USS Donald Cook Leaves the Black Sea

first_img Share this article September 14, 2015 Back to overview,Home naval-today USS Donald Cook Leaves the Black Sea Authorities View post tag: europe USS Donald Cook Leaves the Black Seacenter_img The Arleigh-Burke class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) departed the Black Sea, September 13, after participating in Sea Breeze 2015.Donald Cook’s operations in the Black Sea provided the ship and crew an opportunity to strengthen and build naval capabilities with allies and partners in the region.Donald Cook entered the Black Sea on August 28, 2015 in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.[mappress mapid=”16922″]Image: US Navy View post tag: SEA BREEZE View post tag: USS Donald Cook View post tag: Black Sealast_img read more

Nursing Program Director

first_imgThe College of Health and Human Sciences is currently recruitingfor a Director of Nursing, a 12-month, tenure track position withacademic rank commensurate with education, experience, andexpertise. The Director provides administrative leadership indeveloping, maintaining, evaluating, and revising the baccalaureateprogram in nursing (BSN). The primary responsibilities for thisposition include visionary and strategic leadership for advancingstudent success in the BSN program. In addition to the generaloversight of student success, the director will be responsible forstrategic planning related to student success, includingrecruitment of students, retention strategies, providing facultydevelopment activities related to student success, and datacollection and analysis related to the student experience andplacement of graduates. Additional responsibilities includeinteracting with other departmental and university leaders toachieve student success goals.last_img read more

COA Affirms Dismissal Of Armed Burglary Charge

first_img COA Affirms Dismissal Of Armed Burglary ChargeOlivia Covington for www.theindianalawer.comA Huntington County woman who stole a gun as part of a plan to trade the gun for drugs will not be charged with armed burglary because the gun was not used to “arm” the woman during her crime, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.In October 2015, Andrew Stoffel returned to his home and discovered that it had been burglarized, with a handgun with three magazines and a safe missing. Amber McHenry was charged with Level 2 and Level 4 felony burglary counts for her alleged involvement in the crime.McHenry moved to dismiss the Level 2 felony charge of burglary while armed with a deadly weapon, arguing because she obtained the handgun in the course of the burglary, it could not be used to elevate her charge.  The trial court granted McHenry’s motion, prompting the state’s appeal in State of Indiana v. Amber E. McHenry, 35A04-1609-CR-2080.In a Wednesday affirmation of the trial court’s decision, Indiana Court of Appeals Senior Judge Ezra Friedlander noted that one of McHenry’s accomplices, Rolly Dulworth, had told McHenry and other accomplices where to find the gun based on an earlier conversation with Stoffel at his home. Then, during the robbery, McHenry used Dulworth’s information to locate the gun, which she later traded for heroin.“Applying ‘using or involving a weapon’ as the plain meaning of the term ‘armed,’ we observe that a person is not armed merely by virtue of possessing a weapon,” Friedlander wrote. “Rather, there must be something more indicating the use or involvement of the weapon in the crime. The evidence here does not indicate that McHenry handled the gun in a manner indicative of using it or involving it in the crime in any way.”Rather, the judge said McHenry seemed to view the gun as “loot” that could later be used to obtain drugs.“Indeed, it seems illogical that the defendant who steals a gun is charged with a higher-level felony than a defendant who steals other items, such as coins or tools, even though the crimes are committed in the same, unarmed manner,” Friedlander wrote.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Indiana Deans Support Arizona’s Acceptance Of GRE Scores for law school admission

first_imgIndiana Deans Support Arizona’s Acceptance Of GRE Scores For Law School AdmissionScott Roberts for theindianalawyer.comThree Indiana law school deans are part of a letter supporting the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law’s acceptance of GRE scores as well as LSAT scores for law school admission. The letter was sent to Law School Admission Council president Daniel Bernstine after the LSAC allegedly said it would possibly kick Arizona out of the council if it continues to accept GRE scores instead of its own test.Andrew Klein at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Andrea Lyon at Valparaiso University Law School and Nell Jessup Newton of Notre Dame Law School were three of the 148 deans across the nation who signed the letter, which can be read here.The Arizona law school says it is trying the initiative to diversify its pool of prospective students by letting them take the GRE instead of the LSAT, and the law deans said in the letter the project will benefit all law schools across the nation.“Experimentation benefits all of us,” the letter says. “We all expect to learn from the University of Arizona’s experiment and it should not be punished by LSAC.”Other schools who signed the letter include Yale Law School, UCLA School of Law, Harvard Law School and The Ohio State University College of Law.The letter threatens that if the LSAC goes through with is threat to remove Arizona from the council, the deans will request a meeting of the members of the council.The council issued a statement in reaction to the letter in order “to emphasize that our inquiry into the University of Arizona Law School was a request for clarification on the law school’s new policy, which we had only learned about through media reports. To characterize this as a ‘threat’ is unfortunate.”FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Filling the gap

first_imgNever did I believe I would promote the use of crab sticks as a sandwich filling, but this mixture is so popular as a salad outside the UK, I had to try it.It is related to egg mayonnaise but is different enough not to compete with it. It can create its own niche. It is refreshing and compulsive eating, with a gentle taste of shellfish. It is obviously better with juicy Greenland prawns or real crab meat. As a sandwich, with multigrain or wholemeal bread, it must be a winner.Sweetcorn and crab stick fillingIngredients g %Canned corn, drained 200g 30Crab sticks, sliced diagonally 150g 25Hard boiled egg, chopped 150g 25Good quality mayonnaise 150g 20Mix together; if you wish to liven it up a little, add about 50g of crushed capers. Season with salt, pepper and maybe some lemon juice.Salmon fillingsWhy is fresh salmon – or tinned for that matter – seldom featured as a sandwich filler? It is not an expensive fish – not as cheap as tuna, but much more delectable.Buying pre-cooked salmon is possible, but it is always over-cooked and dry, so canned is preferable. But salmon is also very simple to cook. With the following method, there is no cooking loss and little labour.Method1. Place the salmon – be it whole, filleted, large or small – in a good sized pan, fill with cold water covering 4cm above the salmon.2. Season, if you wish, and add some lemon juice. On a low heat, bring the water slowly to just below boiling point – 95ºC to 98ºC.3. Remove from the heat and allow it to go cold in the water. This will achieve perfectly cooked, succulent, juicy salmon.4. Flake this and mix with your favourite salad cream or mayonnaise or try this as an alternative:Ingredients %Good mayonnaise 100Whipping cream 30Rose’s lime or orange cordial and shreds of the zest of the chosen fruit 10When filling into your sandwiches include some shredded crispy iceberg lettuce or rocket.Chicken-based fillingsFor all the fillings below you need some pre-cooked succulent chicken meat. Some suppliers will cook it to your instructions, but if you want something really good, cook whole birds in a bag.Strip the meat from the birds. The bones, cooking juices and trimmings can be used to make stock to enhance the flavour and succulence of your chicken pies. Blend the stripped meat with the following sauces – I suggest 50/50 but it is according to taste:Chicken in satay sauceThe original base for this is the addictive, mouth-watering Indonesian chicken satay. Try this variation for a sandwich filling, perhaps with a light rye or a soft tender wholemeal bap and crispy iceberg or Cos lettuce. Try this small quantity first:Ingredients g/mlChopped onion 200gVegetable oil 30gGround cumin 5gTurmeric 5gGround coriander 10gChilli powder 5g or to tasteLemon juice 20mlSugar 5mlPeanut butter 150gCoconut milk or single cream 200gSoy sauce 20gSalt to tasteMethod1. Soften the onion in the oil. Add all the other ingredients and mix together over a low heat until the sauce is homogenous and about the thickness of double cream.2. Leave to cool and, when cold, adjust the flavour to your taste and blend with chicken meat.Variation: Instead of the four spices, a mild garam masala or a korma paste would suit. It is also possible to buy satay sauce. Also, for an Indian variant, tandoori chicken is a well-established and popular filling, so why not try chicken korma?Wrap fillingsTo my mind, the best wrap is a soft flour tortilla. The best fill is an authentic Burrito recipe. I admit to never having made this in commercial quantities, so please try it at home first.BurritosIngredients AmountChicken breasts (skinned and boned) 2Green pepper 1Onion 1Garlic clove 1Tomato juice 150mlCan red kidney beans (drained) 1Cumin pinchSalt pinchLarge flour tortillas 4Low-fat mozzarella cheese, grated ½ cupMethod1. Dice the chicken, pepper, onion and garlic. Mix with the tomato juice and simmer at a medium to low temperature in a cooking pot.2. When the cooking juice has almost evaporated, add the kidney beans, ground cumin and salt to taste. Divide this mixture into four and fill each tortilla, then add the cheese before rolling it up.Variation: Another great fill for wraps is chilli con carne – perhaps without the red beans. It even eats well cold. Both are great with sour cream or creamy yoghurt.Meat-based fillingsBasic recipe dishes, with the meat content in smaller pieces, can be used in a chosen carrier. Some bakers serve hot sandwiches, using a bap or similar as a carrier and they are delicious. Roast pork with sage and onion stuffing is a good example. Roast your pork in a bag – this makes it soft and succulent – and use the juices in the stuffing. For the sandwiches, offer some good apple sauce or some sweet grain mustard. This is a sandwich to dream about and is almost as good made cold. nlast_img read more

Listen To Assembly Of Dust’s Full Performance In Washington DC

first_imgAssembly of Dust returned to Gypsy Sally’s in Washington, DC last Saturday, September 10th. The band performed a long set to a packed crowd, full of highlights and several hits that appeared on their recently released live album.The longest jams of the night came during “Tavern Walker,” “Speculator,” and the set closing “Cabin John.” They also both covered, and later teased, “She Said She Said” by The Beatles, and also brought out a couple Strangefolk tunes.AOD will be off the road until their show at the Port City Music Hall in Porland, ME on November 18th. For now, check out soundboard audio of their full set from Gypsy Sally’s.last_img read more

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – Smaller and Simpler with VxRail

first_imgNow, this brings us to today’s news – we are now offering Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail.Why does this matter?   As much as point #1 (hybrid) and point #2 (multiple) above are true – there’s something that we simply must face as an industry:Currently, deploying, managing, supporting, and all “day 2” lifecycle operations for private clouds is WAY, WAY too hard, and starts WAY, WAY too big (in hardware, and in software complexity).This is an industry problem for us to solve – and we’re fighting to lead the way at Dell Technologies.We’ve been working on the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) for four years now – and have been working with customers of every size, every part of the world.   We’ve found a common set of needs that are way beyond a basic IaaS. It’s an IaaS stack engineered for the needs of an enterprise.   What does that mean?   It’s built around the VMware IaaS (vRealize, NSX, vSphere, and now vSAN in VxRail) – but also includes things that we’ve found most enterprises expect:Sophisticated workflows for integrated data protection and DRPlatform hardening and additional security measures and encryption capabilitiesDatabase-as-a-ServiceMulti-site topologies where workflows follow workloads as they move between sites.It’s not just IaaS – it’s ITaaS.Furthermore – together Dell EMC and VMware standup and take single call responsibility for the full stack, not only getting it running, but full lifecycle (patch, upgrade, decommission) and single call support.EHC has been deployed at some of the largest customers in the world – and deploying hybrid cloud has not been easy – even with great tech and great people.   I hate to be so blunt, but we have hundreds of people that have been working on this for years. I cringe to think of a customer taking on the challenge themselves.   It’s also historically only available on massive VxBlocks – so between the software, the services, the hardware – the price tag is enormous.   Frankly, the customers like it – but it doesn’t feel too “cloud like”.This is an industry call – if we can’t make ITaaS simpler, easier – then it’s on us.So – we have made EHC much simpler.   3x simpler.So – we have made EHC much smaller.   3x smaller to start – bringing it to customers who previously couldn’t afford it.…But we managed to do it without losing EHC ITaaS capabilities and its ability to scale.With the release of EHC 4.1.1 on VxRail, we’ve taken a huge step together with VMware.Customers can have the full Enterprise Hybrid Cloud capability at a 3x smaller starting point in every metric (size, cost, VMs).   By pivoting to a strong focus on HCI as a simplifying factor – and using VxRail Appliances, the industry’s best HCI Appliance for VMware, we can start small and grow.Just as importantly, we’ve been working overtime to automate most the deployment tasks – EHC is now 3x simpler.   EHC is now a great answer for tens of thousands of customers that previously would have seen it as “out of reach”.I want to offer my congratulations to the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud team – hundreds of passionate folks at Dell EMC and VMware working to make IT and Business Transformation easy. Cause? Customers need simple, cost-effective Hybrid Clouds. Effect?   Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is now on VxRail. There is no question that he massive web-scale public clouds have changed the game, and the pendulum is swinging – but the pendulum will settle with a blend of on-and off-premises platforms.   This Evaluator Group study shows the simple economic picture of on and off-premises models – not that on-premises always wins either, but rather that with workload variation, it’s both, not one or the other.   Net? The answer is “hybrid” – the question has shifted to “what stacks, what workloads, what models” – get used to it.If “hybrid” is the answer – you then ask a simple follow up question: Does anyone really believe that they will have just ONE IaaS/PaaS/SaaS in every customer? Of course not!   Therefore “multiple” becomes critical.   Technologies that link/bind together multiple clouds become important.   What are examples of “binding” technologies?Sidebar: I’m increasingly skeptical about heterogeneous IaaS bridges that just end up neutralizing all platforms. I see customers using heterogeneous Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) to do this and the strategy that seems to win more often is about picking the CMP that is linked to your stack of “most use”, and then binding and extending what you can.   For example people use vRealize to manage AWS, Azure and other OpenStack based IaaS – but even that is somewhat limited value – because these CMPs all neutralize a given layer (like an IaaS) without a ton of benefit. I’m increasingly confident about things that bind without “homogenizing that particular layer”, but more are about “value on TOP of that layer”.Examples include: Pivotal Cloud Foundry creating a common PaaS across multiple IaaS platformsServiceNow as an ITSM that spans and binds many servicesThere are examples “inside” the IaaS layer – but only where they provide some big incremental value – an example of that would be NSX and other cross-cloud networking, encryption and security services.Heck, there’s an argument that configuration/automation tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible and the like) are things that bind together multiple clouds, but without the “homogenization” of the CMPs. First – the headline, because a headline this good shouldn’t be buried: Today, a turnkey Enterprise Hybrid Cloud got 3x simpler, and available 3x smaller.   This makes the number of customers for which it’s an interesting option for 10x more customers.Now – let’s look at context and detail. Hint – always focus on cause, not effect when you want to understand the big picture.For years now, technology leaders never have woken up on a bright shiny morning in IT and said “you know what I need – I need a new server”… or “new storage” … or “a new network switch will change the game”.It’s not that there aren’t people that focus on those questions, and for them it’s their world.   It’s not that component level IT topics don’t exist, aren’t filled with innovation and don’t matter.   Component/ingredient level topics matter – but they are the “effect” not the “cause”. You may be thinking that I’m leading to a point: “that it’s all about Converged Infrastructure (CI) or Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)”   Nope. CI and HCI matter more on the big stage than components – but they remain a simplification of “effect”.   CI and HCI are a force that simplifies, collapses and automates the common domains of server/network/compute.   CI and HCI are awesome – but they are just a part of the picture. CI and HCI represent the foundation of “transformation of IT” (customers getting out of the server/network/storage business), but not a full vehicle for “business transformation”.So what is the “cause”, this “prime mover” I’m talking about?The cause has been and will continue to be a simple idea that should never be lost: IT’s job is to support business applications and critical workloads, and more generally provide platforms for the business via SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. This is the cause for IT. This is the purpose of IT – it’s “raison d’etre”.   IT’s “cause” is to provide these platforms that enable the business to run and innovate.   It’s important for all IT practitioners and innovators to always keep it in mind.   Remember cause leads effect, not the other way around.   Put otherwise – don’t start from the bottom up, start top down.This is why one of the most important missions at Dell EMC and ultimately at Dell Technologies isn’t at the component level (though that matters), or even at the CI/HCI level (though that matters) – but how we make turn-key business platforms for IaaS, PaaS – the Multiple, Hybrid Cloud Platforms that are the “cause”.Let’s break down the key words there: “Hybrid”, “Multiple”:The “Hybrid” vs. “Public Only” or “Private Only” debate is really over – except in the minds of a few – particularly those who like hyperbole 🙂   With notable exceptions to be sure – the answer will be Hybrid – why?For data gravity reasons. Compute tends to live where the data lives – and will bias to where the data is born (either on or off premises). This is due to physics, not alt-facts.   Speed of light. The economic curves of WAN relative to persistence, compute and local networks.For governance reasons. This is NOT the same as not the same as “security”. I’m tending to ignore people who FUD public cloud security which can be demonstrated as better than many private clouds.For economic reasons. Public will always win for workloads that are highly variable, relatively transient – public clouds have an overwhelming advantage for highly elastic workloads, particularly ones that have a compute bias. Conversely, there are fundamental reasons why we are even seeing some repatriation of workloads in private clouds (whether it’s Uber, Dropbox, or others) at the same time that here is an indisputable massive growth public clouds – this is not an OR, it’s an AND.last_img read more

Group addresses prayer service, diversity concerns

first_imgAt Wednesday night’s senate meeting, Student Body Vice President Nancy Joyce addressed the service Sunday night held to pray for the most recent on-campus victim of sexual assault. She said the prayer service was part of an ongoing response to any possible future sexual assaults. “I wanted to stress that this was not a spontaneous event,” Joyce said. “It has been part of an ongoing conversation in the Senate and student government.” Meanwhile, Student Body President Alex Coccia opened the meeting by asking the senators to bring back “cab cards” to their dorms, which have the phone numbers for South Bend taxi services. As its first order of business, Senate unanimously voted to pass a resolution that changed the wording of several Student Union Board position titles to reflect consistency within the group. As its second order of business for the meeting, the Senate hosted Carolina Ramirez, a junior serving as student government liaison to Diversity Council, who led the group in a diversity workshop, an activity required by the group’s constitution. “I want to challenge you guys today as student leaders to really sit here and talk openly and honestly,” Ramirez said. As part of the workshop, Ramirez screened a video, which was shown to rectors, assistant rectors and resident assistants during their training this summer. The video comes from “A Call to Action,” a diversity forum that took place as a result of an act of racially-motivated vandalism Feb. 2012. The video showed students speaking about their own experiences with racial prejudice within the Notre Dame community. When the video was over, Ramirez asked Senate to break up into small groups to discuss their reactions. After finishing small group discussion, Ramirez asked the senators to share their thoughts. The resulting discussion focused largely on how to address inappropriate behavior. “I challenge you all,” Ramirez said, “to continue this conversation. Take it back to your dorms and to your friends – that’s how we can move forward.”last_img read more

Listen to Nicole Scherzinger Sing ‘Memory’ From Cats

first_imgNicole Scherzinger recently finished her acclaimed run as Grizabella in the revival of Cats in London’s West End and you can now listen online to her rendition of the classic 11 o’clock number “Memory.” Andrew Lloyd Webber stopped by BBC Radio 2 on February 12 to premiere “what I think is the best recording of anything of my music ever done.” The composer also reiterated that “we are taking Cats to Broadway and I just hope and pray that she will agree to do it there as I think she’d take America by storm.” Take a listen to Scherzinger’s performance below; Cats continues its limited engagement through April 25 at the London Palladium with Kerry Ellis starring as Grizabella. View Commentslast_img read more

Broadway Grosses: Beautiful Celebrates One Fine Valentine’s Day

first_imgChilina Kennedy in ‘Beautiful’ (Photo: Joan Marcus) They haven’t lost that lovin’ feeling quite yet. Beautiful: The Carole King Musical finished Valentine’s Day Week with a noteworthy $920,024, making it one of 17 shows to increase its total gross by over $100,000 since the previous week. The Book of Mormon once again took the top spot by capacity, because nothing says “romance” like spooky Mormon hell dreams. It took the fifth spot on the boards by gross, joining Aladdin, Wicked, The Lion King and Hamilton, which topped the list over Presidents Day Weekend (if Alexander Hamilton was never president, is this irony? Thoughts, Alanis?). There simply aren’t enough tickets for Hamilton’s televised Grammy win to affect the numbers immediately, but expect the megahit to remain at the top all the longer. Here’s a look at who was on top—and who was not—for the week ending February 14:FRONTRUNNERS (By Gross)1. Hamilton ($1,792,099)2. The Lion King ($1,717,043)3. Wicked ($1,695,453)4. Aladdin ($1,493,306)5. The Book of Mormon ($1,472,569)UNDERDOGS (By Gross)5. Noises Off ($432,543)4. Disaster! ($364,575)*3. Hughie ($330,298)**2. The Humans ($224,521)*1. Our Mother’s Brief Affair ($187,877)FRONTRUNNERS (By Capacity)1. The Book of Mormon (101.78%)2. Hamilton (101.73%)3. Aladdin (99.96%)4. The Lion King (99.92%)5. Wicked (97.26%)UNDERDOGS (By Capacity)5. An American in Paris (68.66%)4. Disaster! (68.23%)*3. Our Mother’s Brief Affair (66.35%)2. Jersey Boys (65.64%)1. Finding Neverland (65.47%)**** Number based on eight preview performances** Number based on seven preview performances***Number based on nine regular performancesSource: The Broadway League View Commentslast_img read more