The website ranked the best not only better

new haven’t established a domain name, attention may not on the number of webmaster, in other words, do not care about the choice of the domain name, on the contrary, the choice of the domain name is very learned, a lot of the time domain can tell the search engines your website is doing what. Don’t understand the words, here I will give an example to explain: take the movie industry website, the top-ranking website you can search for love in Shanghai, they often contain movie domain name in the English word, in the course of time, the search engine will certainly build such a shallow consciousness contains movie this English word is likely to be a movie station station. Said so much, do not know the webmaster understand not.


1, the domain name

site map

4, the stationSeveral parts of the front of the

search engines hold a curious feeling to your website to "play", if you make a sign to tell it to your website "how to go", which is the way to where? So the site map this time played a role of tour guide. The search engine happily, happily go, you are afraid of it not to fall in love with your website? Here it is worth noting that, when choosing the best website program can choose to support the program generated map. I will not say which program, so I said advertising ah.

may have a lot of people pay more attention to, but do the station anchor text is always a difficult job, and not everyone can do the job. Some people say that his website program can automatically generate station anchor text, tell you, this may largely caused by Shanghai Longfeng excessive optimization, in the station anchor text is not a pure keyword to a page fixed, or conversely better, here is emphasized in the station anchor text should not advocating diversification. Key words must be very accurate to a page fixed, so here that it is best to manually add anchor text >

The correlation between 2,

3, the


users are watching your website article, they did not find the information available to them a lot of time, it is likely that they will disappointed, this time you should guide them, you can call this purpose some other articles recommended to them, maybe they really can find something of interest. There are two benefits of doing so: not only to increase the display frequency of other articles to the search engine, to a certain extent, but also improve the user experience, and you are not


this article is second in the A5 hair article, pay attention to the webmaster attention, I have been interested in, and we share the same joy is a very good thing. The website ranking especially love Shanghai has been ranked the webmaster attention to the highest rate of things, so today I from my personal point of view, perhaps it can bring you find everything fresh and new feeling.

?The anchor text

The new Media Metrix calculation of cross platform service Public opinions are divergent.

as the new service can not repeat the measurement of views, according to the latest comScore website ranking reflects the impact of mobile devices more and more.

years, the network media service development, reflects the changes in the Internet and user behavior, before using Media Metrix Syncapse product marketing, comScore has been sold to the largest Kalehoff company.

data set on the widely used Media Metrix, mobile Metrix, Video Metrix, from comScore Analytics (analysis) package direction start service. This means that the audience can now be collected data from the desktop computer, intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, video and Application on site see. Digital media performance measures of multi platform Media Metrix has more than 300 thousand.

Based on the new

"mobile devices popular recently and the appropriate application of Torgovnik sequence into a popular service with a new paradigm of" mobile first "comScore multi platform capable of rating," Kalehoff A "to the definition of electronic commerce, more complete Internet activity is very important, because the audience and activities can not be measured accurately, so it can not measure, buy or sell."

mobile data from the desktop to provide the number of non repetition, help publishers and advertisers know how to get content can be spread.

Kalehoff said: "the ordinary family to use the computer is mainly to browse the web browser, measuring these users view the web page of the data collected through regular mail software disk data". General services including the workplace and a large audience, many smaller real-time network data collection, analysis and user more complex, data integration and analysis of the main market expansion. "

global digital measurement company comScore this week launched its new Media Metrix multi platform service report, which will give publishers and advertisers to better understand how their content is more widely seen on the internet.

Web site keywords ranking around the reason analysis!

search engine!

3. sites have suspected: excessive optimization optimization over the site to be search engine punishment is an open secret, although the search engine.


as everyone knows a website if you get a search engine especially love Shanghai’s favor and Chuiai, would introduce visitor traffic Everfount, however only the search engine recognition site, ranking weights will get higher, at the same time, we think that the site is completely in line with the search engine user recommended value basis, which will receive visitors the retrieval needs. Only to fully meet the intrinsic value of both basic search engine and user, will become a search engine ranking good site. According to the idea, we can control the factors that affected the evaluation and about our website quality and user recommendation value of

website optimization, web site keywords ranking compared with those rankings rise above the common herd general site, just a few, in the search engine optimization ranking in the search engine can get Chuiai high weight ranking is lucky, but each website is eager to get the Shanghai dragon staff. Then a lot of time in fact, keyword optimization mediocre results. Most of the site, the site keywords always hovering between the 3-8 search results page to drive back and forth, it is difficult to break through to the 1-2 page location. Although many of our Shanghai dragon Er is intended to work hard, but always break the bottleneck in the rising spell, and Shanghai dragon’s colleagues discuss about some reason not before the keyword ranking.

1. the primary reason is that the quality of the website; the website is called quality, website content quality. Along with the network optimization of knowledge dissemination, more and more people through professional training institutions in Shanghai dragon or the network to understand and learn the website of Shanghai dragon, but the network marketing is a dynamic subject, many marketing strategies and practices are changing with the development of the Internet, because the evolution speed optimization idea of this lot of enterprise website staff with Shanghai dragon not on the search engine ranking algorithm. We can pay attention to the same phenomenon, a lot of quality is not high site there is a serious problem of similar content, update the website content most copied, there are a lot of pseudo original. In fact, the search engine is to fight against the pseudo original web page, one of its aims is to guide the Shanghai dragon staff, respect the original value of the content, respect the Internet, do not easily extortion. With the method of application of intelligent search engines, these low quality sites are easy to be identified, and eventually it will be difficult to get the search engine in high quality, the website keywords ranking can not also behoove.

2. the lack of user value basis: some friends will say my site maintenance is basically the original, can be the final keyword ranking is not prominent. Indeed, website optimization not only pay attention to the original, but also pay attention to the value of innovation, meet the demands of consumption of the user, as we update the content completely failed to attract the attention of consumers, it can cause the attention of the

Summary of local portal operating experience

has been thinking about the development of the local portal, and now the local portals are basically news, information and video entertainment. For most Internet users, there is no practical meaning!

!The emergence of

classified information websites meets the needs of most Internet users. Now, there are many such classified information websites. Recently, I have read a classified information website model well, called three step in the information network! I guess this name means that as long as three points in place, you can find what you want! Very creative. What I notice above is not only the classified information of each industry, but also the main thing is network 114. This thing attracts me very much. They have each industry to elect a representative of the enterprise as a representative, and 114 as the first check number on the website home page! This model is more conducive to users to check their information! However, through the text and phone calls, which can make the site becomes full, and can facilitate the users.

114 I think is a kind of reverse thinking business model! Let the customer see their contact information, and then enter the website of enterprise product information in the click! This model can deepen the users of the corporate memory, also can deepen the impression of users three step


hopes that this model can develop well on the Internet and bring benefits to the enterprise,


interested webmaster can come up to see

a web site is good and bad, not just to see how gorgeous its page designer is, how rich content information it is, but to see how much convenience it brings to its users. Users can easily query the website, I think it is a good site. At the very least, the website builder builds the website in the initial stage, is stands in the net friend angle to consider, therefore I appreciate this kind of pattern website, because it has facilitated the Internet user’s life,


What basic business knowledge do entrepreneurs need

want to start a lot of friends, but in the business, we must first enrich their knowledge, such as some of the basic business knowledge is that we have to master. What are the basic business knowledge of the entrepreneur? Here are a few points.

A, the opening of legal knowledge

1, the relevant laws and regulations and private partnership, limited; 2, how to carry out verification; 3, how to apply for business registration; 4, which does not allow private industry; 5, what business must go through the relevant industry management procedures; 6, how to apply for tax registration; 7, what are the regulations and tax declaration 8, how to receive and purchase procedures; and use invoices; 9, bank settlement procedures and relevant provisions; 10, what are the conditions to become the general taxpayer; 11, you should pay what taxes, how to pay; 12, how to get a tax reduction of and exemption from treatment; 13, to 14, the national ticket management accounting; evasion of what are the tax illegal sanctions; 15, value-added tax levied and methods; 16, how the business management department to conduct economic inspection; 17, industry management department to carry out the management of the industry and Check.

marketing knowledge

1, market forecast and research knowledge; 2, consumer psychology, characteristics and characteristics of knowledge; 3, pricing knowledge and strategies; 4, product knowledge; 5, sales channels and ways of knowledge; 6, marketing management knowledge.

three, goods

1, wholesale, retail knowledge; 2, the type of goods, quality and related measurement knowledge; 3, cargo transportation knowledge; the 4, the goods storage and storage knowledge; the 5, the true and false goods recognition knowledge.

four, capital and financial knowledge

1, monetary and financial knowledge; 2, credit and financing knowledge; 3, capital accounting and accounting knowledge; 4, securities, trust and investment knowledge; 5, basic knowledge of financial accounting; 6, foreign exchange knowledge.

five, the service industry knowledge

1, service industry management laws and regulations; 2, professional services industry rules, business knowledge.

six, other

related knowledge

these professional knowledge, entrepreneurs must grasp, and the way of knowledge acquisition, the entrepreneur can choose according to their own way of learning. It can be obtained through professional training, employment guidance, radio and television media lectures, self-study or consulting others.


See how this entity bookstore monthly sales break million

electronic products are now everywhere, e-novels more convenient, more efficient, just imagine, how long have you been to the bookstore to buy books, bookstores do actually shop facing bankruptcy, of course there will be exceptions.

If the

3 months ago, in November 2014, the square of the Chengdu store opened trial. 3 years ago this day, Guangzhou is also the birth of the time. No matter from space, layout, design, product type and so on, we are not a typical Bookstore experience and design management from Liao Meili one of the three founding team members of the party, she is one of the founders of the eslite. Today, the Chengdu side of the building, has been on the side of the bookstore and even to explore the cultural space far away in front of.

space magic

theatre, Gothic columns, cangjing Ge, shuttletime ark…… These individual sounds are very prominent elements, but was designed in harmony in the space of Chengdu. Chengdu is located in the commercial pedestrian street near Chunxi Road and the famous Buddhist temple Dacisi business district, Ocean Pacific in the basement, the entire space carried nearly eight meters tall, rectangular is regular, the total area of over 4000 square meters.

"space shuttle" language by Mao Jihong, founder and chairman, party culture exception dress. The exception became the top fashion clothing brand Chinese, and, in all doubt, whether in business or cultural cohesion, have become fully deserve China private bookstores in the first. According to Liao Meili said, Guangzhou monthly sales Books Party originally set for 1 million 500 thousand, three years have been growing, now has far more than this number, the total book sales store sales (including books, aesthetic products, clothing, coffee shop) 35%.

Space design of Chengdu store team

The first national women’s employment training base in Zhangzhou

women entrepreneurship has in this be not at all surprising, in today’s society at the same time, the whole society is also actively promoting women in the entrepreneurial process, from the aspect of policy is to give a lot of positive support, recently, in Fujian set up the first women’s employment and entrepreneurship demonstration base.

17 July, Fujian’s first national women’s employment and entrepreneurship training bases located in Zhangpu Zhangzhou science and Technology Institute inaugurated pantuo. This is also the National Women’s Federation named Third National Women’s employment training base. Shen Jinshui, vice chairman of the Fujian Provincial Committee, Zhangzhou Municipal Committee, organization minister, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress for the base inaugurated.

The opening ceremony of

In fact,

a women’s employment and entrepreneurship base, for some women across Fujian by their local entrepreneurship will play a very big help, at the same time, will also further promote business cooperation between Taiwan and the mainland.


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Small series of household goods store sales skills

don’t know whether you have had this experience, when you enter a Home Furnishing supplies stores, the clerk will be busy to introduce you to a variety of products have been Home Furnishing, said stop, you can not have no chance, this time you are not disgusted? Open home stores, sales skills are very important, we need to attract attention.

it can be said that everyone is very careful, the customer is not easily reveal their own information, but also tried to hide their thoughts and intentions, it will guide full use of these information to help you determine customer needs and achieve status into a single chance to maximize. In this case, it is very important to start.


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What can be done by car beauty shop management

a store in the end how to operate, which can not only learn skills, but also have a way to let us grasp. In short, with the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy and society, car ownership is rapid growth trend, the national average per hundred households have 31 private cars, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen and other big city per hundred households have private cars more than 60 vehicles. Relatively speaking, automotive beauty industry has entered a stage of competition. Today, Xiao Bian on the car beauty shop business methods and simple chat.

automotive beauty industry with the increase in the amount of cars also showed a strong development posture. However, due to the lack of a certain standard, the automotive industry competition is becoming more and more serious. The homogenization of products and the competitive degree so that investors must pay more attention to summarize the management experience, automotive beauty shop to do your business, get more profit, master the operation of certain methods is a must.

car beauty shop management methods, strengthen after-sales service.

good after-sales service can help car beauty shop operators to maintain old customers, and continue to gain credibility, attract more new customers, so as to achieve profit growth.

car beauty shop business method two, improve turnover rate.

we sell to customers is not the car itself, but the car supplies can give customers the expectations and happiness. Allow customers to understand the uniqueness of your products, improve customer turnover probability, which is the first condition for the successful operation of automotive beauty shop.

car beauty shop business method three, adjust the commodity structure.

Customer demand and consumption ability of

in each region is different, so as the car beauty shop operators will have to be rationed according to the actual situation. For example, 80% of customers need to be less than $100 of goods, 20% of customers need a little better goods; which can also be subdivided, such as the percentage of 10-30 yuan accounted for, the percentage of 30-60 yuan, etc.. Targeted, objective analysis of market demand, in order to continue to enhance the store turnover.

car beauty shop business four, attention to the industry information.

is now the information society, the various channels of information as long as you want to be able to find. Constant innovation can make customers have a sense of novelty, so that the car beauty shop has the power of sustainable development.

if only from the current market to analyze the number of cars, car beauty business is undoubtedly has a very amazing market space. However, the automotive industry as a whole seems to be very profitable