Qinghai University 13th Five Year planning to build a world class discipline

March 22nd, reporters from Qinghai University Third Congress learned, Qinghai University "13th Five-Year" plan has been released, in the next few years, the Qinghai University will build a world-class disciplines, and strive to 1 to 2 subjects entered the world first-class discipline construction ranks.


13th Five-Year" period, Qinghai University will also rely on the construction of State Key Laboratory, Sanjiang source of ecological agriculture and animal husbandry in Sanjiang plateau and source Research Institute, and actively promote the construction of Sanjiang source group of new disciplines, to promote the "Milky Way" project research, efforts to promote the study of the plateau characteristics of modern agriculture and animal husbandry, the construction of national spring rape, and potato grass seed breeding base, make new contributions to the promotion of livestock and poultry breeding, Chinese wolfberry seabuckthorn, Tibetan sheep, yak, quinoa, Tibetan medicine, cold water fish and other variety improvement and upgrading of the industrial development.

in addition to world-class, Qinghai University will rely on geographical and regional advantages, build a number of national research platform.