September 2017

New opportunities for Internet giants to open up to entrepreneurs!The little red book Qie Tiger befo

dropped out of school to shlf1314: hindsight is an experience, looking ahead to intuition,

Asimov’s masterpiece "base", in addition to the prophet sheidow throughout all other characters are his disciples. They are driven by intuition and are pushed by the times. Their appearance in history has no sign of it, but they are at ease in the trend. You wonder why he is,

May 6th, Sogou CEO, the company’s independent director Wang Xiaochuan revealed by micro-blog, as the traditional dating site Jiayuan will be involved in the field of intelligent equipment, push wearable products! Even dating sites are a smart Wearable air turned technology enterprises visible how strong the wind is

xinhuanet November 30 Beijing Xinhua reporter Zhou Lin Ye Jian on 2003 at the Princeton computer Dr. Xi qiè IBM the tigers refused, companies such as Microsoft Offer, give up the Ivy League doctorate, joined a start-up company. Before he set off for Silicon Valley, he didn’t even know what he was going to do.

? A number of manufacturers

from this point of view, Xi tigers in the research of China Mobile Internet field after three years, did not join the BAT, but in the thousands of start-ups, chose the "little red book", the fledgling gene has not yet been completely finalized, it is not difficult to explain.

is so high, how to pick Qie tiger is shlf1314


Original title: If the

– shlf1314’s "fair and supreme" principle coincides with the original intention of little red book to realize the efficient matching between people and information. This choice also confirms the tiger in the technology of Qie ideal: make fair rules of play to the game player.

if the official answer, the tigers will summarize Xi two points: one is the attraction of the product.


Samsung, SONY, Tuman, shell electron, reflecting interest in science and technology, have launched smart watches products, sh419 has launched 360 bracelet, breath launched dulife-TCL BoomBand dulife-picooc health bracelet, Latin intelligent body fat tester and a variety of intelligent wearable products, wearable devices on the market is pushed in the teeth of the storm.

holding IBM Research Institute, Microsoft Research Institute and other big Offer, and succeed in the interview 3, 4 companies, and now look back, then the option in Xi tiger, or death or withdrawal, half is gone.

The probability of death

home three disciples of the little red book Qie heart: through the mists of

CES of the United States in 2014 known as the wearable exhibition, the major manufacturers are the priority among priorities of wearable products as the layout, in addition to SONY, Samsung, LG and other consumer electronics manufacturers, including Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek and other chip manufacturers, the company involved in the scale product line covers a wide range of first-line manufacturers to focus on wearable devices segments of the start-up companies such as Pebble and Fitbit smart Bracelet manufacturers.

Chinese announced its withdrawal from the market in 2010 in the company, is the global tiger Xi technical director. Tencent, former vice president Peng Zhijian said: Tiger Wu Jun and Xi famous Silicon Valley investor, "top of the wave" author, Zhu Huican served as the company Research Institute of engineering technology China responsible person and known as the "three engineer domestic Internet companies want to dig from the company".


the wind will not take care of a person. Because of history will not be silent "Daguai upgrade" possessed, it only to see the results.

wearable device is a hot spot for investment, according to the statistics of capital laboratory, cutting-edge and hot areas of investment transactions 2013 annual hardware innovation since 123, to disclose the transaction amount of $1 billion 440 million, can be used as a wearable device hardware innovation the biggest hot spots, trading volume reached 64, the transaction amounted to $560 million; among them, focusing on health / medical the function of wearable technology financing amounted to $188 million, the general wearable technology in the amount of $372 million financing. Smart UP wristband manufacturer Jawbone get $250 million investment in February, Fitbit also received a $43 million investment in March 11th, the domestic plump Bracelet successfully the 60 million B round of financing.


Apple Corp is also conducting smart watches iWatch research and development, multi prediction may be available by the end of 2014. And once the introduction of wearable devices apple, will be expected to move the entire wearable market to new heights, which led to explosive growth in the industry as a whole. According to Business insider latest forecast, the current global wearable market size of about 3 billion to 5 billion U.S. dollars, the next two to three years will grow into a huge market of 30 billion to 50 billion U.S. dollars.


Abstract: Internet giants have entered the field of intelligent wearable, and launched an open platform, on the one hand can help hardware manufacturers to accelerate the combination of hardware and software product development speed, can achieve sales "through-train" commitment, on the other hand the product is still in development, but also greatly reduced the market pressure. In this environment, who can first get the Internet giant open platform technology, market or even financial support, become the key to the success of intelligent wearable manufacturers.

left shlf1314, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Ali, sh419, bid farewell to all of their past glory, re embarked on the road to entrepreneurship, advocating technology moat. Why is he, the opening of the "exodus disciples" series, about such a group of scientific and technological idealists realistic path?.

, this start-up company is called shlf1314.

Learning how to do foreign trade in Shanghai Dragon

said the actual point, learn to do the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon, in addition to learning English, recommend a few books, this is a "search engine marketing: site traffic speed", written by a foreigner, called the Shanghai dragon sector of the Bible, recommended to see the original, there is not much practical, but there are a lot of principle. I can definitely say, ten times more important than all the technical principle, because the technology may be wrong, there may be outdated, but all the principle of technology and innovation source, help you understand what time what the website technology >

seemingly said pianti, we continue to learn how to do foreign trade official, Shanghai dragon, here I first say a premise, that is the level of English, if you want to do foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng, especially for English said, with the noble baby country, you must own English level is excellent no, say six, but you should have at least six level, if not, I’m sorry to do it, because the nobles of Shanghai baby dragon, want to be successful, what kind of learning is not to English Shanghai Longfeng forum for learning, as you said to search outside, walk, do not want to say, the basic to learn anything, even learned, mostly obsolete, as for training, oh, forget it, some training level is not as good as I do, so English is very important, after the English standard, Go to the English forum, foreigners quite friendly, at the forum, many methods and ideas will be shared (are very advanced), in addition, you ask the question in general will also have master answer, explain very clearly, unlike China, some master answer questions yunliwuli, Yunshanwuzhao, look very deep, in fact useless, people really hate, good technology to hide what, sooner or later be found one day and outdated, but is conducive to share common progress, and even improve the Chinese Shanghai Longfeng level, well, don’t say these things.


how to learn to do foreign trade Shanghai dragon

A little bit more,


how to learn to do foreign trade of Shanghai dragon? Many people ask me! They often seem very puzzled: why noble baby Shanghai dragon than love Shanghai Shanghai dragon to so much, not to mention the conclusion right, at least as far as I am concerned, Shanghai foreign trade operation dragon is than to love Shanghai some worry, why? Because of the nobility baby is now more mature, relatively few changes, adjustments are generally only once a month, and love Shanghai is adjusted once a week, and often the major cause, ranking is not stable, another reason you should know, love is the eight in Shanghai promotion, and love the products in Shanghai love and cooperation of Shanghai official website has overwhelming rankings, so you will often see such a situation, the twenty position eight is love Shanghai, a Know a love love Shanghai, Shanghai encyclopedia, a few love love Shanghai Post Bar, Shanghai cooperation, the rest of the Shanghai dragon to do better, can row in a dozen, what do you mean? As for the noble baby, at least not happen.

Keywords judge competition coup

is a site of the highest weight is the home page, so ranking the strongest is home. Just so, webmaster always put the most important words in the home page, so the search results returned by the first five pages or ten pages in the website homepage to occupy the position number >

through bidding

since the emphasis is the number of results then of course is how much more quantitative, but comparison of this method is a good non natural ranking results obtained by keyword bidding number, since these words can make businesses rushing to love Shanghai money to get a more forward position, they can help these businesses to obtain greater benefits, so these words are very commercial value, since it is so, so that more businesses through bidding, on behalf of the more competitive keywords.



A number of search results from

this method is compared with the first method and improved a little, because we all know that a web page is the most important key words often appear in the title, so the title page contains keywords is the main competitors and we compete, we can use this number of results were compared to determine the degree of competition in the key words.

the number of query keywords instruction

four, five or ten page page number

the number of search results that we through the search engine search keywords in the results returned by the first page display lines such as: "love Shanghai to find relevant results for you about XXX, is the sum of all the keywords of the page. Obviously, the number of search results more representative of the degree of competition is, in general, the number of search results in 100 thousand the following, the key competition is very small, the number is in 100 thousand to 1 million, so the key to have a good ranking there is a certain degree of difficulty, as a result of more than one million, the the word of the competition even more fierce, and once the number of results of more than ten million, so the word competition can only be used to describe the tragic, this is not our webmaster can touch the word.

for the web site optimization before Shanghai Longfeng usually prepare a lot of words, and then these words were screened, and the screening process we will inevitably encounter this kind of situation: Several keyword search index is similar, the meaning is similar, in order to avoid keywords duplication, we must have a choice in the end, that how to choose? Can use a lottery to go. Because the choice of keywords is a very important criterion is to choose those search index is relatively high, the degree of competition should be relatively small, in view of this, so this time we will be judged by the degree of competition for their choice. How should we judge the competition degree of keywords? I through study and practice at the following summary judgment method:

three, the number of

two, intitle

On the now Shanghai dragon Forum deteriorating

about the Shanghai dragon knowledge forum is mixed and disorderly, so what is the best forum above we refer to the problem, do Shanghai dragon must have a set of methods of their own, if you are in accordance with the above knowledge forum to do, the effect is not good. I hope you can help to.

like Shanghai Longfeng novice often go to some Shanghai dragon forum to learn some knowledge, some people will Shanghai Longfeng answer post your questions and so on, but this forum is really very little, but also will answer is not so correct, misleading a lot of novice, because the main purpose of those not reply your problem, but outside the chain, or really like you just pretend to be a scholar, but also powerful way to mislead you, now generally good platform, such as the CHINAZ article, has A5 articles, the bar is not a forum, said is some more practical.

forum, the forum also has a lot of quality in the post, but very few, most people are to go outside the chain of quality, resulting in a serious decline in the contents of the forum, so that the individual A5 webmaster to cancel the signature, should be related to this.

online is a lot of Relationship Learning Forum Shanghai dragon, every day there are a lot of people in the above post, ask questions, answer questions, exchange of experience. Does learning forum role is very large, but now many Shanghai Longfeng forums have been some Adsense advertising, slowly cover the learning and communication function.

also has a lot of new Shanghai dragon friends will say, can find the information you want in the forum, but when you are familiar with the Shanghai dragon, you will find that the things you want is very fuzzy, even there is no answer, yesterday to search for a thing, I love Shanghai in the first place, is a well-known forum. But the contents of lead in this article Baba Shanghai dragon Lin Jianhui written today, really is all for the chain to reply, do people respond, not a reply with answers.

In 3,

, 4 years ago, at that time if you want to have something to the forum has been issued, many answers, there are various answers you want, and you want to achieve the search engine to search your problem in you, there will be very many forums have asked, and have to solve. Look at now, all is for the chain to the forum today, Lin Jianhui about today’s Shanghai dragon forum.


Why not say the


unless otherwise noted, the article is Baba Shanghai Longfeng original reproduced please specify the link with the Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝baba贵族宝贝/bbnews/20130519/183.html

The site is down right Improper solutions allow you to tears!

! website?The

here for 8 years in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, which summed up one of the most important experience and share: see a snapshot of the site, if the site has a serious problem, you will find traces from the snapshot in

second, can log in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love, look at the recent capture abnormal, this function is very good, the last is landing BBS, learn how to respond to other webmaster, whether it is a batch processing, the same right down, always have a common cause, so a few years to.


: See also LOG server logs, whether there are abnormal capture, for this, some time ago also met, because the love of Shanghai upgrade website a few years ago snapshot information was turned out to grab, this time: if a large number of pages before there is a problem, it will cause the site to drop right. Why didn’t drop right? Because the previous search rules is now perfect, typically, is the search engine to turn old, give you a "reverse"

every day most concern is whether to enhance the website ranking? And the right to drop the word is the most reluctant to see the nightmare! But, inevitably, any website right down may, but do you really know how to properly deal with the down right? Wrong way, will let the long-term site cannot be recovered, to pay the east to


two, find the real cause of

don’t think the website ranking suddenly gone, must be right down, the face of this situation, the recent owners if not the site has sensitive operation, such as website. So webmaster need to do is just a word: "three days", if not recovered, then the corresponding operation is not late.

three, how to solve the problem of the correct

! !

find the site problem, began to modify? How to properly solve the problem, which is also a key point, first of all I want to say is: do not directly on the server changes, especially the kind of short time cannot be modified after repeated problems, spider grab your different version of the page, is not conducive to recovery the normal station, can’t take this.

, a website is really right to be reduced

there are a number of webmaster, as long as the site is down right, to proceed immediately to make changes to the site, but are you sure you think of the problem, causes the site down right? If not the cause of the site problem, this time to make changes, is undoubtedly on the website of the snow on the cool, normal the changes in the website, there are a lot of attention, you’re not a normal

because a lot of the time, belong to the search engine to adjust the rules, lead to a large number of website ranking is not stable, after the adjustment, ranking immediately restored, such a situation is very common.


How to improve the new keyword ranking to the home in a month

PM2.5 real-time query network, a reprint please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝

2, the update is updated regularly; each website survival magic, small sites are generally five o’clock to update a high quality content, no less than 500 words best pure original articles, this point not too much to say.

even after the review period, also do not represent what, the key point is the website ranking, a web site keywords ranking position number will directly determine the site and the value of life and death. Today we will discuss how to simple new sites in a month to promote the keywords ranking

1, outside the chain of stable release; will spend about 2 hours finishing the day the chain included and released small every night for the chain of relatively stable, need to increase efforts to release must be completed to determine whether the chain included.

This article from the original

4, regular promotion; centralized web site information effectively in a certain period of time, such as QQ group, know peace, micro-blog and other public platforms, here is the so-called effective user effectively, rather than spam. And this kind of promotion way is different from the chain, it pays more attention to the effectiveness of.

home page?

3, the website structure optimization; because of the previous web experience, so for new sites, site code language, website structure, URL link requires good planning, try to choose the spider love Shanghai love platform station, also URL directory link design must be reasonable, in the form of short URL link is preferred.

for the new station, the most sad is that the review period, the review period in general site only included the home page, but this does not mean that the site only included the home page, but love Shanghai not put out, so the new station is no need to worry too much about this problem. In a small series of web experience, the new general examination for a period of 1 months to 45 days.

well, these are small summary of the railway station, how to improve the keywords ranking techniques to the home in a month, welcome to put forward different views and opinions.

more than two words [PM2.5] and PM2.5 [ranking real-time real-time query] the heat index were 214 and 2703, respectively seventh and tenth beloved Shanghai home; especially after a keyword, the heat index is high, that is how to improve the keywords ranking to the home in a month? Xiaobian summary the following several points:

Multi picture less text website home page how to do the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


we are in a home to put a lot of pictures is to increase the user experience, to meet the user’s senses, for example, we need to show the meaning sometimes have to use some pictures to show, and even the use of no ordinary user computer font description, also generally use the words written on the picture. Here I am from several aspects in more detail about some of my personal views.

, ALT, and other conventional optimization methods that. You know this, because the search engine can’t grab pictures on the content, but can identify pictures of ALT information, and we need to see the text search engine written in ALT information have become a common practice, it is because I don’t have much to say here. The map is in order to affect the overall visual conditions reduce the total number of requests "volume and improve website loading speed, and whether it is on the user or search engine is very good. In addition to the use of more high-quality server is also a good way to optimize Shanghai dragon.

The first

is a unified trend in the current web site, is in the visual impression has great impact, in fact, to achieve this purpose are often use high quality pictures to help the. Websites such as games and art service enterprises and other types of official website can often be seen by a lot of pictures to decorate the home page. And we all know the search engine is not to recognize the picture above, of course may have the same ability in the future, but at least now haven’t done; you know love is search engine load quickly and let yourself successfully grab the data at the same time, increase the user experience more advocate.

second, for different search engines and users. This way I get from an open source web application in inspiration, we all know that enable pseudo static is to let the search engine better included, of course now, the search engine has solved the dynamic URL problem and the program included; a built-in function is the division of search engine and user, if it is a search engine the use of pseudo static URL, and if the user is using the default natural dynamic URL, thereby reducing the server load. Here we are the same, such as some of our special appearance of the font can only write in the picture above, of course, to support the font in the CSS3 server, but it will not only allow users to the client when the first visit to download the corresponding font file, so as to influence the speed, more important is that many users browser the new property does not support. But the picture of the text is to the user, the search engine is invisible; so we need to get a search engine to see users do not see the good. That is the position in the picture, add a DIV, and in which we want to write on the search engine to see the contents, and then put the height set to 0. This can avoid the ALT information is suspected of cheating, because it does not affect the user experience also.

To complain. The snapshot is not true

pictured above is the four main words the main sites do, index are also quite high. The snapshot complaints after several keyword rankings are still. We can foresee the right site >

1: This is a kind of self deception


is the so-called forced love does not last, I think this is every webmaster all know the truth. But in real life, regardless of you and me, we often make the mistake of "strong twisted melon". For example, love Shanghai snapshots, many owners often entangled in their own site snapshot update not diligent, or stuck in a certain time. Although the authorities in Shanghai have made it clear that love does not exist and the site snapshot weight, but the snapshot of the reaction site health of this idea has been ingrained in the minds of the us. This will depend on many webmaster complaints to update the so-called snapshot. In this paper, the author want to express is: to the snapshot. The complaint is not true.


as the Shanghai dragon Er we complaint snapshot of the original intention is good, the development is undoubtedly want to make the site better, hope to be able to get a stable ranking site. But from the snapshot complaints experiments, the author’s views and love Shanghai’s official view, the snapshot will bring much impact to the weight, ranking will not. We also see a case. As shown below.

2: No, not conducive to ranking

above a test before I use the site to do, the picture is the snapshot of the author was heard about the latest snapshot complaints, a snapshot of the time point 22. After that I love Shanghai in the webmaster tools search engine crawling pressure diagram analysis it is a stage that. In the complaint snapshot of the No. 22 day search engine is not to our site, but the next day after the. Only the arrival of search engine can really generate snapshot information, that is to say the so-called snapshot No. 22 is purely fake a snapshot of self deception.

ER as Shanghai Longfeng we operate in any optimization means before will certainly consider the real significance. To assess whether to operate. So there is no substantive snapshot complaints? I think not, is a manifestation of self deception. Why? Because the snapshot complaints come just a representation, is not true. I have also tried to use snapshot complaints of this function, it can snapshot in a few hours to update. But the subsequent snapshot will continue to stagnation and even retrogression. We know that there is a relationship between the snapshot and search engine crawling. We can also say a snapshot update rule search engine crawling intensity is relatively high. So if the complaint can also let the snapshot search engine crawling more high? Let’s take a look at this case.

Local portal website optimization summary

3. highlights the title and keywords, reasonable use of

5. links to related articles

automatic abstract keyword density adjustment

1. modified keywords and description of

for website optimization project, we should first consider the site is a new site or the old site, if it is a new web site, we can start from the more leisurely start step planning website optimization and key points. As an old site has nearly 10 years of history, I give advice to optimize the sequence from bottom to top. Firstly, analyzing the existing problems of the underlying website page, and put forward some suggestions for improvement, to allow customers to adjust, and soon be able to see the change, at the same time does not affect the existing site operation, in order to enhance the confidence of customers.

Background: the website for the


, a website standardization need

page, mainly in the following aspects:


recently in optimization of a local real estate website, the following summary of some recent work.

From the site and the old site of the new

three, a web page

website hosted by capital city telecommunications bureau website, nearly 10 years of history, has a rich background and local resources, but for a long time, the number of users to maintain the basic stability of fast growth, in the search engine’s poor performance. At the recent website, I hope a few chances to enhance the site in the search engine rankings. The main site and communication, here are some solutions to some website main concerns as well as I proposed.

two, website optimization order, different

complete the content page adjustment, customers see the change, with the initial confidence after optimization can start a web page. For local portal sites, the corresponding PR are relatively high, there are more resources outside the chain of high quality, but the chain layout is not reasonable. The text and web page lack of consideration and overall optimization, so the main measures are:


website standardization trend is not only more and more strong, and has become a symbol and conversation, including website customer, but also more heard of web standards. So the original website asked whether it is necessary to carry out standardized site reconstruction through the analysis of the whole station, I found that the website has been coming to an end, but as a real estate website, the huge amount of data, the original page writing is not standardized, hope through one-time net station standardization, from the perspective of project management is not realistic, and it is not the highest level of an emergency. Therefore, to develop a framework of standardized procedures for each other, based on the gradual small changes to optimize website.

1. home chain > friendship

6. related informationOptimization of

?In recent years,

How to optimize the web page is better

We have Keywords Don’t

page chain optimization. In the optimization of the chain before we have repeatedly referred to here, need to explain some problems:

a good website gives users useful information is through the final landing page display, page optimization bad directly determines a site of the Shanghai dragon ranking. How to optimize the web page is Qiao said Shanghai Longfeng forum webmaster to share content. Page optimization includes several aspects: Keywords page layout, Page Title Optimization, optimization of chain page, the page chain optimization.

first, the beginning of this article do not take the link. Users began to read your article has not fully understand your content, hurry to guide users to other pages, this is obviously not true. Therefore, this article starts with don’t chain.

[ Keywords

title column + keywords + brand word or title + brand word, or the title + column key words these three ways. This way we can see that if the title of the article by long tail keywords for an exact match, that this quality is good, be included in ranking will be very good to show. In order to bring the long tail words flow. This is what we want to say second points: the Page Title Optimization, it is easy to understand, with the keyword layout, the final page title title + brand word, only need to master the matching principle, it will be able to get good rankings.

page layout optimization. First, we have said before, to a small but beautiful quality web site. The page title is the three or four best keywords is appropriate, then add brand word. As I was in Shanghai dragon training. Key words: home can set Shanghai dragon training + Shanghai + Shanghai + video tutorial dragon dragon brand word. The home page keyword is not too much, we may understand this, if the home page weight is not high, the weight of each keyword will share very little, the bigger the denominator, the smaller the value, is the truth.

the previous tutorial to teach you how to develop dozens or even hundreds of long tail keywords, these words we pick key to the layout of each page to go to. Besides the Columns page, this page is a column page, this column page we

[map] Huaqiao Yu Garden Room 2 Office 1 Wei 2 72 square meters in Shanghai surrounding second-hand housing – Shanghai 58 city

] Shanghai real estate network Shanghai real estate information network – Shanghai 58 city

this column page keywords layout is very reasonable, we learn about such patterns when do the layout of keywords.

layout too many keywords, one to two. We look at the column page layout of 58 city has done very well, we can learn from. In Shanghai real estate column as an example:

page layout. Look at the city’s 58 page layout:

second, page do not add page >