Local portal website optimization summary

3. highlights the title and keywords, reasonable use of

5. links to related articles

automatic abstract keyword density adjustment

1. modified keywords and description of

for website optimization project, we should first consider the site is a new site or the old site, if it is a new web site, we can start from the more leisurely start step planning website optimization and key points. As an old site has nearly 10 years of history, I give advice to optimize the sequence from bottom to top. Firstly, analyzing the existing problems of the underlying website page, and put forward some suggestions for improvement, to allow customers to adjust, and soon be able to see the change, at the same time does not affect the existing site operation, in order to enhance the confidence of customers.

Background: the website for the


, a website standardization need

page, mainly in the following aspects:


recently in optimization of a local real estate website, the following summary of some recent work.

From the site and the old site of the new

three, a web page

website hosted by capital city telecommunications bureau website, nearly 10 years of history, has a rich background and local resources, but for a long time, the number of users to maintain the basic stability of fast growth, in the search engine’s poor performance. At the recent website, I hope a few chances to enhance the site in the search engine rankings. The main site and communication, here are some solutions to some website main concerns as well as I proposed.

two, website optimization order, different

complete the content page adjustment, customers see the change, with the initial confidence after optimization can start a web page. For local portal sites, the corresponding PR are relatively high, there are more resources outside the chain of high quality, but the chain layout is not reasonable. The text and web page lack of consideration and overall optimization, so the main measures are:


website standardization trend is not only more and more strong, and has become a symbol and conversation, including website customer, but also more heard of web standards. So the original website asked whether it is necessary to carry out standardized site reconstruction through the analysis of the whole station, I found that the website has been coming to an end, but as a real estate website, the huge amount of data, the original page writing is not standardized, hope through one-time net station standardization, from the perspective of project management is not realistic, and it is not the highest level of an emergency. Therefore, to develop a framework of standardized procedures for each other, based on the gradual small changes to optimize website.

1. home chain > friendship

6. related informationOptimization of

?In recent years,

How to optimize the web page is better

We have Keywords Don’t

page chain optimization. In the optimization of the chain before we have repeatedly referred to here, need to explain some problems:

a good website gives users useful information is through the final landing page display, page optimization bad directly determines a site of the Shanghai dragon ranking. How to optimize the web page is Qiao said Shanghai Longfeng forum webmaster to share content. Page optimization includes several aspects: Keywords page layout, Page Title Optimization, optimization of chain page, the page chain optimization.

first, the beginning of this article do not take the link. Users began to read your article has not fully understand your content, hurry to guide users to other pages, this is obviously not true. Therefore, this article starts with don’t chain.

[ Keywords

title column + keywords + brand word or title + brand word, or the title + column key words these three ways. This way we can see that if the title of the article by long tail keywords for an exact match, that this quality is good, be included in ranking will be very good to show. In order to bring the long tail words flow. This is what we want to say second points: the Page Title Optimization, it is easy to understand, with the keyword layout, the final page title title + brand word, only need to master the matching principle, it will be able to get good rankings.

page layout optimization. First, we have said before, to a small but beautiful quality web site. The page title is the three or four best keywords is appropriate, then add brand word. As I was in Shanghai dragon training. Key words: home can set Shanghai dragon training + Shanghai + Shanghai + video tutorial dragon dragon brand word. The home page keyword is not too much, we may understand this, if the home page weight is not high, the weight of each keyword will share very little, the bigger the denominator, the smaller the value, is the truth.

the previous tutorial to teach you how to develop dozens or even hundreds of long tail keywords, these words we pick key to the layout of each page to go to. Besides the Columns page, this page is a column page, this column page we

[map] Huaqiao Yu Garden Room 2 Office 1 Wei 2 72 square meters in Shanghai surrounding second-hand housing – Shanghai 58 city

] Shanghai real estate network Shanghai real estate information network – Shanghai 58 city

this column page keywords layout is very reasonable, we learn about such patterns when do the layout of keywords.

layout too many keywords, one to two. We look at the column page layout of 58 city has done very well, we can learn from. In Shanghai real estate column as an example:

page layout. Look at the city’s 58 page layout:

second, page do not add page >


Shanghai dragon is not all the network marketing.

currently Shanghai dragon is in a quagmire of vicious competition, most of the Shanghai dragon Er into the outer chain specialist position, can the static under heart to do little Shanghai Longfeng, currently has a lot to do is to rely on a variety of Shanghai Longfeng acquisition tool and chain group tools. Sometimes an article has been repeatedly, repeatedly pseudo original acquisition. Duplicate content caused a huge burden to the acquisition of spiders, Wuhan Shanghai dragon through observation, now love Shanghai to greatly enhance the ability to identify the false original, as in the last year, as long as a little bit pseudo original basic will be included. Since the beginning of 2012, I found that included the pseudo original content is very difficult. Many webmaster complain, Shanghai dragon really has become more and more difficult. I think the Shanghai dragon is a kind of method of network marketing, there is no need to put all the energy in one basket. Because the Shanghai dragon field, not the lack of a chain of the commissioner.

I took an enterprise of Shanghai Longfeng list at the end of the year, the company has launched several new products, as long as you didn’t spend keywords that product make up. But the traffic is scanty, forced sales pressure, so the author only. At that time, collected a lot of industry forums, each forum for a dozen small, the beginning is every day to send advertising inside, at the beginning because of direct advertising, many posts are administrator deleted. Then just using the account in question to beat around the Bush, then his return to the telephone and web site. Every day his own post top to the home page, won the big show rate. Directly through the forum to consultation telephone also many. Personally think that the promotion effect is obvious and the QQ marketing, although the method is simple, but it has very strong pertinence, such as I do the electrical testing equipment, I will collect me information, to understand what are the common products, we can not take each other.

is influenced by the environment of electronic commerce, many companies want to enter the industry of network marketing, but in real time to carry out this work but don’t know how to start, plus a company or individual wantonly overstate the role of Shanghai dragon, makes a lot of enterprises and companies that all the essence is the network marketing of Shanghai dragon. Admittedly, Shanghai dragon can bring traffic to the site, but the network marketing success need is various methods of marketing combination.

with the Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, you can consider to carry out other forms of marketing, through the Shanghai dragon just to make your site keywords have good rankings. Similarly, other marketing way also can give you the product brings good exposure, when you are in your customer groups which have a good reputation and become the brand you worry that your site does not flow


true warriors, dare to face the K website and not on the home page ranking. But I do not know how many Shanghai dragon Er is true warriors, or a drift, the chain was kidnapped.

Shanghai dragon race The road of innovation


love Shanghai in innovation, introduced for the love of Shanghai webmaster optimization guide, the content mainly tells us to enhance the user experience, starting from the soft and the chain of the site itself, written in great detail. This to our Shanghai dragon optimization, pointed out the direction, but also limits our innovative thinking. If you look at your love Shanghai optimization guide content on the surface, it is difficult to make their optimization do good, so only start from the details of direction, the depth of analysis from the guidelines, such as enhancing the details of the user experience, so as to maximize the benefit to their Shanghai Longfeng optimization, obtain new blue ocean

: love Shanghai Shanghai dragon law, grasp the details


two: the discovery of new details, dare to practice


needs innovation in the process of optimization, but also must follow the principle of search engine, according to the user experience, or you have love in Shanghai always on tenterhooks. Love Shanghai has its own user, he needs to help the site to the user, you let the user objectionable, the user does not love love Shanghai, so even if you have love in Shanghai and even ranked no benefits. Take a simple example, we are most concerned about the love of Shanghai, and Google is much less, because users are mostly fell in love with the sea to see, only to let users satisfied, can make your site has long ranked. So when we try to innovate, follow the principle of search engine, with the user experience, can be regarded as the optimization idea right

original content update, the weight of the high platform outside the chain, as long as we persist in long-term, can be successful, can get good rankings, but in the construction of website operation, we really need so long? The answer is negative, Shanghai dragon Er will dare to innovation, the use of some of their own the optimization method, not the black hat, I do not recommend using this optimization method, it can make our website to achieve rapid ranking, but it does not belong to innovation, because many people are using it, it is a coward. Only love from Shanghai optimization guide found not the same details, the courage to open up, it is really brave!

three: innovation should follow the principle of search engine

Shanghai dragon

website optimization, by what? A lot of people the answer is content updates, the chain construction. But we found that now seems to come to an end, because we have to update the contents of the construction of the chain also do extreme, but found that the effect is limited. That is what causes our traditional optimization methods fail? Because the same thing, the same way, are doing, are in use, the effect is dispersed, finally only to very little, only innovation can succeed! Here is my recent feelings — new ideas for optimization of Shanghai dragon

Shanghai Longfeng webmaster summary ten coping love Shanghai not included experience (below)

QQ group and old promble, if you can use the QQ software, then you can use some, but this should be used with caution, it will cause others to your website. You can join a group, and then inside mix later you can publish your website information, to attract people to click on your website. See how you hold


forum is a very common method, here I want to say is no time no matter what the forum can add links to try, even braved the risk of being blocked, also want to add a hyperlink or anchor text links, not every forum are not allowed to add links, and also not every forum plus links will give you the key to delete, to see you add the link is not reasonable! If this link after the moderator does not give you deleted, and love Shanghai to take your post included, then you can earn the love of Shanghai spider crawling brought IP hits.

Author: Zhang Shouzhi from the Beijing Shanghai dragon Zhang Shouzhi Shanghai dragon blog www.zsz贵族宝贝 please indicate the author reproduced. A5 Adsense nets start me is not easy, when you reprint appreciate me as a novice webmaster. Thank you!

10. the last big love Shanghai Post Bar

!The This is a website!

7. video


love Shanghai Post Bar now foreign chain management is very strict, and the chain is a skill, one is the content of more than 600 words, the content and Post Bar is consistent with that of the novel, that is you can add links to the rest of the security situation is difficult to guarantee


above is my own website with some of the experience summed up the above ten is skills, hoping to help those who like me in spirit by suffering friend

9. !

6.A5 contributor

you can download the video screen and housekeeper, recording video on your computer, you record some website experience tutorials, but to ensure the quality of video, to allow people to learn something, and then to the video sent to each video website, website publicity.


A5 is the site of the submission is the main content of the A5, you can contribute to the site to bring high traffic, and will let the love of spiders in Shanghai that A5 has done a single site for you, for your site weight increase. Add love to trust you Shanghai website

this is Shanghai dragon webmaster summary ten coping experience love Shanghai not included (on) next

you can contribute an article in a A5 vote cast in the head of the home, after the success you need to reprint the major forum Post Bar, blog, with links to your site, so in others links, the chain will be your site by

8.QQ class

Site optimization pain in-depth analysis of ranking of eleven phenomenon

five: the use of

site morbidity

often see some Adsense said his website in search engine ranking in the "eleven" bit suspended in midair is not high not low position. The eleven refers to what? No. tenth can get more traffic click in the search engine home page, and this gap is very big hits. The master refers to "eleven" actually refers to the search engine page second ", from 11 to twentieth of this page ranking. Why is there eleven of this phenomenon, and how to solve the following discussion:

has been ranked very good, the update is also very good, Shanghai dragon is also in place. However, driving a "eleven" into the observation period, the server will occupy the proportion factor. Check is the server problems occur frequently, causing the page cannot be accessed, or access to the fast and slow. Is the program itself is a problem, or a problem with the network server, or the machine under the emergence of a large number of sites or download the station occupied resources acquisition problem. The analysis of the reasons as soon as possible in order to make solution out of the "eleven" position.

: no coordination of the chain and the contents of

two: website recently collected

tools group

what is the site easy to search engine to the "eleven" in general there are two?. For the first time, the old station is, and has been ranked in a relatively high position. Second, a new station on the line soon, however, he climbed to the "eleven" to find difficult to ascend.


four: the server is not stable



chain of foreign website promotion to improve its visibility, laying the foundation for the development of website content, coordination development can keep the steady improvement of the overall weight of the site. However, many webmaster to focus on the chain extension. The chain leads to a sharp increase in the number of construction, while the site itself is too empty. Therefore, in a short time while the external links increase a lot, but reached a certain limit, the search engine that is cheating.

is a high ranking website, always adhere to the original or false original original reasonable collocation function, always keep in the forefront of the website ranking. However, when the collection is too obvious, or search engine rules change, clean up the redundant information may lead to the decline in ranking. However, this decline will not affect the site ranking, but will be arranged to stay on page second position. When the site will be re lifting weights start with a clean slate ", if a result is completely indifferent to stay on for several months, another is declining ranking.


may cause URL errors when do maintenance, or accidentally deleted files "appeared a lot of dead link. These dead links directly to the search engine not normal index, which is sent into the "eleven" position as a punishment, and then enter the observation period according to the performance or continue to decline in its ranking.

Ye Jun the impact of high quality web content of Shanghai Dragon

search engine, search for any information on the Internet is very convenient, many users will click on the website, but the amount found the content can not meet the needs of the search time, will leave immediately, continue to find what he needs, so as to provide more suitable content to accurate positioning site the user, the only way to get the favor of users. That is what we say that sentence: content is king. If you want to rely on the ordinary content of success, you need to pay more efforts in other areas. The success of the website will certainly need first-class content.

4. as far as possible the use of short sentences. If your article is not novel, do not think that your readers have the patience to read the contents of the long and complicated sentences.

The amount of information in today’s

5. short paragraphs, and use the blank line between paragraphs. The blank is a waste for printing, but for "not worth a hair, blank is a necessary element of organization. Read the articles on the screen is not a comfortable thing, reading your content so appropriate add blank can help users better.

8. where appropriate use of keywords, but not excessive.

1. ensure the relevance of website content.


6. as far as possible the use of bulleted and numbered lists.

2. as far as possible the use of original content. Everyone has apparently content can attract more visitors to return to visit other sites, if you can see, there is need to access your site

"content is king", this sentence should be invaluable advice Shanghai Longfeng Er will know, but many people still not to regard it as right, obviously this is absolutely wrong, whether it is from the website design or Shanghai dragon’s perspective, the content of the website is always the first element of the site.

The use of

so how do we create high quality content? To create high quality content to abide by the principle of what

only high quality content to attract users to visit the website, when the user has become the site back when the site’s ranking will naturally rise.

9. appeal. If it is not an invitation to the user, what they might do, but if so, they may give you unexpected results.

3. carefully check the website content word fluency and readability.

7. in the content of a website into the title and subtitle.


we should understand that the first motivation of user access to the site is to search for information. The user through the conversion process is very difficult to complete in an interview, usually only the user can make decision after visiting a number of websites. But, really attracts people to visit the site again only content. Only high quality content can bring loyal users.

not only that, it should be noted, in different type >

Virtual son rain electricity supplier circle four strange phenomenon at several methods of Longfeng

we see the map to know a station that was in the home occupied the four position, and two stations are his two website a second, first tenth, the owners of the cattle X degree as can be imagined. As far as I know, the child is a student station the first phase of the Shanghai dragon money expert rain brother, seems to get rain brother advice. You can go to his blog to see some methods he shared, or good. This is due to the child brother’s execution, and find some weight higher site posts and links, make full use of the love of Shanghai.

three strange phenomena: belong to the same person in four position and he about two

is a strange phenomenon: love Shanghai search box

two strange phenomena: the bottom search

you can see the bottom search business related search are not relevant, especially in the row in front of the mall, we found that the business district is still dominated the first second electric shopping guide, and we can find the general is the long tail word, is expanding from the business circle and the business circle, such as beauty. Comfortable electric district, Wuhan business circle. Don’t know if you heard of love bottom marketing no, is the use of brush method, let the relevant search keywords, estimates there are a lot of people use this method in business competition, the individual is not recommended to do anything, I love one step at a time.

Hello, good for a long time did not write the article, today I had to check the recent business circle are violent sprint stage of the contest results, found many strange phenomena, so I had to sigh now do Shanghai dragon owners too much, really should be a sentence: not impossible, only unexpected way. Business competition in the eyes of many people is a bluff to help promote their website game, though utilitarian is relatively strong, but had to admire the green outfit planning is still very good, on the basis of previous research done so much is very good.

many people wonder why their search keywords will be in love Shanghai search box appears inside some of the words of others, such as power shopping mall, business guide, KKK103 business circle, we can look at these three words the results page, in the first row is a station, do not want to say such a station site, because not love its operating practices, because of this he is obviously out of the brush. But this method is a rapid method to obtain the very good ranking love Shanghai. If you search for a keyword search found below the relevant recommendation, it must be very interesting, we will inadvertently Click to look at someone else’s website. This is not recommended for everyone to do, because we do love will certainly be found in Shanghai, Shanghai love I guess there will be some restrictions.




Chalk net do exclusive education, training micro-blog learning communityWhat kind of Wangzhuan is he

It may be a bit late for

origin by both sides lack of precise and controllable communication channels

this is a discussion of personal webmaster Wangzhuan prospect of paste technology, it can not avoid the mention of my own station. You can see this article as an ad sticker with a bit of technical content. Those who do not like can leave at once. But I believe if you take a few minutes to read this passage. There must be some feeling. Some new ideas.

I contact the Internet for 7 years

by the end of 2011, Li had found a child English training teacher for his child. After a query, he was depressed to find that there was no way to get information about the teacher’s degree of professionalism, teaching style, student evaluation and so on. When chatting, Li Yonggen’s friends talk about their troubles, I did not expect everyone to have similar experiences. This allows media origin, the business, the Internet industry has a wealth of understanding, Li Yong began to pay attention to this market.

business team business card


after further investigation, Li Yong found that demand and training institutions and teachers, lack of "low cost, education and training institutions can control / audience accurate marketing channels, and training the promotion and dissemination of individual teachers can obtain is limited to the promotion of resources institutions".

the directional discussion took less than 2 weeks. First wanted to comment. Students want to find satisfactory teachers, teachers want to promote themselves, reviews the most effective way. But it’s not easy to make comments. How do basic data come from? The accumulation of data is a very slow process. And comment is static, in order to obtain user reviews is also very difficult, it takes time to accumulate." Chalk net marketing director Shuai branch memories.  

  the most eye-catching page of the chalk net is a series of data, "communicating with 53 fields and 693 certified masters."." Site screenshots

positioning simple educational and training interactive platform

from APP applied to network course video to social networking platform, from early childhood to examination training to interest, education in the field of mobile application has gradually penetrated into our daily life, but entrepreneurs and capital to demonstrate the potential of mobile application in the field of education full enthusiasm. The first half of 2012, the main educational field of social interaction "chalk net" product has not been on-line, it has received IDG million yuan of investment.

. Experience, like most people, from indulging in online games to finally eating on the internet. I ended up with a small Web Consulting Ltd. To guide enterprises on the internet. By consulting and building a website. But because see or hear that a legendary Wangzhuan story. Have been wondering how to do traffic Wangzhuan, do a few "junk" station. And made a little money. But the more I do, the more I feel guilty. Look back at the legend. It’s virtually impossible to copy. But they also found that only legal loophole to do some speculation. How many people have cheated the hard-earned money?. The most typical example is the age of SP. Borrow a word of chairman "to have, the number of truly great men also see"

startup 4 group, and finally the product direction as "exclusive education"

, throw away the stories. In front of the personal Adsense in addition to standing at the top of the wise I always think Chinese individual stationmaster is the wisdom of the day had a wild stock or floating clouds like gods, enjoy life. Most webmasters still face more and more perfect regulation system, more and more risk, lower unit price, less and less check. When you sigh and melancholy. I can tell you responsibly. This is not really a cold winter, but in the near future, when the law is sound. When we resolutely put an end to copyright infringement, piracy is just like grabbing pornography now. These movies, pictures and so on free resources to eat the webmaster who should go from here?. Perhaps not unexpected, but most webmaster dare not think, do not think..

to get down to business now, but I’m a verbose person. Please tell me what to

in March 2012, Li Yong resigned, resigned, and his 3 colleagues. In early April, Li Yongjia next to the cafe, one of the 4 core team began to discuss the direction of product.

now popular several Wangzhuan is nothing but an offline MLM model pull a cheat strong BS belongs to a wicked person, guide the registration, such as sub pay. And promotion type click ads and mobile downloads registered. We are from legal and moral aspects to analyze this several Wangzhuan mode.
root 1, pull off the assembly line is illegal fraud. Advise what you are doing and do what you are ready to do.
2, guide the registration, although there are suspected of inducing the consumer. But there are willing to play, willing to suffer. Too much

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