What basic business knowledge do entrepreneurs need

want to start a lot of friends, but in the business, we must first enrich their knowledge, such as some of the basic business knowledge is that we have to master. What are the basic business knowledge of the entrepreneur? Here are a few points.

A, the opening of legal knowledge

1, the relevant laws and regulations and private partnership, limited; 2, how to carry out verification; 3, how to apply for business registration; 4, which does not allow private industry; 5, what business must go through the relevant industry management procedures; 6, how to apply for tax registration; 7, what are the regulations and tax declaration 8, how to receive and purchase procedures; and use invoices; 9, bank settlement procedures and relevant provisions; 10, what are the conditions to become the general taxpayer; 11, you should pay what taxes, how to pay; 12, how to get a tax reduction of and exemption from treatment; 13, to 14, the national ticket management accounting; evasion of what are the tax illegal sanctions; 15, value-added tax levied and methods; 16, how the business management department to conduct economic inspection; 17, industry management department to carry out the management of the industry and Check. read more

How to innovate anti corrosion Xiamen

our economic development is getting better and better, but after the material life has been greatly satisfied, some people’s corruption is very serious. However, the relevant local government must come up with policies for rectification, comprehensive management of social security is the cornerstone of the city’s economic and social development. In recent years, the city procuratorate in accordance with the law to crack down on all kinds of criminal offenses, to play professional advantages, based on the function of innovation mechanism, actively participate in the comprehensive management of social security work, and achieved good results. read more

How to open a fashionable car maintenance shop

now there are more and more car owners in social life, at the same time, now operating a stylish car maintenance shop, is a very popular practice, and we share the following car maintenance shop where the most likely to succeed.

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Open the steamed stuffed bun franchise these equipment to be ready

baozi is a popular food, many people like to eat steamed buns. Do not need to spend a lot of money to join a steamed stuffed bun stores, suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. So, what do you need to open a steamed bun franchise? Different shops operating projects, the equipment needs to be prepared for different, but the main equipment is not much difference, today we introduce the open bun than the equipment must be prepared.

: meat grinder

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How to sell goods shop

has a strict limit to the product shelf life for the flowers, goods appear in the business process is a very normal thing. If it is just a throw of the flower shop owner is undoubtedly a great loss. But if you want to sell, naturally need to take the right business strategy. So, how to sell goods shop?

refers to the goods can not sell products due to quality problems, such as not so fresh. Found the goods, should be immediately removed from the shelves, so as not to affect the image of the shop. To move after the goods, the owner can take appropriate measures to try to "time" to "positive". If the flowers have been unable to deal with, then it is recommended not to sell, or low-cost sales, but to indicate the situation, to avoid affecting the store reputation. read more

Urban rural market demand 13000 billion profit blowout of 10 times

with the implementation of the city for fuel powered vehicles and motorcycles limit line policy, many people have chosen electric motorcycles (hereinafter referred to as electric vehicles) as a means of transport. Electric vehicles are more suitable for China’s national conditions, the development of the future of green means of transport, is an important part of China’s low-carbon transition. In recent years, both the central government and local governments have given the green light of the development of electric vehicles. read more

The congregation to help you escape North Canton

is the "golden" for a lot of ideas, but no funds for friends, raise public appearance as timely assistance. Raise the public, that is, the masses of public funds or fund-raising, the public means to raise funds through the Internet to raise funds and raise funds.

A in order to pursue their dream of a programmer, decided to quit high paying stable work, with their savings for 5 years to raise the network launched a "ant story" theme T-shirt project to raise the public in public, to start their own entrepreneurial path. read more

How to change the way you want to be successful

we all know, entrepreneurship is a hard work, even if it doesn’t return. Business people must have good luck and need to contribute time and effort, the risk to bear the corresponding financial, spiritual and social, only do these can get money, achieve personal satisfaction and economic independent.  

1. from closed to open in the CEO position, the higher the position, Jim had been unwittingly put themselves isolated with people; as more and more busy, he asked the Secretary to filter incoming calls, save time for him, not disturbed. After all, he can’t even finish his work, how can he answer every call? His assistant will manage his e-mail inbox, only to deal with the most important mail. He would ignore any "not worth it" email. read more

How to find a good project

entrepreneurship is not only on the effort, you want to start a business to get rich, the election of the project is the key! So how to choose a good project? Do you have any tips? Let Xiaobian this is a skill to teach!

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Li Jincheng opened a shop fire business

for any of the current entrepreneurs, the most concerned about nothing more than to master more business skills, the successful opening of a shop. For Li Jincheng, it’s not a problem! Li City Mall is located in Shandong Yantai tobacco Haihe road in Haiyang City, surrounding the downtown business district, the competition is very fierce. After several years of hard work, the owner Li Jincheng will be a recession of the traditional store developed into a profitable modern terminal, so many colleagues admire. After visits and exchanges, I learned that Li Jincheng’s unique business. read more

Waterproof building materials stores open here easier to catch gold

waterproof building materials market demand, profit margins, is a good investment projects. To open a profitable building materials stores, you have to consider many aspects, one of the most critical point is the site. In the opening of waterproof building materials stores, on the site in this regard, entrepreneurs who want to consider? Next, we’ll talk about it in detail.

waterproof building materials stores in the market to survive, the correct choice of address, the correct choice is the need to store is caused by the attention of entrepreneurs! So entrepreneurs as long as it is done in this area, then the store will be much easier to make money in the market! read more

Govany ice painting how the whole give you what you want

now, the rapid development of science and technology, consumer demand for the living environment gradually increased, the basic requirements for life is gradually increasing. How about Govany’s ice painting? The choice of high-quality entrepreneurial projects, is the first step in the success of our business.

How much is the

Govany ice painting franchise?

business is to choose new products, others can not do the product, this is the entrepreneur needs to pay attention to the problem!

Many of the read more

How can we operate a car jewelry store

a variety of jewelry on the market, the choice of jewelry shop is also a lot of people, many people are interested in car accessories shop, in fact, if you want to run a good car jewelry store, it is necessary to pay attention to many aspects.

Must carefully analyze the area or the area is suitable for car accessories shop

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Home textile shop how to display more reasonable

many entrepreneurs choose to operate Home Furnishing textile shop, in fact business Home Furnishing textile shop also want to pay attention to certain methods and techniques, a method of the store is very important, so if you choose to run the textile shop Home Furnishing words, Home Furnishing textile shop show how reasonable?

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How to open fishing gear shop

more and more people to join the ranks of fishing, this casual way for people to bring a lot of fun. Therefore, the market demand for fishing gear is growing, fishing gear shop to become a good choice. How to shop? If you want to make a profit, you can look at.

all fishing tackle shop owner is fishing in the shop before the game player. It is because of this experience, so these bosses are very keen on fishing activities, has a strong dedication, while familiar with the various equipment and needs of fishing activities, so it seems handy in business. read more

What women make money

"mass innovation, people’s business," the slogan is to mobilize the enthusiasm of all China’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, which, of course, including female entrepreneurs. However, there are still a lot of voices in the community questioned the entrepreneurial ability of women, then women make money on what?

A woman by

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The story of college graduates to resign from white collar workers and shoes

      2000 there, I walked out of the hearts of the people of the "ivory tower" which means that I am not a student, go out to face the society, a top priority for the most important work of each graduating students, they say graduation equals unemployment, good, in my face when looking for a job the man met a lot of disrespectful things, then want to find a decent white-collar work. In my own business before I have done two stable jobs, one is the company staff, the other is the work of the information desk, wages of 5000, less than the ratio of more than. If not that afternoon to meet a lady, maybe my life will continue the immutable and frozen orbit. read more