The effect of junk code website optimization

well, good article code or is more conducive to the correct code love Shanghai spiders crawl should be like? As shown in Figure 2:

as everyone knows, the website is a part of the core site optimization, high quality, good content of the article is to search for web site optimization.


Figure 2: clean the code

although the visitors are not aware of, but love can really grasp the Shanghai search spider to, obviously it is not good to optimize. As shown in Figure 1:

from the Wenzhou network science and technology company Tree mushroom cool, please indicate the source!

do not know if you have noticed such a detail or say writing habits, a lot of people are using the Word document to the editor, and then paste directly posted on the website. As we know, Word document editing and there are a lot of malpractice is easy to produce a lot of junk code, if the code is not garbage, throughout the article is the inclusion in the junk code.

, but not to regard it as right in the article, the days and months multiplying junk code, your site is filled with a lot of junk code, the image point of metaphor, for the love of spiders in Shanghai, this site is a huge garbage dump, has not yet begun to have been able to smell the smell of the garbage, your website is still want to get the praise, may be

comparison between figure 1 and Figure 2, is not very intuitive experience to good article code more concise and clean, and figure 1 in a lot of garbage code will allow you to look at the mess, after comparing the two pictures, you feel the love of spiders in Shanghai which one will love is obviously? Figure 2 clean and concise article code.

Maybe you

with the quality of love Shanghai search engine to the increasingly high demand, valuable content, good viewing effect and so on has become an important standard to evaluate a love Shanghai website article, many owners are also in the quality of the content on time.

so, how to remove the junk code? From the source, use a text document in add article before (don’t ask me what it is, I will despise your text document) to format, and then the article will be added to the website.

Figure 1:

of course, part of the article is the site optimization, we in the optimization process especially need to pay attention to the details of the problem, most of the time, the big problem of website optimization effect is not good because it is usually some little details and snowball influence the overall score of love Shanghai.

lots of junk code style

Internet vulgar wind, special rectification action, human art suffered cold winter

with the "National Internet campaign vulgarity website" list of the fourth batch of exposure, the vulgar wind special rectification action once again reached a climax, many of the original strict site has been open. For a while, "network vulgar content" has become a hot topic on the internet.

what is the "network vulgar content" the Information Office of the State Council, deputy director Cai Mingzhao introduced to the public, including online vulgar content, does not comply with the laws and regulations of the content, including that bloody violence, murder, malicious abuse, insult slander others; easy to induce juvenile bad behavior and adolescent life learning content of normal interference, including direct or obscure body parts, sexual behavior, provocative or insulting pictures, audio and video, animation, articles, advertising and advertising activities of illegal treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and the spread of sex, unfair friends and other information; infringement of privacy content, including emptied, candid, dew point. And the use of the network spread malicious privacy information; against right marriage and family ethics, including preaching Information about extramarital affairs, one night stands, changing wives, etc..

then "human art" is not vulgar content, this problem is not well defined, but also controversial. Because of these uncertain factors, so that human art in the "Internet vulgar wind special rectification action" suffered a cold winter. The specific manifestation is:

1, "body art" was blocked by Baidu’s masking of images and images, and


Baidu shielded the body art known as "



Baidu blocked the body art

on Baidu pictures search

is the largest Chinese Baidu search engine, Baidu’s move shows everything, that is not a good definition of "body art", in order to deal with the "Internet vulgar wind special rectification action" to prevent trouble, take "would rather kill one thousand, can not let go of one" approach, simply blocked the controversial "body art".

two and "body art" are equated with vulgar culture in the minds of most Internet users.

in the "rectification action" special Internet vulgar wind, exposure and turn off a lot of wind vulgar content of website, Internet users from different responses can be seen, the majority of Internet users to understand "body art" is still vague, do not know what is the real art of human body, the human body art is equivalent to the vulgar cultural phenomenon. According to the survey: 65% of people think that human art is vulgar culture; 15% of people do not clear. These reasons are, in addition to the Internet users of "human art" understanding of fuzzy, there are still some sites for some kind of interest, the pornographic pictures were packaged, and then posing as "human art."".

three, short for human art

Making money = vanity + Interest + lust, nature or value

Adsense site to make money, in fact, very simple, casually do a garbage station, hang GG advertising can also maintain basic life, but garbage is always garbage, can not become what climate. But most of us really stationmaster is usually aloof, always want to do a little, a little bigger, more ideal point, this often wasted effort, annual income is zero, it is normal.

make a fortune teller every day to pick up a single website, you can get a monthly salary, a lottery prediction network, you can get a short-term lucrative, color naked chat network, you can earn a month a year of money, a casino, you can easily earn a the car…… as long as it is illegal, and is very close to the human desire, usually make money will soon… And no we wanted the webmaster. Do these stations, Adsense every day to see how much money earned, rather than every day to see how much traffic in the system today, ha ha, this is a big difference.

vanity + Interest + lust related sites, flow control less difficult, ask what, the webmaster when the sky is not looking for a few pieces or ethical slice to pass the time,


these things are simple things, just unethical things to do. The answer must be: No,


but in No at the same time, also to accept this reality, why not melt in something? Since the site is not only the requirement for enjoyment, for others to do, you have to consider the needs of your users. Attractive not easier to succeed, as long as the man came, far from making money? Shi Yuzhu new online "giant", at the beginning, they first engage in beauty certification through the certification, will give you the first recharge thousands of dollars. Is not a certification? Girls will think so, I just washed it for money, and not to rush. Thus, the woman has; then, the man has; and then another use of human nature to make money "great" product was born.

related but not illegal, it may be a better choice! We don’t have a lot of money, no circle level, want to get financing, it is very difficult, it is better to do simple things, do some ethical things, find an intermediate, the nature and potential value also reflected, ha ha, it seems simple, but only to a carrier. In the group of a northeast friend a while ago, to find a lover related websites, to solicit your views, I think to say this station will not make money, but to do it, as long as there is a woman to go to, the man will flood, with popularity, the product will be extended the money is just one step away…

of course, do not do these ethical things, can also go to do simple things, we usually love to do what must do bigger, ambition like ambition, ambitious, but sometimes they forget that we could manage the station, can not control, do not be too tired. You, life.

Suggestions on foreign trade website construction

1. site color

foreign trade website is for foreigners to see, to Europe and the United States to visit habits to build, not too loud. Should be based on simplicity and stability, the tone to white and blue as the tone, white background, with different depths of blue to form a different region of the web division. Of course, according to different products. If the product line is basically mature, within a short period of time without changing product information, you can choose a static web site. Otherwise, a website with a dynamic database is best used to generate a static page. Static pages are conducive to search engines crawl, collection, web site using DIV+CSS+ pure static page generation or product information and website news using dynamic database, so that individuals can add and modify news automatically. Also easy to search engines included.

Character encoding for

2. site

web character encoding using Western European iso-8859-1, to prevent foreign browsing when garbled phenomenon, this particular attention.

3. website access statistics system

has access to the site tracking analysis, long-term tracking and analysis of their site access system using professional background statistics, this is very important, only in this way can the site to have a clear understanding of the. Know who, what area, and what time are you looking at this site?. From the access analysis, enterprise become do not know what is on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, promotion of, what promotion for their help, there would be no further on the site for improvement and upgrading.

The interaction and interaction between

4. website and visitors

makes a convenient message feedback system, and MSN and other customers instant messaging tools, to increase the affinity of the site, and increase customer interaction.


5. site tries to avoid large FLASH animations and pictures.

foreign trade enterprise website to achieve beautiful design reliable and professional, should be out of misunderstanding of FLASH and JS, many foreign trade enterprises sites like marquee as brightly coloured jump stop, not to search engine crawlers a site entrance into the enterprise, the site must have a clear structure and search system, let the customer more easily find the information they need. And adhere to search engine optimization, pay attention to the site in the search engine rankings.

6. detailed corporate image introduction

image of the company, product qualification certificate is very important, the company, through the verification of the delivery room, and even port pictures, appropriate display such as a connection, will allow the customer to enterprise more real understanding.

7. highly understands search engine optimization

many foreign trade enterprises marketing staff already know the importance of search engine optimization, in the website revision, technical secondary school goalkeeper optimization as the key, involving issues. However, a common case is: SEO >

Urban + rural market demand 13000 billion profit blowout of 10 times

with the implementation of the city for fuel powered vehicles and motorcycles limit line policy, many people have chosen electric motorcycles (hereinafter referred to as electric vehicles) as a means of transport. Electric vehicles are more suitable for China’s national conditions, the development of the future of green means of transport, is an important part of China’s low-carbon transition. In recent years, both the central government and local governments have given the green light of the development of electric vehicles.

70% people’s means of transport   economical and convenient

electric car franchise

2014 years of the electric car market is still hot, for many entrepreneurs want to join, you can refer to the conditions, self-examination is appropriate.

A, the basic requirements: interested in the electric car industry, familiar with relevant state laws and regulations, keen on electric vehicles, have brand awareness and marketing concept, the operation and development of electric vehicle industry as a lifelong pursuit of the society from all walks of life.

two, basic skills: familiar with the working principle of the electric vehicle, to grasp the role and function of electric vehicle.

three, capital requirements: should have a certain economic strength. Compared with food snacks, electric vehicle investment is relatively large.

How to open an ice cream store

ice cream store how to operate? Businesses need to take into account the location, decoration and other factors. If you are a novice is not very proficient in this issue, then hurry up with the small series to learn about it, hoping to help you succeed in getting rich.

age positioning: the main customer group of age distribution between 12 -35 years of age, because each part of the population of the different needs, therefore still need to be broken down. People aged 12 -18 years old on the cheap and good taste of ice cream interest; people aged 18 -25 years old for new, but the price of less than 50 yuan in the interest of ice cream; people aged 25 -35 years old of good taste, strong brand of ice cream is interested.

General for open ice cream shops are: Commercial Street, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools nearby (distance school less than 1000 meters), the campus, bars, office buildings, gas station, airport, train station, subway stations and other places.

divided by external factors: the best store door adjacent to the road, the peak flow of 100 people per hour, the traffic flow of 200 vehicles per hour is the best. Store the best choice from the beauty shop, clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets are not more than 500 meters, because the main crowd is the main consumer of ice cream, ice cream shop in the vicinity to attract the target customers.

What join

How to open a cosmetics store to purchase cosmetics shop has pay attention to

there are a lot of women are very beauty, at the same time, the cosmetics store on the market is usually the majority of women who love a place where, now the cosmetics store has become very popular, so a link to open a cosmetics shop supply is also very important.

note: the market is a so-called "cosmetics brand discount store, with ultra low discount offer brands of cosmetics to the franchisee, encountered such a situation you have to think clearly, famous cosmetics brands can not at such a low price to sell to middlemen then sold to the franchisee. Therefore, the choice of cosmetics to join the brand must choose the regular brand.

It’s not so hard to open a snack bar

in the US does not lack is chowhound, so a snack bar is also very good, do not understand the skills of how to do? In fact, open snack bar is not so difficult as you think, master these skills, your snack bar business will become more and more prosperous.

you store the food taste to be able to adapt to the needs of local people, the taste is not the same everywhere, perhaps your taste is very unique, can attract a batch of customers to try new, but if long time constant, it can be difficult to have the old and new customers coming.

now people’s living standard improves, more attention to their health and a part of the crowd is afraid of outside don’t want to eat is not clean in the hotel consumption, consumption level is to to high places. As long as your shop is clean, it will certainly be welcomed by customers, may also help you do publicity.


What are the advantages of the market to join tea shop

Since the

franchise mode in foreign countries has made remarkable achievements in the market after the China also played a popular franchise business model, regardless of the industry, what kind of brands want to become bigger and stronger can be achieved through the form of franchise. The food and beverage industry is even more so, with milk tea to join. Tea business road characteristics, the implementation of franchising business mode, not only by the majority of consumers are more entrepreneurial investors, tea appeared the franchise business model, no doubt to entrepreneurship brings advantage. Milk tea is only one of many entrepreneurial mode, but it has played a few times the role of the ordinary business model. The prevalence of milk tea must be the reason for its popularity, that compared to other business models, what advantages to join the tea to speak of it?

milk tea shop to join what market advantage? The main points are as follows: three

advantage of a low entry threshold

tea is one of the advantages of its early investment costs lower. Compared to other entrepreneurial model, milk tea is the ideal choice for small investment in entrepreneurship. Generally five to one hundred thousand, less than a few thousand, a tea shop can be generated. Milk tea to join the requirements of entrepreneurs is relatively low, no experience can go to the headquarters to learn, will not be modulated milk tea has professional training, enrollment fee is equal to a school on their own fine packaging. No need to worry about the location of the people do not have to worry about, the headquarters will be accompanied by the investigation of the site, to ensure that the operating benefits of milk tea shop. Tea shop to join, yibenwanli.

advantage two, strong backing

other entrepreneurial model requires entrepreneurs to explore their own, with their own power to fight the world, the process of the casualties borne by themselves, the pressure can be imagined. And milk tea is not alone in the fight. Have a strong team to help behind the difficulties will feel the warmth from the help comes from all quarters. If you are a person open tea shop, we must own to develop new varieties of tea, tea shop only without the ability of innovation itself, the market was eliminated. To tea shop is not the same, do not have to worry about product development completely, the headquarters has its own R & D team, will continue to update the tea products, tea shop to increase a powerful ironclad, strengthen competitive advantage.

advantage three, brand effect

is a self-made, one is halfway to join. In contrast, the longer the time, the greater its influence. Create a brand need to experience unknown, hard to manage the grinding, if clearance, you can taste the fruits of victory, if the market fiasco, the bitter fruit can only swallow a person. But joined the tea brand is completely different, can y experience the advantages of milk tea to join.