Jennifer Ellison-Brown: The concepts of fitness

first_img Exercise refers to a subset of physical activity – planned, structured, repetitive movement of the body designed specifically to improve one’s health and to maintain physical fitness. Fitness depends on such physiological factors as the heart’s ability to pump blood and the size of muscle fibres. Only exercise will significantly improve fitness. The World Health Organization recommends that individuals include a moderate amount of exercise on most, preferably all, days of the week (Fit and Well, 6th Edition 2005). Exercise increases your social well-being, especially if it’s in the form of a sport. – Boosts confidence. – Helps you cope better with difficult people and situation. – You will meet people, make good friends. – Develops team work and cooperation. Mental benefits Physical fitness is the ability of the body to carry out everyday activities without excessive fatigue and with enough energy remaining for other tasks. This means that as well as performing our normal daily tasks, we can also perform additional physical activities, including sports. Being fit is central to our health and sense of well-being. If we are healthy and fit, then the physical, mental, and social aspects of our lives are working well. Fitness is critical to success in sports. Physical fitness consists of health-related fitness and sports performance-related fitness. Exercise helps you to look good and feel good. – It burns up stored body fat, so your shape improves. – Gives superb muscle tone. – Strengthens back and abdomen. – Strengthens bones. – Keeps joints flexible to encourage efficiency. – Strengthens heart and lungs, so you won’t get tired easily. – It helps to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, back pain, cancer. – Slows the ageing process. This is the level of physical fitness necessary for the demands of regular sporting activity. We may be fit from a health-related perspective but not be fit for sports. Each sport activity makes its own particular demands on the body. To be successful in sports, it is important to have health-related fitness and also to be as fit as possible in the performance-related components below. – Explosive strength (power) – the ability to combine speed and force in one explosive act. – Speed – the ability to move all or parts of the body as quickly as possible. – Agility – the ability to change direction of the body at speed. – Coordination – the ability to carry out a series of movements smoothly and efficiently in response to your senses. – Balance – the ability to maintain equilibrium when stationary or moving. – Reaction time – the ability to respond to a stimulus quickly. – Timing – the ability to coincide movement in relation to external factors (to act at the right moment). Social benefits Definition of fitnesscenter_img Physical benefits In order to have good health, we should eat sensibly, engage in regular physical activity, get the required rest and sleep, limit alcohol intake, resist smoking and other social drugs, and improve our ability to cope with stress. It is important to adapt a healthy lifestyle for us to maintain our health. The following health-related fitness components are important for the human body to work efficiently: – Cardiovascular endurance – the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply fuel and oxygen to the muscles. – Muscular strength – the ability to exert an external force or to lift a heavy weight. – Muscular endurance – the ability of the muscles to repeatedly exert themselves. – Flexibility – having a wide range of motion in the joints. – Body composition – having the relative percentage of muscle, fat, bone, and other tissues of which the body is composed. – The ability to cope with stress. Health-related fitness Benefits of exercise Performance-related fitness Exercise helps your mental well-being, too. – It is stimulating and enjoyable. – It relieves tension and stress, which can cause high blood pressure and heart disease. – Relieves aggression. – Relieves boredom and provides a challenge. – It helps you sleep better, so you feel more rested. – Boosts self-esteem. All these benefits mean that exercise helps you to meet the demands of your environment more easily. In other words, it makes you fitter. You can work harder, feel less tired, and enjoy life more. The way to improve your fitness is through exercise. The more easily you are able to meet demands, the less likely you are to suffer stress, fall ill, or injure yourself.last_img read more

TV software company Access has announced the UK la

first_imgTV software company Access has announced the UK launch of NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile.The new web kit-based HTML5 browser offers support for DTV and IPTV standards including BBC iPlayer, D-Book 7 and HbbTV. As well as providing operators with an HTML5 web-browser, the browser is also a user interface and graphics engine, designed to enable functionality including the display and running on TVs, set-top boxes and CE devices of animated and 3D EPGs and VOD portals, and running multiplayer HTML5 games. Access will highlight the NX 2.0 DTV Profile at IP&TV World Forum 2012 in London from March 20-22.“We have developed NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile using the WebKit Core and then used our extensive expertise in delivering embedded software solutions to provide the video industry with the best possible browser for connected TV, media sharing and OTT applications,” said Neale Foster, vice-president of global sales, Access. “It’s clear that the desktop browser industry is 100% behind HTML5 and we think it’s crucial that the broadcast and video industries follow suit. Our approach of extending WebKit engine with specific industry requirements such as HbbTV, BBC iPlayer, DLNA and D-Book 7 provides TV and set-top box manufacturers, middleware providers, chipset vendors and application developers with the best browser for rendering web contents and displaying on-screen UI and graphics. We will continue to develop new functionality to make sure that the technology lead that NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile has continues to increase.”last_img read more

Bridge Technologies has released a new advanced re

first_imgBridge Technologies has released a new advanced reporting engine for its VBC controller-server.The VBC controller-server provides data correlation and drives the digital monitoring probe system’s graphic status displays. Hosting the new reporting engine, the VBC provides the capability for operators to automate the generation of detailed reports for use in analysis and verification.Based on the VBC’s built-in PostScript interpreter, the reporting engine produces PDF documents to pinpoint specific issues, and can be set up to automate report production and distribution to mailing lists. Including data on a range of parameters used in monitoring terrestrial – including DVB-T2 – satellite, cable and OTT services, the reports complement the system’s existing capabilities for data export to third-party systems.“Like every aspect of the Bridge Technologies system, the reporting capability delivers outstanding value by being incredibly easy to use,” said Simen Frostad, Bridge Technologies chairman. “Tools can be as clever as you like, but if they are too complicated to use, the benefits are limited. So our reporting engine delivers great results with very little initial configuration, and then automates the process, leaving staff free to get on with providing unbeatable service quality.”All customers of Bridge Technologies with VBC controller-servers and a reporting license will receive the new reporting capability as standard.Bridge Technologies will be exhibiting at IBC on Stand 1.A30last_img read more