Host deception tactics Hot Blog recommended floating gate

" hit the Internet; recommend a " phenomenon; and deceived, so to write this article about this phenomenon.

saw each industry IT bloggers recommended Hu Beige Ge Gegehost host, the first purchase of 100 yuan a year in the United States Site5 with the host SSH, through the Taobao purchase. (rather than recommending it as a hidden AD), later a refund is required because the host is too slow (PING values sometimes jump to about 1000MS). After Taobao apply for a refund, and Hu asked to confirm the refund with beige Ge, QQ, Wangwang news issued, immediately pull into the blacklist, join the QQ group also kicked out, on his website hosting business has been deleted, but the other is not willing to help me confirm the refund, only waiting for Taobao 15 days automatic timing reached a refund agreement, I said how your occupation quality is so poor, but in your own website and other websites that she is done by word-of-mouth. I am glad that through the purchase of Taobao, and have not yet confirmed receipt, or long ago " money two empty, ".

this person information:

caiweapon@gmail.com (504107500)




blog for Hu Beige Ge gegehost ads, these people are not eating the sweetness is not itself Beige Ge Hu to experience — applauded, even if has experience is not objective, because their relationship with gegehost well, of course not to the ordinary user’s point of view to actually experience the host or host. The end face is ordinary webmaster.

niche software Sivan:


Showfom (http://zou.lu/) knows the person’s blog through the picture plug-in Add HighSlide, and he makes a bit of change to the original plug-in.



in advertising, (later because Hu Beige Ge shameless, wrote Jason NG, but no echo)


to sum up:

1. look for a host, it’s best not to find some of the hosts that you recommend, even if you like blogs. They’re purely advertising that interests or relationships.

2. also do not look for a private to buy a host, no matter how good the program, not petty profit, if you want to do the site, spend a little more money to find some strength and credibility of the company to buy.

One of the puzzles of the old stationmaster everywhere is free

According to

statistics, China Internet has 120 million users, especially high-end business people crowd the dependence on the Internet is very obvious, but apart from a few sites China good income, most of the site have not fared well, most of them are in the burn.

‘s current sizzling WEB2.0 faces a dilemma of how to make a profit. Everywhere is free registration, free use of the so-called WEB2.0, the concept is flying everywhere, but really earn very little money. For example, "blog" websites or channels are everywhere, but in addition to individual stations, basically no blog site can make money.

on the one hand is a large number of Web sites to provide free services, on the one hand, a large number of sites in the loss of money. Why can appear this kind of present situation, do website do all is fool?


one, free


I have been on the Internet free model does not mind, but also that this is an important reason for the impact of China’s Internet development.

China currently has hundreds of thousands of small and large websites, and almost every site that is a little more presentable has to comply with the "free" rule. Money earned eyeballs.

opens different types of Web sites and is free everywhere. The content of the website is free, such as news can be read free of charge, all kinds of articles can be read free of charge. The website’s personal service is also free. Such as free mailbox, free space, free blog, free online shop and so on.

in today’s Internet era, most sites are barely support, a netizen laugh at the poor performance of the Internet Co, but on the other hand comfortably with all kinds of network services free of charge ".

according to the market principle, any service should be paid, but many services on the Internet are gratis. The reason is that the Internet operators seem to be the first to attract as many people as possible to their websites. In this way of thinking, the "free" mailbox, "free" information, by "free" accumulation of popularity, and then through other means of online advertising, e-commerce, Internet Co profit.

at this time, free has become a selling point. Let’s look at how some of the celebrities in the Internet view it:

, the so-called "Internet economy", "attention economy", "eyeball economy", is actually an experience economy, that is, let users to feel, feel good, and then think of ways (fees)." Sina CEO Wang Yan said: "we started from the free service, first experience, after the experience of making money, whether direct or indirect money."."

As for the

free pulling effect on the Internet economy, Wang Yan specifically cited the broadband development examples: "three years ago, you said that broadband is to collect fees, in the broadband play games is to charge, so many broadband users did not.

Write several stages of soft text, how to write a successful soft Wen

Hello, I have a secret weapon on the promotion, but before watching, you need to wash your brain cortex, let your brain looks not so much rust, so you can quickly change your mind at the time! Said the white point, you need to get your own as the you are one of the male actors (female)! Network promotion there is a kind of technique is to write text, soft, soft, like a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly, until you find this is a soft text, you have suddenly fallen into a carefully designed "advertorial" trap. It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. Write soft is phased, and her initial stage is relatively hard, soft Wen, the second stage is intermediate sword, and the last stage is the highest level of soft Wen is Microsoft,


in the first stage of hard soft, the soft, most people see the basic requirements a little soft can be written out (children 0-6 years of age, as long as I can guarantee) at the beginning of the article written by a wonderful point, at the end of the article also had to write about brain cells. You can look at this article,


from the beginning of the text is very good, then look back, you can see the second paragraph introduced the benefits of this headset, forget the personal changes (simplified volume button, so that you can easily volume… ) this is also a mistake in this soft text, from which you should learn to write the first element of soft Wen: careful,

!The second stage is the intermediate

sword article, why do you define each first, psychologically speaking people all have vanity, the second stage is to increase the confidence of everyone, a lot of efforts to use their brains to change roles, use various forms to promote their products. Look at this one below,

The use of

type question and answer method to let the user know your subconscious products or your website! This is through the question and answer way to promote their site to others! Here I only provide this kind of method, there are other good methods you can add 123016646 group I learn from each other about

!The third stage is the highest stage of

Microsoft to write soft Wen! The software company where the "Microsoft" can not be said of the Bill Gates open! Her beauty is a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly, wait for others to find this is a soft text, you have suddenly fell into the well of you the design of the "soft text ads" trap. Look at the emotional story:

this article is titled the story behind apple notebook computer, at first I thought it was to write a hero after the family suffered mistress psychological diary when reading this article, the author only to find out in the end in the promotion of a website, I will write down the author when I shouted when the trap! I once in a forum also found a well written text, this is not to show you, your soft Wen >

Open the steamed stuffed bun franchise these equipment to be ready

baozi is a popular food, many people like to eat steamed buns. Do not need to spend a lot of money to join a steamed stuffed bun stores, suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. So, what do you need to open a steamed bun franchise? Different shops operating projects, the equipment needs to be prepared for different, but the main equipment is not much difference, today we introduce the open bun than the equipment must be prepared.

: meat grinder

and machine:

: steamer, stove


How to sell goods shop

has a strict limit to the product shelf life for the flowers, goods appear in the business process is a very normal thing. If it is just a throw of the flower shop owner is undoubtedly a great loss. But if you want to sell, naturally need to take the right business strategy. So, how to sell goods shop?

refers to the goods can not sell products due to quality problems, such as not so fresh. Found the goods, should be immediately removed from the shelves, so as not to affect the image of the shop. To move after the goods, the owner can take appropriate measures to try to "time" to "positive". If the flowers have been unable to deal with, then it is recommended not to sell, or low-cost sales, but to indicate the situation, to avoid affecting the store reputation.

Beijing is a flower shop opens up a region dedicated to the sale of goods, and named "flower of war". This area is not too fresh to sell some, or some of the appearance of a broken flower products, the price is much lower than normal. Nearby residents, especially rent young women love to shop after work, a stroll around the "flowers of war, to see if there is no favorite products.

shop owner said, these girls are floating in Beijing migrant workers, the economy is not particularly good, work is also very hard to see these flowers actually have little empathy, so they are often more willing to buy.

if some customers to buy these goods, or buy a one-time branches, florist will take to send a small gift, or a shop discount card. The shopkeeper said, the flower is a good thing, if you can give people a good blessing and comfort, is the most happy thing to open a flower shop. The owner of this business philosophy also let many girls even moved away from the area, occasionally come back to the shop, and cargo area, the shop became a good reputation.

such business skills to make a lot of flower shop owner called "superb"? After all, substandard goods but a problem bothering many shopkeepers, but if you take the business strategy correctly, not only can easily sell, have more help for business development will store.

Open a gift shop business is booming

  gifts are people will send things every year, so now most of the gift shop business is very prosperous, of course, there are many examples of failure to open a gift shop. How about opening a gift shop? Let’s do it for you.

good choice, store decoration is also good, the shop name also played well, well, your store has been basically half done, however.

Zi Jing Tang Health Museum has the strength of technical protection

Zi Jing Tang Health Museum has a professional technology can bring consumer professional services, so the prospects for development is worth looking forward to. If you want to do a good job in the investment business with headquarters learning skills, as soon as possible to obtain the agency, the same can earn money.

professional health museum join choose which good? Professional health museum must join Zi Jing Tang Chinese medicine health museum. Zi Jing Tang Chinese medicine health museum with a unique Chinese medicine Foment Bag, Chinese medicine liquid spray, moxibustion, acupoint paste paste, health tea, such as a series of conditioning methods to help patients adjust the state of sub-health. Zi Jing Tang, no disease, no side effects. Adhering to the Chinese health theory, the spirit of " and its " in the external adjustment; and disease prevention, disease development principle, using natural precious herbs, using high-tech extraction conditioning, to avoid the side effects of Western health care.

professional health museum to join the choice of which better join the more professional natural healing of the hall of health Chinese medicine museum. The characteristics of natural therapy, Jing Tang TCM museum is the largest plaster and herbs for heat capacity with the development of molecular herbs, energy into the body, its ability to cross the skin, penetrate inside the body, combined with the high ratio of the target tissue, and regulate the function of organs.

Hall of Chinese medicine health care hall to get consumers alike. Zi Jing Tang health care center to focus on health, more suitable for the majority of people a good place for professional health.

Zi Jing Tang TCM museum is focus on product development, to provide good products, good treatment method, let consumers solve the problem of pain, if you want to cooperate with the headquarters of the hurry to contact us, do not miss a good opportunity to create wealth.

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Ridge Racer Unbounded将出席今年的Gamescom在Cologne,德国,所以如果你打算时,一定要检查它的存在。

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Join the roadside snack – all need to pay attention to what

roadside snack is a favorite of many friends, many roadside food diversity, night opening, profit a lot, a lot of people see the business opportunities, want to join the snack, if you join the roadside snack, need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

first of all, no matter how strong your financial strength, the core competitiveness of the brand is the ability to exist in the enterprise, to join the snacks to pay attention to what? The core competitiveness is deeply rooted in people’s skills, knowledge, personal ability and cooperation spirit, choose a good snacks to join the project project implementation team than the project itself is much more important, the enterprise project investment must be a good choice for the project features, the implementation of the project implementation team management experience and operational capacity of the project.

analysis of the snack brand, not only should pay attention to the project investment analysis, to join the snacks to pay attention to what? We must be careful to do detailed analysis, which is the basis of investment projects. Also note that the investment project "safety", go to the headquarters to field observations, see that strength is strong to say, whether it can provide perfect support policy, now join is very comprehensive, to know the strength of the brand will have better service, encountered problems in preparation for the shop.

in the roadside snacks to join the to join the project to pay attention to these points, pay close attention to their eyes, join snacks to pay attention to what? And different brands have different positioning, and some like high-end, and some do mid-range, and some will fancy low-end, investors should be based on their actual situation to choose their own brands to choose the brand.

The above is about to join

matters need to pay attention to the roadside snack, we hope to a lot of attention, only the mastery of these skills, in order to better shop business, want a good snack shop, have a detailed understanding of it!

Xining city sewage will be strict penalties for industrial enterprises

with a comprehensive air pollution battle broke out in the city, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau convened in September 5th 49 key industrial enterprises meeting, issued a signal of industrial sewage enterprises will implement strict penalties, the future of industrial enterprises will exceed the standard exhaust emission, receiving a rectification notice, the deadline governance or governance still the non-compliance, will be reported to the government shut down.

it is understood that the provisions of the comprehensive management of air pollution action plan, the city will be in accordance with the requirements of the relevant industrial policies, actively adjust the industrial structure, strict investment audit, strictly control the "two high" industry access, increase energy conservation efforts, by the end of 2014 yuan GDP energy consumption fell 6% compared with 2010, the above scale unit the industrial added value of energy consumption decreased year by year. Annual development and implementation of polluting enterprises closed, stop, and, turn, change and delisting into the park provisions. Increase the intensity of environmental monitoring and law enforcement inspections, and resolutely investigate and deal with air pollution control facilities unauthorized outage, the air environment to steal row, drain pollutants violations. To clean up the small and medium-sized enterprises that are seriously polluted and do not meet the national industrial policies, and effectively reduce the pollution of the atmospheric environment by small and medium sized enterprises.

at the same time, the key stage of comprehensive control of air pollution, the city will focus on the implementation of the city’s industrial enterprises 24 hours of monitoring and management, to ensure the stability of exhaust emissions of pollutants. The exhaust emissions exceed the standard of the enterprise, issued the appropriate rectification or governance tasks and the corresponding punishment, supervise the implementation of corporate governance and the rectification work tasks; resolutely implement the high limit penalties for illegal discharge, for non normal use of pollution control facilities of the enterprise, and the society of exposure; aging equipment, backward technology, efficiency is not high the waste gas treatment facilities, issued a deadline or the deadline rectification task did not complete the corresponding task of governance or governance is still not up to the requirements of relevant standards of the government shut down. (author: Rong Lijun)