The five step is to firmly long tail keywords stronger

second: choose the long tail word is the basis of

Keywords size and site

flow are closely related to the rapid development in the age of the Internet, more and more people access to the Internet, of course, in order to meet the users demand more, a website to rise. Now, in the network of the sea, has been using keywords to flood. For some of the new station to do a keyword on good position is simply a dredge for a needle in the sea. Gradually, the long tail word for key position, a website if you can catch the user’s psychology, the long tail word is selected, then as long as these words do go up is not to worry about traffic problems. So the webmaster should be how to choose these words? Since that is the long tail word, so these words are the most direct user input target word, such as a website is mobile phone, so users generally would not play the words "mobile phone", because the scope of such words really is too great. If any, to put the word "mobile phone" is not easy to do the home page, the competition is very large, the index was six hundred million and seventy thousand. The user will generally search for new smart mobile phone Sony Ericsson mobile phone music "and other specific target long tail word search. So in the choice of the long tail word we should choose some.


refers to the so-called long tail theory, as long as the storage and distribution channels for products is large enough, both occupied demand or poor sales of products in the market share and those few can selling products to occupy the market share is equal to or even greater, many of the small market that can produce converging match with the mainstream market energy. That is to say, the enterprise sales is not representative of the traditional demand curve that "selling goods" in the head, but the representative of "popular goods" is frequently forgotten tail. In Shanghai dragon, long tail off theory is applicable to the long tail keywords, then how can we do the long tail keywords the unpopular more strong

: first improve website weight is the premise of

is obviously the influence of weight for a website. The higher the weight of the site, the long tail word ranking rise faster, some websites even can achieve a multiplier effect. So how can we improve the weight of their own website so as to enhance the ranking of the long tail words? In fact, the method is very simple, just to see the webmaster have firm confidence and strong execution to do. Increase the weight of a web site, the webmaster must update your web site every day, trying to find some information of interest to users, improve the user experience, stick to the user. The original is the first choice to update daily original content, it will enhance the search engine on the web, to speed up the content of the site collection. In addition, the webmaster should adhere to the hair of the chain, is the so-called "content is king, the chain for emperor", through the chain, the search engine can quickly come to your website. As long as every day to do so will help increase website weight, weight slowly these long tail word will also rely on the website rapidly.

Wedding photography website optimization Links share combat operations

Links platform

Do 2, through the QQ group

in Shanghai love to enter "wedding photography" or "area + wedding photography" and other words and then click, in order to open the wedding photography website, find their website with the person in charge of the exchange;

is currently almost every industry has the corresponding link in the QQ group, QQ group to find wedding photography Links group, add some more, then in the group released information or find all of the members of the group of

every website optimization friends are very clear, Links is very obvious for keywords ranking, of course, have experience of a friend is clear if the impact on our website or other link is down right after the slow snapshot is also big.

+ Wedding Photography – the word competition is very fierce, and the conversion of the word rate than the wedding photography word is much higher, but also a lot of websites do Links first exchange keywords;

+ wedding – the word is now a lot of people, can exchange in Links when appropriate with the word

search through the love of Shanghai ;

wedding photography website Links, first come to understand the main goal of the wedding photography industry. Keywords:

links;3, through the

, look for the link

may I wonder why some friends today to write this article on "Links combat operations share" article, if you have seen the "blog promotion commonly used means what?" will be very clear, in fact, before I wrote about the actual operation of the Links article, but feel that the article is very wide, is not enough, so I find it necessary to come with you under the system analysis.

+ + in the photo studio and wedding photography studio is also very good, mainly for the photography studio;

for a new station, looking for the link is very difficult, this is the best time for the old station in their hands or find a friend to help me with my website;

the following themes: Links into combat, the author of this part is divided into three blocks: search, exchange, inspection and maintenance of

must understand the author’s friends all know, my main concern is the plastic industry and wedding photography industry, more attention to the wedding photography industry, here the author to the wedding photography industry as an example, how to operate Links for everyone to share.

how to find the wedding photography industry Links:


These two words in

Wedding Photography – this is a highly competitive industry, there are countless wedding photography sites across the country, and is generally the strength of some portals occupy most of the home position;

> …

Lele February 2008 4th week 02.18-02.24 Commission and event bonus will be settled today, remittanPe

  the fourth week of February 2008 02 March 18 -02 on day 24 and "cash rebate Commission ringtones" activities will be held today 2008 02 bonus 25 July settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account seriously. And pay attention to the account, if you are in the 02 month 29 days have not received our commission please contact us, such as individual members can invoice, please send the following address or telephone contact with us: 010-62637286-32   

when issuing invoices, please pay attention to the following:
   ;     1; issued invoices for the local tax service invoices.
          2, payable to: Beijing Lele Interactive Technology Co.,   written: information fee of
          3, please as soon as possible after receiving the payment invoice, thanks to the support and cooperation of everyone!

Lele membership alliance That in Jiangxi and a sister station chat a few days before the

invoice mailing address: Beijing city Haidian District Road No. 1 Jin Yuan mall B District Office 1509

, she is now in a Ganzhou home shopping network, you may be unbelievable small appliances such as mobile phone, digital products, a class can do razor, refrigerator, washing machine do these people buy online shopping? Because there are certainly no doubt. People are willing to do, but the sister did not hesitate to do, why she do? She saw a news "Wen Jiabao tell you that this year the state investment subsidies for home appliances from 9 billion yuan last year increased to 15 billion yuan, can stimulate domestic demand about 100000000000. This policy should adhere to at least 5 years, you can pull more than 500 billion of household electrical appliances sales. He encouraged enterprises to continue to follow the road of innovation at the critical moment of the financial crisis, and to design and develop the needs of the rural market to further meet the needs of farmers. To win the market by high quality, low cost and diversification. Whether the appliance can go to the countryside is of vital importance. On the morning of 2, Wen Jiabao also made a special trip to the beginning of last year was identified as the home appliances sales outlets in Jimo Yatai electrical appliances supermarket, understand the sales of home appliances to the countryside ". He hoped that the supermarket workers to seize the new year’s day to the Spring Festival this sales season, to accelerate the implementation of "home appliances to the countryside" subsidy policy, expanding consumer demand, and promote steady and rapid economic development." She saw the business opportunities from the news, immediately make the analysis judgment: home appliances to the countryside will have at least five years of development opportunities, take immediate action: the first step: city leaders to write because she is a laid-off worker, hoping to get the support of the government, the second step is to build the electronic mall mall farmer friend to her buy home appliances also get subsidies for the purchase channels what would.

;   4, please note your ID number on the invoice, which is beneficial for us to verify

before discussing this topic we look at 2: a xinhuanet: Hubei people online shopping over 18 million yuan in hb.xinhuanet/newscenter/2009-01/06/content_15374501.htm, another one is: the Spring Festival approaching wallet tightening "to avoid the winter online shopping special purchases for the Spring Festival   and in the case of the global economic downturn, online shopping has become one of the most hot topic. Why online shopping by the hot pet, but also to our webmaster hint: do online shopping site promising, may be 09 years, one of the most profitable sites. Many friends said that now they have innumerable shopping sites, good purchase channels do people and the lack of the experience on the market is not easy to distinguish true and false information, this time we need to do some webmaster friends to guide, of course the profit model can be also click on the ads, and businesses can do together, etc. you have a web site traffic and popularity, do not worry about money.

Experience and skills of Yahoo Answers free flow gold mine

Yahoo Answers we are not unfamiliar, think of Baidu know Chinese flow much, so Yahoo Answers has English flow much, but Yahoo Answers is more accurate than the target flow, and Baidu know the more stringent management. Can use Yahoo Answers for their content and site increase traffic, domestic is not much. It’s all about experience here.

if you’re looking for a free, simple, large amount of targeted traffic to your website or Blog, Yahoo Answers is a huge traffic resource site that traffic reaches you dare not imagine. To be clear, to get these traffic, the only thing you need to know is: how to avoid being Yahoo Answers as a spam (spam spoofing publisher) and ban you (disable accounts)

so how can you avoid newbie mistakes instead of being

(Yahoo Account Suspension)?

10 million don’t bombard Yahoo Answers every day with a bunch of answers.

it’s not like Baidu know, a person can reply to a lot of answers, answers out of order, wide of the mark. In Yahoo Answers, it’s easy to be K. My suggestion is that only a day for each subject reply 1-2 an answer, one of the best, to accurately answer virtually. Although this approach is slow (but easy), it’s the best way to prevent Yahoo nswers from blacklist you.

2. gives the best answer

Before answering questions,

spends some time researching and searching questions to give the author the best answer. Members of Yahoo Answers will directly reject irrelevant answers or bad answers. Everyone can answer a variety of different answers, but there is only one Best Answer (the best answer), and it is determined by the questioner. People always believe in the best answers, and Best Answer gets the most traffic. Even if you answer a Best Answer, but Never mind this Best Answer with your website, so it doesn’t matter, because when you Best Answer accumulated more, the higher your level, the more people believe in your answer, answer your ordinary (which may be your website link) can also be good flow.

3. uses more email accounts,

each topic uses a different eamil account to advertise your offer. This is to protect yourself without worrying about Yahoo Account Suspension. Because only the email account that provides the answer is because of mistakes

Secret Ningbo Intranet Crazy used car broker


author Su Ziteng

first heard "Ningbo network" is more than half a year ago, in a second-hand car industry WeChat group, do not know how to talk to some of the unique Ningbo second-hand car industry, few people talk about hot, because the author before the Ningbo industry does not understand, so, only silently watching. A few days ago, because of a business trip to Hangzhou, I also took a trip to Ningbo by the way. In Ningbo, a car and a founder of Zhang Jie, Deputy Secretary General of the Ningbo second-hand car brokers association under the leadership of Ye Qineng, visited more than half of the second-hand car market, and individual brokers, is on the Ningbo second-hand car industry picture, have a more complete understanding of. Traditional second-hand car industry to use the Internet to do such as Ningbo "extreme", it is a case and typical, this article to do analysis and share, and hope to all over the country and second-hand car counterparts to learn and learn from.

‘s first net Ningbo used car dealer

2003, China’s Internet has just entered the era of broadband, this year is also just the first year I entered the Internet industry. At that time, many traditional industries have not yet touched the net, most Internet users only stay in the application of browsing information, play online games, chat rooms, chat, QQ and so on. Chinese second-hand car industry at the time, is in a typical Jianqian era, the second-hand car dealer does not have any awareness of the network, as long as the hand car source, will make money, the market supply shortage, what almost no market price, sold thirty percent, forty profit is very common. While in Ningbo, there are some second-hand car dealers set up a QQ group, through QQ group and peer to customers, mutual exchange of needed products, quickly find the corresponding source by peers, to achieve their maximum conversion of customer resources. To my years of second-hand car experience, this is probably the first Chinese car industry’s first net touch.

"magic" "Ningbo Intranet" was born

‘s fragmented and nonstandard features of the used car have resulted in very limited vehicle sources in each car dealer and are unlikely to meet the needs of all customers. Therefore, the Ningbo used car dealer QQ group’s use, just can realize the share of resources with peers, instant messaging needs. But the QQ group has great limitations, only the immediate exchange of information, can not always have more data, for the establishment of a can let Ningbo second-hand car sharing car peer source database, July 2004, Ningbo network was born.

Ningbo intranet established time, almost and the current several of the largest second-hand car sites belong to the same period. The so-called intranet, is the only local second-hand car dealers to provide car source data sharing services of the internal web site. Not for external or C end customers. At first, the threshold was very low, as long as the local second-hand car dealers, providing business licenses and other information, each account to pay hundreds of dollars a year of service charges, the Ningbo network has been developed so far

Why does social shopping guide make Taobao happy and worried

1, Ali "ecosphere"

more than four years ago, Ali began to build high-level e-commerce ecosystem". They went to a Mengniu, listen to Niu Gensheng speak Mengniu ecosystem, from the ranch, milk farmers, milk stations, workshops, distribution, channels and so on. At that time, Alibaba set the development strategy for the past four years, "building the XXX ecosystem of e-commerce."".

in Ali, a big strategy, from the formulation to the actual implementation, will take three to four years. Just at this point in time, the eco circle basically completed, there are deviations, but not big, and then the next four years to implement the strategy has just been introduced. This ecosphere can be popularly understood as "


1) to ensure that the industry’s lowest traffic acquisition costs

2) internal marketing system

3) trading system

4) payment system

5) logistics system

6) financial credit system

7) service support system (mainly by open platform)

8) data and membership management system

this is a perfect, more open ecosystem. In this ecosystem, solving a lot of employment, has helped millions of people a better life, the ecological system occupies the entire China retail market share of nearly 4%, only Taobao this year more than one trillion transactions, but also affects the number of import and export trade.

here, I have to compliment the Alibaba’s great! All our electricity supplier practitioners should be thankful to the Alibaba, especially for me from Ali out of the entrepreneurs, we do the market is Ali culture, our own knowledge and experience is Ali culture, even our business the start-up capital is Ali to (salary savings or stock cash)

but we also have to take a good look at the openness and openness of this ecosystem. The Alibaba is to serve small enterprises (in accordance with the Ma latest target "one million annual turnover million shop", such a business is really very small is beautiful), because Ali himself is in feeling the stones, because this is a disruptive innovation for the industry, etc. We have to admit that, for non small enterprises, the current opening capacity of Alibaba is very limited, and the service capacity is also very inadequate. In this ecological circle, the short grass can live very moist, want to grow a big tree, it will be quite difficult.

so we began to find when shopping guide website bigger, Taobao open platform interface calls for some of the problems encountered, the monthly guest into occasionally out of some problems. Even start rumors four: Taobao to block shopping guide website.

in fact, Taobao does

Entrepreneurship is no longer difficult for us to weapon

is equal to the blind entrepreneurial yiluanjishi, will certainly hurt, before the start to understand clearly the entrepreneurial process will have what problem, being prepared will not rush, today Xiaobian ask everyone to bring a few magic business, I believe there will be help.

1, choose what you care about, choose what you like.

destiny is not an opportunity, but a choice. In our life, in addition to the surname, blood type is equal to the things that can not be chosen, others can choose. The so-called life, is to keep doing multiple-choice questions. Choose their own care, like and suitable for entrepreneurial direction is the real development. Interest is the best teacher, interest is to support you to go on, grow and develop their own business, until their biggest success and inspiration.

"do what you love and do well, and God will help you to succeed." This is the world’s richest man Bill. Gates said a word. Bill. Gates is a computer genius, as early as he was famous when he was obsessed with computer, and is a typical workaholic, but this "work" is like a kind of instinct, the hobby most incisive in his Lakeside School period has been well. At that time, in order to study and computer poker program, he simply to like hunger and thirst to the extent. Poker and computer consumed most of his time. Like all the other things to focus on, Gates played poker very seriously, but for the first time he had a bad time, but he was not discouraged, and finally became a poker expert, and developed into such a computer program.

2, care about what you choose, like what you choose.

before doing multiple choice, we can go to hesitate, hesitation, once selected, you need to care for your choice, love what you choose, it will.

is like a cigarette, you can choose to go to the museum, you can choose to lie quietly in the cigarette box. However, only after she chose the match, her life, her value can be fully burning. Otherwise, even if she has a slim shell, there is a flexible cut tobacco, which is a decoration.

choose what you like and love what you choose. Not everyone has the luck to have their own career. So, when a lot of conditions determine that we can’t choose what we really like, all we can do is to like what we choose. Don’t envy other people’s happiness and happiness, cherish all your heart, you will be as happy as he is.

3, entrepreneurship needs enthusiasm, but also moderate enthusiasm.

there’s no doubt about it. Because, entrepreneurial recommendation

What should you pay attention to in the shopping mall

in the choice of restaurant chain address, shopping centers, shopping malls must be one of the hot. However, the difficulty of competition is also very large, the regional market consumers prefer what kind of restaurant?

1, environment

Pay attention to the health and safety of

today opened the shopping center for the whole environmental comfort, everybody is obvious to people. Even outside the summer, or just walked into the mall, heave rain, everything was cool and comfortable.

2, location

traffic convenient and fast set about rice benchmark

"shopping center consumer environment is better than on the street a lot, in addition, good location is very important for restaurants, consumers more recognition." The head of a chain restaurant said.

editor noted that the process of shopping centers and restaurants is actually a mutual choice. Business in the introduction of food and beverage stores, food and beverage brands, types and other aspects are carefully selected to match the overall positioning of the project. For food and beverage stores, the business is also a platform, a good project can promote brand awareness, get better development.

when shopping center and restaurant brands reached a "consensus", "position" of consumer attention will be lifted to a certain height. Location represents the convenience of traffic, but also represents a degree of identification, so the location has become one of the reasons why we choose a shopping center to eat.


Matters needing attention in the operation of cooked food franchise

people’s pace of life continues to accelerate, but also let us eat a lot of changes have taken place, open a cooked food store to get rich? Now on the market to join the development market store cooked food is very huge, consumers have a demand for food products, food stores naturally cooked food stores shop business, has gradually become a popular project, we are going to talk about a food franchise note!

open cooked food stores, entrepreneurs should first consider the local standard of living, as well as the main local what taste, operators to find ways to analyze the psychological needs of customers, must not arbitrarily. No time to think of the customer is God, the customer is our God, they meet, they will bring you to the wanli.

food stores open much, this problem is also very important, if the local high level of consumption, food purchasing power, the best or a little better, or busy time, the shop is too small, the supply is not on.

and the siting of the store operators, it is best to choose a large flow of people, the competitiveness of small, promising. Like shopping malls, University City, is a good place to open cooked food. Mainly because these places not only high flow of people, and customer purchasing power. The most common customer base in the cooked food industry is the usual customer base.

now people is a great demand for food, this industry is worth your choice during this time, many entrepreneurs have failed and their store address well is a great relationship, you know, a good store address directly determines the source of the store how many food stores open, so it is natural! Take a look at the above mentioned in the article referred to the food store, I hope to help your career!

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Dig for 12 years for his family to build a noise free underground luxury

old man digging for 12 years, for the family to build a no noise underground palace, Xiao Bian read really good envy, this is the real luxury! Now, follow the small series together to see this "luxury" bar!


as far away from the city noise pollution and climate change, Costa Rica man Manuel · Barrantes in 12 years, dug a "underground palace for the family in the red soil and rock under the volcano". It is located 19 meters deep underground, an area of about 185 square meters, not only has a bedroom, and a living room and a meditation room in the three.



from safety and convenience sake, Barrantes’s "underground palace" entrance to the ground at. In order to solve the dark bottom inconvenience brought to life and psychological pressure, he introduced the lights and tap water, still put colorful indoor decoration, such as textiles, wall lamp, old photos, commemorative coins and records.



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