The city will use 5 years to build a public transport city

Reporter in December 16th from the municipal government news briefing was informed that in order to promote the city’s urban public transport priority development, the city will begin from this year to 2017 to use 5 years to build the city buses, alleviating traffic congestion in the city, improve the city’s appeal as a tourist destination, to meet the travel needs of the masses of all ethnic groups. Create basic bus priority development in our city is basically established in recent years, with the rapid development of economic and social development, remarkable achievements in the construction of public transportation in our city has been basically established, the priority development of public transport status. At present, the city has a total of 1846 buses, 000 public transport vehicles reached 16.2 Taiwan, green bus ratio was 100%, in 2012 the annual passenger volume reached 389 million passengers, the bus parking lot 22, stop 877, this is for the city to create transit city laid the foundation. By way of recommendation and selection, this year, the city was approved by the Ministry of transport for the country’s second batch of bus city. The purpose of creating public transport to become the first choice for public travel in recent years, the city’s road traffic congestion, mass travel demand growth and other issues become increasingly prominent. Create transit city can not only further establish the city traffic system to public transport as the main body, reduce the intensity of use of the car, but also can optimize public transportation operation management, enhance the level of public transport services, to provide equal public services for the people of all ethnic groups to travel. It is reported that, in our city public transportation public property to create transit city will highlight the city, the city public transport development in the first place of city traffic development, to further implement the city public transport priority development strategy, adhere to the convenience of the masses, comprehensive convergence, green development, the principle of local conditions, land use, infrastructure investment in the arrangement, distribution, right of way financial support and other aspects of security for the city to give priority to public transportation, to form a new situation to give priority to the development of city public transportation, scientific development, strive to make public transportation become public travel choice, create a more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable city "the center of Tibetan plateau. Create move — ten projects to build an integrated public transport system for the realization of transit city create the target city will carry out the construction of ten major projects, to build integrated public transportation system with reasonable layout, smooth convergence, high quality service and efficient operation. Infrastructure projects: focus on the construction of Sichuan, Beichuan, Nanchuan comprehensive passenger transport hub, to build a comprehensive transfer hub system diversification, three-dimensional. At the same time, according to the needs of the development of public transport bus terminal station, the integrated stop security field, harbor type stop, all the new road construction supporting the construction of the harbor stop. Bus line network project: the construction of two bus lines, the formation of the main city of the cross shaped rapid transit corridors, and actively promote the planning and construction of rail transit. Bus priority project: on the 54 street, Bayi Road, Ning Zhang highway, the road construction of Bus Lane 6, building 88 kilometers of bus lane based network, complete set of bus signal priority intersection 40, construction of bus lanes and priority signal to one of the bus priority system. Intelligent public transport project: the establishment of a unified, standardized urban transport industry data center, the completion of the operation of the prison;