 12 years, for the family to build a no noise underground palace, Xiao Bian read really good envy, this is the real luxury! Now, follow the small series together to see this "luxury" bar!


as far away from the city noise pollution and climate change, Costa Rica man Manuel · Barrantes in 12 years, dug a "underground palace for the family in the red soil and rock under the volcano". It is located 19 meters deep underground, an area of about 185 square meters, not only has a bedroom, and a living room and a meditation room in the three.



from safety and convenience sake, Barrantes’s "underground palace" entrance to the ground at. In order to solve the dark bottom inconvenience brought to life and psychological pressure, he introduced the lights and tap water, still put colorful indoor decoration, such as textiles, wall lamp, old photos, commemorative coins and records.



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Female college teachers resigned venture 3 years cast sword selected outstanding youth

resignation entrepreneurship need courage, especially for those who have a teacher, civil servants and other people envy others, the resignation of entrepreneurship is to reverse the direction of life forward. Qingdao’s Wang Minyan made a decision to resign entrepreneurship, after 3 years, she was named Licang District, the outstanding young man of the year".

resigned from a college teacher, join the tide of entrepreneurship, 36 year old Wang Minyan, in just three years has been operating business square, Licang district and Qingdao top college students entrepreneurial innovation works, become the cause of the "Iron Lady", "leader of entrepreneurship". Recently, Wang Minyan was named Licang District ten outstanding youth".

2012, Wang Minyan as a mentor, led his students to form a team of 5 to participate in the "win in Qingdao" business competition, achieved excellent results. "If you want to teach students to start a business, I have to start a business!" Wang Minyan secretly determined. An accidental opportunity, she and partners to build the Licang District college students entrepreneurship Plaza, providing entrepreneurial services for college students. Under the leadership of Wang Minyan, just three years, has been operating a total of two incubators have achieved remarkable results. At present, there are more than 250 incubators entrepreneurial team, there are 191 projects to complete the registration of the company, to help enterprises have been incubated in various types of social investment of more than 3000 yuan.

It is reported that

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Fang Yi entrepreneurial inspiration from daily life

successful entrepreneurs, naturally there is a place to learn, especially for those who have entrepreneurial intentions, especially so. The day before yesterday, Fang Yi and his team held the first session of the general assembly, the establishment of a mobile phone data backup device in the country’s 13 provinces channel agents.

is perhaps the business 4 years ago, experienced a lot of ups and downs, just after the first session of the conference of the parties vendors Yi heart is still filled with a sense of crisis, "there has never been such a huge sales channels, so had not received a lot of orders, the whole team in more than happy, a little nervous. Any part of the quality of the product out of the wrong, it is possible to let the whole team down."

: Entrepreneurial inspiration from daily life

2005 years, the study did not graduate graduate Fang Yi founded the Hangzhou daily science and Technology Co., Ltd., the research and development of mobile phone data backup device.

he contacted 4 like-minded students, 5 people scrape together 60 thousand yuan founded the company. At first, we think this is a creative product, spend up to two months will be able to make the mobile phone data backup device prototype, and then make money by selling the patent, within a year to earn 2 million for the project."

"after the deep research to know, difficulties beyond imagination." Fang Yi told reporters that the various types of mobile phone are to achieve different styles of mobile phone synchronization software embedded chip, the program need to be reduced to 1/1000000, "the difficulty is like the elephant dance in the fridge".

in addition, originally planned to sell mobile phone manufacturers plan or technical cooperation plan has not made substantial progress, because no one firm dare to eat "head slobber". Waveguides have been interested in cooperation, but there is no agreement in the form and cost of cooperation, etc..

College students how to simplify the details of entrepreneurship

why did you choose this path? Do you know where you’re going to be? This is a lot of people want to ask those successful people. College students start to become a craze, so how should they do it? Entrepreneurial details sometimes need to be simplified.

some of the classic entrepreneurial story seemed to be that master, the road of entrepreneurship opportunity. The first Alibaba include Ma Yun venture of money, but in a statement I intend to venture capital after the twinkling of an eye. Bill · Gates sold his first programming product at the age of 17, and embarked on a career path. Classic social pooling "facebook" include Mark · Zuckerberg was just in the campus network made a score for girls ".

Beijing creation angle Technology Co. Ltd include college students, Yuan Jingrui said: "Shao Qie with high enthusiasm but can’t touch some high-tech projects all reflect our generation of college students in the beginning mentality. But at the beginning, the exact money is a problem, especially the industrial high-tech industry funds more difficult to integrate, catering and gem into heritage of fighting strength is low. Like open shop, just need to purchase funds, the overview of a few million will be able to."

Entrepreneurship 2 trick

venture on the road, more and more difficult, more and more difficult to go, today Xiaobian for you to take the business of 2 unique skills, so that your entrepreneurial road is no longer difficult to simplify your entrepreneurial path! All walks of life are making money, others can make money, why can’t I? Analysis and summary, continuous adjustment and improvement, through unremitting efforts, success must belong to us. After all, when we sum up the successful experience of others, often say? D D God helps those who help themselves?. Did we do it? Must do!

to start their own business to pay attention to what? To grasp the opportunity to make money business as soon as possible

always hear people say, now what is not good to do, earn good money. In ten years, it must be the same. This shows that the market is constantly standardized, the overall level of the industry is the trend of declining profits, want to get rich overnight, easy to get rich is unrealistic. So, start to early.

may be ready to also is not particularly good, but as long as the direction is good, just do it to throw off the arm. Perhaps the initial cost will be bigger, nothing, just when the intersection tuition. Time cost, in exchange for the opportunity to make money.

to start their own business to pay attention to what? Full of confidence, indomitable entrepreneurial mentality.

2 entrepreneurial trick, you bring the wealth of life, a golden future wealth, entrepreneurial 2 trick, you nirvana! Money is not so good, we tend to look at other people make money seems to be very relaxed, until their own time, how difficult it? Oh, in fact, very normal, you only see the surface, behind the hard and difficult people will not be exposed to you. So, the future is bright, the road is tortuous.


Entrepreneurship should stay away from the Red Sea

a lot of time, we think it is difficult to start a business, probably because of the early stages of the election of an inappropriate project. If you want to start a business, business is far away from the Red Sea, and some projects are very crowded, competitive, natural risk is also large, we can not blindly follow the trend.

today, people are trying to start or ready to start to say, if you have already or ready to plunge into the noisy wave of entrepreneurship, some advice Xintian venture partner Jiang Yujie, may give entrepreneurs to enlightenment.

track "into" crowded, cautious

may originally market volume can support several companies coexist, live well, but to the large number of competitors, we can only get a small part of the cake, the final outcome is die together. So at this stage fitness, freight, driving and other projects in the field of relatively concentrated I do not touch.

to entrepreneurs

1.  entrepreneurs don’t just look at the problem from their own point of view. If you think they have a different way of playing with others, there is a bright background and rich social resources, it is easy to reach the battlefield, it is very dangerous. But to focus on the whole market, the rational evaluation of the possibility of winning. Because even a recognized market, once the field of travel thousands of war field, and the group purchase takeaway, several oligarchs finally only very few, most startups are finally gone. For investors is the loss of money, but entrepreneurs but wasted valuable time.

2. away from the Red Sea, embrace blue ocean. In fact, so many blue ocean, why join the fun? Discover new areas, tap new models, and increase opportunities in saturated markets. For example, we believe the investment "is" is the entry enterprise legal services through the high frequency electronic contract and signature, "green orange technology" in the fierce competition in the field of fitness through the Internet to redefine the fitness management, and fight bean supper is recommended to avoid the Japanese competition

Green home market

with the vast number of consumers on the pursuit of green home, the home life has more and more high requirements, environmental protection home increasingly popular market, set off a new upsurge! The following small series for you to bring home the new fashion!

in the decoration, furniture making, flooring, fireproof board and wooden utensils, plastic, metal and wood products are needed for adhesive bonding. Therefore, people put forward higher requirements for the environmental protection of these materials.

currently on the market there are a lot of fake and shoddy adhesive products, usually using crude solvent, and some are even using industrial waste solvent. Its main features are: colloidal turbidity, longer storage delamination, open containers are Chongbi odor, use a long time after the smell can not volatilize, remains on the appliance, inferior adhesive in addition to three benzene exceed the standard, there are a variety of harmful toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, halogenated hydroxyl, once used these adhesives, not only enable consumers in environmental protection material on investment cast to waste harmful gases but also exists, the room will cause long-term harm to the health of consumers.


What is the condition of joining dumplings Qing Hua

in China, many traditional festivals will eat certain foods, such as the Mid Autumn Festival to eat moon cake, Dragon Boat Festival to eat dumplings, winter solstice dumplings, etc.. As one of the most common traditional Chinese dishes, the dumplings are now a very common food. With the improvement of living standards, the original only in the Chinese New Year holiday time to eat dumplings is no longer a rarity, but in the nostalgia of the people is still very important dumplings dumplings. Beijing Qing Hua dumplings to join the project to inherit and develop the traditional production process and Chinese dumplings, with more modern scientific theory of nutrition, make dumplings are not only delicious, but also of health effect. Is a very popular to join the project, then how to join the dumplings dumplings


how about the dumplings? What conditions need to meet? How to join? See the following details:

flower dumpling join conditions:

1, with independent economic ability and social insight, aspiring to create personal cause;

2, looking for new growth point of business owners;

3, engaged in food and beverage without breakthrough brand Explorer;

4, no business experience entrepreneurs;

5, aspiring to open up new business entrepreneurs;

6, experience in business or business is preferred.

flower dumpling join process:

1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters of the professional investment advisory consulting related matters, access to relevant information.

2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the field project visits, and business communication with the headquarters staff.

3, qualification: headquarters for investors to review and confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

5, pay the cost: investors choose the type of investment to the headquarters of the flower dumplings to pay the corresponding costs.

6, the headquarters of the training: the headquarters of the arrangements for the arrangements for investors to carry out technical training, training qualified after the issue of authorized bronze medal.

7, site decoration: investors in accordance with the unified design of the headquarters of the grand flower dumplings provided by the package