Shanghai dragon ER compulsory homework familiar with the industry user search behavior

understand the above knowledge, the following content becomes simple. The first to talk about how to determine the user search habits by keywords. Use 12306 words to do this case, because it is simple, easy to understand.

look at the love of Shanghai prompted to say Shanghai’s user experience is really doing very well. The middle box suggests 12306 of the official, in case the user cheated. And then the telephone booking and telephone service. More intimate is the right of the map marked the earliest date of purchase. Then the noble baby. For me, these are not found. Perhaps this is the reason China dominate the love of Shanghai. Immediately to the most in need of the user, the most intimate.

Keywords user search habits





summary: 12306 the user needs is the keyword, railway official website booking hotline, booking date, tickets. If your site can meet these so you can also go to the agency, I think no one will go to the Ministry of Railways and grab traffic.

user experience has been all Shanghai dragon chasing ER advocate, we also have the name of the user experience of the slogan to design a website, but ignore the real intention of the user. The user does not require you to make simple things complicated, what he needs is more intuitive, more efficient, more authoritative search results. You really want to extent to meet the needs of users, need to be familiar with the industry user search behavior, which is the Shanghai dragon ER compulsory homework.

love Shanghai products and website statistics to determine user search habits in case

read a case we can understand the experience is very good for the love of Shanghai users, and then use it to do the benchmark, at a site in the rankings, with Shanghai’s own love products so that we can determine the user demand.

is the user to search with the foot, the first time I hear this sentence is the love inside Shanghai company of a manager said. I was in love Shanghai free training. At that time, because this sentence caused a fierce discussion. Some people think that users are smart, can read the page and find the information you want. The other part is agreed. For a long time the results of each rhetoric justified. There are over there to convince. In general, all sorts of strange things users search, which is possible, so it is not possible to have the result. Change a way of thinking, the user first thought is assumed to be awkward, "then let the user to find the awkward information they want. So those clever users will find a faster way, and he will even feel trouble, so Shanghai Longfeng work is not the simple things complicated, but let "to meet the users at the same time becomes more simple. I believe this is a trend in the future.

to judge the case

Ali inside how to start a business Wei Zhe No appointment and no moneyMillions of fans of Amy and Ma

, why is this wave of "content entrepreneurship" happening today? Why didn’t it happen in the blog era and the micro-blog era?

wave of China’s basic mobile network facilities, switching from 3G to 4G, created this remarkable change, as well as the incredibly hot broadcast until last year. This is media >


then, does the user spend more time on content? Are users more willing to pay for content? In other words, how do content entrepreneurs make money?

company: software failure

you ask yourself, when you started your business, did anyone name you? No, I didn’t. Therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship must be self driven, is that he believes that this tricky.

20 years ago, the emergence of the Internet, the first to make content digital, making today, whether it is a variety of WeChat public number, today’s headlines, or "get", the cost of the channel is basically 0. The evolution to today, we are in the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone using this medium, and multiple dimensions of audience by tagging location, social relationships, real time online, once again achieved a revolutionary improvement efficiency.

boss said: "Xiao Wang, I think you are good, you go to an innovative project."".

who’s going to pay for the content,

Ali’s experience is that, which is to restore it into the entrepreneurial environment, the success rate is high.

so, we all sit down and replay: why we failed

, we review Ali software, a sudden to two hundred million, I think it is money to give too much.

The .

innovation is not only a waste of money, but also the biggest waste of the company’s strategic opportunities.

editor’s note: why big company innovation is a little difficult? Why would encounter the dilemma of entrepreneurs is difficult to turn the ship? Because? Casaarte fund co-founder and chairman, former Alibaba group executive vice president Wei Zhe think, probably just because the big companies did not find the way. The appointment of a project team, a lot of money lost, the effect may not be too good. At the same time, Wei Zhe also gave us a share of how Ali entrepreneurial.

every company has "big company" style: the appointment of a man of great ability, the company deployed a team organization, capital, resources, innovation usually do so, have a high failure rate.

Later, The low efficiency of


was the software investment of 200 million yuan, for two years, but nothing came, no done.

to improve innovation efficiency, the most important thing is, first restore to "empty handed wolf" in the entrepreneurial environment.

has too much money. You use the company’s team and say, "I’m boss"

text, sound, pictures, video, live broadcast…… In recent years, the content of production in full swing, the "new" content explosion, so that the content of several orders of magnitude more than before.

five years ago, I invested in a company called B station, and we are its first round of investors. At that time we still think this is what a ghost, how people will see the video in such a strange manner? Last December I find them, they say such a thing, 4G active users online crowd rose to UV on the 20% day.

in the past year, I have been frequently asked how to look at content entrepreneurship in a variety of speech occasions. I think the most important thing is to answer the two questions from the macro logic first, why the content entrepreneurship, and why it happened today,

from the media changes, determines the new content of each era of entrepreneurship / production of the major premise and pattern.

printing and papermaking spread from sheepskin to paper, steep media cost down to 1% Note 2, be able to bear the cost of content producers and receivers gradually expanded to the University from the monastery and local lords. 200 years ago, the advent of steam presses reduced costs to at least 20% Note 3 for the first time to reduce the cost of content production, dissemination and consumption to a generally acceptable level. This is the basis of what we know about the emergence of the last wave of modern media industry.

2, innovation is not money smashed

, let’s talk about content entrepreneurship.

Wang boss promised under the despotic power.

in 1074, a priest in Bavaria carried a sheepskin roll and went out and returned to a vineyard. You may ask the parchment and how so valuable? You know a sheep’s skin can make a parchment book page 12.5 Note 1, a "Xinhua Dictionary" do you have to kill a whole hillside cattle.


in 2007, Ali wanted to be a company called Ali software. The dream was great: one dollar a day, using world-class software. That is, let small and medium-sized enterprises pay a dollar a day, you can use enterprise software.

at that time, Ali has hundreds of thousands of paid small and medium enterprises, technically also has a very good team. We felt that the matter would come to pass.

did not volunteer, but was appointed to lead the army.

in fact, his heart also feel that this is not reliable, he has no confidence, but can not say.

Alibaba is not a god company, and Alibaba has made many mistakes.

more money, people will become silly.

1, innovation is not appointed

Cattle Island choose a registered company platform, you and Wang Jianlin only 4.8 yuanSite traffic =

looking for company cooperation, and company acquisitions, need site >

advertising between the difference is very large, and some stand 1500 a month, and some can do 2144 yuan. Some do 4000 a month, and some can do 6000., a few positions down, you can differ 1-2.

8000IP 2500 yuan

traffic increases, so that the same site and the same flow site can eliminate other sites. All types of alliance funds will increase as traffic increases.

island O2O one-stop business service platform, the company registered for the entrance for entrepreneurship and small and micro enterprises to provide tax from bookkeeping, trademark and patent, enterprise changes to the social security fund, labor contract, documents of the "one-stop" service enterprises, its advocacy of integration and sharing mode of lawyers, free agency accounting, business agents and other service providers.

site visits every day and earns

from 10 thousand IP start, without increasing 5000IP, the level of the site can be promoted, earn money every month can also raise 2144 yuan.


, Asia’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, in an interview, because a "first set a small goal to achieve", for example, I earned it one hundred million, detonated the circle of friends. We have praise, if one hundred million is a small goal, your life is just like a little dust filled. It is impossible for an average person to earn one hundred million first in three years and five years, but if it is courage to start an undertaking, then everything is unknown. But now the business is far from it as easy, resources, conditions, opportunities, and so on, the team is essential, even if opportune, may also be because of some other frustrated. At this point you need to have a help, such as Shanghai cattle Island company registration service platform niurendao.

The core idea of

O2O entrepreneurial services platform, its commercial realizable path is very clear. It can realize the brand value in the platform transaction process, and realize the value-added service through the convenience for the entrepreneur. Company registration is only an entry point for small and medium enterprises’ basic service market, and there will be more room for imagination in the future of financial, human resources management and other basic services.

After the Shanghai expert

unprecedented 4.8 yuan company registration benefits

is a personal data investigation and observation, the data size difference is normal, I listed the data for general statistics. See individual ability of grass and operation. The site does not include illegal sites, such as * * site. Do not include selling products business site. Belong to all kinds of personal sites


expert island O2O business platform is the self mode on the supply side of the service definition and pricing standards for financial planner, registered trademark, accounting division, lawyers and other professional team personnel occupation skills, through the enterprise mobile platform and excellent team of small and micro enterprises connected, so that information fully transparent. Let entrepreneurs can process real-time monitoring, so as to realize the optimal efficient and reliable. Not only helps entrepreneurs solve the cost of time spent by their parents, but also helps entrepreneurs solve the pain problems of finding the traditional intermediary information asymmetry and poor service experience.

1000IP 200-300 yuan

is very stable.


3000IP per day, it is very simple. This time some people will go to advertising, impatient my advice is not to.50 dollars a month banner, 20 dollars a month. The text is not how to earn so little money, do not go to.3000IP, and 3721 to more than 10 league one day

a month !

8000IP per day, it is hard to do? OK. From 8000IP, the website can belong to the primary, 1500 yuan of money, greatly upgrade.TAOBAO net a month TOM alliance can be removed, or placed in a conspicuous place, 3721+ other public welfare alliance can reach 2144, with a small amount of advertising, a month 2500 yuan

a month

understand the relationship between website traffic and money, you can calculate the money you earn every month, for the webmaster, this is a very valuable reference article, from which you may think of a lot of things!

Island www.niurendao was born, a nationwide O2O one-stop business service platform, with the largest in the history of the most amazing business benefits, like the spring breeze, blowing through every arduous struggle the entrepreneurial dream. The company registered 4.8 yuan, no hidden fees, any bundled consumption, to ensure that every entrepreneur hand is a copy of business license three in one, the official seal, financial and legal chapter as well as the company’s registered address, even engraved chapter is included in the 4.8 yuan fee. Touch the RMB for a lifetime, today only feel 4.8 yuan, but have so powerful!

3000IP 500-800 yuan

1000IP per day, for a site, a little content of the site, not 20 days will be easy to do,.TOM league can have 400 points =2 block, 3721 advertising union can have 100 points =4 block, 3721 assistant League =2 block.

traffic is up, the Union ads can be removed. If you think you can make more money at that location,.

O2O one-stop registration

starts at 100 thousand IP and can be fixed at 5-8.

advertising and looking for a company, or looking for a company to buy.

Discussion on the insistence and execution of stationmaster

in the twinkling of an eye, he has become webmaster for more than three months, review their three months, can be said to be fruitful. From the beginning of the web site knowledge, know nothing about, now to help new Adsense solve the problem, feel oneself have no joy. Now in their own hands with a small station car portal, 99 car network. The site is now online one hundred days or so, now in the Baidu search keywords Weihai automobile natural ranked first, Weihai automotive network search natural ranking second, update the Baidu snapshot, Baidu update now basically all the articles included in two hours. As of the post, Baidu included 7130, reverse link 11800, Google PR4, Sogou Rank51, world ranking 1 million 10 thousand.

said so many reasons, just to answer the title’s insistence and execution. Now let me say how I did it in the last one hundred days:

: the first 4.30 every morning to get up, get up every day to update information, two months before the update is not less than 50, but because they do not know the importance of the original pseudo original so basically is reproduced, but time is not fixed, updated many times a day. From third months, update 30 messages every morning, 20 in the morning, 10 in the evening, and the time of information is fixed.

second: looking for links, for new sites, this is hard work, but no matter how hard it is necessary to do, for our beloved station. Links half a month to contact 60, and it is good to have PR 3, PR4, PR5 have, so that in the first update, it directly to 3, second updates to 4, less than three months.

third: increase the chain, I do is the main blog post, I opened a lot of blog, how can not remember, but now have some weight is high, Bowen every day and take a link. Where all can leave their footprints, see counterparts reverse links, with their stickers.

fourth: soft Wen, because of his literary talent is not good, very understand the importance of their own, but at present had published 7 articles about the text, it is the website made distinctions won in battle, the title of the article search has been reprinted many sites, more not less quality links to a website.

now summarizes what should be noticed in the process of persistence:

first: be sure to update the article every day, and update the number and time of the article is best fixed, so that after a period of time, the site’s ranking will be relatively fixed. Published articles, not only weight is not heavy, can not be original, a few false original bar.

second: friendship links have to do, many old Adsense said new sites do not come out, change, optimization 2 months later. Well, after two months, you might find it easier to find a link, but the result is two to 3 for others and 0 or 1 for you.

Top ten brands of cotton pad

cosmetic cotton for modern women is not unfamiliar, this is a must for a lot of women’s daily makeup tools, because of such a demand, so that the market has a lot of brands. So, which brand of cotton pad good? Xiaobian now for you to reveal the industry’s top ten brands of cotton pad.

cotton ten brands list, Watsons NO.1 Watsons, founded in 1828, one of the largest personal care chain store in Asia, a large multinational group of companies listed, Watsons group (Hongkong) Co., ltd..

cotton ten brands list NO.2, Lily Bell: from the professional female makeup accessories brand with a hundred years of history, professional make-up cotton production enterprises, Suzhou of health supplies limited.

cotton ten brands list NO.3, AUPRES AUPRES Chinese: won the famous brand, Beijing famous trademarks, brand-name products in Beijing City, a well-known brand of moisturizing cream, the Sino Japanese joint venture, Shiseido Liyuan Cosmetics Co., ltd..

makeup cotton ten brands list NO.4, carnation: founded in 1969, Taiwan, the first professional manufacturer of maternal and child health supplies, cosmetics, the top brands in, Kang Xiang Xiang Enterprise (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

cotton ten brands list, NO.5 Sinuo: founded in 1995, China cotton is one of the leading brands, professional makeup cotton and cotton mask production enterprises, Ningbo Shino Co. ltd..

cotton ten brands list, NO.6 Ke DQ pedicle: Shiseido’s commitment to improve the quality of skin care brand skin health index, cotton ten brands, Shiseido Liyuan Cosmetics Co. ltd..

cotton ten brands list NO.7, Bai Yuan: founded in 1923, in Japan known as " high-tech chemical products manufacturing expert, famous brand " heating paste, Hakugen family products (Shenzhen) Co. ltd..

cotton ten brands list, NO.8 MUJI Muji: a life in Japan from the famous brand products, famous brand cotton best-selling market, large multinational companies, Muji (Shanghai) Commercial Co. ltd..

cotton ten brands list NO.9, DHC DHC, founded in 1972 in Japan, a comprehensive enterprise cross cosmetics, medical care, translation, beauty salon, spa area, Shanghai DHC Business Co. ltd..

makeup cotton top ten brands

What do women do in 2016

2016 female entrepreneurship to do what? May wish to try to open a home with a warm home as the theme of the store, operating in a warm, comfortable home – based features. But in view of the current domestic market, a wide range of women’s entrepreneurship specific choice? Can be considered to open the characteristics of cushion stores or pillow stores, market segments.

modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, especially young housewives. More and more people are tired of the home decoration style like a hotel, and hope to enjoy the warm and natural rural life at home. Open home to operate a natural, warm, comfortable and casual style of Japanese style rural home based stores, can help them achieve this dream. Shop to the management of natural, warm and comfortable casual Japanese country style home appliances products mainly include rattan, wicker chapter series, fabric and porcelain. These customers are fastidious about the quality of life, the pursuit of life fun, who do not like the layout of the new home of a good man, of course, young women or the majority.

2016 women do poineering work what good? Open the home characteristic cushion shop

female entrepreneurs to start a special cushion shop, operating characteristics of the cushion in the first effort to personalize, it is best to form a series of consumer demand for the design of different varieties of cushion. For love is lying on the sofa to read the newspaper, a design can also head on the elbow supporting cushion, a concave design for children round cushion, so to make the child naked cold; for young men and women to design a set of cartoon characters, and other animal Xiuxiang new-new generation idol pattern, can rely on and comfort in the arms of the cushion. Finally, it is necessary to carry out a good promotion and customized business. Cushion is a popular commodity, the cost of transparency, the price should not be too high, according to different types of profit space control in 30% ~ 40% is appropriate.

2016 women do poineering work what good? Open a pillow store

2016 female entrepreneurs open a store pillow, the pillow of many varieties of classification from the function, ordinary pillow, health care pillow, medicinal pillow, and suitable for all ages pillow; distinguished from pillow core material, a silkworm excrement pillow and chrysanthemum pillow, pillow, cotton fiber vacuum pillow, pillow, pillow, gas and water tea pillow. These pillows, the store should have sales, other shops to buy also want to buy a small initial waist pillow, pillow, pillow and ear pillow. In the management of the store, can according to customer requirements, set for a variety of style, size, height, hardness and different filling materials such as pillows, baby shaped pillow, ear pillow, to the newly married couple with the embroidered pillow, as well as to the elderly produced special pillow etc.. In sales, promotion and sales promotion can take a variety of ways, such as door-to-door, do not collect freight; for the elderly consumer groups launched the "old day to send a special gift for children to carry out activities; such as the" children’s health education group recommended sleep ";

Six speaking skills make you get twice the result with half the effort

speak skills, often won’t make trouble to oneself, not only can make you more relaxed working environment, can make you rich and famous. Keep in mind the following six sentences and use them in the right time, and your clients will be sure to look up to you.

1. Deliver the bad news in the most graceful way: we seem to be in some situations…

2. When the boss called duty bound: I immediately deal with.

3. Team spirit: Angela’s idea is really good!

4. Persuade your colleagues to help you!

5. I don’t know what you’re doing. I’ll think about it again. I’ll give you an answer before three

6. This sentence doesn’t seem to fit in the office!

Changchun demobilized cadres business incubators to carry out the four in one helping

different types of business groups need a different way of helping, Changchun for demobilized cadres business very seriously, and guide the construction of specialized incubators, builds a bridge between market and entrepreneurship in demobilized cadres. Help create an opportunity to ride out the storm.

modular power lightning protection device, full function robot intelligent electronic lock core, portable emergency recovery device…… Changchun City Center recently demobilized soldiers demobilized in business incubators held military venture exchange event, 19 in base self employment of demobilized army cadres show entrepreneurial achievements, attracting a large number of investment businesses and entrepreneurs eyes.

to solve the demobilized cadres business problem, the beginning of July 2014, Changchun city comprehensive integration of resources, innovation established the first domestic self employment of demobilized cadres to implement business incubators, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training, business incubation and entrepreneurship service "four in one" mode of helping entrepreneurs demobilized cadres.

"there is a good policy, in the implementation of key." According to Changchun director of human resources and Social Security Bureau Zhang Baoqi introduction, Changchun city will continue to improve the supporting policies, standardized service processes, to support the implementation of plans, through the development of entrepreneurship policy into the barracks, venture into the barracks and self employment of demobilized cadres typical venture into the barracks lecture tour, improve the army cadres of self employment and entrepreneurship for more understanding, solve the menace from the rear of demobilized army cadres.

specific issues to specific recommendation

Entrepreneurs do these three points will be able to seize the pain point target customers

in the entrepreneurial way, often hear people talking about "how to seize the target customer pain points, know the pain points of this thing is very important, if the entrepreneurs can catch on, then he will soon win a good market development. So how to seize the target customer pain points? Entrepreneurs need to do these three points.

cheaper – can you meet the needs of the user cost down, can provide cheaper products and services, and even can provide free products of


better — can you meet the needs of the user to improve the quality, it is, you can greatly improve the user experience of the product. Zhou Hongyi in his book "my Internet methodology" mentioned in the similar point of view, it must be innovative, pioneering, innovation, you can invent a thing, or the expensive things cheaper, or complex things simple, Internet products bring value to our customers so that.

This is

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你好东京观众带来了一个数字旅游的城市。图片由Christoph Gelep

Christoph Gelep在为期五天的访问空间创造,长达四分钟的视频叫你好东京展示城市白天、黑夜,穿越著名的社区和网站如Shinjuku、涩谷、六本木、Odaiba、浅草寺,在一系列的时间间隔和慢动作削减东京地铁新桥线秋叶原。“从小我就来日本一直是我的梦想,我是他们独特文化和传统的忠实粉丝。”。实际上,我在最后一分钟的决定中预订了航班,当时我有一些空闲时间,最初的目的只是度假!然而,当我到达时,很明显,我应该充分利用我的时间,捕捉我的经验。我很高兴,我决定把我的相机与我,”克里斯托夫告诉



视频被枪杀在东京五天的空间。Christoph Ge形象




网站称为photospots是22岁的Mike Wong来自苏黎世设计,瑞士。它使用地理标记来创建一个交互式的热地图,自动拉每天10000图像从照片共享网站网站500px,允许用户浏览图片看到不同位置所提供的。当我计划今年夏天的客场之旅时,我想到了这个项目的想法。我想沿着道路探索风景区,但收集信息有点乏味。我已经检查了谷歌地图的地方,然后去网站500px,Flickr和Instagram看看其他人的照片就从那个地方,然后决定是否找我把它放在我的列表很有趣。那时候我想创造我的所有数据已经包含了自己的地图,”迈克告诉孤独星球旅行的消息。

不出所料,冰岛已被证明是一个受欢迎的景点,摄影师。通过gudj和oacute图像;n OTT和oacute;比雅纳松


威尼斯也已被证明是一个受欢迎的选择,摄影师寻找那难忘的镜头。Iakov Kalinin /其他Shutterstock图片