Retailers don’t talk about customers

shop can do this business will say, not to mention or chat with people, many shopkeepers do not pay attention to customers will chat when chatting to other customers. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that retailers do not talk to other customers in the customer, or they will leave a very bad impression on the customer, thereby affecting the store business.

that day, because our supermarket salt shortage, so I went to a supermarket near the pour point, I went to the door. Hear a customer seems to be very angry appearance, his mouth said to himself: "this is what the boss ah, how can we talk about how the customer? Later on his home to buy goods!" Those who said no, the listener interested. After entered the supermarket, just talking about the boss. I see, is open to talking. He said: "there is a customer pick for a long time, his vegetables upside down, finally did not buy……" I had time to listen to him, and after a few bags of salt, I left.


returned to the supermarket, in what he said, I am filled with a thousand regrets. In fact, the customer what he said, I have encountered, but nonetheless, as the boss cannot when other customers face grumble people ah. These customers are not thinking about how to understand the boss, but how can your boss? You are now said to pay attention to others, and so on their own, you will not pay attention to their own? Therefore, the customer’s mood has been affected. Will you come to his house later?

in fact, when we talk about other people are very normal thing, whether it is daily life, or in the shop operation, which can be used as a chat content. Think of yourself, there have been such a time before, but what is the point? In addition to grumble, but also how? However, after listening to the customer, will be a twenty hundred, to the end of their business. So, to remind you, do not pay attention to another customer in a customer!