Learning how to do foreign trade in Shanghai Dragon

said the actual point, learn to do the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon, in addition to learning English, recommend a few books, this is a "search engine marketing: site traffic speed", written by a foreigner, called the Shanghai dragon sector of the Bible, recommended to see the original, there is not much practical, but there are a lot of principle. I can definitely say, ten times more important than all the technical principle, because the technology may be wrong, there may be outdated, but all the principle of technology and innovation source, help you understand what time what the website technology >

seemingly said pianti, we continue to learn how to do foreign trade official, Shanghai dragon, here I first say a premise, that is the level of English, if you want to do foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng, especially for English said, with the noble baby country, you must own English level is excellent no, say six, but you should have at least six level, if not, I’m sorry to do it, because the nobles of Shanghai baby dragon, want to be successful, what kind of learning is not to English Shanghai Longfeng forum for learning, as you said to search outside, walk, do not want to say, the basic to learn anything, even learned, mostly obsolete, as for training, oh, forget it, some training level is not as good as I do, so English is very important, after the English standard, Go to the English forum, foreigners quite friendly, at the forum, many methods and ideas will be shared (are very advanced), in addition, you ask the question in general will also have master answer, explain very clearly, unlike China, some master answer questions yunliwuli, Yunshanwuzhao, look very deep, in fact useless, people really hate, good technology to hide what, sooner or later be found one day and outdated, but is conducive to share common progress, and even improve the Chinese Shanghai Longfeng level, well, don’t say these things.


how to learn to do foreign trade Shanghai dragon

A little bit more,


how to learn to do foreign trade of Shanghai dragon? Many people ask me! They often seem very puzzled: why noble baby Shanghai dragon than love Shanghai Shanghai dragon to so much, not to mention the conclusion right, at least as far as I am concerned, Shanghai foreign trade operation dragon is than to love Shanghai some worry, why? Because of the nobility baby is now more mature, relatively few changes, adjustments are generally only once a month, and love Shanghai is adjusted once a week, and often the major cause, ranking is not stable, another reason you should know, love is the eight in Shanghai promotion, and love the products in Shanghai love and cooperation of Shanghai official website has overwhelming rankings, so you will often see such a situation, the twenty position eight is love Shanghai, a Know a love love Shanghai, Shanghai encyclopedia, a few love love Shanghai Post Bar, Shanghai cooperation, the rest of the Shanghai dragon to do better, can row in a dozen, what do you mean? As for the noble baby, at least not happen.

At the beginning of the three month workplace rookie Shanghai Longfeng share

means search engine optimization, is a very popular way of network marketing, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. Divided into the station outside the station and Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng two. The main work of Shanghai dragon is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking technology, to the optimization of the relevant web pages, to improve search engine rankings, so as to improve site traffic, improve the ability of sales promotion or website the final technique.


the news, this work is essential for every day, I am responsible for the site belongs to the recruitment websites, fresh daily news can enrich the content of the website, for love in Shanghai, but the news can not completely copy and paste, there is the need to join their own elements, the main content can be the same, but need to modify your own words, if the modification rate is small are not, in general, I always find Google news source, because personally found on Google news, in the love inside the Shanghai relatively repeat degree is relatively small, because I was responsible for the recruitment of belonging to keywords general search site, so the recruitment, talent, resume, interview, job, college recruitment, every time to determine in writing before the news Today, the direction of the press, when searching for the source of the news, to find a suitable basis for substantial content, love Shanghai about its content, modify, and full, the best result is modified to complete their own news.

, to update the news, pay attention to the pseudo original

first contact is responsible for his own first website: Graduate Employment Network, at the beginning, only mechanical doing other work assigned, repeated every day to update the website of the enterprise information, news, blog, forum webmaster to top posts, but he does not know doing what. Because it is completely white, but in order to better and faster to complete their work, continue to love Shanghai in search of a professional words all he cannot read, and read some relevant articles in the forum to fill their understanding of

of Shanghai DragonShanghai dragon

as a novice for the maintenance of the website optimization, is the need to stick to years of success, the short term is not able to see the benefits of the present, for me, even though learning for three months, but still need to adhere to the beginning of the daily work.

because I just graduated confused, do not know what to do, muddleheaded contact Shanghai Longfeng, began his career. Before the network promotion is never heard of, let alone what is Shanghai dragon, even I had just started working for those updated articles, blog, forums and I don’t know why. Through three months of study and have a basic understanding of Shanghai dragon.

Grassroots Entrepreneurs How did I do with the public number of sales on the 33 thousandshlf1314 AdS

secondly, the content should be in line with the WeChat public number. Content positioning should be a process, at the beginning of my content is picture books, animation, video, but the user reflects the child watching video on the phone, afraid of damage to the eye. So I changed to picture books, but later I felt that the pictures and pictures were infringing and changed into picture books and audio. Since my "classic book", the public is to share books, videos, pictures or audio, should be. But in addition, I also share articles. These articles are about parenting and family marriage.

the reason why I also share articles is from two

reported that the model is being promoted by MOFILE and shlf1314. MOFILE, head of Shanghai Gaoqin Communication Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Fan Qiuhua said that the so-called "revenue sharing" refers to the MOFILE on its website for the user to select a part of their personal video advertising, the advertising a half of the time for all users, the other half of the time for all MOFILE. The user account to the shlf1314 application advertising, personal blog or personal website in the private space, advertising played by MOFILE platform, and shlf1314 will be through the advertising account, half of the income will be returned to the user.

first, if the content of dry goods. I didn’t do what I play, WeChat public subscription first way is very clumsy, collecting a large number of useful data for mothers to picture in my sh419 cloud, and then to the forum, group released a micro signal I content.

know dad who is in half a year ago, there was no business model for him, only a dream, his wife and children, as well as a public account has ten thousand fans WeChat classic books jingdianhuiben, while he was worried how to do the project. Because of the confusion, he came to the I dark horse to find a solution. I dark horse gave sincere advice, and promised that if one day his project began to scale, you must give him a reporting channel. And now he’s done it……

if from the point of view of the development of users, the content must be original?. There are many ways to develop your users, and you don’t have to use an original, clumsy approach. If from the user’s point of view, the content must be original?. They need eggs that are valuable to them, rather than who is the "chicken""…… How do you do the content,

Internet industry a lot of people know, shlf1314 AdSense of shlf1314 as the most important way of advertising, through a quick and easy way to make all kinds of large scale website shlf1314 advertising business show and website content relevant and income. But shlf1314 AdSense used to be a collaboration between shlf1314 and its Web sites, and revenue sharing enabled ordinary users to join it as individuals, an innovation that could be described as a profit model.

reported that MOFILE currently has about 4000000 users, the web site generates more than 100 million pages per month access, the monthly visits to more than 10 million users. According to shlf1314 AdSense China insider, shlf1314 attaches great importance to the "revenue sharing" model, which will become one of shlf1314’s most important profit models. At present, MOFILE has formed a strategic alliance with shlf1314 and will push the model in the fourth quarter. editor’s name: admin02


I make 33 thousand of daily sales, by WeChat, the public number and the micro store. To sum up, I can be Niu Wenwen’s "self media practitioner" from content to user to relationship marketing.

my WeChat public number is a classic picture book. I have been maintaining for nearly a year, sharing pictures and parenting, and getting along with my husband and wife, and using the public number to make 33 thousand of my daily sales in February 24th. Before the week, the average daily sales were around ten thousand. My public subscription number was about 34 thousand at that time.

through content development user

2.24 early in the morning, I was in my micro shop posted a set price of 155 yuan of picture books, graphic news in the morning I made a public number, the user can tell me the subscription to the micro shop group purchase me this book, the day’s sales reached 33152.5. The next day to group purchase this book, but too many people to buy two in the afternoon shortage, have the shelf, but one morning sales 14637.5.

below for his contribution and performance screenshot.

"because MOFILE itself is overall positioned in the video sharing company, so it has a lot of user resources. By means of ‘revenue sharing’, users can gain tangible benefits while increasing the stickiness of the MOFILE site and bringing profits to the shlf1314 Corporation." Fan Qiuhua says.

      days ago from shlf1314 shlf1314 was informed that the Shanghai internal partners and channels of the summit, shlf1314 is a new type of "revenue sharing" advertising model. Through this innovative model, ordinary Internet users can cooperate with shlf1314 in their personal status and gain 50% of the advertising revenue.

A few months IP reminds me of Admin52 trillion and 600 billion, is the market capitalization of Tenc

my friends and I summarized several advantages of Wangzhuan for your reference:

for Tencent is concerned, because he just made a performance, the performance is very good, revenue grew by 55%, so much revenue volume, there is so fast growth, very good. I’ll start by talking about his probably upward space.

unknowingly stay in the house for nearly two weeks, and do the Alliance for a few days, tens of thousands, I did, and I think, suddenly there is an idea, build a website dedicated to the webmaster AD hair how good? Just do it, I spend one yuan for two maize. An alliance, a forum, alliance to develop well, will miss the popular forum, a lot of people do Wangzhuan, some people make a lot of money, some people suffer setbacks and give up, just reflect the influence of each of these the attitude for the results, but I want to put forward a new view of Wangzhuan now, we can refer to.

now I’m telling you what you’re going to get:

some core games revenue is very strong, last year, Fantasy Westward Journey strongest month water more than 1 billion.

first of all, thank you very much for the invitation of Alfa workshop, and share with you today’s investment in Tencent.

Tencent is the strongest user base, has great stickiness, his close to 9 hundred million users, WeChat has more than 900 million.

Basic knowledge of Of course, we also see the

in the past two years, Tencent also proved that he has the ability to continue to PC game IP into mobilegame, the game’s R & D and distribution is very strong. At present, his mobilegame income has surpassed the game income half, achieves 56.6%.

over the same period the proportion of NetEase has risen to 73.3%, because the original NetEase also has a lot of PC end of the IP, such as "Fantasy Westward Journey", "journey to the west", "ghost story" and so on, these IP PC in the end is very strong, large-scale NetEase last year put some PCgame into mobilegame.

, the first short-term or watch the game, because Tencent’s PC, game and mobilegame are very strong, is China’s largest gaming company.

Of course, now

let me start by talking about the Tencent’s upside. Then, let’s talk about why we should choose the subject that can be invested for a long time. Some of the latest trends about the Internet, the Internet China trend with the United States the trend of the Internet, including artificial intelligence and we have a conversation, finally also welcome some questions, I try to be a solution to the problem.

on another level, mobile devices such as the screen is growing, faster and faster, and now basically China has 4G, and 5G came, the speed is even faster.

, this is a monthly active user, and the proportion of DAU/MAU is very high, and WeChat’s DAU is over 700 million. High DAU platform, game user conversion will be very good protection.


game is much better than previously expected, and the life cycle of a mobile game is much longer than expected, and people are using mobile devices much longer than PC.

Tencent mobile game stronger, "king of glory" DAU more than 80 million months, the water is close to 3 billion, a quarter of the income may have a 8 billion yuan, so the game is far higher than expected.

besides, he can log in anytime and anywhere, and the stickiness will be stronger and stronger. >

1. website construction, know website construction construction process of

The experience of the

Personal operating experience, talk about corporate website reputation earlier than profit point is

understand the Internet, understand the "NetEase, Sina, Baidu, the 360 security guards, A5 nets, QQ, pipi, Netcom, push real Tao in music", why suddenly mentioned so many sites, see the following details.

The first line of the

, a list of the website information, most of these sites are all belong to the category of commercial websites, why to them as commercial websites, the website operators can through the website itself profit, also can through these sites and their existing original awareness in addition, investment or cooperation.

commercial websites need to pay attention to some problems in the early, many people only pay attention to website profit pattern, website a year can bring me much profit space, the site within a year can bring the number of registered members, in their minds is to make a profit in the first place.

can be used in a real case of me as you feedback, our position is the Tao Le real estate website this website was out of the ordinary, we believe the time is also for revenue and profit, but we think that the reputation of more importance in the early time, because the site just built, profit is very little, unless you have extensive contacts or have sufficient funds to prepare, so that the input and output can occur in a certain proportion. To achieve profitable results, we should first know how to operate the website. Only a good operation of the site will be truly profitable.

remember, 2009, my partner and I ready to run a SEO industry forum, our position is the site to build into the SEO industry as one of the most well-known guide website, we also go in this direction, but walked halfway to find a lost in the operation of the site, a half years and why has no profit? We don’t want to go through this forum to bring the number of advertising revenue, our profit model is SEO training, SEO intermediary, a bit like SEOWHY mode. Lost, it will ultimately decide the site said of an aged person, revision, until now this forum has not really developed, eventually because of profit fell out, therefore, left the SEO forum, I start again, creating the now Pipi push.

leather push from positioning to the current development, first of all, the model is a little imitation, 28 push or push a, first of all, from the domain name point of view, are Tui, that is, the network push hands. But there are many differences in form. Mou Changqing is the forum, and so is jiang. Normally, I also chat with two masters on Q. However, since I met Lu Songsong, I think his blog model is worth learning, and his blog was not profitable in the early days.

see me from Lu Songsong’s blog is a blog can operate to now, do not say how much traffic to the site, Lu Songsong’s reputation in the industry has no less than ZAC or Cardiff, there is absolutely Bipipi push Chen Xiaohuan >

If your idea is too good, don’t do it

from the first personal website count, has been engaged in the site for ten years. For the website is also quite impressive, borrow Einstein’s sentence: if the original idea is not absurd, then they are wrong.

last year began to engage in a secret site, the beginning is also good, because China is still in the first, some have been reported in the media, but also because of the first reason, there is a major problem in the model, quickly copied the winner, perhaps this is the so-called first to eat the crab people always poisoned causes. But fortunately, more than a year later, he is still holding on, the site is gradually improving.

tell me a little about yourself:

I think the first is the positioning of the website, what things, positioning are fundamental, positioning is the direction, is a lamp, if the site does not have a very clear positioning, so it is risky as pure. Finally, only to a garbage station, I have also done a similar site, the idea is very magnificent, want to make the Sohu, Sina, recently what to do, of course, the benefits of doing so is to quickly bring traffic, but there are things in the past, so I believe a lot of garbage station the webmaster is feeling very tired, almost no time to rest, every day is boring to see new things on the Internet, see the fun looking to earn their own website, experienced a little better.

of course, this type of station is less and less, a few years ago. So I think the first position is the fundamental of a website, but the location is not empty, to ensure that the positioning of what kind of problem is what people, what is the solution of this model process model? I know, there is no experience or you can learn something, or have actually done long ago I have no relevant resources? This? Must first ask yourself these things before doing a website.

has a location, followed by the implementation of, I think of the implementation of two aspects, one is product execution, and the other is the promotion of the implementation.

in front of me to solve the problem of mode what? This problem will be related to your product model, product model for the network, no more than three, providing content, providing online services, to provide software technical service platform. On the whole, these three, of course, the details may have mutual penetration and so on. To provide the contents of the products, then you need to do more on the user experience, consider the details, to provide online services to consider more is the combination of compact and non compact line service first, and the superiority of the technology platform of the service function of the software product is the product you can. Direct users of your convenience.

product development is not immutable and frozen, such as a secret for the first time I just took him as a secret sharing platform, and later added a lot of new functional details, shortly before the on-line secret box.

Problems existing in operation of Witkey network and measures for its implementation

Witkey network has been a continuation of a vitality, heritage of a culture, and carry forward a spirit of self-improvement. Iron barracks, soldiers running water, this is the time "Witkey business". Through the profit and the employer will Witkey closely together, let them through Witkey hobbies and their professional skills and gain fruitful returns, in this case, Witkey involved crowd is not the limit, so Witkey lacking talent team, lack of more tasks, to see if you have no single ability.

with the birth of Witkey Wangzhuan, they will have a new name witkey. However, as far as the operation period of Witkey network is concerned, there are many sources of outdated ideas, and some changes have been made in some principles and protective measures. These changes are not large, and the results achieved are very general. Witkey its outward lustre and pleasant, also can not conceal some bad facts, the growth of the road with some problems is normal, I also planted some dangerous seed, these factors will become Witkey the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, the future development of the "fuse", we shall discuss the matter briefly, present and future of Witkey network.

with pig eight quit Witkey network as an example, talk about Witkey network in operation what problems,


first, the site’s operating rules are not perfect. There are many rules here contains, not perfect first system can, for example, one exclusive fee, and attract the participation of all employers, according to their own preferences to choose the release, the author participated in such a standard selection, to give the cold store name, but with the "crane". Since it is finally winning the "crane", do not know the employer’s ignorance, or act in a diametrically opposite way. Therefore, only one person in the draft, then won the manuscript is not necessarily the best, but wasted all people’s energy and time. Followed by those who sent the task of the employer, there are many employers who do not read the draft, and draw on the ideas of the manuscript, but not the draft, there are many, for the time being, regardless of this ideology and morality, which in itself is a loophole in the system. Finally plagiarism and copying peer rampant, without any protective measures, even if you give the manuscript encryption, employers might bother to talk to you, will be related to the money to open a shop, signing the problem, provide a special service, encrypted and hidden manuscripts can solve some problems.

two is the website, the harvest that power guest is too apparent. The website provides a platform for everyone in this work, rent or other fees can be, but also behoove, but twenty percent of the fee, Witkey was too high, deduct twenty percent of the remuneration in the bidding process of payment, but also deduct a tax, in addition to cash when must deduct a fee, the money is really old witkey. Just as the old landlord constantly squeezed the work of the people. In order to strengthen human VIP services, Witkey also offers shops, display boards and signing contractors, which are charged, which can avoid plagiarism and plagiarism

The Green Plan to help youth innovation and Entrepreneurship

innovation environment is the need to rely on more social forces to improve the policy is to give more guidance, only this, Zhejiang branch of the Bank of Chongqing held a "Green Plan" to help youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

"Qingfeng" project to start early youth as helping object, to Small and micro businesses to focus on helping to Small and micro businesses "timely assistance", help youth innovation and entrepreneurship. Mr. Peng registered a new energy company in December 24, 2015.

the production of biological particles is a new material, can be a high-tech environmental protection energy to replace coal combustion, the equipment requirements are particularly high. Although the company set up a short time, but with Mr. Peng to cooperate with the legal person engaged in the industry for many years, has a stable customer resources and a wealth of sales experience.

Biological particles

in February this year, the production appeared in short supply situation, seeing the orders in front of company but not in a short time to raise funds for production equipment, expand the scale of production. Although thought to be able to bank loans to solve the problem, but after asking a number of banks are due to the operating time is short, and no collateral, can not get loan support.

a chance, Mr. Peng learned through a friend of Zhejiang Bank launched the "Qingfeng" program, specifically for the Banan area to provide loans to support young entrepreneurs, then try holding the mentality to Zhejiang bank. The bank’s account manager in the understanding of the difficulties encountered by the owners, immediately conducted a field visit, detailed investigation.

Want to do poineering work the following points need to pay attention to women

with the development of the times, women through their own efforts, has become half of the sky. But if a woman and man to the equality of men and women, still need some time in some ways to realize slowly, especially want to become a successful woman, want to have their own career, as more women than men to pay the price before May, following to female friends weapon, how to have a career, more successful.

vanity to venture more than most women’s vanity from marriage, marry a good husband, silver, beauty, children etc.. It’s normal and reasonable. However, for those who want to start their own business must have a clear understanding of women. Of course, all the women who start their own business as a woman is not satisfied and missing. If you decide to start a business, no matter what stage you are in, you must have a sense of responsibility to deal with your own career.

The industry that can be invested in 2013

2013 what business to make money? Venture capital has become a shortcut for many people to realize their dreams. Choose a good project, you can make a profit on investment. However, a number of entrepreneurial projects, how to find suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects?