Upcoming Film Festival Deadlines (Summer 2015)

first_img  Late Deadline  07/11/2015  $100.00 USD Take a look at the top upcoming film festival deadlines slated for the second quarter of 2015, and get a leg up on when and where to make your submissions.Top Image Courtesy of Leeds International Film Festival.Many of us here at PremiumBeat are filmmakers and videographers, and we occasionally send our work off to film festivals to reach a wider audience. Is this something that you’re interested in doing as well? If so, we’ve got just what you need. After this latest rush of film festival submissions, we felt that we should present our readers with a list of the top film festival deadlines for each quarter of the year.Words of WisdomBefore we get started, we do want to impart some wisdom to our readers, and it has to do with the all-mighty dollar. We all know that being a filmmaker or videographer can be an expensive career choice, and film festivals just add to that cost. Most festivals average around $50 per submission, which really adds up if you’re submitting to several at once. But you really need to be aware of hidden costs if your film is selected to play at one of these festivals.Many film festivals do not accept Vimeo links or DVD copies for final screening. Rather they require HDCAM (High-Definition Video Digital Recording), DCP (Digital Cinema Package) and even 35mm prints — and the transfer rates for each of these is not cheap. Luckily, each festival will inform you of their desired final screening media options as you make your submission. Remember to budget for all of these costs.Image from Tribeca Film FestivalUpcoming Film Festival DeadlinesAs we are currently already in the second quarter of the year, we’ve missed a few deadlines that passed at the end of May, such as Toronto International Film Festival, New York City Independent Film Festival and American Documentary Film Festival.Please read each official festival mission statement below. There are specifics about each one that may fit perfectly (or not so perfectly) with your project.   Earlybird Deadline  05/01/2015  $60.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  04/03/2015  $35.00 USD Music Video, Animation, Web Series & Film Trailer   Late Deadline  08/31/2015  $90.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  04/03/2015  $65.00 USD   Regular Deadline  06/19/2015  $45.00 USD Narrative, Documentary, Animation & Experimental Short   Late Deadline  07/03/2015  $58.00 USD   Extended Deadline  08/15/2015  $150.00 USD   Late Deadline  06/22/2015  $80.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  05/10/2015  $40.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  04/20/2015  $50.00 USD   Late Deadline  07/11/2015  $60.00 USD   Late Deadline  07/11/2015  $60.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  01/15/2015  $45.00 USD   Regular Deadline  04/03/2015  $45.00 USD   Regular Deadline  04/03/2015  $35.00 USD   Regular Deadline  07/31/2015  $30.00 USD SlamdanceStarted in 1995 by a group of writer/director/producers, Slamdance continues to be organized and programmed by active filmmakers. Now in its twenty-second year as a festival that runs simultaneously with the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT, Slamdance has established a unique reputation for premiering independent films by first-time directors working with limited budgets.Narrative & Documentary Feature   Late Deadline  06/01/2015  $60.00 USD   Regular Deadline  09/18/2015  $35.00 USD   Regular Deadline  06/19/2015  $75.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  04/24/2015  $52.00 USD Narrative, Documentary, Animated & Student Short   Late Deadline  08/31/2015  $35.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  07/25/2015  $40.00 USD   Extended Deadline  08/15/2015  $150.00 USD   Late Deadline  06/22/2015  $155.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline 04/24/2015  $56.00 USD   Late Deadline  07/10/2015  $75.00 USD   Regular Deadline  07/24/2015  $75.00 USD   Regular Deadline  07/24/2015  $55.00 USD All Shorts   Late Deadline  10/08/2015  $60.00 USD Short Subjects (Under 40 mins)   Earlybird Deadline  05/10/2015  $35.00 USD Ottawa International Film FestivalOIFF was founded in 2009 and an annual not-for-profit festival that takes place every October. They pride themselves on being regarded as a highly unbiased festival and platform for filmmakers who are seeking to expand their careers to a larger audience. OIFF’s mission is to help develop and promote independent filmmakers and artists that “create outside of the box.”Narrative & Documentary Feature   Regular Deadline  09/18/2015  $15.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  07/25/2015  $50.00 USD   *WAB Extended Deadline  11/20/2015  $70.00 USD   Regular Deadline  05/15/2015  $45.00 USD   Late Deadline  05/08/2015  $60.00 USD   Late Deadline  05/08/2015  $50.00 USD Narrative, Documentary & Animated Short   Late Deadline  08/31/2015  $50.00 USD   Extended Deadline  08/15/2015  $150.00 USD Nashville Film FestivalFounded in 1969 as the Sinking Creek Film Celebration, Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) is one of the longest-running film festivals in the country and one of the most acclaimed festivals in the South. Hosted in Music City, USA, NaFF attracts enthusiastic film lovers from all across the country and has been praised by film-goers and filmmakers alike for its unique combination of big city festival atmosphere and laid back Southern hospitality. With over 290 films from 48 countries, a screenplay competition, web-series competition, innovative industry panels, live music showcases, and parties almost every night, the 2015 NaFF drew over 43,000 attendees and sold out nearly 50 films and events.Narrative & Documentary Feature Competition   Regular Deadline  09/30/2015  $60.00 USD Raindance Film FestivalRaindance showcases features and shorts by filmmakers from around the world to an audience of film fans and filmmakers, executives, buyers and journalists. Along with screenings, there are seminars, workshops, gigs and parties to allow everyone the chance to share our passion for independent cinema. It is also an Oscar and BAFTA qualifying festival, as well as being closely associated with the BIFAs.Narrative & Documentary Feature   Extended Deadline  10/15/2015  $70.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  05/01/2015  $68.00 USD   Late Deadline  07/06/2015  $195.00 USD   Regular Deadline  09/18/2015  $45.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  04/20/2015  $85.00 USD Narrative, Documentary, College & High School Short   Earlybird Deadline  05/10/2015  $50.00 USD Los Angeles International Short Film FestivalLos Angeles International Short Film Festival (LA Shorts Fest) ranks among the most prestigious international short film festivals in the world. The festival is accredited by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.Narrative, Documentary & Animated Shorts   Extended Deadline  07/31/2015  $82.00 USD   *WAB Extended Deadline  06/15/2015  $55.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  06/20/2015  $15.00 USD   Final Deadline  07/15/2015  $65.00 USD Narrative, Documentary & Animated Long Shorts Narrative, Documentary & Animated Short   Regular Deadline  10/16/2015  $45.00 USD   *WAB Final Extended Deadline  07/15/2015  $60.00 USD   *WAB Extended Deadline  07/17/2015  $80.00 USD   Late Deadline  07/06/2015  $145.00 USD   Regular Deadline  07/31/2015  $45.00 USD   Regular Deadline  05/20/2015  $60.00 USD   Regular Deadline  09/04/2015  $50.00 USD Chicago International Film FestivalAcross countries, languages and classes, film has the power to provide us with a release, an escape, a window into new worlds and new possibilities. In 2014, we presented 125 feature films, including 20 feature-length documentaries, and 50 short subject films from more than 55 countries. Many of these films participated in competitive sections, where the highest honor is the Gold Hugo – a standard of excellence in the world of film and a true symbol of discovery.Narrative Feature   Late Deadline  11/30/2015  $20.00 USD   Extended Deadline  06/26/2015  $75.00 USD   Regular Deadline  09/30/2015  $45.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  05/10/2015  $70.00 USD   Regular Deadline  05/18/2015  $55.00 USD   Extended Deadline  10/15/2015  $110.00 USD Narrative Short, Documentary Short & Music Video Want more content on how to gear up for a film festival run? Check out these articles from PremiumBeat.How to Avoid Film Festival Rejection10 Tips for Submitting to Film FestivalsThe Filmmaker’s Guide to Indie Festivals & OrganizationsHave you had success with any of these festivals in the past? Are there any festivals we didn’t cover that we should have? Sound off in the comments below.   Regular Deadline  06/19/2015  $95.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  08/14/2015  $50.00 USD   Regular Deadline  09/30/2015  $30.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  02/20/2015  $25.00 USD   Regular Deadline  06/05/2015  $58.00 USD Competition Shorts Austin Film FestivalKnown as “The Writer’s Festival” since its inception 22 years ago, Austin Film Festival celebrates films built on strong storytelling. AFF recognizes the importance of the creator at the core of filmmaking and screens the highest caliber narrative, documentary and animated films — all of which demonstrate the power of a well-told story. Narrative, Documentary, Dark Matters & Comedy Vanguard Feature New Orleans Film FestivalCelebrating its 26th anniversary this year, the Oscar®-qualifying New Orleans Film Festival has firmly established itself on the regional film fest circuit as one of the most reputable in the country. It was named by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the “50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” in their 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 editions, and it was also named by Premium Beat as one of the “Fifteen Fests You Should Enter.” Born in a city known for its eclecticism and artistic vibrance, NOFF seeks out bold and passionate storytellers. With top-notch programming in one of the world’s most cinematic cities, NOFF serves up a dose of Southern hospitality that’s hard to beat.Narrative & Documentary Feature   Earlybird Deadline  03/06/2015  $40.00 USD   Regular Deadline  05/15/2015  $50.00 USD   Late Deadline  06/05/2015  $65.00 USD   Late Deadline  06/05/2015  $55.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  04/20/2015  $40.00 USD   Regular Deadline  06/10/2015  $50.00 USD Narrative & Documentary Short Competition   Regular Deadline  09/04/2015  $80.00 USD   *WAB Extended Deadline  07/17/2015  $65.00 USD   Extended Deadline  06/26/2015  $70.00 USD   Regular Deadline  06/10/2015  $80.00 USD   Late Deadline  11/30/2015  $30.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  07/31/2015  $35.00 USD   Extended Deadline  07/31/2015  $78.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  06/20/2015  $35.00 USD Screenplay Competition Documentary Feature   Earlybird Deadline  05/01/2015  $38.00 USD FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film FestivalThe Festival is dedicated to the creation of opportunities for artistic interaction and exchange among independent filmmakers, directors, producers and the film-going public. It’s mission is to discover the new voices of independent film.*Without-A-Box DeadlinesAll Animation, Video Games, Feature & Short Film Entries   Earlybird Deadline  05/01/2015  $23.00 USD   Regular Deadline  06/10/2015  $50.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  01/15/2015  $40.00 USD Louis Le Prince International Short Film Competition, Best British Short, World Animation Award, Dance Short Film Competition & Fanomenon International Competition   Regular Deadline  05/17/2015  $40.00 USD   Late Deadline  10/08/2015  $100.00 USD   Extended Deadline  01/08/2015  $40.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  06/20/2015  $25.00 USD   Regular Deadline  07/31/2015  $80.00 USD   Late Deadline  11/30/2015  $60.00 USD Yorkshire Short Film Competition, Music Video & Dead Short Competition   Late Deadline  10/23/2015  $45.00 USD Leeds International Film FestivalLIFF is a portal for audiences to discover the real world of film that exists beyond the limitations of mainstream film exhibition. LIFF primarily supports the work of outstanding, fresh new talent in fiction and documentary filmmaking (in both features and shorts) and in world genre cinema – and work from existing talent that has not received deserved exposure in the UK.Narrative & Documentary Feature   Earlybird Deadline  02/20/2015  $35.00 USD   Extended Deadline  01/08/2015  $85.00 USD   Regular Deadline  06/05/2015  $62.00 USD   Late Deadline  10/23/2015  $55.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  07/31/2015  $50.00 USD CinequestA vanguard organization set in the Silicon Valley, Cinequest’s uniqueness and impact result from being ahead of the curve in the powerful integration of creativity and technology. Cinequest fuses the world of the filmed arts with that of Silicon Valley’s innovation to empower youth, artists and innovators to create and connect – driving transformations and a better tomorrow. Cinequest does this through Cinequest Film Festival and Picture The Possibilities by Cinequest.*Without-A-Box DeadlinesNarrative & Documentary Feature   Regular Deadline  09/30/2015  $20.00 USD DOC NYCDOC NYC, America’s largest documentary festival, is an annual event based in New York at the West Village’s IFC Center, Chelsea’s SVA Theatre and Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas. Voted by MovieMaker magazine as one of the “top five coolest documentary film festivals in the world”, the eight-day fest showcases new achievements in documentary film along with panels and conversations. DOC NYC seeks to make connections that happen “only in New York.”*Without-A-Box DeadlinesCompetition Features   Late Deadline  11/30/2015  $75.00 USD   Late Deadline  07/11/2015  $75.00 USD   Regular Deadline  06/10/2015  $60.00 USD   Late Deadline  06/01/2015  $50.00 USD   Late Deadline  11/13/2015  $65.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  03/06/2015  $30.00 USD   Extended Deadline  01/08/2015  $70.00 USD Screenplay Competition ($250 Cash Prize)   Earlybird Deadline  07/31/2015  $10.00 USD   *WAB Extended Deadline  11/20/2015  $85.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  04/03/2015  $85.00 USD   Extended Deadline  01/08/2015  $30.00 USD   Regular Deadline  05/17/2015  $50.00 USD Teleplay Competition ($250 Cash Prize)   Late Deadline  11/13/2015  $55.00 USD Music Video, Experimental, Puppetry & Pilot Episodes   Late Deadline  07/03/2015  $72.00 USD Narrative & Documentary Short AFI FestAFI FEST presents a survey of the year’s most significant films each fall. Featuring international work from emerging filmmakers, global showcases of films from the great masters and red-carpet gala premieres, AFI FEST brings world cinema to the heart of Hollywood. The audience at AFI FEST has grown to over 75,000 attendees with media impressions in excess of 7 billion worldwide.Narrative & Documentary Feature   Regular Deadline  10/16/2015  $55.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  07/31/2015  $20.00 USD   Late Deadline  10/23/2015  $15.00 USD Atlanta Film FestivalKnown as “The Writer’s Festival” since its inception 22 years ago, Austin Film Festival celebrates films built on strong storytelling. AFF recognizes the importance of the creator at the core of filmmaking and screens the highest caliber narrative, documentary and animated films — all of which demonstrate the power of a well-told story.Narrative & Documentary Feature   Earlybird Deadline  08/14/2015  $40.00 USD   Late Deadline  07/06/2015  $65.00 USD   *WAB Extended Deadline  06/15/2015  $75.00 USD   Regular Deadline  05/18/2015  $110.00 USD   Earlybird Deadline  05/10/2015  $40.00 USDlast_img read more

‘Let’s hope Devdas sets the box office on fire’

first_imgThe Big Picture”Devdas was made for Rs 50 crore, Lagaan for Rs 25 crore and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham for Rs 40 crore. Does a poor country like India need such dear dreams?”-SHEILA KUMAR, on e-mail Old as GoldAudiences and critics alike are eagerly awaiting the release of Devdas, for,The Big Picture”Devdas was made for Rs 50 crore, Lagaan for Rs 25 crore and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham for Rs 40 crore. Does a poor country like India need such dear dreams?”-SHEILA KUMAR, on e-mail Old as GoldAudiences and critics alike are eagerly awaiting the release of Devdas, for its success will mark the arrival of period films and of cinema based on literary works (“Devdas: Bollywood’s Biggest Gamble”, May 20). Let’s hope Devdas sets the box office on fire.-STUTI SINGH, on e-mail Indian cinema may be getting international attention at the Oscars and at Cannes but it is undeniable that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Devdas and Lagaan are only occasional releases that make it big on the global scene. Out of around 800 films released every year in India, only a handful are competent in terms of technical expertise, directorial excellence, depth of characterisation and quality of script. However,  Lagaan and Devdas prove that Indian cinema is slowly but surely unleashing itself from the drab world of mainstream commercial movies and coming of age on the global arena.-SAIRAM SANATH KUMAR, on e-mail It is sad that in a country with a population of more than 100 crore-and where half the people are illiterate and live below the poverty line-a film on an alcoholic megalomaniac has been made for a whopping Rs 50 crore. The media is calling it an artist’s pursuit of perfection, a laudable attempt to create a magnum opus. It is hard to believe what message a mothballed, 85-year-old story could pass on to today’s highly materialistic generation. And who is going to be the beneficiary even if the gamble pays? The underprivileged and uneducated people of India?-G. SWAMINATHAN, Chennai It is surprising that Bollywood can afford to produce a movie on such a vague theme with a budget of Rs 50 crore. With the country passing through a terrible time on each front, the huge amount could surely have been invested in a better cause.-RAKESH BAHUGUNA, on e-mail Earlier your magazine used to provide an in-depth study of important issues on subjects of national interest. Now such articles are few, sprinkled between film gossip and the lifestyles of the rich and the privileged. I really wonder who is interested in knowing about the weight of Madhuri Dixit’s ghaghra and how much money has been spent on the extravaganza.-UDAY M. LELE, on e-mail It is sad to note that Bollywood filmmakers have had to fall back on a story that has been filmed eight times already in an attempt to produce a hit at the box office. They would have done well to have invested Rs 50 crore in a novel plot rather than present old wine in a new bottle-and a very costly bottle at that. I doubt if Devdas will prove to be the “elixir of life” for the sinking Bollywood industry.-BLESSON GREGORY, on e-mail Chief WorryYou rightly point out that K.P.S. Gill has a Herculean task ahead of him (“What can Gill Do?”, May 20). Will he be able to bring peace to Gujarat as he did in Punjab? My apprehensions are that as security adviser to the Gujarat Government he won’t get the wholehearted support of Chief Minister Narendra Modi who has been unable to control the communal violence. As it is, Gill has already got an initial jolt-the denial of the services of Punjab Police personnel.-ONKAR CHOPRA, Delhi Cynical StanceYour editorial was shockingly malicious and unnecessarily biased, targeting K.P.S. Gill instead of focusing on Gujarat (“Gill in Gandhinagar”, May 20). This kind of misrepresentation by sections of the media and power-hungry leaders is largely responsible for the continuing carnage in Gujarat. Do you know how much Gill did to maintain order during the worst days of the All Assam Students’ Union movement in Assam? You should have at least given him credit for having brought peace in Punjab.-B.K. BHATTACHARYA, on e-mail Future TenseI agree that the pressure on students during board exams is a serious problem (“Board Games”, May 20). But then how does a college having 25 seats for a course decide which “25” it should admit when it gets 400 applications, all having the grade “A” ? The solution is to broadbase the examination system by having continuous evaluation so that one exam does not become a matter of life or death. Marks can still be awarded but only in a continuous manner. One should not play with a time-tested system without completely solving some of the problems.-DR B. PURNIAH, on e-mail Students study hard for class XII board exams to get good marks which will guarantee them admission into a reputed college. What they don’t realise is that most good colleges and universities admit students on the basis of entrance exams. Your survey of the top 10 engineering colleges itself reported that eight of the top 10 institutions conduct entrance exams for selecting students. Similar is the case in the fields of medicine, law, etc. So why this two-pronged approach-boards and entrance exams-making life difficult for the students? The Government must direct all colleges to admit students on the basis of entrance exams. Colleges can group together to form a university that will conduct a single entrance test for all colleges under it and thereafter do away with the boards. The use of schools then? Preparing the students for entrance exams.-SUDHANSHU MALHOTRA, on e-mail Has anyone in our revered cbse looked at the course content for the social sciences paper for the Class X? It consists of history, geography, civics and economics, with a weightage of 40 per cent for the first two, 20 per cent for civics and 10 per cent for economics. But the syllabus for each is as vast as for the other. It must rank as the most confusing exam in the world.-AJAYA CHAND, on e-mail Throttling TalentMohun bagan is indeed in a sorry state of affairs (“Club in Confusion”, May 13). Behind all the talent it possesses lies the selfish interests of some administrators and industrialists. This is why sports in India is more about politics than talent. No wonder the Indian football team cannot find a place in the top 100 in the world.-ARYA C., on e-mail  Facts FirstTavleen singh is spreading canards against the Income-Tax Department just because her accountant asked for certain details for filing her annual returns (“Paying for Honesty”, May 20).Let the readers know that there is no expenditure tax in India and her auditor does not need those details for filing her tax return-provided she had maintained the details of her income. She is wrong in writing that every Indian tax payer is being subjected to this inquisition. Only 2 per cent of the tax returns are subjected to scrutiny.Singh has shown her prejudice and ignorance by saying that tax inspectors are the most corrupt officials in India. As an insider who worked for 25 years in a managerial position, let me tell her that the Income-Tax Department contains as many good officials as any other cross-section of Indian society. S. SENDAMARAI KANNAN, Commissioner of Income Tax, Hyderabad Singh has the pulse of the honest income-tax-paying middle class fully at heart. The practice and policy with regard to income tax in India lack direction and political will. Instead of finding a better way to ensure efficiency, the authorities want to harass the middle class by limitless forms and formalities. V.B.N. RAM, on e-mail advertisementadvertisementlast_img read more

India badminton doubles coach Tan Kim Her steps down citing personal reasons

first_imgMalaysia’s Tan Kim Her has stepped down from his post as India’s doubles badminton coach, citing personal reasons.The 47-year-old, who was appointed as the national team’s doubles coach put down his papers, one-and-a-half years before his contract with the Badminton Association of India (BAI) was to end after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”Yes, Tan Kim Her has resigned as doubles coach. He had put down his papers about a month back. He had some family problems, so he left India during the Senior Nationals,” BAI secretary (events) Omar Rashid told PTI.Tan Kim Her has earlier coached England, South Korea and Malaysia and there are speculations that he might have received some lucrative offer from another country.Asked about it, Rashid said: “No there is no truth in such speculations. There was no problem, he left purely due to personal reasons.”Under Tan Kim Her, India saw the rise of men’s doubles pair of Chirag Shetty and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, who won the silver medal at the Commonwealth Games and also helped the country win the mixed team gold for the first time.The Indian duo won the Hyderabad Open Super 100 event and also reached the finals at Syed Modi Super 300 tournament and are currently ranked 20th in the world.The women’s pair of N Sikki Reddy and Ashwini Ponnappa also has done well under the Malaysian’s guidance, claiming the bronze medal at Gold Coast event.In early 2018, India’s singles coach Mulyo Handoyo of Indonesia also didn’t complete his contract and left abruptly citing personal reasons.advertisementBAI has recently roped in two Korean coaches Kim Ji Hyun and Park Tae Sang and the Indian team is awaiting their arrival.The onus of guiding the Indian doubles pairs will now rest on the two new doubles coaches Flandy Limpele and Namrih Suroto from Indonesia, who were also hired by BAI.Also Read | India grouped with Taiwan and Singapore at Badminton Asia Mixed Team ChampionshipsAlso See:last_img read more

Despite Injury Rumors, Mason Rudolph Still Expected to Start Bedlam

first_imgThis blog has never been one that has dug super deep into #sources (uniform things aside!) but given the nature of this weekend and how big this game, a Mason Rudolph injury update seems worth getting out there.Here is everything we know right now.There have been various social media reports this week suggesting that Mason Rudolph suffered a broken foot after reports surfaced that he was seen in a walking boot and crutches last weekend and earlier this week.We have confirmed with multiple sources that though the boot and crutches were precautionary and Rudolph did break a bone in his foot. It doesn’t appear to be season-threatening or supremely serious, but it also isn’t nothing. It’s not just a sprained ankle.It seems as if, given the nature of how Mike Gundy talked about it on Monday, this is a comfort issue more than a “future integrity of the foot of The Franchise” issue. Especially given Gundy’s nature to protect his players and OSU’s more-than-adequate QB2.Rudolph was seen visibly limping last Saturday to finish the Baylor game, and was able to finish the game playing through pain. Despite this, Bill Haisten reported that Rudolph probably practiced on Wednesday.It is believed that Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph, who sustained an apparent foot injury in last week’s loss to Baylor, participated in the Cowboys’ practice Wednesday and is on course to start Saturday in the Bedlam meeting with Oklahoma in Stillwater.We are very confident Rudolph will start on Saturday, although the foot is obviously something to keep an eye on as OU comes after him all night.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

20 days agoArsenal fullback Kieran Tierney not interested in London sightseeing

first_imgArsenal fullback Kieran Tierney not interested in London sightseeingby Paul Vegas20 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal fullback Kieran Tierney admits he’s never been to central London despite signing this summer.The full-back moved from boyhood club Celtic to join the Gunners and since then, has had to cope with the transition with moving from Glasgow to London.The defender said: “Coming to London has been a huge change for me.“I’m a home boy who has always stayed with my parents and now I’ve come to a new country and a massive city.“I’m living on my own for the first time and it’s not been great. I need to cook every night and I’m still learning how to do that. But I’ll get there.“People back home ask me ‘what’s London like?’ But I have no idea because I’ve never been into the city.“I train, I work hard, I go home to recover and I train the next day. It’s just a simple life and I put everything into football.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Gerrard: Talk of succeeding Klopp is presumptuous

first_imgSteven Gerrard says it is “presumptuous” to suggest he could succeed Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool and claimed he has “no divine right” to manage the Premier League leaders due to his success as a player at Anfield.Gerrard leads Rangers into the second Old Firm derby of the season on Saturday after moving to Scotland in May to take up his first senior managerial position, ending a 28-year association with the Merseyside club.The 38-year-old failed to win a Premier League title with Liverpool – coming closest in 2014 – but the Reds are on course to land England’s biggest domestic prize this season after establishing a six-point lead at the summit. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Much of the Reds’ success has been attributed to the astute leadership of Klopp and Gerrard has dismissed suggestions he would be the German’s natural successor when he moves on.He told The Telegraph: “Liverpool have one of the best managers in the world and are flying high. Just because you have been a successful player does not mean you have the divine right to be next in the queue.”Just because you are popular with the fans it does not make you the right man to replace Klopp, if and when he goes.”It is very presumptuous. It is also disrespectful to Rangers given the size of this club and everything they have gone through to just assume I have come here to learn and use it as a stepping stone to Liverpool. I do not see it like that, although that talk is something I cannot control.”Gerrard is more interested in closing the gap to Rangers’ arch-rivals Celtic, the winners of the last seven Scottish Premiership titles.The Gers are currently three points behind the Hoops in the league, having played a game more than the reigning champions.”I am desperate to be successful at Rangers,” he added.”I understand the size of the club, and how much the fans want success.”I am committed to it. I am giving everything I have got. Whether that leads to an extension here or on to a different challenge, I don’t know. That would depend on the challenge. But I do not see myself as someone who will end up managing 10 or 12 different clubs, going here there and everywhere and different countries.”Right now, I just don’t see that. And this job has all my attention.”Gerrard played under his Celtic counterpart Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool but concedes he cannot turn to the Northern Irishman for advice given the rivalry that exists between the clubs.”As my former manager he would have been someone I leaned on just starting in management,” he said.”I think it is difficult to do that now. Look, I had a good relationship when it was captain and manager but we never socialised beyond the training ground. You would exchange texts and speak, but it was not like you went for dinner or met for coffee.”Last week I was on the phone to Rafa (Benitez) and had a few conversations. I spoke to him for about 20 minutes, talking about certain teams. I have spoken to Gareth Southgate while doing my pro-licence. I still speak to [LFC academy director] Alex Inglethorpe quite a bit, so yes, Brendan would also have been one of those people. “Because of the rivalry he would not want to tell me anything and I would not want to tell him anything.” Subscribe to Goal’s Liverpool Correspondent Neil Jones’ weekly email bringing you the best Liverpool FC writing from around the weblast_img read more

Minister Thwaites Hails School’s 100 Per Cent Mastery in Literacy and Numeracy

first_imgMinister of Education, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, has commended the Mona Preparatory School for achieving 100 per cent mastery in literacy and numeracy at the Grade 4 level last year.Addressing the institution’s School Leaving and Prize Giving ceremony held on Tuesday, June 25, at the Jamaica College Auditorium in St. Andrew, Rev. Thwaites opined that other schools should seek to emulate this standard.“Almost 40 per cent of Jamaica’s children don’t achieve mastery in literacy at grade four and more than 50 per cent don’t achieve mastery in numeracy. Consider yourselves very fortunate and all the Mona community should be grateful for your high standards of achievement,” he said.In the meantime, the Minister commended the parents of the 52 graduates for laying a solid foundation for their children’s educational success.“What you have given them through this education is an almost certain passport to reasonable success at the high school level and beyond,” he said.The Minister further stressed that this emphasis on educational attainment by parents and caregivers, is critical to ensuring the success of the nation’s children.“Parenting is the most important element in a child’s education and therefore, whatever the difficulties and sacrifices, that parents are called upon to make, it is most important that we recognise that the child grows best when they are attended to and they are nurtured by … persons who are able to guide them, to correct them, to love them and to share with them,” he said.Rev. Thwaites lamented there is “a deficit of parenting that evidences itself in Jamaican schools and I am urging that the simple things that have to do with child rearing, be emphasised …anew….if we expect transformation in education and in our society”.Contact: Alecia Smith-Edwardslast_img read more

2nd Stage of LNG Croatias Open Season Process Kicks Off

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license LNG Croatia has opened the second round of binding phase of the Open Season process for its planned LNG terminal.The call to bids comes just days after the country’s parliament passed a law allowing the construction of the terminal.The previous tender scheduled for April 2018 was postponed as there was a lack of interest on behalf of companies to secure a portion of the terminal’s capacity.The project includes the construction of an LNG terminal on the island of Krk together with the connecting gas pipeline.In order to speed up the construction process, Croatia has opted for an offshore floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) with a yearly capacity of at least 2 billion cubic metres. An onshore facility is expected to follow at a later stage.The project will partly be funded by the European Union as part of its efforts to diversify gas supply and decrease dependence on Russian gas. To that end, the EU committed to invest EUR 101.4 million (USD 120.3 million) in the project. The grant contributes to the overall estimated costs of EUR 383.6 millionThe deadline for submissions is August 3, 2018, LNG Croatia said.last_img read more

HC grants prearrest bail to Maharashtra cop accused of raping colleague

first_imgMumbai: The Bombay High Court has granted a pre-arrest bail to a policeman accused of raping a woman colleague, noting it was a consensual act. A division bench of justices Indrajit Mahanty and A M Badar last week granted anticipatory bail to Navi Mumbai police’s crime branch Sub-Inspector Amit Shelar. Shelar had approached the HC in January this year after a sessions court rejected his anticipatory bail application. In November 2018, the woman, a constable attached with the Navi Mumbai police’s crime branch, lodged a complaint alleging Shelar had raped her in March last year after spiking her cold drink. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ The high court, in its order, observed that the complainant is a serving police constable and an adult married woman. “If the facts stated in the FIR and the text messages exchanged between the complainant and the accused person are considered, prima facie we are of the opinion that the case in hand is a case of consent,” the court said. “Prima facie, we are of the opinion that the act was consensual in nature,” the bench said in its order. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K “This is a case of a 31-year-old married woman, indulging in sexual relations with her colleague on several occasions without disclosing the fact to her husband,” the court said. It said the FIR was lodged after the complainant’s husband found the text messages exchanged between the sub-inspector and the complainant. In her complaint, the woman said the man had claimed to have recorded the incident and used that to allegedly rape her on multiple occasions thereafter. In his anticipatory bail plea filed in the HC, through advocate Tanveer Nizam, Shelar claimed he has been implicated in a false case and that he has never committed any crime. “This is a false FIR and the investigation was clearly motivated. The high court has accepted our arguments on the malafide of the complainant and has also held that this was a consensual relationship,” Nizam said.last_img read more

In the news today August 7

first_imgFive stories in the news for Wednesday, August 7———RCMP FIND ITEMS LINKED TO MURDER SUSPECTSRCMP in Manitoba have found several items linked to two suspects wanted for killings in British Columbia. Mounties would not disclose what the items are but said they were discovered on the shore of the Nelson River on Friday. Cpl. Julie Courchaine said the items are directly linked to the suspects. The search for Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, and Kam McLeod, 19, has focused on the remote area around the town of Gillam in northeastern Manitoba, since a burned-out Toyota RAV4 they were driving was found there July 22.———U.K. SHARES CONCERNS ON DETAINED CANADIANSForeign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and her British counterpart say they’re both concerned about two Canadians detained in China. Freeland says Britain has taken a strong and public stand on what she called a difficult issue while U.K. Secretary of Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab says his country shares Canada’s concerns on the matter. Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig have been detained in China since last December. Freeland says Canada’s relationship with China continues to be challenging, and the cases of the two detained Canadians are a top priority.———FEDS DETAIL $22M TO COMBAT CHILD PORNPublic Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says provincial and municipal police forces will receive $15 million to combat the exploitation of children online. The Liberal government committed about $22 million over three years to the cause in this year’s federal budget, and are detailing how the majority of the spending will go to local police internet child exploitation units. The rest of the money will go towards raising awareness, strengthening the judicial system and engaging with online companies to make sure their platforms do not host child pornography and related content. The announcement follows a meeting last month that Goodale attended with his counterparts from Canada’s Five Eyes intelligence allies — the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.———DUCEPPE, PARIZEAU CLAN MEMBERS VYING FOR BLOC RUNMembers of two of Quebec’s best-known sovereigntist clans are battling it out for a chance to represent the Bloc Quebecois in a Montreal riding in the upcoming federal election. Anne Duceppe, the cousin of former Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe, is facing the outgoing leader of the Communist Party of Quebec, Andre Parizeau, the nephew of former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau. They are seeking to represent the Bloc in north-end Ahuntsic-Cartierville, where a nomination meeting is set for Aug. 17. The successful candidate will face off against Liberal Melanie Joly, who won the federal riding for the Liberals in 2015 with more than 46 per cent of the vote.———TURTLE LAYS EGGS IN N.S. GOLF COURSE BUNKERFor the second year in a row, a central Nova Scotia golf course is home to an unusual hazard after a resident snapping turtle laid eggs in a bunker. Debert Golf Course manager Mark Webb says the sand trap next to the seventh hole has been declared off limits after the turtle laid the eggs. Webb says the turtle nicknamed Shelley was rescued from the side of a road last year by a friend and brought to the course, where it has apparently found a home. The nine-hole course has several ponds that provide an ideal turtle habitat. Webb says that after a hatching last September, he was able to help three of the baby turtles make it safely to a pond on the course.———ALSO IN THE NEWS:— Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen holds a media availability to discuss newcomer settlement services across Canada.— Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with members of the International Association of Fire Fighters at the biennial Canadian Policy Conference and will deliver brief remarks.— Rural Economic Development Minister Bernadette Jordan and N.S. Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell make a joint announcement related to the Atlantic Fisheries Fund.— Federal Infrastructure Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne and Victoriaville Mayor Andre Bellavance take part in an infrastructure announcement to address the impact of drought.— Premier Jason Kenney will discuss the accomplishments of his government in its first 100 days in office and make an announcement regarding Indigenous people in Alberta.———The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Northern Development to host free webinars for small businesses

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Northern Development will be hosting free web seminars geared towards small businesses.Northern Development is encouraging businesses that are associated with Love Northern B.C., Supply Chain Connector and Community Futures to register and access dozens of premier practical business education seminars for free.According to Northern Development, the Small Business B.C. webinars provide up-to-date information and tactics on current business trends and strategies designed to help small businesses improve, succeed and remain competitive, which can have an immediate impact on business operations. Some of the upcoming webinars will focus on sales strategies and blogging to promote your business.For more information on the upcoming Small Business B.C. webinars, you can visit Northern Development’s website.last_img read more

RBC to close consumer savings accounts at recently acquired Ally Financial

TORONTO — Royal Bank of Canada is shutting down the consumer accounts of Ally Financial, and integrating its operations, after acquiring the Canadian auto finance and deposit business earlier this month.The bank said Tuesday customers will no longer be able to open new accounts with Ally effective immediately. It also plans to close down the high-interest savings accounts operated by Ally on April 30.“As a result of the acquisition, Royal Bank has performed a comprehensive review of Ally’s product portfolio, and implemented some changes,” the bank said in a posting on its website.As part of the move, Royal Bank lowered the interest rates of existing Ally accounts to 1.2% from 1.8%, which puts it in line with its own high-interest savings accounts.Royal Bank completed the $1.4-billion acquisition of Ally after it received approval from the Competition Bureau earlier this month.Before the purchase, Ally Financial’s Canadian unit provided financing to nearly 600 auto dealerships across the country. The finance company’s consumer business had about 450,000 loans outstanding as of last October.Royal Bank said it will integrate the automotive financing operations of Ally, which covers relationships with dealers and floor-plan financing, into its own auto financing division.“The intent is to make sure that all of Ally’s operations are integrated into RBC,” said Royal Bank brand and communications spokesman Matt Gierasimczuk in an interview.He declined to say whether Royal Bank would lay off Ally employees or close offices as part of the acquisition.Royal is also offering Ally customers the option of a one-year, locked-in guaranteed investment certificate at a 1.8% rate, or a redeemable GIC at a 1.5% rate. If Ally customers don’t want the offer, their cash will be deposited into their external bank account on file.U.S. parent company Ally Financial Inc., has sold international assets in order to repay a US$17.2-billion government bailout loan. read more

Chinese national arrested at BIA

A Chinese national was arrested at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) with a rare species of snails.The police said that he was arrested by customs officers at the airport last night when he had attempted to leave the country with the snails. Investigations found that he had nine snails in his possession.The 23 year old Chinese man was subsequently released after being warned. (Colombo Gazette)

National Trust chair accused of patronising and insensitive behaviour

first_imgTim Parker said the organisation had been repeatedly misconstruedCredit:Neil Holmes/Getty Images Mr Parker’s email also hailed the year as a success, pointing out how it had attracted a “historically high” number of members and 24.5 million visiting properties in 2017.A spokesman for the Trust said: “Tim used his new year message to personally thank all the Trust’s staff and volunteers for making 2017 an outstanding success after reaching our highest ever membership and visitor numbers.“As part of his look back, he also refers to some of the challenges we faced, including receiving some critical coverage over August, which is commonly known as the silly season. He does not say the Felbrigg issue in itself was silly or dismiss it in any way.” Volunteers had refused to wear a National Trust rainbow coloured lanyard “His comments show a complete lack of sensitivity and we are surprised that someone did not advise him against some of the language used.“The National Trust relies on its staff and considerable support of volunteers and this is certainly not the way to endear the organisation to them.” Eventually trust bosses climbed down allowing volunteers to choose whether or not to wear the lanyards after volunteers complained the organisation was straying beyond its role as protector of sites of historic interest and natural beauty. Volunteers had refused to wear a National Trust rainbow coloured lanyardcenter_img Tim Parker said the organisation had been repeatedly misconstrued Mr Parker wrote: “As I have said before, however, our actions were misconstrued. We believe we have done things with the best of intentions, even though this does not always please everyone. The Trust will always encompass a wide variety of views, and issues will crop up from time to time that involve quite intense debate.”However, “concerned” volunteers last night wrote to The Sunday Telegraph complaining that Mr Parker had misjudged the mood of many of its 60,000 volunteers contributing more than 3 million hours of their time each year.“Volunteers and many visitors certainly did not think it was a case of ‘silly season’ or ‘goofy stories’ or that the Trust’s actions were misconstrued,” the letter, signed ‘some National Trust volunteers’, says.“The chairman’s rather patronising comments belittle the very real concerns and objections that volunteers at Felbrigg had about the way the Trust had ‘outed’ the former owner of the property to further its LGBTQ agenda. Then it ‘punished’ volunteers by banning them from frontline volunteering in the property. The chairman of the National Trust has been accused of “patronising and insensitive” behaviour after writing to volunteers to condemn “goofy” claims the organisation was becoming painfully politically correct.Tim Parker, the 62-year-old trust chairman, said the organisation had been repeatedly “misconstrued” as part of a “silly season” in which it became embroiled in rows about how it treated sexuality, faith and the thousands of volunteers it relies upon.In an internal email to staff and volunteers he explained how a “string of stories” had been taken out of context. He criticised as “goofy” newspaper and television reports about how Dame Helen Ghosh, the former director general of the trust, was accused of “airbrushing faith” after removing the word ‘Easter’ from a traditional egg hunt amid fears it could alienate non-Christians.His end of year review email also listed other controversies the Trust triggered, including its decision to “out” as homosexual the late Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer who owned Felbrigg Hall, a move that upset many volunteers at the Norfolk property who were unconvinced he was in fact gay.Mr Parker also referred to how volunteers at that property who refused to wear a National Trust rainbow coloured lanyard to celebrate 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised would be banned from meeting and greeting the public. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Of 4500 repeat smear tests that expired 2500 have been retested

first_img Image: Shutterstock/Komsan Loonprom Of 4,500 repeat smear tests that expired, 2,500 have been retested Around half of the women who were offered the option of a retest have taken it up. 6,176 Views THE HSE HAS said that 2,572 smear tests have been rechecked, after 4,500 women were offered to be retested after their samples weren’t examined within the recommended time frame. The US laboratory examining the slides has assured that the results of the smears that have been rechecked will be reported back in the next two weeks. Over 200 results have been reported in the last week, the HSE said.On 31 January, CervicalCheck wrote to 4,459 women inviting them to have a repeat smear test. These were HPV smear tests, which is an additional process carried out on low-grade abnormality samples identified in the original cervical smear test.The rechecks were needed after the slides weren’t examined within the recommended timeframe by the US laboratory Quest Diagnostics CervicalCheck.The HSE said that “while CervicalCheck’s clinical team was and is assured that these HPV tests are likely to remain effective outside the manufacturer’s recommended timeframe and that the risk of incorrect results is low, in order to provide complete reassurance we invited these women to attend for a repeat smear test”. Short URL 11 Comments https://jrnl.ie/4564002 Mar 27th 2019, 5:46 PM center_img Image: Shutterstock/Komsan Loonprom Wednesday 27 Mar 2019, 5:46 PM Since 8 February, 2,572 repeat smear test samples have been received incrementally by Quest Diagnostics.“While we are aware that the establishment of the ICT system for dealing with these tests took longer than anticipated, Quest are confident that remaining results will be reported to women within the next two weeks.”Separately, a backlog in CervicalCheck smear tests has led to the waiting time for results to be extended from 2-4 weeks to over 20 weeks.This article has been corrected to reflect that there aren’t ~2,000 smear tests waiting to be checked – instead just 2,572 women have accepted the offer of a retest, of the total of 4,459 to whom the offer was extended. Share11 Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Gráinne Ní Aodhalast_img read more

Alaska des Inuits participent à un trafic despèces protégées

first_imgAlaska : des Inuits participent à un trafic d’espèces protégéesUn trafic d’espèces menacées basé sur un système d’échange avec des Inuits a été mis au jour en Alaska, sur une île de la mer de Béring. Pour de l’argent, mais aussi des cigarettes, de la marijuana ou des munitions, des Inuits vendaient des défenses de morses et des peaux d’ours polaires.La police de l’Alaska a démantelé un trafic de produits issus d’espèces protégées auquel participaient des Inuits vivant sur une île en mer de Béring. Comme le rapporte le Huffington Post, des Inuits disposant de permis de chasse échangeaient des peaux d’ours polaire et des défenses de morse contre de l’argent, des armes, des cigarettes, et de la marijuana.Devant la Cour fédérale du district d’Alaska, les trois Inuits impliqués dans ce trafic ont plaidé coupable. Chez eux, des crânes, des dents, des os de mâchoire et d’autres morceaux de cadavres d’animaux ont été découverts. Au total, ils auraient échangé une quantité d’ivoire dont la valeur est estimée à plus de 15.000 euros, et près de 2.000 euros de fourrures. Cette affaire prouve qu’il existe une quantité importante de produits issus d’animaux sauvages illégalement échangé, en violation du droit fédéral”, a déploré Kevin Feldis, le chef de la division criminelle du bureau du Procureur des Etats-Unis à Anchorage. “Malheureusement, souligne-t-il, la question de la faune sauvage est un problème pour l’Alaska”. La loi fédérale de cet Etat permet aux populations locales vivant dans les régions côtières de l’Alaska de chasser et tuer des morses et des ours populaires à des fins de subsistance. Des permis sont alors délivrés, mais la loi interdit normalement à ceux qui en disposent de revendre les produits issus de cette chasse à des personnes non-autochtones. Le 30 juillet 2011 à 16:14 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Green Door prison moving ahead despite criticism

first_img Parliament Officially Says Goodbye to Portia Simpson Miller Recommended for you Providenciales, TCI July 20, 2017 — The TCI Government is moving ahead the controversial Green Door prison amidst numerous objections to the relocation. Today’s Cabinet note said an information paper was received from the Minister of Infrastructure and Planning which gave an update on the proposal to use Green Door on Grand Turk as temporary accommodation for low-risk prisoners. Cabinet had received notes from recent consultations and will issue a notice to address concerns. However, essentials works  will be carried out to begin the prison relocation.  Member of Parliament for Grand Turk North, George Lightbourne called the proposed prisoner relocation a “grave mistake” in May saying that the facility could have negative effects on tourism and to students and staff of the TCI Community College, which is near the building.#MagneticMediaNews#GreenDoorPrison Related Items:Green Door Prison, Magnetic Media News Wealth Fund passed in House of Assemblycenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Premier says Wealth Fund “historical & empowering”last_img read more

Twofifths used returntowork support for mental health conditions in 2018

first_imgIn 2018, almost two-fifths (39%) of employees made use of return-to-work support following time off for mental health conditions, such as stress and anxiety, according to research by employee benefits provider Unum.The Sickness absence and return to work trends report, which analysed access to Unum’s rehabilitation services in the UK in 2018, further found that return-to-work support was provided to 1,670 ill or injured individuals over the course of last year; 94% were able to agree an outcome with their employer and 75% were able to successfully return to work. In 2018, a total of 7,241 people used Unum’s rehabilitation services.Peter O’Donnell, chief executive officer at Unum, said: “We believe employers have an important role to play in building healthy and inclusive work environments, where those with mental health concerns are fully supported.”Other reasons employees took advantage of return-to-work support include musculoskeletal disorders (18%), cancer (7%), heart and circulation complaints (4%) and general injuries (3%).More than half (55%) of men sought return-to-work support compared to 45% of women in 2018; 57% of men specifically used return-to-work provisions to tackle mental health issues, rising to 68% of men under 30. Of the 646 individuals who used Unum’s rehabilitation services for mental health-related reasons in 2018, 476 were able to return to work.In 2018, Unum paid more than £42 million to group income protection claimants suffering with mental health conditions.Dr Syed Zakir Abbas, chief medical officer at Unum, added: “Decreasing stigma around mental health problems and better understanding of the benefits of early support could be contributing to more employees using our services, particularly younger men, which is a positive development.“Having access to early intervention resources for employees suffering mental ill-health can be key to supporting recovery.”last_img read more

Week In Review 3438

first_imgThursday 3/7Audio PlayerTHURSDAY-3719.mp3VmTHURSDAY-3719.mp300:00RPdCity Officials Deliver State Of Kenai Address, Kenai Elks Awards Grant To Central Peninsula Hospital, Monday 3/4Audio Player03-08-2019-THIS-WEEK-MONDAY.mp3Vm03-08-2019-THIS-WEEK-MONDAY.mp300:00RPdHEA Anticipates Base Rate Increase For 2nd Quarter 2019,  Disaster Preparedness Spotlighted At Community Resiliency Fair, Public Comment Period Open For Pebble Mine Wednesday 3/6Audio PlayerWEDNESDAY-3619.mp3VmWEDNESDAY-3619.mp300:00RPdKPEDD Updates Borough On Current Issues & Census 2020, Kenai Peninsula College Director Thanks The Borough For Support, KPB Mayor Cautions Communities to Prioritize Tuesday 3/5Audio PlayerTUESDAY-3519.mp3VmTUESDAY-3519.mp300:00RPdMan Arrested For Arson After House Fire In Nikolaevsk Village,  Free Legal Help Available For Those Affected By Cook Inlet Earthquake, Trailer Fire At Pacific Star Seafood, Field House Vote Too Close To Call: Outstanding Ballots To Determine Electioncenter_img Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The KSRM News Department compiled some of the top stories from this past week. Friday 3/8Audio PlayerFRIDAY-3819.mp3VmFRIDAY-3819.mp300:00RPdCaring For The Kenai Selects Top 12 Students, Don’t Forget To Spring Forward For Daylight Savings, Soldotna Wildlife Trooper Gets Hearing On Marijuana Control Board Nomination, Founding Board Member For SeaLife Center In Seward Has Passed Awaylast_img read more