Wang Yubo mayor of Xining City the first line of the future policy

live in a dangerous rock, once the storm, debris flow, landslides are likely to threaten the safety of everyone. Demolition regulation is to ensure the safety of life and property, safeguard the long-term interests of the masses. Chaoyang village people know the general, the overall situation, with a good head, thank you for your understanding and support." August 26th, led by mayor Wang Ping, vice mayor Wang Yubo and his party into the airport along the high speed environmental remediation projects and railway station comprehensive transformation project site pointed out.

Wang Yubo stressed that the demolition work is extensive and in-depth work of the masses, the interests of the people involved directly and deeply, to do the demolition work, to practice the time thinking of the masses, for the masses, all rely firmly on the masses, the masses to mobilize "concept, adhere to the mass line work, confidently to educate and guide the masses, to the masses demolition the long-term interests and the fundamental interests, is for the benefit of the whole city. To fully trust the masses, mobilize the masses, relying on the masses, for the masses to do the work to the satisfaction of the masses and recognition; according to the decision to carry out the work, to protect the legitimate, illegal, illegal, resolve conflicts, promote the work according to the time node, do the demolition work orderly, fair, harmonious and stable.

airport high speed (north of Xining city) along the environmental remediation projects involving the city of Chaoyang village, temple village. In Chaoyang Village demolition office, Wang Yubo for the masses to talk about the significance of demolition, said demolition policy, then a better future. Wang Yubo pointed out that tens of thousands of people living in dangerous rock body, is a common "heart" of local people and the government, especially during heavy rain, people sleep, always on tenterhooks, leaders at all levels, at about unceasingly, for fear of dangerous rock body to withstand the storm impact, occurrence of major accidents. Airport high speed environmental remediation project is to allow local people to get rid of such a scary day. The agreement is being signed by the masses have said they are very grateful to the party and the government’s greatest concern for the masses.

in the railway station comprehensive renovation project site, Wang Yubo detailed understanding of the project schedule, demolition difficulties, analysis of the problems and reasons, a clear responsibility for the time limit. Wang Yubo stressed that the city district government and relevant departments should continue to load to strengthen confidence, continue to be "very very very attitude, style, ability, guarantee the transformation, the train station along the airport expressway environmental remediation project completed on time and advance.

Wang Yubo stressed that the demolition work is the work of the masses of cadres at all levels of work consciousness, masses concept, methods of mass work, the ability of people to work the major test and exercise, combine to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, always adhere to the "everything for the masses, all rely on the masses, increase publicity, carry out the ideological work of the masses deeply meticulous, rule of law and policy, feelings, methods, and guide the masses to understand and support the demolition demolition. (author: Sheng Nan)