West District of Xining City Park West Village Road reconstruction will be completed

"Rainy day is’ cement ‘road, sunny is’ gray’ road", was a true portrayal of the northwest Garden Village road. Due to the road is not hardened, combined with no supporting infrastructure, the surrounding people travel extremely inconvenient, but also to transport a great deal of trouble. West District Construction Bureau staff learned of this situation, the northwest Park Village Road into the 2012 small urban construction projects, and recently completed the road reconstruction project.

builders overtime, day and night fighting. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of progress, grab quality. The transformation of the village is 400 meters long, 8 meters wide, construction area of 3200 square meters. And drainage, street lamps, sidewalks, rain sewage pipe network, such as the transformation of the road has been recently delivered. (author: Li Zhimin)