The traffic accidents in Xining City West District Service Center Operation

For greater scope to meet the road traffic accident, motor vehicle drivers do not want to own negotiation, and the insurance company to the traffic police issued a traffic accident to solve the problem of damage compensation desire, in August 15th, the traffic accidents in Xining city at fast fast pay service center west area is run.

"road traffic safety law" and its implementing regulations, causing no injuries, and no dispute over the facts and the causes of traffic accidents, should immediately withdraw from the scene, to restore the traffic, discuss compensation matters itself. But in the actual implementation, on the one hand, insurance companies shall follow the "insurance law" on the need for traffic accident scene survey regulations; on the other hand, the motor vehicle driver for fear of negotiating compensation links, coordination is difficult, not willing to negotiate on their own, still hope that the traffic police issued a traffic accident.

to solve the above problems, the provincial insurance association and the Provincial Traffic Police Corps, Xining city traffic police detachment to the implementation of the "traffic police and property insurance companies one-stop service", through the establishment of fast fast lose at the center, to solve the problem of seamless implementation of the two laws. In July 2009, Xining city traffic accident insurance claims rapid service center officially running for three years, according to "run the program immediately evacuated, consultation and quick claims, selective", quick disposal of traffic accident claims 37896, effectively reducing road congestion caused by traffic accidents, the traffic control department to receive daily traffic accidents than fast fast lose at the center before the establishment of dropped 68%. At the same time, due to the reduction of the link to deal with traffic accidents, avoid the accident victim’s travel back and forth between the repair shop in the traffic police department, a number of insurance companies, insurance, the need 25-30 days to finish with a minor traffic accident, now only about 30 minutes.

for the convenience of insurance consumers nearby rapid processing of minor traffic accidents, traffic accidents in Xining city at fast fast pay West District Service Center came into being. (author: Lu Hai)