Virtual host selection small details affect large results


website after registering the domain name, the next step is to select web applications, CMS is very hot now in the case, the general demand on the website should be able to meet the demand, so the last step the virtual host choice. For many small and medium-sized webmaster, I believe that the use of the virtual host, but its choice is very difficult, choose a cost-effective virtual host is really not so easy. Today, we sum up a few points, are their own personal experience, I hope we can make some gains. read more

Random TAG old Zhao CMS very welcome by Baidu

a lot of people do experience in the station, the use of dedecms is particularly easy to be included in Baidu, why? In fact, you look at it under the tag.php will know.

, this page has a random tag display of the column. Each column of this column displays a different tag text link.


for Baidu, think your website has been updated, it is very happy, often to visit this page, so you ZhengZhan soon able to crawl over content.

so many people who do SEO, dedecms is used to do the station. Because I have done a lot of trade in the webmaster circle, met many webmaster, who will SEO the site, to see that this is a dream. read more

Station owners should be integrated into the entrepreneurial thinking

with the popularity of the Internet and computer knowledge, more and more Chinese Internet users. The popularity of the website, domain name service open source program, just download a website program, buy a space and a domain name, you can become a webmaster! The establishment of the environment and entrepreneurship is not very similar? Why not put the Webmaster Station as a business to do! The station with a similar business great place.

1, location

entrepreneurship should be positioned, and very important. Now all walks of life can be described as a hundred schools of thought contend, want to start business, we should consider what to do, in the face of what kind of crowd, how to increase repeat customers and so on. And the station is the same, to locate. Today’s Web sites are springing up. Maybe what you think has already existed on the internet. We have to consider what you want to do a website, what is the theme of the site is in the face of what kind of people, compared to the same site, your site has what characteristics, people with what come to your website, how to increase the rate of return… These are one of… Only by setting a good position will you be motivated to do so. read more

The growth experience of a student webmaster

03, 04 years, I am one or two, indulge in penetration, penetration of many sites, do a lot of wild things

!By the end of 04,

suddenly felt that what had been done was immoral, decided not to do it, to do something practical, and then set up * * student network (the specific name is not mentioned, has been closed.

has just started, so excited, came home from school every day the first thing is to see how the site, his boot, began to engage in a plurality of irrigation N, vest, started advertising (the so-called publicity is in Q group, pull their friends, classmates in irrigation, ~) now think about it, really good alone. Very, very original propaganda, but it’s also the most effective. There are hundreds of Posts posted on the forum every day. The excitement is beyond expression. read more

Positioning and development of Yangzhou Forum

according to statistics, China now has more than 300 million Internet users. What’s the concept? This figure is only a fraction of 1 billion 300 million, but it means a ratio of nearly 1/4. About more than 4 million 600 thousand people in Yangzhou, 1/4, is close to 1 million Internet users. If Yangzhou were higher than the national average, it could still be more. It’s only local. What about foreign users? With Yangzhou, they have all kinds of origins or hope to know more about Yangzhou’s Internet users through the Internet. They can not count. How many members are registered in the forum now? 800 people (as of December 20, 2009), and this is not a proud number except for malicious registration and repeated registration. read more

Talking about search engine inclusion problem pop up dialog box influence ranking

has recently been busy to my new sites included and ranking, I made a simple online Car Buying platform name is on the car you see sometimes share experiences, but I did not write the template I don’t program.

April 24, 2009 online: 5 o’clock more than 2 points to 8 points on time online site, in May 6, 2009 was Google included 1 pages, May 21, 2009 was Baidu included 11 pages.

, I’ll talk about Baidu and googel,

many webmaster are anxious to wait for Baidu and googel included, real straight don’t have to be so urgent, you think about search engine cited your station is sooner or later, as long as you are not his opponent, I don’t believe he won’t be included. read more

China microfinance network just got on the road

first one thing worthy of thanks, more network reporter Qian to fall, she is really a good reporter, I casually say a word to write my story, she urged me from time to time, I again and again, she repeatedly urged, really feel shy. Now, calm down, sit down and talk about my story. Another day to wake up in the middle of the night, the night is deep, very dark, very quiet. Only at this time can I be isolated from the world, and only at this time can I truly calm down and remember the past and plan for the future. read more

Chibi hotline Zheng Shaofang 4 keys to good local communities

recently, by Kang Sheng company (Comsenz), Chinese club owners and Tencent big Chu, 265G jointly launched the "Discuz! Tour WuHan Railway Station activities" 10th anniversary National Open and Hubei stationmaster Congress fifth in Wuhan University teaching building hall was held successfully. More than 500 Hubei owners from Wuhan, Jingzhou, Jingmen and Yichang gathered at the meeting and showed considerable activity in the interactive sessions at the scene. It is worth mentioning that the meeting also invited many local Hubei more important place in the webmaster, roundtable discussions in the afternoon on the "local community website operation and pregnant full of experience sharing", Chibi hotline webmaster Zheng on speech views clear, concise and incisive, and have strong operability. The presence of stationmaster must win. The author intends to will have some value and important point out, for more stationmaster, discuss and study. read more

How does the county supply and demand information website resist the impact of DM advertising

DM advertising is omitted as everyone knows, English Direct Mail advertising expression, literally translated as "direct mail advertising", namely by mail, gifts and other forms of publicity materials will be sent to the hands of consumers, home or company. Admittedly, there are several advantages to DM advertising:

1.DM is different from other traditional advertising media, it can select target objects, have a definite object in view, and reduce waste.

2.DM is the direct selection of the object of direct implementation of advertising, advertising recipients tend to produce other traditional media can not be compared to the sense of superiority, so that more independent attention to its products. read more

How can you continue to force the tourism website eyeball

in the just past may day, due to the warmer weather, so that the number of tourists all over the spring break, golden week and Qingming small holiday, which means that the arrival of the tourist season in May. In this sunny day, not like the spring, spring, did not imagine the summer scorching heat, is together with family and friends to travel, swim season of flowers. And the travel website of all places at this time should seize the opportunity that this tourist goes out, take an active part in finding tourist source, this ability is aimed at below this kind of travel situation this year, develop to the purpose of profit. Today, let’s talk about how tourism websites should act in May when the tourist season is on the way. read more

f your idea is too good don’t do it

from the first personal website count, has been engaged in the site for ten years. For the website is also quite impressive, borrow Einstein’s sentence: if the original idea is not absurd, then they are wrong.

last year began to engage in a secret site, the beginning is also good, because China is still in the first, some have been reported in the media, but also because of the first reason, there is a major problem in the model, quickly copied the winner, perhaps this is the so-called first to eat the crab people always poisoned causes. But fortunately, more than a year later, he is still holding on, the site is gradually improving. read more

Experience of early 80 webmaster site

I was born in 88 years of a small webmaster, married last year, only to contact the site began to lag behind in life, although contact the site of the time is not long, but the bitterness can be understood.

has been in the last year, then after several friends from UU1001 for an account and get a free forum space to start their own website for the first time, the first station is complex, the excited mood, feel what is new, so go when the hot QQ resources began to develop then give up halfway. read more

Host deception tactics Hot Blog recommended floating gate

" hit the Internet; recommend a " phenomenon; and deceived, so to write this article about this phenomenon.

saw each industry IT bloggers recommended Hu Beige Ge Gegehost host, the first purchase of 100 yuan a year in the United States Site5 with the host SSH, through the Taobao purchase. (rather than recommending it as a hidden AD), later a refund is required because the host is too slow (PING values sometimes jump to about 1000MS). After Taobao apply for a refund, and Hu asked to confirm the refund with beige Ge, QQ, Wangwang news issued, immediately pull into the blacklist, join the QQ group also kicked out, on his website hosting business has been deleted, but the other is not willing to help me confirm the refund, only waiting for Taobao 15 days automatic timing reached a refund agreement, I said how your occupation quality is so poor, but in your own website and other websites that she is done by word-of-mouth. I am glad that through the purchase of Taobao, and have not yet confirmed receipt, or long ago " money two empty, ". read more

Electronic membership card product observation Tencent micro life background

[core tips] WeChat hopes to cut into the O2O field of life micro membership card in the end what kind of it? How much value can it bring for businesses


editor’s note: Tencent officially released its micro life membership card X1 version in late September, becoming the main rival of the public comment network electronic membership card. This series of articles will detail and contrast Tencent micro life membership card and public comment merchant center end products.

micro life is Tencent’s provider of life focused e-commerce and O2O solutions. The latest micro life membership card, mainly for the catering industry to customize, the future will be mall, cinema and entertainment KTV, and gradually launched the corresponding customization function. At present, the main functions of micro life for mobile CRM, WeChat custom menu, mobile customer service, WeChat payment and mobile QQ coupons. read more

Everyone says who can be smarter in doing business

This is the first time

KrLass third class share content arrangement, this lesson is to share China Science and technology director Yang Fan, worked at sina (responsible for content class operation), Baidu (responsible for PC end search optimization, product operation) and Lenovo (for online operation).

first of all, the common way of operation can be divided into 3 categories, content operations, product operations and user operations, the number of segments of the three increased in turn. This sharing focuses on the details of content operations, as well as some key points for product operations and user operations. read more

Analyze the history of several big websites in recent years

in this network is called "me" era, not the traditional understanding of the "I as the center of the times", but "I can change the world’s times.". There are so many things that can be done, without success, or just because they haven’t started yet.

every time I see rags to riches, from scratch, entrepreneurial stories always make my blood boil, especially my predecessors called "after 80". temperature luxury world grassroots entrepreneurs, typical 80, from the title 100 days, read sophomore dropped out and worked in a number of network software company, personal feeling some of the problems in the whole development strategy, but can not deny that his efforts, from the ‘Gunners’ website to oak photography net. But his opponent was poco, hummingbird photography, and so on for tens of millions of dollars. If you can’t do something special, something that is difficult to get beyond imitation is suspended.. (looks like an oak tree. Net users interact well.) read more

nternet companies are born in innovation died in comfort

to the development of the Internet now during this period, the threshold is getting higher and higher, as long as 10 years ago to come up with a good idea, despite the bold to do a website can be, but not now, now more and more Internet users, Internet users demand on the Internet is more and more, people on the website of the net appreciation level continuously the increase, so the Internet enterprises only continuous innovation to survive.

The reasons for the success of an enterprise

is unable to explain clearly, but if the company after the successful holding of the existing value, these companies is how fragile they are not adapt to changing Internet market. Feel the ancients’s vision is very long term: born in misery, died in peace. This is absolutely eternal truth. Mixed on the Internet is not easy, we need to have a keen eye and deep thinking, consider the development steps in the future, we are required to identify and seize the opportunity, instead of maintaining the existing achievements. Successful companies seize opportunities, innovate, and act decisively. read more

Good customer maintenance doubling store sales

no matter what business will have customers, will be involved in customer maintenance problems, in a shop, regardless of the site or line shop, whether can have the good operation and development, the most important is to see the two indicators, the first is the number of old customers, is back second people, is the person’s ability, ability of new customers is to bring the old customers. Summed up, mainly the following three indicators: flow, conversion, satisfaction.

1, traffic we all know, the more I flow, the better, of course, this is correct, but traffic will also have different sources, different sources of traffic quality will vary greatly. For example, how to come through the network advertisement flow, the general conversion rate is low, reaching five percent on the good, how is the old customers to introduce, the conversion rate is several times higher, so the key traffic is not running, the key is the quality of traffic sources. Flow need to do analysis, we can do a table as follows, analysis of our traffic from where, each of the total flow ratio, the conversion rate of each total flow is how, how to improve conversion rate. read more

From the bicycle racing Mercedes Benz talk about the views of the site

comes home from work today. I ride a bike, the webmaster to do this is considered shabby,


see from me flashed a Benz, chilling, I think this is not the owner of the car owners, even if it is not my webmaster such a webmaster! Maybe we are the owners, but our starting point is different, as I was driving a bicycle, and Robin Li are driving a Mercedes no, depending on what the relationship.

has nothing to do with a lot of webmaster, to me, it’s different, because I learned air-conditioning, and I just looked at the news before, QQ. Only last ditch, I boarded the ship is very simple, make money! Perhaps somebody feels very vulgar, but for me it is important, though I have yet to earn money. For a construction site without any bike, my advantage is diligent, just contact Wangzhuan simply pull off the assembly line, point contact mail, later to travel. It was a liar, of course, just know later, I cheated 10 days of meals, want to be damned so, now I also tired to pull off the assembly line from the understanding of the results! However, the first video, know that you can make money in them, of course, just know! I started looking for a very simple and you can have a website, very occasionally know 5D6D, I set up his first experience as a forum administrator to publicity, there is joy, so a little achievement, not worth mentioning, is not able to earn money, but they know, others go to the forum post, they will email you ID. read more

Micro business circle to stop friends just a move


every day advertising situation, but also let friends do not pull you black? Some children’s shoes in order to cover up the very heart of the panic, often send some illogical posts, such as what you pull the black me, in a few years I was successful, you should try to come back with me. The obvious thing about this kind of post is the self conceit of neurosis. How do you advertise every day? Your friend won’t pull you black,


      the first method is "one does not do two". Simply positioned himself as the "occupation of micro business" is a sellers. Honestly tell others, your current career is micro business, by selling products to make money. Once you will position itself as a derivative, is not always the same kind of product advertising, no one can endure the same advertisement, see 8 times a day, for a month, how will you pull the black. read more