August 2017

The text anchor text and hyperlinks optimization method, what is the difference

: first is the text with hyperlinks URL

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

website right down topics:

Compared with the URL optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

chain has a lot of attention, there are also many chain forms, this let the webmaster is very headache, the weight that the chain brings high benefits that the chain, do it? This is more concerned about the problem, look at the specific analysis following small series.

secondsWebsite optimization

second: with hyperlink URL

anchor text links is well understood, even with the link keywords, and hypertext links, the chain can not only increase the weight of the website, also can let the keywords with rankings, many owners outside the chain, this site is for key words need to do to the analysis of a station that will see the station is not good, the snapshot is not good, the chain is not much, but the key is especially good, this is the role of the anchor text link, transfer to the site weight, but also improve the keywords ranking.


special chain optimization:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

pure text on the website will also transfer the weight, this is to transfer the weight to the site, not a single word transfer weight, text is a point in the link, we in the hair, will indicate the source, this is pure text outside the chain, the chain is not high, but if this paper, by a large number of outlets, will give website bring a lot of weight.

third: anchor text links

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

link and text links, is to point in, it is convenient for the user, when the user wants to look inside, directly into the line, do not need to copy and paste, many webmaster in writing, the article attract people, many people want to know the other, put on a link at the bottom, it can reduce the bounce rate, the effect of the chain is much higher than that of pure text, not only can increase the weight of the site, the article to attract people, also can bring a lot of traffic, this link is very common in the webmaster, has brought great effect to improve website weight, let your web site keywords have a good ranking.

The Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


The webmaster do not update the snapshot of the misunderstanding of love Shanghai

said the following necessary conditions that Shanghai snapshot update, love Shanghai snapshot update is updated according to the importance of website content and timeliness, many owners also met the love of Shanghai snapshot not updated for a long time, the love of spiders in Shanghai to build a new website does not consider the value of the index, so if you want to make your site updated snapshot or, from the importance of the content of the website and the timeliness of improvement.

written in the last

through the two paragraph above description, the author emphasizes the website access frequency and website snapshot is without any direct relationship. As a webmaster should correctly understand the difference between love and love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot grab frequency, which will give Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon late ER plays the role of the enemy awareness. No longer because of love "

love Shanghai why want to update

love and love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot grab frequency difference

some people will ask my site every day but has not included the snapshot update, in fact, this is also part of the above mentioned Shanghai, love the spider crawling website basically is the frequency of update frequency and keep the content of the web site. In Shanghai love love Shanghai algorithm, the spider will more website update frequency to calculate the best crawl the website frequency, which is why Shanghai dragon often referred to the rules to update the site, regular update website is the result of love Shanghai spiders crawl the website regularly, to ensure a reasonable interaction of the spider, which website the content included fast. Although the spider regular visit sites, but because the website content love Shanghai spider that has not enough importance and timeliness, so there is no order to set up a website to update the snapshot index.


love Shanghai snapshot is actually love Shanghai spiders in the site of a time the contents of the record and establish the corresponding time index, the time of the establishment of the index is the love of Shanghai snapshot. In fact, in the love of Shanghai search engine database will establish the index, some owners sometimes encounter love Shanghai sometimes backwards, in some extreme cases, the search engine may select the snapshot version is different from the current search results, resulting in the snapshot back time. This has no effect on the web site in the search engine’s performance, does not represent the search engine to the site down the right treatment. So as a webmaster, or there is a need to know some love Shanghai snapshot of commonsense knowledge, lest some owners encounter these problems, blindly vote.

recently in the group, and the webmaster exchange, there are many owners complain about their website snapshot not update, update that is in love with the sea many sites down the right, in fact, this is a completely wrong understanding, such as the Xi’an website construction sites also encountered this kind of problem and a love of Shanghai official the document, we finally realize the true value of love there is not enough to understand Shanghai, today I love Shanghai and the rest of the snapshot.

love Shanghai snapshot not update

Analysis of those you have not seen the chain

H1 label.

web page super link

Add the chain



there is no thought, our own website can do anchor text links, also can do the hyperlink oh. If shown, leave your website link on your website content page (hyperlink). This link has become the premise effective link is the current page indexed by search engines. If you want to link to query this link is valid, please read the examples of how to identify the chain is the chain of

now the chain work is really more difficult, not easy to find the hyperlink, or invalid link, or nofollow. Leaving only pure text links. Even the most love love love Shanghai Shanghai know, Wikipedia has become even more difficult. Remember to love Shanghai know to add a chain is easy. Now 6 love Shanghai but also know the account is a love, Shanghai seems to know set up a mechanism, an account of the same chain can be added only once, second times by adding the rate is very low (day, hard upgrade can only get a chain). In a few days and share what we have not done from the chain.


compared to pure text links do not seem to.




title is not on the label link link, I can responsibly tell you that is. This is the method of few webmaster to do, we can do this together can also set the B2B and some blogs on sites like in their website, I once tried on the B2B website registered accounts using title tag set, left site link, after Shanghai included love. This link is indeed effective link. As the weight of the link, I think at least than in the article to be high, because of the weight of > title; H1 > the label.

on his website title tags add links is definitely a very crazy things, but to add their own website on the H1 tag of link seems to be so crazy, because we can see these H1 tags add link sample. And along with the increased weight of their own website, the weights of these links have gone up. Of course, our thinking can not be confined to their own website, similar to B2B, video website, website information release etc.. As long as can appear pure text links, text links we can use this method to make weight slightly higher, since we can do, Why not??

Title add link label

At the beginning of the three month workplace rookie Shanghai Longfeng share

means search engine optimization, is a very popular way of network marketing, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. Divided into the station outside the station and Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng two. The main work of Shanghai dragon is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking technology, to the optimization of the relevant web pages, to improve search engine rankings, so as to improve site traffic, improve the ability of sales promotion or website the final technique.


the news, this work is essential for every day, I am responsible for the site belongs to the recruitment websites, fresh daily news can enrich the content of the website, for love in Shanghai, but the news can not completely copy and paste, there is the need to join their own elements, the main content can be the same, but need to modify your own words, if the modification rate is small are not, in general, I always find Google news source, because personally found on Google news, in the love inside the Shanghai relatively repeat degree is relatively small, because I was responsible for the recruitment of belonging to keywords general search site, so the recruitment, talent, resume, interview, job, college recruitment, every time to determine in writing before the news Today, the direction of the press, when searching for the source of the news, to find a suitable basis for substantial content, love Shanghai about its content, modify, and full, the best result is modified to complete their own news.

, to update the news, pay attention to the pseudo original

first contact is responsible for his own first website: Graduate Employment Network, at the beginning, only mechanical doing other work assigned, repeated every day to update the website of the enterprise information, news, blog, forum webmaster to top posts, but he does not know doing what. Because it is completely white, but in order to better and faster to complete their work, continue to love Shanghai in search of a professional words all he cannot read, and read some relevant articles in the forum to fill their understanding of

of Shanghai DragonShanghai dragon

as a novice for the maintenance of the website optimization, is the need to stick to years of success, the short term is not able to see the benefits of the present, for me, even though learning for three months, but still need to adhere to the beginning of the daily work.

because I just graduated confused, do not know what to do, muddleheaded contact Shanghai Longfeng, began his career. Before the network promotion is never heard of, let alone what is Shanghai dragon, even I had just started working for those updated articles, blog, forums and I don’t know why. Through three months of study and have a basic understanding of Shanghai dragon.

Novice webmaster about doing the actual effect brought by the chain

Hello, I am 90 novice webmaster. Has published several articles in the A5 response is also ok. When love is in search of Shanghai, we can also find a lot of websites to my article, a little sense of achievement, but I know the road to do stand long, I would like to search up and down.

long ago heard to do website, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So, there is much role growth visible outside the chain of a website. But although I heard many people say that, but they have never experienced the effects of the chain. Before I was rich in the content of the website, although the website article is Google and can also love Shanghai included, but the daily traffic website is still not much, most of which are attracted by the long tail words flow. So, I think it should be in the chain link, so I crammed outside the chain of knowledge, and to the practical application.

first, I have several blogs, because my spare time is not much, the number of blog is not much, I can say that to ensure the quality of blog updates, practice is only followed in the blog link to my website. But after love Shanghai update, I searched the reverse link, and found that the chain blog do but part of it is included. In the excitement at the same time, I also to cheer myself up, I thought I should update some high quality original blog, after all keep is very useful.

There is more to find some PR>

then, I realized that the love of Shanghai know, Search ask questions page importance, know this chain received good results. So, I love Shanghai registered account, in Shanghai by way of answering the question that left a link. Of course, now love Shanghai review is very strict, so the link is not an easy thing. My suggestion is that the first update the article in Shanghai love space, where I suggest that you should pay attention to space to love Shanghai. Because here the article was collected a great chance of being included, and very quickly, but the best is the original article, here to write many good results than blog. When the numbers of your space to the more, you can answer the Questions page space to stay your links in Shanghai know this love, the spider will follow the link through your site in the article link up to your site, increase traffic to your spider site. I use this method to increase traffic to the website’s times, the effect is really very obvious.

is now the mainstream of the chain, is nothing more than the chain blog, BBS signature of the chain, the chain of the soft law forum post outside the chain, the chain Links method, method of answering the "know love Shanghai. These methods is probably right, specific methods to meet the eye everywhere in the webmaster online, want to have specific knowledge of friends can go and see, I will not specifically how each method should operate. I just want to say that I have been using these methods what effect.

Owners used the blog comments type promotion can prosper long

two: mutual evaluation opportunities in


: a review with hyperlinks

what kind of website search engines love? Even in a blog, the article is most people from the top, also affect the web site in the search engine’s weight, and longer residence time when IP and a variety of user easier access to search engine reliability. The popularity of the flourishing of itself up, even the search engine doesn’t love? So to improve the weight of blog in the search engine, but also one of the reasons for the PHEI blog. But if only so, if not every change IP, saving time is.

message with connection can be included in search engines, many owners think so, because in the past the traditional blog these practices are proven. But when the environment changes today will also benefit? In the independent blog comment, understand the rules of the Shanghai dragon er know all mainstream blog programs, such as: Z-blog and WordPress are added "nofollow" in the message, even if the spider climb over to not to grab the link. So on the first point, the only links with the comment, or forget it, to end the blogger delete tiring, the message is zero return

a blog, even if you write to stick the actual combat experience, technology is superb, but write after seeing no one, even if the customer see also will find you? Peer review blog >

three: won the search engine weight

manufacturing illusion of prosperity

when customers access to a blog to cooperate in the of time, suddenly see blog has a number of related blog can provide service, should be multiple choice? So many bloggers PHEI also completely with this purpose. But the user doesn’t have time looking at hundreds of messages will pick, not to mention the search engine results more right. On the other hand, there are some message in order to promote their commodity turnover. As in the blog comment on some of the life and information and so on, but such irrelevant content, to the last is also will be blogger deleted. What’s more, now independent blog, which is not a few brush? Even if shopping will not go to your customers preferred to Taobao.


network marketing, has emerged in the Internet more hot today, even if the money to do the search engine promotion also meet the eye everywhere. It is because of its value, in the Shanghai dragon Er world is there a lot to the network marketing and the actual blog group. By sharing the experience of its own, won popularity in the network, the customer recognition, able to accomplish marketing. However, the blog is what to rely on to promote their own? Compared with the traditional site is more than a "comment" promotion that said, even overnight bring hundreds of messages in a blog is not impossible. However, comment on the promotion of the seemingly thriving prosperity but also how long? This is from the "peer review" the significance of speaking:

The specific steps of the small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization Shanghai Dragon

this is the most important step you plan to do better, then right, not to execute according to the plan, all in vain. Do well in the station optimization, keywords layout, title and meta writing, links and the structure of the website, and then make the content of the website and the.

fourth, set the site optimization

sixth, the execution of

do anything to set a performance goal, website optimization is the same, is mainly set goals, to carry out strict. Target the short-term goal of long-term goals, how to quantify how to do is to refine the segmentation, every day, it will be more easy to see the effect.

When the website optimization

every enterprise has its own target customer groups, of course website different target customer groups but different, because the enterprise stand not in order to make the flow, not to sell advertising, but mainly to promote their products, so targeted customers to make in-depth and accurate analysis.

Analysis of analysis

want to do network marketing business website will be troubled by the website optimization scheme, it should start from where, should do what will be missing a lot of content, is your company to arrange for specialized personnel to do or find a professional Shanghai dragon company to do, for these, it is a difficult problem for most small and medium-sized enterprises, under the Weifang website [/url] to introduce Shanghai Longfeng ideas, according to the plan to do, the efficiency will be greatly improved, it twice. The following main points for reference:

first, choose the keyword of the website

The status of

analysis of the web site, 1 basic data, including age, PR, web site collected snapshot, time. 2, website optimization, keyword writing, Title Description, paragraph (H1H2 tag), the optimization of processing and directory page and inside pages url. 3, external links, the chain quantity and quality, Links, station links. According to the analysis of these aspects, do their own website solution.

second, combined with the competitor’s website

fifth, mainly to promote customer

keyword to distinguish target keywords or long tail keywords, this selection is mainly based on the user’s search intention based, to think of what the customer search in Shanghai. Keywords analysis of enterprise website optimization is the most important step, be sure to make analysis.

third, enterprise websiteThe status quo of the website

only know, before have done optimization, or maintenance of the case, of course, recorded better, can also through some Shanghai Longfeng detection software, on the site down analysis, this website in their business more objective understanding.

Ye Jun the impact of high quality web content of Shanghai Dragon

search engine, search for any information on the Internet is very convenient, many users will click on the website, but the amount found the content can not meet the needs of the search time, will leave immediately, continue to find what he needs, so as to provide more suitable content to accurate positioning site the user, the only way to get the favor of users. That is what we say that sentence: content is king. If you want to rely on the ordinary content of success, you need to pay more efforts in other areas. The success of the website will certainly need first-class content.

4. as far as possible the use of short sentences. If your article is not novel, do not think that your readers have the patience to read the contents of the long and complicated sentences.

The amount of information in today’s

5. short paragraphs, and use the blank line between paragraphs. The blank is a waste for printing, but for "not worth a hair, blank is a necessary element of organization. Read the articles on the screen is not a comfortable thing, reading your content so appropriate add blank can help users better.

8. where appropriate use of keywords, but not excessive.

1. ensure the relevance of website content.


6. as far as possible the use of bulleted and numbered lists.

2. as far as possible the use of original content. Everyone has apparently content can attract more visitors to return to visit other sites, if you can see, there is need to access your site

"content is king", this sentence should be invaluable advice Shanghai Longfeng Er will know, but many people still not to regard it as right, obviously this is absolutely wrong, whether it is from the website design or Shanghai dragon’s perspective, the content of the website is always the first element of the site.

The use of

so how do we create high quality content? To create high quality content to abide by the principle of what

only high quality content to attract users to visit the website, when the user has become the site back when the site’s ranking will naturally rise.

9. appeal. If it is not an invitation to the user, what they might do, but if so, they may give you unexpected results.

3. carefully check the website content word fluency and readability.

7. in the content of a website into the title and subtitle.


we should understand that the first motivation of user access to the site is to search for information. The user through the conversion process is very difficult to complete in an interview, usually only the user can make decision after visiting a number of websites. But, really attracts people to visit the site again only content. Only high quality content can bring loyal users.

not only that, it should be noted, in different type >

The new Media Metrix calculation of cross platform service Public opinions are divergent.

as the new service can not repeat the measurement of views, according to the latest comScore website ranking reflects the impact of mobile devices more and more.

years, the network media service development, reflects the changes in the Internet and user behavior, before using Media Metrix Syncapse product marketing, comScore has been sold to the largest Kalehoff company.

data set on the widely used Media Metrix, mobile Metrix, Video Metrix, from comScore Analytics (analysis) package direction start service. This means that the audience can now be collected data from the desktop computer, intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, video and Application on site see. Digital media performance measures of multi platform Media Metrix has more than 300 thousand.

Based on the new

"mobile devices popular recently and the appropriate application of Torgovnik sequence into a popular service with a new paradigm of" mobile first "comScore multi platform capable of rating," Kalehoff A "to the definition of electronic commerce, more complete Internet activity is very important, because the audience and activities can not be measured accurately, so it can not measure, buy or sell."

mobile data from the desktop to provide the number of non repetition, help publishers and advertisers know how to get content can be spread.

Kalehoff said: "the ordinary family to use the computer is mainly to browse the web browser, measuring these users view the web page of the data collected through regular mail software disk data". General services including the workplace and a large audience, many smaller real-time network data collection, analysis and user more complex, data integration and analysis of the main market expansion. "

global digital measurement company comScore this week launched its new Media Metrix multi platform service report, which will give publishers and advertisers to better understand how their content is more widely seen on the internet.

The website of Shanghai Longfeng lay the foundation needs to be strictly structured


B, learning from competitors, learning from the industry leader. The competitors do well, must have his forte, we should through the data analysis to find competitors operating means, first after imitation innovation, finally achieve transcendence. Any one industry leader, as long as the Shanghai dragon, is absolutely do good, we find his winning secret can use to other industries, copy is sometimes very easy to succeed.

Shanghai, the knowledge structure is actually very good, one is to stand inside knowledge of Shanghai dragon, one is to stand outside the knowledge of Shanghai dragon. In the station optimization optimization, including code and label content optimization, URL optimization, keywords layout optimization, chain layout optimization, standing outside the chain optimization including construction, domain name host factors. These things can form a powerful knowledge network structure, each point is held very simple, use more simple. Here is a full map of Shanghai Longfeng solution we can refer to, is not comprehensive, you can add your own

Shanghai Dragon Figure

2, Shanghai dragon thinking structure

structure, node is a combination of meaning, structure is the structure of justice, we will all dynamic knowledge and events in the Shanghai dragon and search engine, web site together, this is the previous article I repeatedly mentioned. In Shanghai dragon, we should pay more attention to the structure of the construction, including the Shanghai Longfeng knowledge structure, Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng thinking structure and data analysis structure, we have to do is to let these structure solid integrity, do not let these basic things go wrong.

any Shanghai dragon needs to be thought control knowledge, make knowledge into effect, because only do a little to get rid of migrant workers in the state of Shanghai dragon, so Shanghai dragon thinking structure is very important. Here to introduce several classical methods of thinking:


Hello, I am virtual son rain. The article is written in front of seeing "McKinsey method" mentioned in the "based on the facts, strictly structured, with hypothesis oriented", people think this method is very suitable for our Shanghai dragon worker, in front of the "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon more needs to be done on the basis of facts" is derived from this method today, we need to do next to introduce about the Shanghai dragon second: strictly structured.

1, Shanghai dragon knowledge structure

C, right Shanghai Longfeng planning work. Shanghai dragon is a long process, for each stage of the.

A, Shanghai dragon first to grasp, the more easily ignored the foundation, we recommend the "love in front of Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", I believe that if we carefully study certainly can do Shanghai dragon.

The new period less fat content and the chain in the end do not reliable

we know that the chain is the optimization of a necessary step, can improve the ranking and transmission weights of keywords, and can improve the optimization target station on the Internet exposure, is conducive to the website optimization. There is a new observation period in love in Shanghai, although the official did not do more to explain, if the structure, contents and new chain do well enough, but also can make the website in advance of the assessment period, we (from the content and the chain), the two aspects of structure analysis, the content of the railway station and the chain number reliable


two: the structure of the website


when there is a lack of information, publish information on the Internet portal is the most valuable, this is the era of Web1.0, and as more and more companies have joined the tide of the Internet, the information spread to every corner of the search engine and portal has charm, Web2.0 tide came into being, people look up to meet their needs things in different nodes; but when the information becomes more and more serious and growth in geometry class, and aggregation of information screening was the most vital, because people start to face massive information of the Internet feel helpless, also began to dispute the efficiency and effect of use, so Web3.0 came into being. Web3.0 will be 2 on the basis of the Internet, let more personalized, precise and intelligent. Then, the polymerization of the Internet era in the Web3.0 personality, uniqueness and richness of information can surely get the favor of search engine; then the chain of the new and original content how many? Most of us hear the new long assessment period in Shanghai, its content and the chain is not much hair, just steadily dozens of can, therefore, most of the owners generally choose the domain name age is old, so the chain of new and original content is not suitable for a large number of

: the content and the chain

at this stage, a large number of repeat and full of spam on the Internet, so please believe that search engine is love little meat, because there is love, go to Shanghai algorithm algorithm, so we can collect and pseudo original content in the original content, Different people, different views., most of us in ten or even five. So, I can not help but ask: why do you think ten or less are safe? And more than a little higher or not? We know when publishing content, adhere to a principle: daily / weekly update; similarly, we are steadily at the same time, send a the quantity and quality of the content, then, what is not? We can combine the chain point of view, I mentioned above to optimize the role of the chain, the exposure and the transmission weight is more important, In the hair of the chain or less exchange under the condition of the chain, how can we improve the target optimization of exposure station and its corresponding weight?, not enough support, the chain is not multiple. So let’s website structure node;

site structure, we must first URL structure simplification, and try to.

The user has entered a new era of the Three Kingdoms search market to the world


love Shanghai in recent years has been due to phishing advertising, false advertising, black enterprise website, writer and singer copyright infringement repeatedly on newspapers. A lot of enterprises by the monopoly of the bitter and the site could not be fair to users to search, but because of its large size and products are also OK, after the company generally get them really no way. After all, love Shanghai occupies most of the search China search market, in terms of user experience and not too much innovation.

love Shanghai search


advantage: love Shanghai is currently a total of 61 products, a great success to meet the needs of users, at the same time, according to Ai Ruiwang analysis, from the market structure point of view, the first quarter of 2012 Chinese search engine market concentration to further enhance. Love Shanghai’s market share increased to 77.6%, Sogou increased to 2.7%, while Google Chinese market share dropped to 17.8%, soso keep the market share of 1.5%, while other enterprises market share has been further reduced to 0.3%. Search the market concentration further, Sogou search, etc. the development situation is good, but the impact on the overall market.

360 search

advantage: 360 there are currently 22 products, in August 31st 360 officially launched a comprehensive search independent domain name 360sou贵族宝贝 and 360so贵族宝贝, the brand of "search + 360". Through the query domain information, these 2 domains are composed of 360 registered in April 13, 2005, 360 is already visible into the search field for many years. At the same time 360 resorted to "building a safe,"


love Shanghai search with its powerful user groups has been the market leader in search, and 360 search turned out, the Chinese search pattern change suddenly, fall in love with the sea most affected. At this time Sogou but also want the opportunity to expand their market share, Sohu chairman of the board and CEO Zhang Zhaoyang in August 31st the Sohu personal micro-blog said: Sogou to war. The search market "new three era" has arrived, and the last who can dominate the search market? The answer is: users can have the world.

as everyone knows love Shanghai has occupied the search market, other search engines can only be in love Shanghai power it spit sound, however, with the rapid increase in the number of Internet users, the search requirements are increasingly high, who can meet the needs of users, allowing users to buy his account who can sustainable development. So the construction of a safe, clean and effective competition in the Internet search market is very necessary, the search battle will choke the inevitable, which fully reflects the importance of user experience, so they love Shanghai, 360 and Sogou in the user experience more advantages compared to what we do?.

Web site keywords ranking around the reason analysis!

search engine!

3. sites have suspected: excessive optimization optimization over the site to be search engine punishment is an open secret, although the search engine.


as everyone knows a website if you get a search engine especially love Shanghai’s favor and Chuiai, would introduce visitor traffic Everfount, however only the search engine recognition site, ranking weights will get higher, at the same time, we think that the site is completely in line with the search engine user recommended value basis, which will receive visitors the retrieval needs. Only to fully meet the intrinsic value of both basic search engine and user, will become a search engine ranking good site. According to the idea, we can control the factors that affected the evaluation and about our website quality and user recommendation value of

website optimization, web site keywords ranking compared with those rankings rise above the common herd general site, just a few, in the search engine optimization ranking in the search engine can get Chuiai high weight ranking is lucky, but each website is eager to get the Shanghai dragon staff. Then a lot of time in fact, keyword optimization mediocre results. Most of the site, the site keywords always hovering between the 3-8 search results page to drive back and forth, it is difficult to break through to the 1-2 page location. Although many of our Shanghai dragon Er is intended to work hard, but always break the bottleneck in the rising spell, and Shanghai dragon’s colleagues discuss about some reason not before the keyword ranking.

1. the primary reason is that the quality of the website; the website is called quality, website content quality. Along with the network optimization of knowledge dissemination, more and more people through professional training institutions in Shanghai dragon or the network to understand and learn the website of Shanghai dragon, but the network marketing is a dynamic subject, many marketing strategies and practices are changing with the development of the Internet, because the evolution speed optimization idea of this lot of enterprise website staff with Shanghai dragon not on the search engine ranking algorithm. We can pay attention to the same phenomenon, a lot of quality is not high site there is a serious problem of similar content, update the website content most copied, there are a lot of pseudo original. In fact, the search engine is to fight against the pseudo original web page, one of its aims is to guide the Shanghai dragon staff, respect the original value of the content, respect the Internet, do not easily extortion. With the method of application of intelligent search engines, these low quality sites are easy to be identified, and eventually it will be difficult to get the search engine in high quality, the website keywords ranking can not also behoove.

2. the lack of user value basis: some friends will say my site maintenance is basically the original, can be the final keyword ranking is not prominent. Indeed, website optimization not only pay attention to the original, but also pay attention to the value of innovation, meet the demands of consumption of the user, as we update the content completely failed to attract the attention of consumers, it can cause the attention of the

The true value of the anchor text is to enhance the user experience and website ranking

third: do not hold the simulated user recommended thinking to do anchor text

: the first anchor text number is best not more than three

mentioned Scindapsus algorithm when browsing this article, believe that users will want to know the details of green ideas, so Zac is the anchor text of the word, and he pointed to a recent report on Scindapsus algorithm to blog, allowing users to learn more, it can effectively improve the the user of the site viscosity, Shanghai dragon Er should also learn Zac when adding anchor text, only to fully meet the needs of users of the anchor text is really meaningful.


Why can

in fact, I think, in today’s user experience is king of the times, the real value of the anchor text should be to enhance the user experience, rather than the so-called website ranking. Now I would like to think, discuss, the true value of the anchor text and how the anchor text will enhance the user experience.

When An article in

the Shanghai dragon theory tells us that there is a point to your site’s anchor text in the website of the other side, it is the website users push >

also refers to the anchor text has irreplaceable function to enhance the website ranking, but too much for the anchor text site failed to lay a curse, an article as the following website:

second: to meet the needs of users is the anchor text of valuable

as many as five or six anchor text, you call the user too much to handle so much! See bold font, riotous with colour, I believe that no user is willing to go on. Originally an article five hundred or six hundred words on the word, the anchor text number will distract attention, improve the bounce rate, so the number of websites, the anchor text the author suggests an article best not more than three, but not every article, pointing to a link should not only point to the home page, do the anchor text diversification, can not let the user feel disgusted.

in the past Shanghai dragon view, the anchor text is a quick tool to enhance the web site keywords ranking, whether the chain or do in the station, the anchor text is the first choice of Shanghai dragon er. With the new algorithm love Shanghai introduced, weight of the anchor text is much less than before, but still a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the station will use the text editor. When using the anchor text, you do not know Shanghai dragon Er have seriously thought about the true value of the anchor text is


anchor text to enhance the user experience? The main reason is that the anchor text can effectively meet the needs of users. It might be very abstract, on the Zac blog an article for example, please see below:


Virtual son rain electricity supplier circle four strange phenomenon at several methods of Longfeng

we see the map to know a station that was in the home occupied the four position, and two stations are his two website a second, first tenth, the owners of the cattle X degree as can be imagined. As far as I know, the child is a student station the first phase of the Shanghai dragon money expert rain brother, seems to get rain brother advice. You can go to his blog to see some methods he shared, or good. This is due to the child brother’s execution, and find some weight higher site posts and links, make full use of the love of Shanghai.

three strange phenomena: belong to the same person in four position and he about two

is a strange phenomenon: love Shanghai search box

two strange phenomena: the bottom search

you can see the bottom search business related search are not relevant, especially in the row in front of the mall, we found that the business district is still dominated the first second electric shopping guide, and we can find the general is the long tail word, is expanding from the business circle and the business circle, such as beauty. Comfortable electric district, Wuhan business circle. Don’t know if you heard of love bottom marketing no, is the use of brush method, let the relevant search keywords, estimates there are a lot of people use this method in business competition, the individual is not recommended to do anything, I love one step at a time.

Hello, good for a long time did not write the article, today I had to check the recent business circle are violent sprint stage of the contest results, found many strange phenomena, so I had to sigh now do Shanghai dragon owners too much, really should be a sentence: not impossible, only unexpected way. Business competition in the eyes of many people is a bluff to help promote their website game, though utilitarian is relatively strong, but had to admire the green outfit planning is still very good, on the basis of previous research done so much is very good.

many people wonder why their search keywords will be in love Shanghai search box appears inside some of the words of others, such as power shopping mall, business guide, KKK103 business circle, we can look at these three words the results page, in the first row is a station, do not want to say such a station site, because not love its operating practices, because of this he is obviously out of the brush. But this method is a rapid method to obtain the very good ranking love Shanghai. If you search for a keyword search found below the relevant recommendation, it must be very interesting, we will inadvertently Click to look at someone else’s website. This is not recommended for everyone to do, because we do love will certainly be found in Shanghai, Shanghai love I guess there will be some restrictions.




Wedding photography website optimization Links share combat operations

Links platform

Do 2, through the QQ group

in Shanghai love to enter "wedding photography" or "area + wedding photography" and other words and then click, in order to open the wedding photography website, find their website with the person in charge of the exchange;

is currently almost every industry has the corresponding link in the QQ group, QQ group to find wedding photography Links group, add some more, then in the group released information or find all of the members of the group of

every website optimization friends are very clear, Links is very obvious for keywords ranking, of course, have experience of a friend is clear if the impact on our website or other link is down right after the slow snapshot is also big.

+ Wedding Photography – the word competition is very fierce, and the conversion of the word rate than the wedding photography word is much higher, but also a lot of websites do Links first exchange keywords;

+ wedding – the word is now a lot of people, can exchange in Links when appropriate with the word

search through the love of Shanghai ;

wedding photography website Links, first come to understand the main goal of the wedding photography industry. Keywords:

links;3, through the

, look for the link

may I wonder why some friends today to write this article on "Links combat operations share" article, if you have seen the "blog promotion commonly used means what?" will be very clear, in fact, before I wrote about the actual operation of the Links article, but feel that the article is very wide, is not enough, so I find it necessary to come with you under the system analysis.

+ + in the photo studio and wedding photography studio is also very good, mainly for the photography studio;

for a new station, looking for the link is very difficult, this is the best time for the old station in their hands or find a friend to help me with my website;

the following themes: Links into combat, the author of this part is divided into three blocks: search, exchange, inspection and maintenance of

must understand the author’s friends all know, my main concern is the plastic industry and wedding photography industry, more attention to the wedding photography industry, here the author to the wedding photography industry as an example, how to operate Links for everyone to share.

how to find the wedding photography industry Links:


These two words in

Wedding Photography – this is a highly competitive industry, there are countless wedding photography sites across the country, and is generally the strength of some portals occupy most of the home position;

> …

How to use Taobao and advertising to make moneyLi Shanyou Sun Wukong is the founder of cool 6 mature

The young Summarize the content of the construction of

went back and I did an e-commerce site in his own way, www.lining-china, an e-commerce website for Lining stores and Lining sneakers.

see "journey to the west", especially love to see the monkey king Sun Wukong in the period, he felt good prestige, on the world sea, who are equal to anything, he can not do nothing, is really worthy of the name of the "Monkey King"! Especially not love west Sun Wu in the period of time, a really stupid! A mouse sperm, can make him helpless; a fine cow, could have killed him. Encounter difficulties, not to go to Avalokiteshvara, is to ask the emperor, good useless, good not ambition! After the start, suddenly have a new understanding of "journey to the west": from Sun Wukong before, just a single molecule from destruction; after that, he has a mission, is the actual entrepreneurial team responsible person. An independent occupation person, he is only responsible for their own related business, business ability is the most important of his ability, in this context, he has full opportunity to display and display space, it is easy to become an individual hero. An entrepreneur, invisible among his responsibilities and need to be responsible for the categories of more than a hundredfold, this time, comprehensive ability required far beyond his own professional ability, it has been not suitable for personal heroism in his new role. What he needs now is how to make full use of the internal and external resources and connections to help him solve his own problems and difficulties that he is unable to solve.

meets you, can you find someone to help you? That’s the key to your success. It requires a lot of connections to help you solve the problem. That’s important. Let me give you an example. After starting an undertaking, I found that I needed bandwidth. I needed a lot of bandwidth. I didn’t touch this line before. I didn’t have the resources. What can I do? I can only find friends to help me. One of my classmates introduced me to a friend of Beijing Netcom. Beijing Netcom said, "give you one of the most favorable prices, an G, 1 million 200 thousand a year.". It takes a lot of G to do video, and a G isn’t enough

attended a Harbin local party chief, to see a lot of local expert, summed up their deficiencies, most of them are on SEO and long-term promotion brings huge traffic and good reputation, which also has to do e-commerce, there are a lot of orders every day. And sh419 keyword, he also ranked first place.

just started but don’t know how to do, then think of Taobao, I will carefully the Internet, find a lot of Taobao stores, compared with the price, choose a few shops in the information collection, the completion of the initial construction.

, I was senior vice president and editor in chief of Sohu. Although the position is very high, in fact, I am just a part manager role. I try to do as long as the Sohu content can be, I do not care about the company’s financial problems, do not care about income, do not care about the technical problems, of course, do not care about the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and tax bureau etc.. I am just one of the company’s grand system, which is a specific block, and I will do it, just inside the professional ability. When you really start a business, you will find that you are faced with a wide variety of problems, completely beyond imagination and beyond your capabilities. Your talent is just one aspect of talent, when you want to bear all the responsibility, all in all you need to do things inside, you only have a direct processing capacity for 1% of them, how to do the other 99%? Never mind you do not, you can find someone else to to help you. So, with a mature mentality, the late Sun Wukong mature much more than the previous Sun Wukong.

process, +seo+ code + entity, this is my way of higher.


is followed by the optimization of the internal structure, I do not do this, not only reference to optimization of good website, the level directory, change the template, especially simple and easy to use, and then submitted to the search engine.

then is the optimization, the first is to optimize the site structure, the program chose the PHP, the efficiency is higher, the pseudo static generation of the kind.

finally, is paid to buy connection, this is actually a key personal feeling, soon, sh419, shlf1314 included, but the ranking is not good, then I will at all sites to buy connection, a week about 2, about 3, bought about 1 months, finally, a few my key to the first page, IP is not too much, about 500, but almost 1/5 of the customers are the real buyers, I will supply and Harbin local dealer Lining to discuss, there has been a lot of orders.

Before I started In September,

has been doing more than a year. Before doing the website, it has been sending articles by hand. The efficiency is very low, and the expenditure is relatively large. The training period is long and the profit is more difficult.

Internet entrepreneurs for webmasters, how to seeSeveral ways of making money online

Internet business is like in real life, the first consideration is the need of investors’ money, not to say that the Internet is not money, it also needs to recruit people, personal world is difficult to become bigger and stronger, the capital operation is the key, but this time, in fact, many things are not an excuse to stop our money business, actually this is only one of the reasons, can not be said to be too absolute, many things make us think of contacts.

one, open shop

must have a lot of school students would like to have a part-time effort, especially that time the school first entered university, Yi Gunao better idea of it. In order to increase social experience, or to improve life, in short, the future is full of wonderful vision.

connections are what, contacts are friends, that is, popularity, Internet business not only need to go and people in all walks of life to make friends, deal with. So a team and a group of partners are important.

The word

so everyone in the choice of intermediary must be cautious. Talking about so many traditions, let’s talk about part-time jobs on the internet. I think students would choose part-time on-line is a good choice, no way out of school, sometimes without skipping out; and a lot of time on the Internet bubble, but most of the time are idle, even do not know what the Internet to open computer. Here are some of the online part-time jobs I know.

"Internet" is a familiar word, is also a hot air into the society in twenty-first Century of the word, know that a new species will promote the development of all industries, especially a powerful information platform, people say "the Internet era, the Internet brings opportunities to the grassroots also, facing fierce challenges, also achieved a number of dreams, similarly in the Internet industry, the recent study, also think how to venture on the Internet, the Internet entrepreneurs need what, and what I have a dream, I have" ambition ", little tangled, where to find my business objectives.

part-time tutor, distribute leaflets, supermarket promotions, questionnaires, waiters, selling phone cards, a newspaper, the congenital condition is also good to go to the bar as a singer, when etiquette, have proficiency in a particular line also have to do a part-time teacher, website design. When I was in school, I did several kinds of things. I felt that I could not learn anything, and it was persecuted by unscrupulous intermediary. Now students part-time mostly through intermediaries, but this year the swindlers intermediary is really too much, so if students should go to an intermediary registered you should know more about the situation, ask the familiar people have not done in this intermediary. I remember the most is the one thing in a newspaper to see a copy of the text, excitedly ran. Or at a very high-end office, the boss also cheat the first with an air of importance allow you to write a paragraph of text, see what you write, and then will shuadiao were not well written; and put out the business license for you, said the reason for the pen instead of print because these are an invitation to more serious, at the time that this should be true. Speaking of the end, the boss said to pay 200 dollars in order to take the data back, at that time on the hot headed, the money paid. Back to school copy of the overtime, when to make things a few days have been left vacant.. I remember this time, the TV station also reported, because a lot of students cheated.

summed up the above several, the Internet for webmasters, or the opportunity for entrepreneurs is a lot, but we need to go to control, in order to better success. I hope everyone in this amazing Internet under the blue sky.

business products, what are your products, what to do, you have this product, too many, not one by one example, but the need for innovation, innovation of a product, a new plan, will let our webmaster in talent shows itself. Good location, identify the target, you personally feel that the mass is the best product, because for most people, this is a kind of explanation.

The traditional way of

now shop everywhere, in addition to Taobao, eBay pat, sh419’s C2C platform is also on the line, and some other small C2C platform on more, so many people shop, money will be difficult to earn. Personally feel that if you want to shop online, must have new products, cheap purchase channels, but also familiar with some rules brush credit. Some people have seen the school badge on-line sales, selling roses made of underwear, do not lose a good idea.

two, Witkey network

I tried to do a few sites, is a small information portal, there is some enterprise website, although now very competitive, not yet when entering the Internet industry, competition is so small, now in the Internet as their predecessors, positioning direction, or you like most people to think that the Internet has great potential, what is the difference between developing and developed countries? A lot of reasons, but reasonable cognitive point, productivity, and our personal webmaster or the Internet in terms of occupation, the potential of the Internet is only for our back is just started, has just entered a new stage, a computer from twentieth Century to start a "evolution" at this stage, we must have a clear direction, firmly believe that hard work will be rewarded It’s normal to have no returns in the short term. Who has just started a business and will flourish? There’s a hard time. It’s time for you to be tested.

Witkey also appeared to have several years, more well-known sites also have the pig, the task Chinese task design, class technical requirements, programming, documentation like the name ah, planning, creative, marketing high registered post, etc.. If you have good skills, please

Focus talk about the hottest four grassroots circles of profitabilitySocial dividend faded, you stil

basically speaking, the network circle is divided into four circles: Taobao circle, SEO webmaster circle, micro business circle, bidding profiteering product circle

we can see from the diagram that most of the mainstream media channels have been covered. The idea is to use their own media channels, guide powder to WeChat subscription number, and then marketing. The core of this matrix lies in the WeChat subscription number cluster, which is divided into ABCD.. And other subscription numbers, and outputs specific content for different target populations.

users have a wide range of products, the majority of the adoption of this form. Subdivided into, such as chicken soup category subscription number, character class subscription number, car category subscription number, funny class subscription number and so on, mostly for the grassroots marketing team, content mostly reproduced or pseudo original, and even direct plagiarism.

do the chain, post, make all kinds of content updates, more mechanized, too technical work will make many webmaster thinking more stubborn, so their profit model is relatively single and backward

derivative no circle at all, but because the ten year old beauty, Miracle Mask and other brands in the micro business wantonly rampant, and put an old pattern: MLM, after taking the micro circle of friends, resulting in a large number of people into the micro business

matrix class two: specific

most still rely on Taobao customers, advertising and other money, in fact, this is not the most profitable, I made a friend of SEO, the daily flow of thousands, but a month income is thousands of dollars, but he was very satisfied, recently has been planning to spend a year time to do a few websites, so that his income can enhance! I can Oh

this circle is the most serious polarization, do big bigger and bigger, cruel to give little Seller any opportunity, Tmall double 11 has explained everything, and the small seller threshold is higher and higher!

is very bitter, the big bad situation, but still hide some Taobao master, the operation is extremely violent, every day is very relaxed, these people generally are either good resources or head really spirit, always find a blue ocean of violence products! Two words: newbier

at the same time this circle many expert, engage in the black hat, make stand group, earn money is quite hard, but this is really belongs to a small number of people, many legends, seen really rarely, because these are generally made of grey! So very low!

is from the media matrix, is about to spend less money to bring the Big Mac users, because WeChat exists, subscription number spread yiqijuechen. Let’s look at a self – media matrix diagram: from the network

matrix category 1: wide cast

can say that it’s easy to suck the powder when you subscribe to the bonus period. But now it’s all over, the user >

and the above two different, there is one, that is, the establishment of a number of public numbers, and in sh419 hundred, know almost, today’s headlines and so on, there are columns, but the content of each channel is almost the same. The authors of this approach are often individuals, and experts in some field, which we call KOL. In the blog era, they won a large number of fans in the crowd. Its characteristic is maintains the fine original, the article quality is high, the viewpoint is sharp. Typical of such large financial help.

Although !

has been in touch with friends from all walks of life for a while, learning a lot, and knowing the actual situation of many circles.

when the user’s attention is on WeChat, it is clear that enterprises need to do WeChat subscription number. Look at other people’s subscription number one hundred thousand fans read, and the number of points like flying, do not spend a penny to get thousands of new registered users, you can not be jealous? A subscription number is clearly not enough, so more and more enterprises begin to try from the media matrix.


user groups are relatively narrow, set up several high-quality subscription numbers around the target population, each subscription number output is different, but the user group is more consistent in some attributes. Large companies often adopt this kind of.

!One of the most bitter people

myself online also mixed up for four or five years, today for me in recent years to understand the grass-roots circles of the status of a summary,

matrix is from the media content, its mode of operation are: with the film, for example, take a good name, such as film, film Daquan; content from Douban, poison, blog, website, other subscription number reproduced or pseudo original; the title change, when a qualified the Title of the party, and then suck powder. When the WeChat subscription number just came up, a good name could add up to thousands of new ones every day.

third: micro business circle

The main means of powder

is also the existence of relatively large polarization, many of the early years have been successful transformation of the webmaster, but most of them are still relatively hard to force,

In fact,

had a friend playing lol, lol Raiders registered a subscription number, every day from 17173 reprint articles, subscription number exceeded 200 thousand within a year, a month gets through the WeChat article below the banner advertising into a million.

says the first one: the Taobao circle,

everyone is selling mask >

while Taobao circle and the four kinds of people, we often see a variety of news, so Taobao sudden death such news, pictures, purchase goods, customer service, delivery, processing refunds, promotion and so on all kinds of chores, there may have been a person alive two couples in the completion, can not tired? So nearly two years also saw some of the owner had started " a ", but also to Amoy; a bitter portrayal of Taobao.


second: SEO webmaster circle

Chalk net do exclusive education, training micro-blog learning communityWhat kind of Wangzhuan is he

It may be a bit late for

origin by both sides lack of precise and controllable communication channels

this is a discussion of personal webmaster Wangzhuan prospect of paste technology, it can not avoid the mention of my own station. You can see this article as an ad sticker with a bit of technical content. Those who do not like can leave at once. But I believe if you take a few minutes to read this passage. There must be some feeling. Some new ideas.

I contact the Internet for 7 years

by the end of 2011, Li had found a child English training teacher for his child. After a query, he was depressed to find that there was no way to get information about the teacher’s degree of professionalism, teaching style, student evaluation and so on. When chatting, Li Yonggen’s friends talk about their troubles, I did not expect everyone to have similar experiences. This allows media origin, the business, the Internet industry has a wealth of understanding, Li Yong began to pay attention to this market.

business team business card


after further investigation, Li Yong found that demand and training institutions and teachers, lack of "low cost, education and training institutions can control / audience accurate marketing channels, and training the promotion and dissemination of individual teachers can obtain is limited to the promotion of resources institutions".

the directional discussion took less than 2 weeks. First wanted to comment. Students want to find satisfactory teachers, teachers want to promote themselves, reviews the most effective way. But it’s not easy to make comments. How do basic data come from? The accumulation of data is a very slow process. And comment is static, in order to obtain user reviews is also very difficult, it takes time to accumulate." Chalk net marketing director Shuai branch memories.  

  the most eye-catching page of the chalk net is a series of data, "communicating with 53 fields and 693 certified masters."." Site screenshots

positioning simple educational and training interactive platform

from APP applied to network course video to social networking platform, from early childhood to examination training to interest, education in the field of mobile application has gradually penetrated into our daily life, but entrepreneurs and capital to demonstrate the potential of mobile application in the field of education full enthusiasm. The first half of 2012, the main educational field of social interaction "chalk net" product has not been on-line, it has received IDG million yuan of investment.

. Experience, like most people, from indulging in online games to finally eating on the internet. I ended up with a small Web Consulting Ltd. To guide enterprises on the internet. By consulting and building a website. But because see or hear that a legendary Wangzhuan story. Have been wondering how to do traffic Wangzhuan, do a few "junk" station. And made a little money. But the more I do, the more I feel guilty. Look back at the legend. It’s virtually impossible to copy. But they also found that only legal loophole to do some speculation. How many people have cheated the hard-earned money?. The most typical example is the age of SP. Borrow a word of chairman "to have, the number of truly great men also see"

startup 4 group, and finally the product direction as "exclusive education"

, throw away the stories. In front of the personal Adsense in addition to standing at the top of the wise I always think Chinese individual stationmaster is the wisdom of the day had a wild stock or floating clouds like gods, enjoy life. Most webmasters still face more and more perfect regulation system, more and more risk, lower unit price, less and less check. When you sigh and melancholy. I can tell you responsibly. This is not really a cold winter, but in the near future, when the law is sound. When we resolutely put an end to copyright infringement, piracy is just like grabbing pornography now. These movies, pictures and so on free resources to eat the webmaster who should go from here?. Perhaps not unexpected, but most webmaster dare not think, do not think..

to get down to business now, but I’m a verbose person. Please tell me what to

in March 2012, Li Yong resigned, resigned, and his 3 colleagues. In early April, Li Yongjia next to the cafe, one of the 4 core team began to discuss the direction of product.

now popular several Wangzhuan is nothing but an offline MLM model pull a cheat strong BS belongs to a wicked person, guide the registration, such as sub pay. And promotion type click ads and mobile downloads registered. We are from legal and moral aspects to analyze this several Wangzhuan mode.
root 1, pull off the assembly line is illegal fraud. Advise what you are doing and do what you are ready to do.
2, guide the registration, although there are suspected of inducing the consumer. But there are willing to play, willing to suffer. Too much