Love Shanghai library into website traffic is on Jingqi ground stability

The precise localization of Most of the

love Shanghai library document insert links to the singular

love Shanghai library Title


library, some of the many users how to love by how + + keywords, keywords to search the information they need, such as some hope to lose weight lady, they often will be in Shanghai in search of love how to let yourself lose weight, but this time we love Shanghai library if the word title and a high degree of coincidence, then search out the results before three sure library is, but this time the user will see the library information through the love of Shanghai. Precise positioning of Shanghai library title can let love long time in the library user’s eye.

upload documents to hard-working

in the library insert links are mechanically, in fact we are doing the best to link with the library when the merger, the above figure library library and I almost done, according to their own industry to write library information, and then come up with their own website features, allowing users to pay, which requires the library information and links to a high degree of unity, and to ensure that when the library library to solve the website in your site, but also the only way to form a long-term site flow mechanism to ensure the sustainable development of the site.

love Shanghai Library

two. We can see from the figure, and in the search to the document library to see this web site to click? If I were a user, then I will, because I need the software to help me deal with and solve problems, and I love Shanghai library with the extension method almost, let users have a can not escape the feeling, then only for the website import traffic, let me talk about how to love by Shanghai library into web traffic.

The relationship between love and Shanghai import traffic has great

love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai, love Shanghai is able to know Post Bar webmasters will do the drainage, but the love of Shanghai library website traffic will import webmaster rarely, the fundamental reason lies in the part of the webmaster spirit is not high enough, analysis of the nature of thing of thinking is not sensitive enough, my chain now there is a website on which forty percent are concentrated in the love of Shanghai library, perhaps many webmaster think this concentrated distribution chain behavior will not bring too much traffic to the site, in fact, this idea is wrong, the current Shanghai library by love daily traffic reached more than 100, can say that Shanghai library can also be very a good guide for the website traffic.

to be honest, the love of Shanghai library on the document upload request is not high, as long as your document layout is neat, have a certain value, then love Shanghai library will be included in your document, so webmaster in sex in Shanghai library can choose heaven several documents according to their own requirements, I at the beginning of sex. Shanghai library for a month on the upload.

The text anchor text and hyperlinks optimization method, what is the difference

: first is the text with hyperlinks URL

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

website right down topics:

Compared with the URL optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

chain has a lot of attention, there are also many chain forms, this let the webmaster is very headache, the weight that the chain brings high benefits that the chain, do it? This is more concerned about the problem, look at the specific analysis following small series.

secondsWebsite optimization

second: with hyperlink URL

anchor text links is well understood, even with the link keywords, and hypertext links, the chain can not only increase the weight of the website, also can let the keywords with rankings, many owners outside the chain, this site is for key words need to do to the analysis of a station that will see the station is not good, the snapshot is not good, the chain is not much, but the key is especially good, this is the role of the anchor text link, transfer to the site weight, but also improve the keywords ranking.


special chain optimization:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

pure text on the website will also transfer the weight, this is to transfer the weight to the site, not a single word transfer weight, text is a point in the link, we in the hair, will indicate the source, this is pure text outside the chain, the chain is not high, but if this paper, by a large number of outlets, will give website bring a lot of weight.

third: anchor text links

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

link and text links, is to point in, it is convenient for the user, when the user wants to look inside, directly into the line, do not need to copy and paste, many webmaster in writing, the article attract people, many people want to know the other, put on a link at the bottom, it can reduce the bounce rate, the effect of the chain is much higher than that of pure text, not only can increase the weight of the site, the article to attract people, also can bring a lot of traffic, this link is very common in the webmaster, has brought great effect to improve website weight, let your web site keywords have a good ranking.

The Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


Focus talk about the hottest four grassroots circles of profitabilitySocial dividend faded, you stil

basically speaking, the network circle is divided into four circles: Taobao circle, SEO webmaster circle, micro business circle, bidding profiteering product circle

we can see from the diagram that most of the mainstream media channels have been covered. The idea is to use their own media channels, guide powder to WeChat subscription number, and then marketing. The core of this matrix lies in the WeChat subscription number cluster, which is divided into ABCD.. And other subscription numbers, and outputs specific content for different target populations.

users have a wide range of products, the majority of the adoption of this form. Subdivided into, such as chicken soup category subscription number, character class subscription number, car category subscription number, funny class subscription number and so on, mostly for the grassroots marketing team, content mostly reproduced or pseudo original, and even direct plagiarism.

do the chain, post, make all kinds of content updates, more mechanized, too technical work will make many webmaster thinking more stubborn, so their profit model is relatively single and backward

derivative no circle at all, but because the ten year old beauty, Miracle Mask and other brands in the micro business wantonly rampant, and put an old pattern: MLM, after taking the micro circle of friends, resulting in a large number of people into the micro business

matrix class two: specific

most still rely on Taobao customers, advertising and other money, in fact, this is not the most profitable, I made a friend of SEO, the daily flow of thousands, but a month income is thousands of dollars, but he was very satisfied, recently has been planning to spend a year time to do a few websites, so that his income can enhance! I can Oh

this circle is the most serious polarization, do big bigger and bigger, cruel to give little Seller any opportunity, Tmall double 11 has explained everything, and the small seller threshold is higher and higher!

is very bitter, the big bad situation, but still hide some Taobao master, the operation is extremely violent, every day is very relaxed, these people generally are either good resources or head really spirit, always find a blue ocean of violence products! Two words: newbier

at the same time this circle many expert, engage in the black hat, make stand group, earn money is quite hard, but this is really belongs to a small number of people, many legends, seen really rarely, because these are generally made of grey! So very low!

is from the media matrix, is about to spend less money to bring the Big Mac users, because WeChat exists, subscription number spread yiqijuechen. Let’s look at a self – media matrix diagram: from the network

matrix category 1: wide cast

can say that it’s easy to suck the powder when you subscribe to the bonus period. But now it’s all over, the user >

and the above two different, there is one, that is, the establishment of a number of public numbers, and in sh419 hundred, know almost, today’s headlines and so on, there are columns, but the content of each channel is almost the same. The authors of this approach are often individuals, and experts in some field, which we call KOL. In the blog era, they won a large number of fans in the crowd. Its characteristic is maintains the fine original, the article quality is high, the viewpoint is sharp. Typical of such large financial help.

Although !

has been in touch with friends from all walks of life for a while, learning a lot, and knowing the actual situation of many circles.

when the user’s attention is on WeChat, it is clear that enterprises need to do WeChat subscription number. Look at other people’s subscription number one hundred thousand fans read, and the number of points like flying, do not spend a penny to get thousands of new registered users, you can not be jealous? A subscription number is clearly not enough, so more and more enterprises begin to try from the media matrix.


user groups are relatively narrow, set up several high-quality subscription numbers around the target population, each subscription number output is different, but the user group is more consistent in some attributes. Large companies often adopt this kind of.

!One of the most bitter people

myself online also mixed up for four or five years, today for me in recent years to understand the grass-roots circles of the status of a summary,

matrix is from the media content, its mode of operation are: with the film, for example, take a good name, such as film, film Daquan; content from Douban, poison, blog, website, other subscription number reproduced or pseudo original; the title change, when a qualified the Title of the party, and then suck powder. When the WeChat subscription number just came up, a good name could add up to thousands of new ones every day.

third: micro business circle

The main means of powder

is also the existence of relatively large polarization, many of the early years have been successful transformation of the webmaster, but most of them are still relatively hard to force,

In fact,

had a friend playing lol, lol Raiders registered a subscription number, every day from 17173 reprint articles, subscription number exceeded 200 thousand within a year, a month gets through the WeChat article below the banner advertising into a million.

says the first one: the Taobao circle,

everyone is selling mask >

while Taobao circle and the four kinds of people, we often see a variety of news, so Taobao sudden death such news, pictures, purchase goods, customer service, delivery, processing refunds, promotion and so on all kinds of chores, there may have been a person alive two couples in the completion, can not tired? So nearly two years also saw some of the owner had started " a ", but also to Amoy; a bitter portrayal of Taobao.


second: SEO webmaster circle

Did not use Internet thinking OPPO, vivo why can complete sales counter attackClassification website

, in the smartphone industry, is sometimes forgotten because it is a business in nature.

  1. first or first class?
  provide channels for transactions in the secondary market for stolen goods, for porn matchmaking city dating, provide convenient recruitment, rent black intermediary, information classification, Nishajuxia dragons and fishes jumbled together with basically all the market classification website.
  but I don’t think the classification site should have pure-hearted, keep a virgin, but from the appearance we should find a deeper problem: only work on "points", but not for energy in the "class", classification of sites are only a downfall, at that time, not a people feel sorry.
  "" infinite subdivision, "get up" to "go to bed", from "visceral" to "underwear", not what can not put the classification on the site, and editors are happy to sit there for their brains, website frame staking, it seems that as long as the share of category is complete, all of the target the visitors will have to find a home, market promotion work is carried out smoothly. Shot in the forehead, found something out of the ground really meet the needs of our potential consumers "?
  "class" – why we Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. classification, site? Who can provide what I need because it can find what I need? Are those with whom I had a need to exchange, complementary demand and similar habits "netizens": not because of a site of fame, but because the site of a "ID", a "living" I have the habit of wandering why hot, except at the speculation, more important is because there are countless, let me go with me to resonate with Murong Xuecun, Ning Caishen……
  2. classification is very tired; put a piece of wood into a number or a piece of steel plate is cut into several pieces can create the Milky Way battleship? No, that would be a building block or a temporary manhole cover. Similarly, the people’s material and spiritual needs of one, a piece of land is subdivided into several "few vapid noun" description of the action, you can allow users to publish and search information?
 : "providing platforms" is like "getting benefits", and it’s the basic premise for the CEO to create a bright future.
 : we need to look at the theory of needs in psychology and the cost theory in economics.
  anyone who comes to classify web browsing in the eyes of web owners, IP seeks nothing more than

, OPPO, and vivo aren’t born.



domestic market

previously, OPPO and vivo counter attack performance has emerged. According to data released by IDC, the VO Corps has surpassed HUAWEI in the first half of this year.

market share


besides, Chen Mingyong, who likes to play chess, has another famous saying circulating in the circle: "you put your foot down, I put mine down, and at last I come out."." Under the word meaning, he advocated to fight the enemy separately.

and other mobile phone company founder is happy to act as a "net red" in social media. Chen Mingyong is not Cantonese, but has a low-key Cantonese businessman. His last public meeting with the media was in 2014. Over the past few years, he has succeeded in instilling the word "duty" into the team as an internal and external mantra for OPPO employees. He has even written within his own borders that he is not allowed to attack or respond to his opponent.

Duan Yongping, chairman of


domestic market share is growing fast, but OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong in August issued an internal letter said: "the situation is very good, but I like the thorn in the side, worried that OPPO was outside flattery……"

OPPO, is also chairman of BBK group, and vivo is the smartphone brand created by BBK in 2011.

market share dark horse how to be born,

launched its first generation iPhone since apple in 2007, and the global smartphone market has grown for 9 years. Even in the China is regarded as a huge potential market, from the function to intelligent mobile phone replacement wave, is also nearing completion, innovative mobile phone hardware level, in recent years, almost to a standstill, especially the Android system based on mobile phone market, the product has been in a highly competitive > homogenization

, IDC and Gartner, these two IT market research institutions for the first two quarters of 2016 reports made, OPPO first access to the world’s top five smartphone manufacturers list. Thanks to the strong performance of R9 in China and overseas, OPPO became the highest volume maker in the second quarter, with shipments up 129% year on year." Gartner analysis in the relevant press release, "it is" shake self timer "and" quick charge "these two functions, to help OPPO in the highly competitive Chinese market to get good performance."

The root cause and solution of the difficult development of local websites

              with the rapid popularization of the Internet, with the Internet from the comprehensive to segmentation, rapid expansion from the national market to the local market, the local area network, internet life and consumer groups have become more mature, the development of more and more local website people attach importance to the local site of various types such as also appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Search the name of a small county on the Internet, there may be several or even more than 10 forums, talent networks, portals and other types of local websites. However, careful analysis of these local websites, behind the surface of the bustling, it is difficult to profit and difficult to develop the essence. Truly profitable local websites can be said to be minimal. In order to solve the problem of the development of local websites, it is necessary to study the underlying reasons for the difficult development of local websites, instead of only studying the reasons for promotion, insistence and technology. The following is a detailed analysis of the basic difficulties of local website development:

1. Limitations of the market

What is the most fundamental bottleneck in the development of

local portals? That is the limitation of the market!


as a local website, the main purpose is to serve local businesses, enterprises, is to serve the local Internet users, and its source of profit is mainly local customers. However, whether large or small city, Internet users and advertisers resource in a region will have limited, these limited resources can not afford to support the long-term development of a website, a website to long-term development to update the technology, operation scheme and other aspects constantly, is just a the technical team is not a local station can afford. Some people may say that now there are not many professional web site source code, buy one will do. To be honest, buy the source code really adapt to the development of the site? If really good, why they do not operate, but to sell the source code,

?The utility and ownership brings local

website sense is the cornerstone of existing local portal site, but only if a local station is far from enough, people like the Internet, because it is not space geographical restrictions,

Internet users hope to get more extensive social networking through the Internet, businesses are more likely to get more space for development via the Internet, rather than being confined to one area. The only way out of the local website is to remove the geographical limitations, that is, the alliance of various local websites, this alliance can not be a simple connection, but to achieve a unified combination of functions, services and data. The latest online operation of the 808 community is such an innovative web site.

two, the viscosity of the site

The second bottleneck of the development of

local portals is the viscosity of websites, that is, the loyalty, dependence and popularity of local netizens. In a region, net users base >

More than two months, PR from 0 to 4 Secrets

in July 26th, we are concerned about a problem, PR update, I checked my station ask check nets integrated search, PR found a is 0, a is 4, the afternoon to completely become 4, I can not believe myself, my website domain name ( is registered in April 30th this year that site is May 10th on the line, but also not the original people registered with the meter, the short two months PR rose from 0 to 4, I do stand not for a long time, now the possible reasons are as follows, please a lot of senior expert advice: < / p>

1. site name is very important, it is best to think of a relatively cold word, and then match your keywords. For example, my website is called search, search, integrated search, integrated search, so many people may have done this keyword, but asked the search network just started in Baidu and GOOGLe, which is not related to the web pages. In today’s search engines like the original, I think the title of the original is also more important.

2. reasonable web layout, proper inside chain and high quality of the outer chain. You can see my website, did not do links, because for my new station, links are not easy to find. Coupled with the current link is not careful, may be due to each other’s Web site and was K. But absolutely no, the chain is not good. So I think if you have your relationship circle in the early stage, you can find someone to help you do a few links. Not at all. You can go to and buy some high quality links.

The originality of

3. content and the value of the website. Personally feel that even if the garbage station is good, first of all, I hope we do not treat it as a garbage dump, anyway, we are all hard to do. We have to let the website have some value, some of which make the users like it. Such natural will help you propaganda, take my website, from the road to see, found some come from the Sina blog, Baidu space IP, indicating that some users think your site is good, so it. And these users are generally active users, than you register a blog, put your link, and then never go to, the effect is much better. For example, I have a word search function on the site, the technical implementation is very simple, but it is more practical, the original online such tools are relatively small, so many people on the collection. So instead of spending a lot of time doing optimization or making links, take some time to provide better service for your users.

I think of these three points, you can go to to see my PR and domain name registration time. Comments are welcome.

Random TAG old Zhao CMS very welcome by Baidu.

a lot of people do experience in the station, the use of dedecms is particularly easy to be included in Baidu, why? In fact, you look at it under the tag.php will know.

, this page has a random tag display of the column. Each column of this column displays a different tag text link.


for Baidu, think your website has been updated, it is very happy, often to visit this page, so you ZhengZhan soon able to crawl over content.

so many people who do SEO, dedecms is used to do the station. Because I have done a lot of trade in the webmaster circle, met many webmaster, who will SEO the site, to see that this is a dream.

I didn’t feel anything about it before, and I suddenly noticed this. It was a revelation from Baidu recently.

you can go to site, I have a more than 10000 data acquisition station,, it was originally Baidu included more than one thousand articles, but I this station has not been updated. Nearly a month, I am going to get it, all of a sudden a lot of the exchange Links, then exchange Links, found the website update speed, but also included reduced, now the rest of the page, all is tag. I wonder, how Baidu deleted my other pages, but leave it behind? I opened it and looked at it and found out that there was a random tag, and every time you refresh it, it automatically displays some different tag! That’s a good thing!

but now there are so many CMS on the market, it seems that this random tag function is not many, this function is very code, it should be very simple, really recommend other CMS in this point to dedecms learning!

dedecms using friends pay attention to Oh, this tag is very friendly to the search engine, we increase the time, don’t forget to add some tag oh!

(Lao Zhao QQ:849588059, welcome to exchange! My new station: stock market)

Some summary about the promotion experience of the friendship link

nearly half a month, mainly to do the promotion of friendship links, seemingly simple procedures and operations, in fact, is really better than the back of the elder sister Hui reading, but also to hone the will of the people. Friendship link, the name does not match, in fact, is to find a can use at the same time he also has the use of value to his website exchange links. PR, ALEXA, Baidu snapshot, SEO… All of these were included in the screening criteria. To find good, but not too good, to find the poor, and not too bad, only when both sides feel that they can get their own interests from the other website, the link is half finished.

to find and their site in this subtle relationship between sites, can be said to be general, you look for a needle in the ocean, and 100 friends of the chain of QQ, need to spend 2 to 3 hours (including search copy and paste add friends this kind of action), which were about 10 will succeed on the 10, if there are 1 successful cooperation, a thing that is very lucky. The real probability is only smaller than this, because the site you’re looking at doesn’t necessarily see you. Since the probability can not be increased, then want to do more links, methods without him, only qin. Here I suddenly feel strong, because so far I have successfully made 11 Links.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the link wasn’t going to be successful in a day. Remember the first week I started a chain, I spent 5 days, every day to spend 2-3 hours or more to find add chain QQ (maybe many people will ask why I don’t have email or MSN or QQ phone, this problem will be mentioned below). In order to successfully find Links, I give up lunch, after school hours, sometimes even eat the time compressed (usually because of too many courses, there is no time to get back to the dormitory, every site) is sitting in front of the computer to repeat the same action, click browse, Links, plus QQ or other contact, repeat until midnight, and then hastily wash sleep, second days to continue…… However, a week later, I not only lost, even more frightening is that due to spend a lot of time at Links promotion, before the leaflets suspended, which led to a sharp decline in traffic on the web. Watching the damn downhill line continue, I couldn’t help BOSS.

after the experience of BOSS teaching, my promotion results began to have significant ascension (hey hey, he taught me things is secret, don’t tell you. At present, my daily promotion time of links has been reduced to about an hour, and the rest of the time is to do web publicity. However, I hope that I can make a better promotion by summing up regularly and letting myself know some of my deficiencies. The following is a summary of my previous failures:

number 1: the work efficiency is not high enough. All previous conversations with administrators have been made by myself, but they are actually good for me

Lin Zhizheng entrepreneurship to sell local products to become rich story

a lot of people in the travel or travel time will buy some local products, do not underestimate this native, has a great market prospect, some people will be able to grasp the business opportunities, such as today for the actor tell you, he is a native of business success the store business is good.

1992, Lin Zhizheng carrying a packet to Wuhan into the world, there are only a few spare clothes and 300 yuan. That year, he was 24 years old.

After the car market investment business opportunities for many entrepreneurs optimistic

although the car after the market suffered an entrepreneurial winter invasion, but is still a widely optimistic investment options. China has gradually transformed from the country of the bike into a car country, car maintenance and repair in the Internet era has created a new business opportunities.

2015 in the evening of August 21st, according to the Zongshen announcement that intends to invest in the construction of "auto industry and finance network construction project planning, Zongshen wholly owned subsidiary – Chongqing Internet auto Sales Service Co left master on August 20th signed with Chongqing car treasure Technology Co. company" strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out strategic cooperation in the automotive market cooperation service network and other aspects of equity.

earlier before August 17th, Century Park held in Shanghai LONCIN general electric sightseeing car donation ceremony, LONCIN general articles under the grace vehicle leasing company to Century Park donated electric sightseeing car 18, hua’en car rental companies "lizard car" project will take this into the Shanghai O2O car market.

t.virens financial notice, from the business model point of view, the current market car O2O platform services can be divided into two kinds: online booking to store washing mode, home wash mode, but the current car O2O platform service standard has become more homogeneous, the charges are more transparent, everyone is the efficiency of PK and convenience, who can better meet the user’s "lazy thinking", to reduce the cost of time, will win more customers.