August 2017

The text anchor text and hyperlinks optimization method, what is the difference

: first is the text with hyperlinks URL

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

website right down topics:

Compared with the URL optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

chain has a lot of attention, there are also many chain forms, this let the webmaster is very headache, the weight that the chain brings high benefits that the chain, do it? This is more concerned about the problem, look at the specific analysis following small series.

secondsWebsite optimization

second: with hyperlink URL

anchor text links is well understood, even with the link keywords, and hypertext links, the chain can not only increase the weight of the website, also can let the keywords with rankings, many owners outside the chain, this site is for key words need to do to the analysis of a station that will see the station is not good, the snapshot is not good, the chain is not much, but the key is especially good, this is the role of the anchor text link, transfer to the site weight, but also improve the keywords ranking.


special chain optimization:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

pure text on the website will also transfer the weight, this is to transfer the weight to the site, not a single word transfer weight, text is a point in the link, we in the hair, will indicate the source, this is pure text outside the chain, the chain is not high, but if this paper, by a large number of outlets, will give website bring a lot of weight.

third: anchor text links

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

link and text links, is to point in, it is convenient for the user, when the user wants to look inside, directly into the line, do not need to copy and paste, many webmaster in writing, the article attract people, many people want to know the other, put on a link at the bottom, it can reduce the bounce rate, the effect of the chain is much higher than that of pure text, not only can increase the weight of the site, the article to attract people, also can bring a lot of traffic, this link is very common in the webmaster, has brought great effect to improve website weight, let your web site keywords have a good ranking.

The Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


The webmaster do not update the snapshot of the misunderstanding of love Shanghai

said the following necessary conditions that Shanghai snapshot update, love Shanghai snapshot update is updated according to the importance of website content and timeliness, many owners also met the love of Shanghai snapshot not updated for a long time, the love of spiders in Shanghai to build a new website does not consider the value of the index, so if you want to make your site updated snapshot or, from the importance of the content of the website and the timeliness of improvement.

written in the last

through the two paragraph above description, the author emphasizes the website access frequency and website snapshot is without any direct relationship. As a webmaster should correctly understand the difference between love and love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot grab frequency, which will give Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon late ER plays the role of the enemy awareness. No longer because of love "

love Shanghai why want to update

love and love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot grab frequency difference

some people will ask my site every day but has not included the snapshot update, in fact, this is also part of the above mentioned Shanghai, love the spider crawling website basically is the frequency of update frequency and keep the content of the web site. In Shanghai love love Shanghai algorithm, the spider will more website update frequency to calculate the best crawl the website frequency, which is why Shanghai dragon often referred to the rules to update the site, regular update website is the result of love Shanghai spiders crawl the website regularly, to ensure a reasonable interaction of the spider, which website the content included fast. Although the spider regular visit sites, but because the website content love Shanghai spider that has not enough importance and timeliness, so there is no order to set up a website to update the snapshot index.


love Shanghai snapshot is actually love Shanghai spiders in the site of a time the contents of the record and establish the corresponding time index, the time of the establishment of the index is the love of Shanghai snapshot. In fact, in the love of Shanghai search engine database will establish the index, some owners sometimes encounter love Shanghai sometimes backwards, in some extreme cases, the search engine may select the snapshot version is different from the current search results, resulting in the snapshot back time. This has no effect on the web site in the search engine’s performance, does not represent the search engine to the site down the right treatment. So as a webmaster, or there is a need to know some love Shanghai snapshot of commonsense knowledge, lest some owners encounter these problems, blindly vote.

recently in the group, and the webmaster exchange, there are many owners complain about their website snapshot not update, update that is in love with the sea many sites down the right, in fact, this is a completely wrong understanding, such as the Xi’an website construction sites also encountered this kind of problem and a love of Shanghai official the document, we finally realize the true value of love there is not enough to understand Shanghai, today I love Shanghai and the rest of the snapshot.

love Shanghai snapshot not update

Analysis of those you have not seen the chain

H1 label.

web page super link

Add the chain



there is no thought, our own website can do anchor text links, also can do the hyperlink oh. If shown, leave your website link on your website content page (hyperlink). This link has become the premise effective link is the current page indexed by search engines. If you want to link to query this link is valid, please read the examples of how to identify the chain is the chain of

now the chain work is really more difficult, not easy to find the hyperlink, or invalid link, or nofollow. Leaving only pure text links. Even the most love love love Shanghai Shanghai know, Wikipedia has become even more difficult. Remember to love Shanghai know to add a chain is easy. Now 6 love Shanghai but also know the account is a love, Shanghai seems to know set up a mechanism, an account of the same chain can be added only once, second times by adding the rate is very low (day, hard upgrade can only get a chain). In a few days and share what we have not done from the chain.


compared to pure text links do not seem to.




title is not on the label link link, I can responsibly tell you that is. This is the method of few webmaster to do, we can do this together can also set the B2B and some blogs on sites like in their website, I once tried on the B2B website registered accounts using title tag set, left site link, after Shanghai included love. This link is indeed effective link. As the weight of the link, I think at least than in the article to be high, because of the weight of > title; H1 > the label.

on his website title tags add links is definitely a very crazy things, but to add their own website on the H1 tag of link seems to be so crazy, because we can see these H1 tags add link sample. And along with the increased weight of their own website, the weights of these links have gone up. Of course, our thinking can not be confined to their own website, similar to B2B, video website, website information release etc.. As long as can appear pure text links, text links we can use this method to make weight slightly higher, since we can do, Why not??

Title add link label

At the beginning of the three month workplace rookie Shanghai Longfeng share

means search engine optimization, is a very popular way of network marketing, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. Divided into the station outside the station and Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng two. The main work of Shanghai dragon is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking technology, to the optimization of the relevant web pages, to improve search engine rankings, so as to improve site traffic, improve the ability of sales promotion or website the final technique.


the news, this work is essential for every day, I am responsible for the site belongs to the recruitment websites, fresh daily news can enrich the content of the website, for love in Shanghai, but the news can not completely copy and paste, there is the need to join their own elements, the main content can be the same, but need to modify your own words, if the modification rate is small are not, in general, I always find Google news source, because personally found on Google news, in the love inside the Shanghai relatively repeat degree is relatively small, because I was responsible for the recruitment of belonging to keywords general search site, so the recruitment, talent, resume, interview, job, college recruitment, every time to determine in writing before the news Today, the direction of the press, when searching for the source of the news, to find a suitable basis for substantial content, love Shanghai about its content, modify, and full, the best result is modified to complete their own news.

, to update the news, pay attention to the pseudo original

first contact is responsible for his own first website: Graduate Employment Network, at the beginning, only mechanical doing other work assigned, repeated every day to update the website of the enterprise information, news, blog, forum webmaster to top posts, but he does not know doing what. Because it is completely white, but in order to better and faster to complete their work, continue to love Shanghai in search of a professional words all he cannot read, and read some relevant articles in the forum to fill their understanding of

of Shanghai DragonShanghai dragon

as a novice for the maintenance of the website optimization, is the need to stick to years of success, the short term is not able to see the benefits of the present, for me, even though learning for three months, but still need to adhere to the beginning of the daily work.

because I just graduated confused, do not know what to do, muddleheaded contact Shanghai Longfeng, began his career. Before the network promotion is never heard of, let alone what is Shanghai dragon, even I had just started working for those updated articles, blog, forums and I don’t know why. Through three months of study and have a basic understanding of Shanghai dragon.

Novice webmaster about doing the actual effect brought by the chain

Hello, I am 90 novice webmaster. Has published several articles in the A5 response is also ok. When love is in search of Shanghai, we can also find a lot of websites to my article, a little sense of achievement, but I know the road to do stand long, I would like to search up and down.

long ago heard to do website, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So, there is much role growth visible outside the chain of a website. But although I heard many people say that, but they have never experienced the effects of the chain. Before I was rich in the content of the website, although the website article is Google and can also love Shanghai included, but the daily traffic website is still not much, most of which are attracted by the long tail words flow. So, I think it should be in the chain link, so I crammed outside the chain of knowledge, and to the practical application.

first, I have several blogs, because my spare time is not much, the number of blog is not much, I can say that to ensure the quality of blog updates, practice is only followed in the blog link to my website. But after love Shanghai update, I searched the reverse link, and found that the chain blog do but part of it is included. In the excitement at the same time, I also to cheer myself up, I thought I should update some high quality original blog, after all keep is very useful.

There is more to find some PR>

then, I realized that the love of Shanghai know, Search ask questions page importance, know this chain received good results. So, I love Shanghai registered account, in Shanghai by way of answering the question that left a link. Of course, now love Shanghai review is very strict, so the link is not an easy thing. My suggestion is that the first update the article in Shanghai love space, where I suggest that you should pay attention to space to love Shanghai. Because here the article was collected a great chance of being included, and very quickly, but the best is the original article, here to write many good results than blog. When the numbers of your space to the more, you can answer the Questions page space to stay your links in Shanghai know this love, the spider will follow the link through your site in the article link up to your site, increase traffic to your spider site. I use this method to increase traffic to the website’s times, the effect is really very obvious.

is now the mainstream of the chain, is nothing more than the chain blog, BBS signature of the chain, the chain of the soft law forum post outside the chain, the chain Links method, method of answering the "know love Shanghai. These methods is probably right, specific methods to meet the eye everywhere in the webmaster online, want to have specific knowledge of friends can go and see, I will not specifically how each method should operate. I just want to say that I have been using these methods what effect.

Owners used the blog comments type promotion can prosper long

two: mutual evaluation opportunities in


: a review with hyperlinks

what kind of website search engines love? Even in a blog, the article is most people from the top, also affect the web site in the search engine’s weight, and longer residence time when IP and a variety of user easier access to search engine reliability. The popularity of the flourishing of itself up, even the search engine doesn’t love? So to improve the weight of blog in the search engine, but also one of the reasons for the PHEI blog. But if only so, if not every change IP, saving time is.

message with connection can be included in search engines, many owners think so, because in the past the traditional blog these practices are proven. But when the environment changes today will also benefit? In the independent blog comment, understand the rules of the Shanghai dragon er know all mainstream blog programs, such as: Z-blog and WordPress are added "nofollow" in the message, even if the spider climb over to not to grab the link. So on the first point, the only links with the comment, or forget it, to end the blogger delete tiring, the message is zero return

a blog, even if you write to stick the actual combat experience, technology is superb, but write after seeing no one, even if the customer see also will find you? Peer review blog >

three: won the search engine weight

manufacturing illusion of prosperity

when customers access to a blog to cooperate in the of time, suddenly see blog has a number of related blog can provide service, should be multiple choice? So many bloggers PHEI also completely with this purpose. But the user doesn’t have time looking at hundreds of messages will pick, not to mention the search engine results more right. On the other hand, there are some message in order to promote their commodity turnover. As in the blog comment on some of the life and information and so on, but such irrelevant content, to the last is also will be blogger deleted. What’s more, now independent blog, which is not a few brush? Even if shopping will not go to your customers preferred to Taobao.


network marketing, has emerged in the Internet more hot today, even if the money to do the search engine promotion also meet the eye everywhere. It is because of its value, in the Shanghai dragon Er world is there a lot to the network marketing and the actual blog group. By sharing the experience of its own, won popularity in the network, the customer recognition, able to accomplish marketing. However, the blog is what to rely on to promote their own? Compared with the traditional site is more than a "comment" promotion that said, even overnight bring hundreds of messages in a blog is not impossible. However, comment on the promotion of the seemingly thriving prosperity but also how long? This is from the "peer review" the significance of speaking:

The specific steps of the small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization Shanghai Dragon

this is the most important step you plan to do better, then right, not to execute according to the plan, all in vain. Do well in the station optimization, keywords layout, title and meta writing, links and the structure of the website, and then make the content of the website and the.

fourth, set the site optimization

sixth, the execution of

do anything to set a performance goal, website optimization is the same, is mainly set goals, to carry out strict. Target the short-term goal of long-term goals, how to quantify how to do is to refine the segmentation, every day, it will be more easy to see the effect.

When the website optimization

every enterprise has its own target customer groups, of course website different target customer groups but different, because the enterprise stand not in order to make the flow, not to sell advertising, but mainly to promote their products, so targeted customers to make in-depth and accurate analysis.

Analysis of analysis

want to do network marketing business website will be troubled by the website optimization scheme, it should start from where, should do what will be missing a lot of content, is your company to arrange for specialized personnel to do or find a professional Shanghai dragon company to do, for these, it is a difficult problem for most small and medium-sized enterprises, under the Weifang website [/url] to introduce Shanghai Longfeng ideas, according to the plan to do, the efficiency will be greatly improved, it twice. The following main points for reference:

first, choose the keyword of the website

The status of

analysis of the web site, 1 basic data, including age, PR, web site collected snapshot, time. 2, website optimization, keyword writing, Title Description, paragraph (H1H2 tag), the optimization of processing and directory page and inside pages url. 3, external links, the chain quantity and quality, Links, station links. According to the analysis of these aspects, do their own website solution.

second, combined with the competitor’s website

fifth, mainly to promote customer

keyword to distinguish target keywords or long tail keywords, this selection is mainly based on the user’s search intention based, to think of what the customer search in Shanghai. Keywords analysis of enterprise website optimization is the most important step, be sure to make analysis.

third, enterprise websiteThe status quo of the website

only know, before have done optimization, or maintenance of the case, of course, recorded better, can also through some Shanghai Longfeng detection software, on the site down analysis, this website in their business more objective understanding.

Ye Jun the impact of high quality web content of Shanghai Dragon

search engine, search for any information on the Internet is very convenient, many users will click on the website, but the amount found the content can not meet the needs of the search time, will leave immediately, continue to find what he needs, so as to provide more suitable content to accurate positioning site the user, the only way to get the favor of users. That is what we say that sentence: content is king. If you want to rely on the ordinary content of success, you need to pay more efforts in other areas. The success of the website will certainly need first-class content.

4. as far as possible the use of short sentences. If your article is not novel, do not think that your readers have the patience to read the contents of the long and complicated sentences.

The amount of information in today’s

5. short paragraphs, and use the blank line between paragraphs. The blank is a waste for printing, but for "not worth a hair, blank is a necessary element of organization. Read the articles on the screen is not a comfortable thing, reading your content so appropriate add blank can help users better.

8. where appropriate use of keywords, but not excessive.

1. ensure the relevance of website content.


6. as far as possible the use of bulleted and numbered lists.

2. as far as possible the use of original content. Everyone has apparently content can attract more visitors to return to visit other sites, if you can see, there is need to access your site

"content is king", this sentence should be invaluable advice Shanghai Longfeng Er will know, but many people still not to regard it as right, obviously this is absolutely wrong, whether it is from the website design or Shanghai dragon’s perspective, the content of the website is always the first element of the site.

The use of

so how do we create high quality content? To create high quality content to abide by the principle of what

only high quality content to attract users to visit the website, when the user has become the site back when the site’s ranking will naturally rise.

9. appeal. If it is not an invitation to the user, what they might do, but if so, they may give you unexpected results.

3. carefully check the website content word fluency and readability.

7. in the content of a website into the title and subtitle.


we should understand that the first motivation of user access to the site is to search for information. The user through the conversion process is very difficult to complete in an interview, usually only the user can make decision after visiting a number of websites. But, really attracts people to visit the site again only content. Only high quality content can bring loyal users.

not only that, it should be noted, in different type >

The new Media Metrix calculation of cross platform service Public opinions are divergent.

as the new service can not repeat the measurement of views, according to the latest comScore website ranking reflects the impact of mobile devices more and more.

years, the network media service development, reflects the changes in the Internet and user behavior, before using Media Metrix Syncapse product marketing, comScore has been sold to the largest Kalehoff company.

data set on the widely used Media Metrix, mobile Metrix, Video Metrix, from comScore Analytics (analysis) package direction start service. This means that the audience can now be collected data from the desktop computer, intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, video and Application on site see. Digital media performance measures of multi platform Media Metrix has more than 300 thousand.

Based on the new

"mobile devices popular recently and the appropriate application of Torgovnik sequence into a popular service with a new paradigm of" mobile first "comScore multi platform capable of rating," Kalehoff A "to the definition of electronic commerce, more complete Internet activity is very important, because the audience and activities can not be measured accurately, so it can not measure, buy or sell."

mobile data from the desktop to provide the number of non repetition, help publishers and advertisers know how to get content can be spread.

Kalehoff said: "the ordinary family to use the computer is mainly to browse the web browser, measuring these users view the web page of the data collected through regular mail software disk data". General services including the workplace and a large audience, many smaller real-time network data collection, analysis and user more complex, data integration and analysis of the main market expansion. "

global digital measurement company comScore this week launched its new Media Metrix multi platform service report, which will give publishers and advertisers to better understand how their content is more widely seen on the internet.

The website of Shanghai Longfeng lay the foundation needs to be strictly structured


B, learning from competitors, learning from the industry leader. The competitors do well, must have his forte, we should through the data analysis to find competitors operating means, first after imitation innovation, finally achieve transcendence. Any one industry leader, as long as the Shanghai dragon, is absolutely do good, we find his winning secret can use to other industries, copy is sometimes very easy to succeed.

Shanghai, the knowledge structure is actually very good, one is to stand inside knowledge of Shanghai dragon, one is to stand outside the knowledge of Shanghai dragon. In the station optimization optimization, including code and label content optimization, URL optimization, keywords layout optimization, chain layout optimization, standing outside the chain optimization including construction, domain name host factors. These things can form a powerful knowledge network structure, each point is held very simple, use more simple. Here is a full map of Shanghai Longfeng solution we can refer to, is not comprehensive, you can add your own

Shanghai Dragon Figure

2, Shanghai dragon thinking structure

structure, node is a combination of meaning, structure is the structure of justice, we will all dynamic knowledge and events in the Shanghai dragon and search engine, web site together, this is the previous article I repeatedly mentioned. In Shanghai dragon, we should pay more attention to the structure of the construction, including the Shanghai Longfeng knowledge structure, Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng thinking structure and data analysis structure, we have to do is to let these structure solid integrity, do not let these basic things go wrong.

any Shanghai dragon needs to be thought control knowledge, make knowledge into effect, because only do a little to get rid of migrant workers in the state of Shanghai dragon, so Shanghai dragon thinking structure is very important. Here to introduce several classical methods of thinking:


Hello, I am virtual son rain. The article is written in front of seeing "McKinsey method" mentioned in the "based on the facts, strictly structured, with hypothesis oriented", people think this method is very suitable for our Shanghai dragon worker, in front of the "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon more needs to be done on the basis of facts" is derived from this method today, we need to do next to introduce about the Shanghai dragon second: strictly structured.

1, Shanghai dragon knowledge structure

C, right Shanghai Longfeng planning work. Shanghai dragon is a long process, for each stage of the.

A, Shanghai dragon first to grasp, the more easily ignored the foundation, we recommend the "love in front of Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", I believe that if we carefully study certainly can do Shanghai dragon.