World Environment Day campaign

6 month 5 days, in the forty-fifth "65" world environment day, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Joint Committee Propaganda Department, the construction of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, Xining municipal government, the provincial Party committee, the provincial women’s Federation, the provincial water resources department, Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other units of the rich and colorful theme of environmental protection publicity activities in the city center district of Xining city square carry out. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin visited the scene to guide and interact with the scene with the public.

this year, our province established the World Environment Day theme is "protect the water tower, to ensure a clean water to the east." To mobilize all levels of government, departments and the community exhortations to keep in mind, firmly establish the concept of harmony between man and nature, practice green living, green consumption, to promote green development, actively guide the general public concern and participation in the Sanjiang National Park pollution source construction and Huangshui River basin governance, build ecological security barrier, build a beautiful home.

activities were set up in four areas, through the video, models, testing instruments, interactive activities and other forms of communication to the public ecological environment. Not only is the Huangshui River governance special fine and the source of the Sanjiang National Park videos, as well as various types of wetland models and renderings, Heiquan reservoir sand, decentralized wastewater treatment model. Both environmental monitoring and environmental radiation monitoring demonstration, but also pollution control equipment and physical samples of various sections of the Yellow River water samples show. The event also set up 12369 reporting platform to accept various types of environmental pollution complaints.

the same day, the province has also carried out a variety of environmental protection publicity and education activities.