National summit to address business readiness for flu pandemic

first_imgFeb 1, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – A national conference scheduled Feb 14 and 15 in Minneapolis will give business leaders an opportunity to learn from experts about the risk of pandemic influenza and help figure out how their industries can prepare for it. The long list of speakers for the conference includes Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Michael Leavitt; former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson; CIDRAP Director Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH; and writer and scholar John Barry, author of The Great Influenza, a lengthy account of the 1918 flu pandemic. Ted Koppel, former host of the ABC News show “Nightline,” will speak at a Feb 14 evening banquet. Planners describe the summit as the first of its type on a national scale. “I think it’s the first conference of its kind to bring together all the various industry sectors to actually work towards determining and addressing current gaps in planning” for the business community, said Osterholm. He added that some “solutions have been identified in one or more business sectors but not generally made available to other sectors.” Olson said he expects the meeting will attract mostly larger companies, giving them a chance to compare notes on their preparedness measures. “We’re hoping to share some of that information with small and medium-sized companies at a later date,” he said. “We can no longer assume that business continuity plans for both our multinational companies and small businesses, largely based on a concept of a regional event of a limited duration, will approximate the actual impact and consequence of an influenza pandemic,” Osterholm said in congressional testimony in December. “Rather, I believe an influenza pandemic will be like a 12- to 18-month global blizzard that will ultimately change the world as we know it today.” Beauchesne commented in a University of Minnesota news release, “Pandemic influenza needs to be on the minds of all organizations. It is not an ‘if’ but ‘when’ scenario. This is a critical event that should be a priority for all our members.” Besides those mentioned above, some of the other speakers and panelists are Ann Beauchesne, executive director of homeland security for the US Chamber of Commerce; former Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson; Sherry Cooper, global economic strategist with Harris Bank and BMO Financial Group in Toronto; Richard Knox, science correspondent with National Public Radio; Jeffrey Levi, senior policy adviser at Trust for America’s Health; and Stewart Simonson, assistant director for public health emergency preparedness in the US Department of Health and Human Services.center_img David Olson, president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, said the conference will give businesses a chance to prepare for disasters in general. “We obviously hope that a pandemic flu situation never arises, but we think this is a great opportunity for businesses to plan for any kind of disaster, whether it be flood, fire, or tornado,” he told CIDRAP News. “If they’re going to be prepared for flu, my guess is everything else is going to be less [difficult] than that.” The premise of the conference is that pandemic flu is a major global threat and that traditional business security and disaster-response plans will not be adequate for dealing with it, according to CIDRAP officials. The conference will include expert speakers and panel discussions on topics affecting all industries, such as legal issues, healthcare, infrastructure, human resources, government support, and risk communication. After the general presentations, participants will gather with others from their own industry to discuss continuity planning. Sessions are planned for 11 different sectors, such as healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture and food, energy, transportation and warehousing, and construction and real estate. The meeting, called “Business Planning for Pandemic Influenza: A National Summit,” is being organized by the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), publisher of this Web site. The United States and Minnesota Chambers of Commerce are cosponsoring the event, to be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Osterholm said he hopes the meeting will be the beginning of an ongoing effort to help the private sector prepare for pandemic flu. “No one knows if the current situation [with avian flu] will lead to a pandemic, but regardless if it does, there will be another pandemic,” he said “Any preparedness efforts we can make in this global just-in-time economy will be an investment well spent.”last_img read more

Egypt reports 13th avian flu death plus new case

first_imgFeb 16, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – The World Health Organization (WHO) today confirmed a fatal H5N1 avian influenza case in a 37-year-old woman in Egypt, as the country’s health ministry announced that a 5-year-old boy had tested positive for the virus.Egyptian officials announced the case in the woman, from Fayyoum governorate about 60 miles south of Cairo, 2 days ago. The WHO, in a statement yesterday confirming her illness as the country’s 21st case, said she was hospitalized Feb 12 and had helped slaughter and defeather sick birds a week before she became ill. She is the 13th Egyptian to die of the virus and the third in 2007.Meanwhile, Egypt’s health ministry said the boy, from Sharqiya governorate, about 60 miles northeast of Cairo, tested positive for H5N1 after experiencing a high fever 2 days ago, Reuters reported today. The ministry said he was in stable condition and undergoing treatment.WHO confirmation of the boy’s case would increase the agency’s case count for Egypt to 22.John Jabbour, a WHO representative in Cairo, told Reuters that a delay in reporting symptoms is contributing to a high fatality rate in Egypt. He said many people keep birds at their homes but hesitate to disclose that to health officials because they fear sanctions.In other avian flu news, agriculture officials in Laos on Feb 13 reported two H5N1 outbreaks in poultry, according to a report today in the Vientiane Times. The outbreaks reportedly occurred in two Vientiane prefecture villages, one on a duck farm in Phonpapao-thong and one among backyard ducks in Dongsavath.Health officials held an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss how to handle the outbreak, the Times reported. They have already restricted poultry movement in the affected areas and surveyed 83,000 people in 50 villages near the area for suspicious symptoms, the Times report said. Authorities also plan to cull ducks at the two outbreak locations.The last poultry outbreak in Laos occurred in July 2006, when the H5N1 virus killed 2,500 chickens on a farm just south of Vientiane near the Thai border. It was the first major H5N1 outbreak in the country since 2004. No human cases or deaths have been reported.Officials in Turkey, in a report submitted to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) 3 days ago, announced H5N1 outbreaks in two more villages, one in Batman province, where the first outbreak of the 2007 season was reported recently, and one in Diyarbakir province. All are in southeast Turkey, about 460 miles from Ankara.Turkish officials suspect that the disease has spread to poultry in two more villages in Diyarbakir but are awaiting test results, Reuters reported today. The two villages were quarantined, and 340 birds were destroyed, the report said. There have been no WHO-confirmed human cases in Turkey in 2007.See also:Feb 16 WHO statementFeb 15 WHO statementNov 22, 2006, FAO avian flu bulletin with chart of H5N1 outbreaks by country reports on Turkish outbreak read more

Kostajnica Chestnut Festival included on the map “Tastes of Europe”

first_imgThe European Commission has included the Kostajnica Chestnut Festival on the “Tastes of Europe” map, which promotes European food and high quality beverages.This is the result of the presentation of the most important economic, tourist and cultural events of Sisak-Moslavina County at the conference that accompanied the exhibition “Green-Blue Cradle of Croatia” prepared and organized by Croatian Member of the European Parliament Marijana Petir in March this year in Brussels.DG GROW Tourism Representative Juliana Gabriela Aluas announced that the most important events in Sisak-Moslavina County could be included in the ‘Tastes of Europe’ map and thanked MP Petir for informing the Commission of their content. Aluas said at the time that “until then, the Commission had no information about the Chestnut Festival in Hrvatska Kostajnica and other events, such as Voloderski jeseni and Letovanići – villages near Kupa, but thanks to the presentation of events in the European Parliament organized by MP Petir, representatives of these events may request the ‘Tastes of Europe’ folder to make them an integral part of the European project ‘, which has now been achieved.The Kostajnica Chestnut Festival, the largest and most beautiful cultural, tourist and economic event in the Pounje region, is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. Kostajnica.  ”Said the director of the Tourist Office of Hrvatska Kostajnica Mirjana Lahovsky-Žličarić.During the Chestnut Festival from Zagreb, Kesten-cug rides, and with an organized trip to the chestnut forests, visitors can enjoy salty and sweet, homemade preparations of this valuable fruit, see numerous exhibitions and forgotten crafts to enjoy the performance of guest choirs, tamburitza players, folklore groups, rides a real tourist tram or just walk through the streets and alleys of Kostajnica full of various colorful stalls surrounded by the smell of roasted chestnuts. Those who are a little braver and more skilful can ride a boat on the Una, shoot a bow and arrow or visit Kostajnica on a bicycle and hiking trail.last_img read more

Danijela Čavlović elected president of the Family Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

first_imgAt the session of the Council of the Family Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, held on September 19, the current president Nedo Pinezić was relieved of his duties at his own request. He was replaced by Danijela Čavlović, vice president and current president of the ZOT Section of the City of Zagreb. The new vice president is Martina Nimac, president of the ZOT Section of the Split-Dalmatia County.Danijela Čavlović is a graduate journalist who has spent more than 15 years in the media industry. She built her career in journalism, TV and internet production, public relations and event management, and after many years working in the media, agency and corporation, she decided to start her own business and in the summer of 2012 opened the first Zagreb bed & breakfast Studio Kairos. enters the world’s greatest guides like Lonely Planet, Rough Guide and Rick Steves booka, it is written about by world media such as the Times, Independent, Guardian, Washington Post, filmed by Japanese television and Al Jazeera, National Geographic Traveler puts it in 1st place on the list of accommodation cheaper than 100 pounds. Thanks to a different way of thinking about tourism, which is based on creativity and quality, accommodation providers in the fall of 2014 elected her president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Zagreb, and after the departure of Nedeljko Pinezic from the position of head of the national community, duties.”When I joined the Family Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce three years ago, Nedo Pinezić was the key person for whom I decided to take this step, seeing in him a huge enthusiasm, passion and experience that changed things for the better in our micro-entrepreneurship. You know when you have the unmistakable feeling in your stomach that you are in the right place at the right time and with the right people… Learn from the person who is most responsible for the development of family tourism in Croatiawhich, so that today in Europe they cite us as an example of good practice in the regulation of this market, seemed to me an opportunity not to be missed (because the question is whether Kairos will bring me a new chance :)) The results of ZOT activities today are visible in many segments – formation of regional clusters, deregulation of the legislative framework, branding of family accommodation, education of hosts through our national and regional OS Forums, involvement of ZOT in creating European policies and the last great success by declaring Croatian holiday homes the absolute winners in the Best European Holiday Home in which we were able to participate thanks to the connection of ZOT to the European family accommodation association EHHA.” Danijela Čavlović points out the new president of the Family Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.The current president of ZOT HGK was a father, mentor, teacher and chief ambassador of family accommodation in Croatia, and after 20 years of active tourism and development of family accommodation in Croatia, for personal reasons he decided to retire and leave the future of tourism development to young people. “”As his deputy, it was logical for me to succeed him, but I resisted for almost a year, believing that I still did not have enough experience to take over this position, where the ladder was raised very high. But then I realized that Nedo is the only one, irreplaceable, and that I, although I have been in tourism for only 5 years, can offer some other knowledge and tools for further improvement of private accommodation. “Come on, come on, don’t be afraid, you’re a new man for a new age, and I’m already a dinosaur for today’s digital revolution. Just look at what you did with only 4 rooms in Kairos, ”Nedo encouraged me as I wondered if I should take this responsible position. However, knowing that we are the creators of our own destiny, I learned how things can change only through faith and action, and that is why yesterday I accepted the leadership of the National Community of the Armed Forces, while Martina Rimac, President of the Split-Dalmatia County . Again, that feeling in my stomach told me that the timing was perfect considering my business and other life plans… Well, I hope to justify the trust of the leading people in the Chamber and my fellow landlords to take over this duty and successfully continue with my colleagues where Nedo started back in the 90s… Mentor and teacher, thank you for everything.. ”concludes ČavlovićLana Petrović, from the ZOT Section of the Split-Dalmatia County, has been confirmed as the business secretary of the Association.Related news:CROATIA THE ABSOLUTE WINNER IN CHOOSING THE BEST HOLIDAY HOMES IN EUROPE! THE BEST WELLNESS HOUSE IN EUROPE IS LOCATED IN ŽMINJ – VILLA VINČENATlast_img read more

Međimurje protest: CNTB does not recognize Međimurje and the north of Lijepa naša as a key destination

first_imgAlso, the Međimurje can be proud to be in two Declared a European destination of excellence, Špancirfest is the tourist event of the year, while Porciunculus as well The Renaissance Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and proves to be great tourist stories. “The video was made with the intention of being presented at the World Travel Market in London and its duration is more than two minutes, where all regions of Croatia are shown. Precisely for this reason, it is not clear to me how Međimurje and the north itself were not found as a region that can offer the camera a mountain of attractive shots, and it has not been found as many times before. Međimurje is not even on the Tourist Map on the pages of the Croatian Tourist Board. We always like to do great populism when we receive some awards, and the question is the weight of those awards and how much they mean at all, if they are not used in a quality way later. ” Nikola Budiša, owner of LM Komunikacije and initiator of the Lovely Medjimurje project, points out and adds that in cases of promotion and lobbying for Međimurje and the north of Croatia to be on a tourist map, the institutions have definitely failed. ” It is their job, without anyone being angry, but some things should be better in this regard, and they would greatly help all stakeholders in tourism. ” Budisa concludes.Proof and confirmation of the success of the destination is certainly the Međimurje festival Forestland, which is successfully growing for the fifth year in a row. An excellent tourist story in the center of Međimurje, which certainly deserves more media attention, especially because it is a festival on the continent, not on the sea, which attracts over 20.000 visitors and grows from year to year. “Međimurje as a location is certainly developing, we have a constant influx of new content and tourists. Unfortunately, we Međimurje people do not appreciate enough what we have, we rarely lobby for ours and that is evident. CNTB, as well as Croatia in general, seems to end up on the Drava and sometimes it is sad that we are being harassed in this way. But, as always, we will work and roll up our sleeves and show that with such an approach we have the products, location and intelligence to create enviable content. ” concludes Krešimir Biškup, the organizer of Forestland, which puts Međimurje on the European map of electronic music. The new promotional video of the Croatian Tourist Board raised a lot of “dust”, both positive, primarily due to the fact that our athletes finally got the role of ambassador of our tourism, and thus negative. One of the negative arguments is that there is no northern part of Lijepa naša in any of the promotional videos.At this year’s Days of Croatian Tourism, Međimurje once again won many awards and recognitions. DMC agency Etnoart travel prhad a special recognition for the development of eno-gastro tourism, and the company Eltel doo also received a well-deserved recognition in the category of Innovation in tourism for a modular system for equipping bike paths. In the Man the key to success category, the best driver was declared – Dino Mađarić from the company Rudi express doo, and the rescuer Nino Škrobara from the company EKOM dooAs a reaction to the omission, the mayor of Čakovec, Stjepan Kovač, appealed to the Croatian Tourist Board and pointed out that in the last promotional video there is not a single shot of the northern part of Lijepa naša and Međimurje. “The video is truly commendable and included all the elements we can be proud of – top athletes, cultural destinations, gastronomic delicacies and beautiful landscapes. However, it is simply unbelievable that the north of Croatia, our beautiful cities and rich tourist offer have been completely left out. We constantly hear that the tourist offer must be current 365 days a year and I think that the north of Croatia proves it. Today, Čakovec is a city that offers Advent, at the peak of the summer season it offers the event Porcijunkulovo, which this year attracted 300 people and impressed the world-famous blogger Ashley Colburn. In every tourist activity in the city, we provide space for promotion to local family farms, craftsmen and artists, for whom promotion as part of such national activities is crucial. This is truly the minimum that the state must provide to those who fill our budget and promote the benefits of their region in the best possible way. Neighboring Varaždin also offers phenomenal content and we have also not seen a single shot and we can rightly protest against this injustice”Says Kovac.last_img read more

Horizon Travel became an authorized visa processing agency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

first_imgTravel agency Obzor putovanja doo has become an authorized agency in Croatia for processing visas and legalization of documents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.According to the new procedure of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Sarajevo, visas and legalization of documents must be obtained through an authorized agency. Obzor putovanja points out that they are doing a complete service including translating documents into Arabic / English and certifying them at all necessary institutions, and as before they continue to mediate all types of visas necessary for travel and work for Croatian citizens.  Since the visa for Saudi Arabia is a more complex story, the process time for obtaining a visa is approximately 2 weeks, points out Tea Andrun from Obzor Travel and adds: “Visas are issued only for business reasons, family visits or state visits, and tourist visas as such do not exist. Given the complexity of the required documentation, which implies in one part the legalization of the documentation, such information requires an individual approach.”Concludes Andrun.Inače, Obzor putovanja d.o.o. osnovao je nacionalni zrakoplovni prijevoznik Croatia Airlines, a tijekom godina postali su jedna od vodećih turistička agencija za poslovna i turistička putovanja te ove godine slave 25 godina postojanja.last_img read more